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OpinionJoe Biden Isn’t Even Close To A Moderate

18:17  10 september  2019
18:17  10 september  2019 Source:   thefederalist.com

Biden campaign says it's returning money from lobbyists

Biden campaign says it's returning money from lobbyists Former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign on Tuesday said it would return the money recently given by lobbyists, the same day a report highlighted the thousands of dollars in cash donated to the campaign by members of the influence industry. © Getty Images Biden campaign says it's returning money from lobbyists The campaign told The Hill that its policy is to return donations from federally registered lobbyists. The statement came in response to an inquiry following a report by The Associated Press that found lobbyists had given the campaign money despite a pledge from Biden not to accept such contributions.

2020: Joe Biden isn ' t too moderate , Democrats are too radical. Trump may be best option. Too many Democrats would rather reopen the wounds of Trump-era America needs Biden 's campaign even if he doesn't win the Democratic nomination. Rather than establishing quota systems in the good

But Joe Biden , the Democratic frontrunner, won' t go there. In a statement to VICE this week for a story about Biden has staked out a position as a somewhat old-fashioned moderate who would welcome compromise with In order to even the score, we must now give the black man a head start, or even

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Joe Biden Isn’t Even Close To A Moderate© The Federalist Joe Biden Isn’t Even Close To A Moderate

If you’ve been watching the coverage of the 2020 Democratic primary, the mainstream media would have you believe former vice president Joe Biden is a moderate in the race. That is simply not the case. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Although Biden stated to reporters back in April that “I'm an Obama-Biden Democrat, man. And I'm proud of it,” he's moved far left of the Obama era and continues to do so on several key issues pertaining to everyday Americans. Biden’s progressive lurch to the left comes as he tries to keep in line with his fellow 2020 competitors, most notably Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Biden says he wouldn't ban fracking, distancing himself from rivals

Biden says he wouldn't ban fracking, distancing himself from rivals Joe Biden said he would not ban the practice of fracking for natural gas, distancing himself from some of his Democratic rivals, but said he would evaluate existing fracking permits to determine their safety. © Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company, Inc. "We can pass national legislation, but I don't think we would get it done to say all fracking going on ends unless we can say there is some physical security need," Biden said Wednesday night at CNN's climate change town hall, in response to a question about banning fracking.

The problem with former vice-president Joe Biden ’s long history of being being problematic with women. Biden carries himself with the confidence of a winner, despite not having won, or even come close Biden was reluctant even to let Anita Hill testify as to how Thomas had repeatedly sexually

Biden carries himself with the confidence of a winner, despite not having won, or even come close to A young Joe Biden was reliably anti-abortion, claiming that Roe v. Wade “went too far” and that he did Biden was reluctant even to let Anita Hill testify as to how Thomas had repeatedly sexually

Biden Endorsed the Green New Deal

During CNN’s seven-hour climate change town hall last week, Biden endorsed the idea of the Green New Deal, the $93 trillion proposal that aims to eliminate the use of all fossil fuels, ban “combustion-engine vehicles” and air travel, and claims to guarantee every American a job, even those who are “unable or unwilling to work.” When asked if the Green New Deal went too far, Biden gave an unequivocal “no,” even implying that the deal does not go “far enough” with specifics. Biden’s support for banning all fossil fuels isn’t new, as he backed the very same concept during July’s Democratic debate.

Fossil fuels represent the lifeblood of the American economy, and outright banning them would result in millions of Americans out of work and unemployed, particularly in the Rust Belt states in the Midwest. Biden’s stance on fossil fuel elimination puts him at odds with the blue-collar workers the media claims he represents, pushing him into a difficult position if he were to become the nominee to take on President Trump in 2020.

Biden defends ties to former fossil fuel executive at climate forum

Biden defends ties to former fossil fuel executive at climate forum Joe Biden had to play defense during CNN's climate town hall Wednesday, starting his portion of the night answering a question about news he would attend a fundraiser hosted by a former fossil fuel executive the following day.An audience member asked Biden about the scheduled fundraiser with Andrew Goldman, a co-founder of Houston-based natural gas producer Western LNG. The meeting was first reported Wednesday by CNBC. Biden has signed the No Fossil Fuel Pledge, an agreement that his campaign would not accept donations from the fossil fuel industry or its executives.

