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OpinionWhat Trump Is Teaching Our Children

17:42  18 july  2019
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Critics tried to shame Pink for taking her son to the zoo. She smacked 'em down, naturally

Critics tried to shame Pink for taking her son to the zoo. She smacked 'em down, naturally The pop star fired back at critics who said she shouldn't take her son to the zoo. "I don't remember asking you for your opinion," she told one person.

Trump ’s ascension has galvanized those unafraid to stand firm against a loudmouthed oppressor. The Women’s March, efforts to protect healthcare benefits for For now, we do what we can; we resist with hope rather than despair. In doing so, we teach our children how character can be forged in adversity.

“Any guy that can do a body slam, he's my guy,” our president said. As a presidential candidate in February 2016, Trump said at Cedar Rapids, “If And the next generation of Hoosier and American leaders? Is this the new excusable conduct? What are you going to teach your children on this

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When our children are young, we work doggedly to foster in them a deep and abiding sense of morality, ethics and character.

We try to teach them to always tell the truth, to be kind and generous, to be brave enough to do the right thing even if others aren’t as brave.

We try to teach them empathy and compassion, that caring about the less fortunate betters society and is also self-edifying.

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Two children found inside hot car at Walmart; mother arrested, officers say

Two children found inside hot car at Walmart; mother arrested, officers say Florence police rescued two children from inside a hot car on Tuesday, according to WMBF. (Video above: Last week a deputy broke a car window, and rescued 1-year-old from a hot car at Florence Walmart) Officers were called just before 2:30 p.m. to the Walmart on South Irby Street about children left inside a vehicle. They managed to get the children out of the car. They were taken to the hospital where they underwent an evaluation. The outside temperature around the time of the incident was 90 degrees in Florence. Florence police Lt. Mike Brandt said the children’s mother, Alyssa Oliver, later returned to the vehicle and she was arrested.

What is Trump teaching our children ? You have to make them believe that it was not their fault in any way. This is most important otherwise they could be scarred for life.

We've heard a lot from a lot of people about this election so far. We've heard from pundits, surrogates, experts and anchors, but we haven't yet heard from kids. So we went out on the street to ask children to give us their thoughts on our next President, Donald Trump .

We teach them to be gracious and thankful and not to brag or bully. Also, don’t lie, cheat or steal.

We teach them to have self-respect and to respect others. We teach them that everyone is equally worthy and valuable, no matter who they are, what they look like, how much or little they have or to which God they pray, if they pray at all.

We do all this as our children are coming to know how honor and integrity are constructed, maintained and defended. We want to raise good people and good citizens, people who respect society and follow the rules, though not blindly. We want them to question the world, and if they identify injustice, work to eliminate it.

We as parents are the first teachers, the most important ones, but there are many tangential teachers as well, at family gatherings, at school, at places of worship, on playgrounds, and also in literature, on television and on social media.

Cops: Man steals car with kids inside, fatally beaten by mob

Cops: Man steals car with kids inside, fatally beaten by mob Authorities say a man who stole a car with three young children inside was fatally beaten by their father and other men. Philadelphia police say the car was parked at a pizza restaurant with its engine running when the man drove off around 9:15 p.m. Thursday. The children's mother was inside the restaurant, talking with the father of two of the kids. The vehicle soon got stuck in traffic, and authorities say the couple pulled the 54-year-old man out of the vehicle. The man ran off but was caught by the father. A fight ensued, with other men joining in.

What is Trump teaching our children ? Which Democrat do you think will be the 2020 presidential candidate and who do you wish it would be? Would Donald Trump be constantly attacked, like he is right now, when he wins the 2020 election? Why did America elect Donald Trump for US President?

What is President Trump teaching children all over the world about how to respond to hunger, and malnutrition and poverty? This is not the lesson we want to teach our children about the poor be it persons or countries. When we read about Somalia and other poor nations with starving children and

The president of the United States is one of those teachers. I don’t think many children follow a president or the politics around that presidency on a routine basis, but the sense of the president sinks in.

They know that the president should be one of the best of us, not the worst. When children do well, adults often say, “You could be president someday.” The presidents who children are taught to venerate are those who are judged to have been honorable men who changed the country for the better.

