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OpinionDemocrats, Stop Helping Trump

19:25  09 september  2019
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Trump tweets he had 'nothing' to do with Turnberry, Doonbeg visits

Trump tweets he had 'nothing' to do with Turnberry, Doonbeg visits President Trump is denying any knowledge of an Air Force crew’s decision to stop at his Turnberry resort in Scotland, a subject that has drawn scrutiny from congressional Democrats. © The Hill Trump tweets he had 'nothing' to do with Turnberry, Doonbeg visits In a series of tweets, Trump also again denied involvement in the decision by Vice President Mike Pence to stay at his property in Doonbeg, Ireland, during an official visit last week despite his meetings being on the opposite site of the country in Dublin, its capital.

They have the sellouts of the GOP helping them. Democrats may regret standing against Trump ’s border wall - Продолжительность: 5:04 Fox Business 329 436 просмотров.

How important do Democrats think it is to beat President Trump in 2020? Obviously, most Democrats would say it’s vitally important. Four more years of the Trump presidency could allow him to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. It would worsen the climate crisis.

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Democrats, Stop Helping Trump© Elizabeth Frantz for The New York Times A sign outside the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention in Manchester, N.H., on Saturday.

How important do Democrats think it is to beat President Trump in 2020?

Obviously, most Democrats would say it’s vitally important. Four more years of the Trump presidency could allow him to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. It would worsen the climate crisis. It could cement his paranoid racism and scorn for democracy as the new American normal.

Poll: All 2020 Democrats but Warren beat Trump in New Hampshire

Poll: All 2020 Democrats but Warren beat Trump in New Hampshire Every 2020 Democratic presidential candidate but Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) beat President Trump in New Hampshire in a poll released Tuesday.In theoretical match-ups, Emerson Polling found that all of the Democratic candidates won out over Trump except for Warren, with former Vice President Joe Biden leading. With a 10-point lead, Biden earned the votes of 55 percent of participants.Tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang was the runner-up against the president, winning 54 percent of voters in a head-to-head race. Yang has struggled to gain traction in the polls and has single-digit support in most surveys.

The Democrats have nothing else going for them except creating the illusion of political scandal and corruption within an administration that is barely a month As for the Deep State, it’s been clear since Trump ’s inauguration – when he laid out his vision of devolving power from Washington back to the

Democrats will never stop resisting Trump ’s cruel and evil policies. Trump ’s demand was a tip-off that Republicans couldn’t pass an immigration bill on Democrats are never going to stop resisting this president. Donald Trump still doesn’t get it. He can’t insult and demonize Democrats then tell them to

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Given these consequences, you would think that Democrats would be approaching the 2020 campaign with a ruthless sense of purpose. But they’re not, at least not yet. They are not focusing on issues that expose Trump’s many vulnerabilities. They have instead devoted substantial time to wonky subjects that excite some progressive activists — and alienate most American voters. Recent polls suggest that the Democrats really are increasing the chances Trump will win re-election.

The good news is that the campaign is still just getting started. Many Americans haven’t yet paid much attention. The next phase starts Thursday night, with a debate in Houston featuring the 10 leading candidates.

Poll shows Biden, Sanders beating Trump in battleground Wisconsin

Poll shows Biden, Sanders beating Trump in battleground Wisconsin Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Trump by nine points among Wisconsin voters while Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) leads by four points, according to a new Marquette University Law poll released on Wednesday. Fifty-one percent of voters in the state said they supported Biden, while only 42 percent voiced support for Trump, according to the survey.The same survey found that Sanders led Trump by four points, or 48 percent to 44 percent. Meanwhile, the president is neck-and-neck with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), with both receiving 45 percent support. Trump was also tied with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), with both coming in at 44 percent support.

This week, the Senate begins debate on the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act, known as the Crapo bill for its primary sponsor, Mike Crapo, a Republican senator from Idaho. The bill would roll back or eliminate parts of the Dodd-Frank Act.

President Trump declared a national emergency to free up funding for his border wall between the U.S and Mexico. But declaring a national emergency isn’t new -- in fact, the use of emergency powers is older than the country itself. USA TODAY, Just the FAQs.

It’s a chance for Democrats to start treating the 2020 campaign with the urgency it deserves.

Before I get into the polling, I want to make clear that I’m not making the argument that some centrists and conservatives have made. By now, you’ve probably heard claims that Democrats are hurtling toward socialism and instead must return to the triangulation of the Bill Clinton years. The evidence doesn’t support that view.

Over the past two decades, incomes for most Americans have barely grown. Median wealth has declined. Americans are frustrated, and a majority supports a populist agenda: higher taxes on corporations and the rich, expanded government health care and financial aid, a higher minimum wage, even a Green New Deal.

The Democrats are on solid ground, substantively and politically, by pushing all of these issues. They should be casting Trump as a plutocrat in populist’s clothes, who has used the presidency to enrich himself and other wealthy insiders at the expense of hard-working middle-class families. It’s a caricature that has the benefit of truth. When pundits yearn for economic triangulation, they’re the ones confusing their own policy preferences with good political advice.

Trump says Democrats are 'Party of the Squad,' slams media as his 'primary opponent'

Trump says Democrats are 'Party of the Squad,' slams media as his 'primary opponent' President Trump said Democrats have become the “Party of the Squad” Monday, maintaining, leveling fresh attacks at the mainstream media, blasting it as his “primary opponent.”

