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OpinionWhy They Fear Ilhan Omar

14:06  15 july  2019
14:06  15 july  2019 Source:   slate.com

Ilhan Omar calls Tucker Carlson a 'racist fool' in response to on-air attack

Ilhan Omar calls Tucker Carlson a 'racist fool' in response to on-air attack Tucker Carlson said the congresswoman, who came to the U.S. as a refugee, is "living proof" that U.S. immigration laws are "dangerous." "Omar isn't disappointed in America. She's enraged by it," he said. "That should worry you, and not just because Omar is a sitting member of Congress. Ilhan Omar is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country." Omar responded by saying that Carlson's remarks did not erase her patriotism. "Not gonna lie, it's kinda fun watching a racist fool like this weeping about my presence in Congress," Omar tweeted Tuesday.

U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar , Democrat of Minnesota, speaks during a press conference to introduce college affordability legislation in Washington, DC, June 24, 2019. On Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her ingratitude.

Why Are They Really Mad At Ilhan Omar ? What does being a woman of color have to do with it? She said no more than other critics of American policy in the

Why They Fear Ilhan Omar© Provided by The Slate Group LLC U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota, speaks during a press conference to introduce college affordability legislation in Washington, DC, June 24, 2019. SAUL LOEB/Getty Images

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On Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her ingratitude. “After everything America has done for Omar and for her family,” Carlson told his viewers, “she hates this country more than ever.” He called it “ominous” that Omar should have such disdain for his country’s values. “Our country rescued Ilhan Omar from the single worst place on earth,” said Carlson. “We didn’t do it to get rich, in fact it cost us money. We did it because we are kind people. How did Ilhan Omar respond to the remarkable gift we gave her? She scolded us and called us names.”

Ilhan Omar Floats Ad Boycott of Tucker Carlson: Fox News Gives ‘Nightly Platform to White Supremacist Rhetoric’

Ilhan Omar Floats Ad Boycott of Tucker Carlson: Fox News Gives ‘Nightly Platform to White Supremacist Rhetoric’ Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) took her feud with Tucker Carlson up a notch on Wednesday by calling for an advertiser boycott against the Fox News host. Last night, Carlson went after Omar on his show by saying she hates America, calling her a “living fire alarm,” and saying she’s “living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country.” The segment has been criticized for being “flat-out racist,” and Omar originally retaliated by calling Carlson a “racist fool…weeping about my presence in Congress.

Ilhan Omar ’s Israel comments created a political firestorm. Here’s why — and why it matters. Ilhan Omar is widely seen as one of the rising stars in the 2018 legislative class. She has an inspiring story — a refugee from Somalia who rose to become the first black Muslim woman in Congress — and has

Why Are They Really Mad At Ilhan Omar ? Why Are They Really Mad At Ilhan Omar ? What does being a woman of color have to do with it? She said no more than other critics of American policy in the Middle East.

There is so much miseducation and bad faith in that tiny word “we.” Carlson had nothing to do with Omar’s rescue from Somalia. He is just a privileged man who won the lottery of birth. If it were up to him, she would never have been allowed in. But even if he had been the very asylum officer who swung the door open for Omar’s family, the “we” implies that a place in America was his to give, that he is somehow entitled to (but she has been gifted) the freedoms and education and powerful voices they both enjoy.

I don’t watch Carlson’s show. I found out about this incident because I have a google alert for “ungrateful refugee,” a term his followers began to throw around shortly after his comments aired. That phrase also happens to be the name of my new book and a major intellectual and philosophical preoccupation since I escaped Iran in 1988 and arrived in the U.S. via an Italian refugee camp 16 months later (at ten years old, the same age Omar arrived).

Carlson responds to Omar: It's not about race

Carlson responds to Omar: It's not about race Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his show Wednesday to respond to criticism that his comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) the previous night were racist.Carlson faced backlash Wednesday after Omar and progressive groups called out his comments about the freshman representative's story of becoming an elected official after migrating to the U.S. as a Somali refugee. He said her history is "proof" that American immigration has "become dangerous to this country." "They didn't rebut our points, or even acknowledge them. They just tried to silence us. That's how they operate. And of course they called us racist.

Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib have a history of anti-Semitism. Both still proudly support a boycott of Israel. But according to Omar , their “Jewish colleagues” are the problem and only call them out “because Rashida and I are Muslim.”pic.twitter.com/nOxkzpxlwz.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has described Islamophobia and anti-Semitism as “two sides of the same coin of bigotry," adding that President Donald Trump and his allies are to blame for a political climate that had allowed both to prosper. At an event organized by Black Lives Matte

The term “ungrateful refugee” is designed specifically to remind us that immigrants will never be as American as the native-born, no matter how much time passes, how much good they do for their new country, and what citizenship they obtain. It is a calculated attempt to reinforce nativist power dynamics between the children of the rooted and the children of the displaced, to remind the latter that they will forever owe their lives to someone else. And yet, it is uttered most often by those who have never had or will ever have anything to do with anyone’s rescue—these are, in fact, the very people who wish to shut the door and throw away the key.

More baffling is that the term “ungrateful refugee” goes against one of Carlson (and his fans’) own loudest beliefs: the call for a quick assimilation. Though these nativists don’t actually care what goes on in the hearts and minds of migrants and refugees, they want them to posture weakness, thankfulness, subjection, and then a full and visible transformation—quick, theatrical Americanness for the benefit of the native born. “You’ve had five, ten years here,” they think, “Learn our ways already.” And therein lies the problem with Carlson’s argument: Real Americans dissent.

How Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib were dubbed "the Squad"

How Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib were dubbed It all started with a hashtag, the women explained to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King asked them about it during her exclusive interview with the group. Here's what they said: KING: Do you like being called "the Squad" and where did that come from? I've been looking, nobody can tell me the answer to that. PRESSLEY: I will offer the genesis of this because again it's nothing conspiratorial. Very organic. None of us had met. I mean I had actually, Alex and I had met once before. And we showed up at new member orientation. We were asked to do an interview because we each represent firsts in our own right.

Whenever a black person expresses an anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist position anywhere, it is essential to close ranks and defend them . Image courtesy of

Ilhan Omar — the Minnesota freshman who critics say has dabbled in anti-Semitism, and who supporters say is paying the price for criticizing Israel — has roiled the party, and already pulled into the fray some of the major presidential wannabes. The House resolution that passed

If a person is to assimilate and become American, they have to be allowed to participate in the American democratic process. They have to be able to think freely, to make arguments, to arrive at different conclusions than their neighbors, teachers, and, cable news personalities. To be told they must agree with some segment of the native-born is undemocratic and absurd: Is Carlson suggesting that giving asylum to Omar was a bad decision because she has different ideas than him? Putting aside the value of her life, the fact that, like Carlson himself, Omar has political ideas and critiques of her country, disqualifies her to be his peer? Does he expect that her private gratitude should lead her to give up her agency, her freedom of thought? Should a churchgoing American be assigned to do her thinking for her? Carlson sees Omar as “a living fire alarm, a warning to the rest of us” about what can happen when you let in immigrants like her. How does he plan to decide who is homegrown enough to police the political engagement of newer citizens?

But Carlson doesn’t care about the intellectual hollowness of his argument because his concern isn’t genuine. He doesn’t think that participating in democracy is harmful to America, or to the people who welcomed her family—he’s afraid only for himself.

