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Audience pushes back when Biden claims homophobic comments were recently OK in Seattle

Audience pushes back when Biden claims homophobic comments were recently OK in Seattle Joe Biden sparked pushback when he suggested at a fundraiser for his presidential campaign that homophobic comments were not considered offensive in Seattle as recently as five years ago. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); The former vice president's claim was immediately rebuffed by members of an otherwise friendly audience at the home of a Democratic donor in the city Saturday evening.

Joe Biden , Closet Republican . He’s the liberal Bob Dole, the looser Mitt Romney, the supposedly safe bet who’s owed a shot. But Bush’s strategy and success arguably hinged less on selling himself as a new kind of Republican than on being seen as a tested, trusted, traditional brand.

Joe Biden , Closet Republican . Frank Bruni, New York Times July 10, 2019.

Joe Biden, Closet Republican© Demetrius Freeman for The New York Times Joe Biden on Saturday at a campaign stop in South Carolina.

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It didn’t come to me right away, but finally I recognized the model for Joe Biden’s unusual campaign, the former president whose pitch Biden’s most closely resembles:

George W. Bush.

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I’m referring to Bush’s first presidential bid, in 2000, which is remembered mostly for its surreal climax: the seesawing returns on election night, the Florida recount, the Supreme Court ruling that effectively decided the contest in his favor. To the limited extent that political junkies recall his slogans and stump speeches, the phrase “compassionate conservative” comes quickest to mind.

Joe Biden says Donald Trump's Fourth of July parade 'misses the point'

Joe Biden says Donald Trump's Fourth of July parade 'misses the point' Speaking to reporters after an event in a Waterloo union hall, Joe Biden said Trump "missed the essence of who we are." Trump's "Salute to America" on Thursday is intended to honor the U.S. military. It will include a military parade, complete with Army tanks and aircraft flyovers, in Washington, D.C. Iowa Caucuses Candidate Tracker | DesMoinesRegister.com Critics have said the event is more about Trump's own ego and injects partisan politics into the annual Independence Day celebration. On the campaign trail, Biden often says the U.S. should lead "not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example.

Joe Biden is selling himself as a centrist Democrat. Is Biden a Closet Republican ? Donate. The Corner.

Photo: SEAN RAYFORD/Getty Images. Democratic front-runner Joe Biden surely has an abundant list of concerns as he chases down the nomination: An ascendant small-town mayor at the top of the polls in Iowa, an underrated Sanders campaign

But Bush’s strategy and success arguably hinged less on selling himself as a new kind of Republican than on being seen as a tested, trusted, traditional brand. His surname did much of that work, and he augmented it with a sustained oratorical emphasis on propriety. He pledged to “restore honor and integrity” to the White House in the wake of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky and subsequent impeachment. He would end the melodrama of the Clinton years and expunge the shame by having the nation essentially pick up where it had left off — with a Bush at the helm.

Biden’s core promise is to end the much greater melodrama and expunge the infinitely darker shame of Donald Trump’s presidency, also by returning to what preceded it: Barack Obama’s administration.

Joe Biden says he wasn't prepared for Kamala Harris to confront him the way she did

Joe Biden says he wasn't prepared for Kamala Harris to confront him the way she did Former Vice President Joe Biden said in an exclusive interview with CNN airing Friday that he wasn't prepared for California Sen. Kamala Harris to confront him on issues of race the way she did at the first Democratic primary debate. Biden told CNN's Chris Cuomo that while he was prepared to be a focal point at last week's debate, he didn't anticipate that Harris would be the candidate leading the charge. He also said he didn't expect to be faulted on issues of race, given his record on civil rights.

Joe Biden served as the Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2017 and in the United States Senate from 1973 until 2009.

Continue to JoeBiden .com. Joe Biden won South Carolina. Joe 's momentum is SKYROCKETING. We need to keep it up by hitting today's fundraising goal.

Joe Biden, Closet Republican© Rick Wilking/Liaison, via Getty Images George W. Bush, here with his father, former President George Bush, in 2000, sold himself as a traditional Republican brand.

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Obviously there are big, glaring differences between Biden and Bush, and not just ideologically. Bush’s public-service résumé then was scrawny next to Biden’s now.

But Biden isn’t exactly campaigning on his three and a half decades in the Senate, not when you consider all the chapters — his fury over busing, his treatment of Anita Hill, the crime bill, the invasion of Iraq — that he wishes voters wouldn’t dwell on.