In their anti- Trump fervor, the Democrats have embraced leftist positions that weaken their prospects in 2018 and, perhaps even more so, beyond. Continued strong economic growth could even help Trump appeal to voters who have historically backed the Democrats .

In fact, Democrats gave Trump .4 billion for border security previously and he only spent six percent of it. President Donald Trump was caught altering a NOAA map showing an outdated projection of Hurricane Dorian going inland and hitting Florida and Georgia. Help Raw Story Uncover Injustice.

The mistake that Democratic candidates have made is thinking that just because they should activate their progressive id on some issues, they should do so on all issues.

There are two main examples, both of which have received a lot of airtime during the presidential debates. The first is the idea of decriminalizing border crossings, so that the illegal entry into this country would be only a civil violation. Most top Democratic candidates — Cory Booker, Julián Castro, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — support the idea. If illegal entry weren’t a crime, they say, Trump couldn’t lock people in cages.

Supporters of the idea make intricate, technocratic arguments about how decriminalization won’t make the border less secure. But most voters tune out. They don’t buy the long explanations for why the policy doesn’t mean what it certainly seems to mean: less border enforcement. In an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll, 67 percent of registered voters called decriminalization “a bad idea.”

The second example is a proposal to eliminate private health insurance and require people to have Medicare. Sanders and Warren back it. Again, supporters offer complex arguments about why Americans will love this idea (especially if it’s phrased in just the right way) — and, again, most Americans say no thanks. They’re dealing with enough economic anxiety, without having their health insurance taken away and replaced by something uncertain.

Trump says Democrats are 'not big believers in religion' during North Carolina rally

Trump says Democrats are 'not big believers in religion' during North Carolina rally President Donald Trump cast Tuesday's special election in North Carolina and the 2020 presidential election as a fight for the status quo, describing Democrats as the "America-hating left." © Andrew Spear/Getty Images CINCINNATI, OH - AUGUST 01: President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at U.S. Bank Arena on August 1, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The president was critical of his Democratic rivals, condemning what he called "wasted money" that has contributed to blight in inner cities run by Democrats, according to published reports.

(RELATED: Democrats Rebuff Trump At Every Turn During Shutdown Negotiations). “ Stopping routine food safety inspections of seafood, fruits, vegetables and many other foods at high risk because of contamination Rep.-elect Colin Allred (D-TX) registers as present with help from U.S. Rep.

Please add any additonal comments that will help with the assessment of your report here. Thank you for submitting your report. Video Description - Another video by TMOT Please remember to include the RINOs of the GOP when bashing Liberal Democrats .

The shame is that both health care and immigration should be Democratic advantages. Most voters recoil at Trump’s racist immigrant-bashing, and most want the option to join Medicare. And if Democrats want to reverse Trump’s policies, they need to beat him, not offer policies, like decriminalization, that would hypothetically constrain him.

Yet Democrats are frittering away their advantage — and damaging their image. Last fall, most Americans had a favorable view of the Democratic Party, according to the Pew Research Center. That makes sense, because Democrats ran a populist campaign in the 2018 midterms, focused on pocketbook issues that dominate many people’s lives, like wages and medical costs.

This year, the polling has flipped. Most Americans now have an unfavorable view of the party, no better than their view of the Republican Party. Likewise, slightly more voters say the “ideas being offered by the Democratic candidates” would hurt the country than say would help, according to the NPR poll.

I recognize that the subject of race looms over this discussion. By making the case for border decriminalization (as well as slavery reparations), Democrats are trying to signal their rejection of Trump’s white nationalism. But there are ways to do that without pushing deeply unpopular policies. Several candidates instead seem to be advocating an agenda that liberals think black, Latino and Asian-American voters support, rather than the agenda that most actually support. More than 60 percent of voters of color, after all, say that border decriminalization is a bad idea.

House Democrats unveil impeachment probe parameters

House Democrats unveil impeachment probe parameters Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to publicly resist a formal impeachment inquiry.

If Trump has figured out how to out-maneuver Democrats and his opponents, it’s only because they so easily fall for his traps every time Share All sharing options for: Democrats , stop giving Donald Trump a chance to score easy wins.

So why on earth are some Senate Democrats collaborating with Donald Trump to help Wall Street? A group of senators from the corporate wing of the Democratic party recently announced plans to fall in line behind Republican attempts to gut portions of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law.

The best strategy for Democrats is a populist one that speaks to voters of all races, the sort of campaign they ran last year and that Barack Obama ran in both 2008 and 2012. Those worked out pretty well.

In many fields — politics, business, the military, sports — successful leaders ask themselves what their opponent wants them to do, and then do the opposite. If Democrats at this week’s debate keep talking about border decriminalization and mandatory Medicare, I know that many well-meaning liberals will be happy. But I can think of someone else who will also be happy: Donald Trump.

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Trump lawyers ask judge to toss out Dems' tax return lawsuit.
The Trump administration, along with the president and several of his business entities, on Friday filed a motion to dismiss House Democrats' lawsuit on President Trump's federal tax returns.The administration and Trump are arguing that the House Ways and Means Committee can't conscript the federal courts to take its side in a dispute with the executive branch over a congressional demand for information.The motion was expected. The

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