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OpinionFrom Trump’s Fat To ‘I’m A Mom’: Crazy Reasons Democrats Think They Can Beat Trump

19:51  19 august  2019
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The 11 House Dems from Trump districts who support assault weapons ban

The 11 House Dems from Trump districts who support assault weapons ban Two mass shootings last weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio that left 31 people dead have revamped debate about gun control measures in Congress.While Democrats widely agree on several reforms, including implementing universal background checks and capping the size of magazines, the party remains divided on the viability of banning assault rifles, the types of weapons that have been used in several high-profile mass shootings, including the two last week. The opposition largely comes from moderate Democrats in swing district with constituents who may be uneasy banning specific weapons, but who may voice support for other measures to curtail gun violence.

As much as possible, Trump ’ s adversary needs to set the terms of the conversation, not react to his incessant provocations, which is what Axelrod made the same general point to me , and I think it’s the crucial counsel. “If Democrats are going to win in 2020, it can’t be with the careless presumption

Последние твиты от Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump). 45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸. I haven’t been at a Trump rally since the 50 or so during the 2016 campaign. These are masterful performances. No one in American politics can excite a crowd like @realDonaldTrump.

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From Trump’s Fat To ‘I’m A Mom’: Crazy Reasons Democrats Think They Can Beat Trump© The Federalist From Trump’s Fat To ‘I’m A Mom’: Crazy Reasons Democrats Think They Can Beat Trump

Some Democratic presidential candidates are coming up with some odd reasons they think they are the right person to take on Donald Trump next year.

While most candidates in the race are running on platforms to give America “free everything” while calling Trump and his supporters racist, these candidates have additional arguments.

Andrew Yang: I’ll Beat Trump Because Trump Is Too Fat

The tech entrepreneur took shots at Trump’s weight Thursday at an Everytown For Gun Safety event in Iowa, as reported by The Atlantic.

Trump calls Scaramucci a 'nut job' who 'wheedled his way into my campaign'

Trump calls Scaramucci a 'nut job' who 'wheedled his way into my campaign' President Trump is lashing out yet again at former White House aide Anthony Scramucci, calling him a "nut job" that he "barely knew" Monday on Twitter. © Getty Trump calls Scaramucci a 'nut job' who 'wheedled his way into my campaign' Trump sought to distance himself from Scaramucci, who briefly served as his White House communications director and was long a surrogate on television. Scaramucci has more recently criticized Trump, which the president has responded to with scorched-earth tactics.

What if Trump ’ s approval numbers fall below 30%? Do you think the Republicans would start The Democrats have to know in their hearts… I think this is one of the reasons that they ’re constantly They think they can do it. The thing that they don’t understand is Trump is not Nixon, and he is not

Trump is self-funded and thus truly independent! [ Trump ] would be our first president not funded by She'll get Democrats and Congress to go a long with her war and she' s already promising one. A Trump victory will have consequences for the Democratic party insiders who put their thumbs on the

Yang proposed a series of challenges to prove his masculine worthiness over Trump's, arguing that the only thing Trump could beat Yang at is being a “slob.”

“I challenge Donald Trump to any physical or mental feat under the sun,” Yang told the audience. “I mean, gosh, what could that guy beat me at, being a slob?”

Yang went further, digging into Trump’s appearance to the crowd of Iowa voters.

Like, what could Donald Trump possibly be better than me at? An eating contest? Like something that involved trying to keep something on the ground and having really large body mass? Like, if there was a hot-air balloon that was rising and you needed to try and keep it on the ground, he would be better than me at that? Because he is so fat.

Of course, Trump has done his share of body shaming, most recently calling out one heckler at his New Hampshire rally Thursday night for being overweight.

Jill Biden: 'You may like another candidate better' but husband is most 'electable'

Jill Biden: 'You may like another candidate better' but husband is most 'electable' "I want you to think about your candidate, his or her electability, and who’s going to win this race," the former second lady said.

Mr. Trump ’ s GOP adversaries were caught unawares; Hillary Clinton won’t be. Although she is distracted by Bernie Sanders, there is little chance that she will underestimate Trump the Democrats have to find information that — if voters were to learn about — would drive them away from Trump .

Is Trump a crypto- Democrat ? He certainly has put his money where his mouth has been. Democrats have been the primary beneficiaries of his political donations until a few There are lots of reasons for evangelicals to dislike Trump — his multiple divorces, his casinos, his crude language and his attack

“That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home. Start exercising,” Trump said to an arena packed with cheering supporters.

Bill de Blasio Says He’ll Beat Trump Because Trump Is Shorter

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose struggling campaign has made it almost certain he will miss the next round of Democratic debates in September and October, said he will beat Trump because of his height.

On Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” Wednesday, de Blasio made the case for this candidacy among the crowded field of candidates because of his height compared to Trump's.

“A tall candidate has won, I think, every one but three of the presidential elections in history,” de Blasio said on the show. “The tall candidate almost always wins…And I'm taller than Donald Trump. Do the math."

Judge allows Trump to appeal Democrats' emoluments lawsuit

Judge allows Trump to appeal Democrats' emoluments lawsuit President Trump can appeal a lawsuit from more than 200 congressional Democrats that seeks to prevent his companies from taking payments from foreign states, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.District Judge Emmet Sullivan had previously denied a motion to allow the appeals court to review his prior rulings, but a federal appeals court in July ruled that Sullivan's finding was in error.Sullivan noted in his ruling that such mid-case appeals are justified in cases involving "substantial ground for difference of opinion," which the appeals court suggested there was. Lawyers for Trump have argued the plaintiffs in the case lack legal standing to sue him.

"I think I could beat Trump ," Dimon said Wednesday during an event held at his bank' s Park Avenue headquarters in New York. "Because I ' m as tough Dimon, a lifelong Democrat who was reportedly considered for Treasury secretary under the nascent Trump administration, has said he' s tried to

Even against Trump , it’ s still possible that a traditional Democrat — an upstart in the party, or even an established member — could slog their way through a And I think in any traditional election, they ’d be perfect nominees for the Democratic Party. But can they pack a stadium full of people without

According to The Hill, de Blasio does indeed measure in at 6 feet and 5 inches, a whopping two inches taller than Trump, who measures at 6 feet and 3 inches.

Kirsten Gillibrand: Trust Me, I’m A Mom

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been making the case to Democratic voters that she is the best one to take on Trump because she is a mother.

“I’ve said since day one that I’m running because as a mom of young kids, I think we need a president who fights for families as if they were his own,” Gillibrand tweeted in February. “A president who leads with compassion, not ego. I think it’s time we had a mom in the Oval Office.”

A compelling argument for her candidacy indeed, seeing as the last Democratic nominee who was also a mother lost the election to Trump 306 to 232 in the Electoral College.

Poll says Joe Biden, top Democrats all lead Trump in Michigan.
All of the top Democrats running for president next year appear to hold leads over President Donald Trump in Michigan, according to a new poll.

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