This is on some level hagiography — scratch the surface and the flaws are revealed — but there is also value in the lessons.

Trump is exploding all of that. He is everything we teach our children not to be. In Trump’s world of immorality, the lessons being taught undo all the principles parents struggle to instill.

He is teaching our children that there is no absolute truth, there is “alternative fact.” It’s not what you say, but how you say it and how vociferously you can defend it.

Immigration: At least 18 migrant children under the age of 2 were separated from parents, House report says

Immigration: At least 18 migrant children under the age of 2 were separated from parents, House report says At least 18 migrant infants and toddlers under the age of two were separated from their parents at the border "including nine infants under the age of one," according to a report released Friday by the House Oversight Committee. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); The Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy announced in April 2018 led to the separation of thousands of families, sparking a national outcry.

What is Trump teaching our children ? One heartening thing that has come out of the Trump years so far is the American people’s reawakening to their responsibility as citizens.*

1. He is teaching our children that women are ugly, disgusting and bloody. "Donald Trump Is Much Uglier Than His Mika Brzezinski Tweet": The Daily Beast's Erin Gloria Ryan Children deny the act before they learn that it is socially beneficial to admit the wrongdoing but deny any negative intent.

He is teaching little boys that women’s bodies exist as playgrounds for privileged men, and that there is no price to be paid if you are popular enough or rich enough.

He is teaching little girls that if they are ever victims of sexual assault by a popular, wealthy boy and deign to reveal it, they will likely to come under withering verbal assault.

He is teaching our children that the color of one’s skin does indeed supersede the content of one’s character. He is teaching them that there is a skin-color hierarchy in which whiteness is perched on top.

He is teaching the black and brown children that their citizenship and connection to this country is tenuous and fractional, not like white children.

He is teaching them that it is a perfectly normal to separate some children from their parents, put them in cages, and argue that they don’t need soap, or toothbrushes or have the lights turned off so that they can go to sleep.

He is teaching them to never acknowledge an error, that apologies are for suckers, that what’s right is whatever you say it is.

And, here’s the thing: The children growing up in enormous portions of American households accept, defend and even applaud Trump’s behavior. What lessons are those children absorbing? What behaviors will be modeled on Trump’s example?

Creating Disposable Babies — Yes We Can, but Should We?

Creating Disposable Babies — Yes We Can, but Should We? A moral dilemma is being ignored as an under-regulated industry plays with the building blocks of life. Our nation is avoiding hard conversations about how creating disposable children harms the children we “allow” to live by teaching them they are expendable. We cannot tell children we love them unconditionally when we shopped for the perfect child and disposed of those that didn’t measure up.

NASHVILLE, Ind. Growing up, my parents and my teachers in Michigan City and Peru taught me about our great presidents. The first one, George Washington, would never tell a lie. Perhaps the greatest, Abraham Lincoln

These are our children ! They are the future of this country. Your words may get people that are living in fear, riled up, but please consider that you are Barring that happening, I would appreciate if you would go deep inside yourself and find that kid that was taught all the beautiful lessons listed above

My own children came of age in their political awareness under President Obama. I didn’t always agree with his policy, but he was an honorable man whom I could point to as an honorable example.

What do Trump’s supporters tell their children about his incessant lying, the multiple accusations that he either was sexually inappropriate with women, assaulted them or even raped them?

How do they explain Trump’s racism to these children?

The example Trump is setting will outlast him. In the same way the Obama’s example helped reinforce for my children that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance, I fear today’s children are being taught that there are no rules for he who wins.

The next generation of politicians, doctors and lawyers are watching us all right now, and they are watching him. And, Trump is teaching them that you can be the worst version of yourself, rise to the most powerful position in the world and scare people into not holding you accountable. Congratulations, America.

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Trump says he’s eager to meet with Schumer on immigration.
Schumer and other senators toured a detention facility in Texas on Friday and posted video of the visit. Schumer said he was appalled by the conditions. “If you listened to the president you’d think they were all criminals,” Schumer said. “They’re not. They’re people simply seeking some … honor, decency for their children.

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