Trump rally crowd chants 'Send her back' about Omar

Trump rally crowd chants 'Send her back' about Omar Supporters at President Trump's campaign rally on Wednesday chanted "send her back" about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) after the president launched into a diatribe against the first-term lawmaker and Somali refugee.Trump tore into Omar early on in his rally in Greenville, North Carolina, a continuation of his days-long attacks against her and three other progressive congresswomen. The crowd raucously booed Omar at the first mention of her name. The president went on to accuse Omar of demeaning U.S. servicemembers and minimizing the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Representative Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) in Minneapolis, October 26, 2018 (Brian Snyder/Reuters). That’s why Democrats quickly moved on from Omar ’s “Benjamins” comment. Omar and Tlaib are probably right not to fear Pelosi’s wrath. They know that support is growing on the left for

This explains why Israel's supporters fear the truth: people who learn about Israel’s actions understandably come to reject them . And that’s the core of Mondoweiss’s mission and our daily work. Please contribute today so that we can keep them shaking in their shoes.

The same can be said of Donald Trump. This morning Trump tweeted:

“So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe… now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run.”

Does Trump actually believe that the intelligence and capability of this American-raised and educated woman comes into question because of the failings of the Somalian government she escaped? Does he think that everyone born in America has a hand in its success and everyone who was born in a ravaged country is similarly responsible for its ruin? Am I, a girl who escaped the Islamic Republic at eight, responsible for its atrocities?

No. This isn’t about America’s welfare or Omar’s qualifications. Quite the opposite: Trump and Carlson see Omar’s potential and are desperate to clip her wings—and the wings of every immigrant who may come into her gifts on American soil.

These men understand that the most powerful immigrants—those who they see as a threat—are the ones who actually took their vile instructions to heart and did everything we were asked to do. We became American, and highly educated ones too. In so changing, we found our voices. We saw that, though we were born in far unluckier places, we have all the same talents as our Western-born peers. We saw that we can compete and win. We learned that in America, if you see injustice or hypocrisy, you don’t bow lower, always afraid of being tossed back to the hell you once knew. You fight for every hard-earned belief.

Trump Rally Chants of ‘Send Her Back’ at Ilhan Omar Roundly Condemned: ‘Flat Out Bigotry’

Trump Rally Chants of ‘Send Her Back’ at Ilhan Omar Roundly Condemned: ‘Flat Out Bigotry’ At President Donald Trump's North Carolina rally tonight, as POTUS tore into Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the crowd erupted in chants of "send her back!"

Why they remain frustrated. Ilhan Omar has been talked to about this before. Last year, before she was elected to the House of Representatives, before she emerged from a crowded Democratic field in Minnesota’s liberal 5th Congressional District, leaders of Minneapolis’ Jewish community fashioned

Why the defensiveness? Democrats are loath to discard someone like Omar , who was one of their top feel-good stories coming out of the midterms. That’s why Democrats quickly moved on from Omar ’s “Benjamins” comment. Indeed, Pelosi posed with Omar , Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jahana

Trump and Carlson aren’t trying to reach people like me or Omar—their message isn’t for us. They are speaking to their audience and their voters, riling them up with vile ideas and warning them to stay vigilant over this imagined threat. But they are also speaking to the frailest of the native-born, the ones afraid for themselves, even as they watch children in cages, unwashed, unfed, weeping for their mothers. Trump and Carlson want their mocking voices to creep into the wounded psyches of new immigrants, the ones who are still traumatized, still desperate to wash away their old face and become American, the ones shivering with gratitude. They want the displaced to be broken forever, unable to reach their potential.

These are mediocre men raised at the trough of extreme western privilege. They have taken from the poorest countries, from the poorest families in America in a thousand ways. They hope the day never comes that new arrivals will get up, cast off their trauma and shame, and assert the right to participate in the great project of America. Because if new immigrants allow themselves to be full citizens with voices, then what would winning the birth lottery do for Trump or Carson, or for their children? They would have to compete with all the talented children of the world, instead of just the ones born here, in the land of the lucky few who control and consume all the earth’s bounty.

Trump's attacks on congresswomen energize his supporters: "Bag of idiots".
The rally was a chance to test how his controversial approach is resonating with supporters. They were with him all the way. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); "I like it because it seems to work," Michael Huff said before attending the rally. "You see all these people out here, I mean, he's got a lot of following." "Everything is so freakin' touchy with all of them. They have no sense of humor. They have no common sense. I'm sorry.

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