No, Biden is campaigning on his eight years as vice president. He’s also campaigning on the nostalgia of his surname, the familiarity of his presence and the comfort of his aura. And that’s not just a tactic from Bush’s playbook. It’s a quintessentially Republican move.

Senator Kamala Harris raised nearly $12 mln in 2nd quarter

Senator Kamala Harris raised nearly $12 mln in 2nd quarter Sen. Kamala Harris raised nearly $12 million in the second fundraising quarter, her campaign said on Friday.

Former VP Joe Biden also accepted 0,000 for his appearance and speech. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT

An aide to Vice President Joe Biden has apologised to a reporter who was locked in a closet for hours after he was invited to cover a Florida political When Ginsburg – who has supported both Democrat and Republican candidates in the past – learnt of the treatment that took place in his house, he called

The last two Democrats to win the presidency, Clinton and Obama, didn’t take a tack anything like Biden’s. Clinton was the man from Hope, Ark., who was determined to give liberalism a modern makeover and set the Democratic Party on a more profitable course. Obama was hope and change — not to mention the audacity of hope — and those nouns in aggregate augured a fresh start.

Both men were under 50 when they attained the presidency, and both were in keeping with the Democratic Party’s flattering (and not quite accurate) image of itself, from John F. Kennedy onward, as youthful, innovative, visionary, trailblazing. But Biden, 76, isn’t about exploring uncharted paths. He’s about following bread crumbs back to where we lost our way. Less Lewis and Clark, more Hansel and Gretel.

This isn’t a bad thing. It’s a Trump thing. For many Democrats, Biden included, the insult of Trump is so immense and the threat that he poses so profound that 2020 isn’t a year for experiments and idealism. It’s a year for survival. It’s a lunge for normalcy, stability, convention — Republican buzzwords that are suddenly many Democrats’ goals.

Trump slams Biden as a 'reclamation project' who won't win in 2020

Trump slams Biden as a 'reclamation project' who won't win in 2020 President Trump took aim at former Vice President Joe Biden, accusing him of deserting the U.S. military, law enforcement and health care. Trump tweeted Saturday morning that "some things are just not salvageable," before criticizing President Obama — Biden's former boss — for his administration's trade policy toward China and for the deficits and debt it created. "Joe Biden is a reclamation project. Some things are just not salvageable. China and other countries that ripped us off for years are begging for him. He deserted our military, our law enforcement and our healthcare.

And from that mind-set springs Biden’s campaign, drab in the abstract but unorthodox in the context of Democratic proclivity and precedent.

Unorthodox in respect to his rivals, too.

Bernie Sanders, with his call for Democratic socialism; Kamala Harris, with her intensifying emphasis on racial disparities; Elizabeth Warren, with her encyclopedia of plans; Pete Buttigieg, with his husband and his mere 37 years on earth — the election of any one of them would be a bold statement, a milestone. Each is a figure exponentially more romantic than Biden, counting to some degree on the adage that while Republican voters fall in line, Democratic voters fall in love.

Biden, in contrast, is trying to get Democrats to do something that Republicans have more practice at: choose a nominee who’s due over one who’s new. He’s the liberal iteration of Bob Dole, the looser version of Mitt Romney, John McCain without Lindsey Graham glued to his side.

He has his raft of policy positions — many of them echoes or adaptations of Obama’s — but they’re not what his supporters think of first. They’re not what he thinks of first, either.

That was clear in a revealing passage from his recent interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Asked about Harris’s attack on his civil rights record, he signaled surprise and hurt.

Exclusive: Jill Biden on Kamala Harris' attack: The American people 'didn't buy it'

Exclusive: Jill Biden on Kamala Harris' attack: The American people 'didn't buy it' Jill Biden says California Sen. Kamala Harris implied her husband Joe Biden is racist with her attack on the former vice president during the first Democratic presidential debate. In an exclusive interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo airing on Monday, Jill Biden called Harris' criticism of Biden over race and segregation "the biggest surprise" to her in the party's 2020 race so far -- but said voters "didn't buy it." Her comments come as Biden and Harris battle to win over black voters, a crucial constituency in the Democratic nominating contest.

“She knows me,” he protested.

A few beats later: “The American people think they know me and they know me,” again instructing voters not to examine the fine points of his record or the minutiae of his proposals but to look into his eyes and into their own guts.

And one more time, during that same 30-second span: “People know who I am.”

That’s the message. It might as well be the bumper sticker. At most other junctures, it would be fatally underwhelming. At this one, there’s no telling.

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