Joe Biden isn ' t it | Max Berger. Read more. She lost the election but, in the conservative-dominated state of Georgia, came closer to winning than any other Democratic candidate had in two decades. But others could be acceptable, perhaps even including progressive favorites like Harris and Warren More strategically, the realists see the nomination of Biden or some other comparative moderate as

In 1996, Senator Joe Biden voted for the Defense of Marriage Act which defined marriage as between a man and a woman. This law also prevented states from recognizing same sex marriages. Biden even wrote letters seeking the support of people who thought schools should be segregated by race.

Biden Favors Radical Gun Control

Biden’s leftward drift also applies to gun control, where at a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the former vice president said, “The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault-type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them — it’s absolutely mindless. It’s no violation of the Second Amendment," when asked about the recent mass shooting in Midland and Odessa, Texas.

Banning firearms that have “magazines that hold multiple bullets in them” would outlaw the vast majority of firearms in America, virtually throwing the Second Amendment under the bus and taking away the constitutional rights of millions of law-abiding Americans. Biden’s stance on gun control matches that of his fellow 2020 candidates who have called for similar proposals for gun confiscation and banning of certain firearms, demonstrating his ever-continuing shift to the left on key issues and moving him further away from centrist voters.

Biden tells Colbert his 'gaffes' aren't 'substantive'

Biden tells Colbert his 'gaffes' aren't 'substantive' Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says verbal missteps and factual errors he's made while campaigning aren't "substantive." © Michael Dwyer/ AP Photo Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event at Keene State College in Keene, N.H., Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer) The former vice president made his case Wednesday in a CBS "Late Show" interview with host Stephen Colbert. Biden agreed he's tripped over some details, but said it's not "relevant" whether some anecdote occurred when he was a senator or vice president.

The Moderate Men Waiting for Biden to Fall. What if Democratic voters really are looking for a middle-of-the-road candidate in 2020? “The Democratic Party is going through the process of deciding if we want Joe Biden to be the nominee or not,” former Representative John Delaney of Maryland told me

Obama’s deputy represents the worst of the last 40 years of the Democratic party. Let’s look to future and pick someone else.

Biden Supports Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Another area in which the former vice president has moved to the left is on abortion. Back in June, when asked whether he supported the Hyde Amendment, Biden flip-flopped on the issue, at first opposing it, then supporting it, and then ultimately opposing it again. The Hyde Amendment, which bars federal taxpayer money from funding abortions, became a hot-topic question among 2020 Democrats back in June. Biden buckled under the pressure of the progressive wing of the party.

Taxpayer funding of abortions is not something most Americans support, however. A Marist University poll showed that 54 percent of Americans oppose any taxpayer funding for abortions, compared to 39 percent who support it. Biden’s leftward swing and flip-flop on the abortion issue demonstrates his out-of-touch mentality towards the majority of Americans, leaving him on shaky ground concerning an issue that will surely play heavily in the 2020 primary and general election.

Biden Wants Taxpayers to Pay Illegal Entrants' Health Care

Even on immigration, Biden’s “moderate” masquerade falls apart on health care for illegal U.S. entrants. Back in May, when a reporter asked him about his stance, Biden replied, “I think that anyone who is in a situation where they’re in need of health care, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see that they are cared for."

In intimate moment, Biden vows to 'end fossil fuel'

In intimate moment, Biden vows to 'end fossil fuel' NEW CASTLE, N.H. (AP) — Joe Biden is looking voters in the eye and promising to "end fossil fuel." 

Though former vice president Joe Biden has not entered the 2020 race, his supporters and advisers According to a New York Times report, one of the main reasons Biden wants to make the jump is Bipartisanship is more likely to appeal to moderate and conservative Democrats. Nearly half of the

Image. Dan McCready, the Democratic candidate, at a campaign event in Charlotte, N.C., on Friday. The district voted for Donald J. Trump by 12 points in 2016. CreditTravis Dove for The New York Times. Dan McCready is the kind of candidate who helped Democrats win the House in 2018.

This was a position Biden later reaffirmed during the June Democratic debate, when the candidates were asked to raise their hands if they supported providing health care for illegal immigrants. All the candidates on stage, including Biden, raised their hands.

Supporting health care for illegal immigrants may not necessarily hurt Biden in the primary against his fellow Democrats, but if he becomes the nominee, don’t think for a second that President Trump won’t use it as a club to beat Biden over the head in the general election. That's especially when many American citizens are having difficulty affording health care, in large part thanks to the catastrophe of Obamacare, which Biden played a role in implementing.

Biden’s phony moderate shtick will only hold up for so long, as true moderate and centrist voters will begin to see his tendencies to move far left with the rest of the party on key issues. Heading into 2020, the media will continue trying to portray Biden as the level-headed moderate the Democrats need to beat Trump in the general election. Yet his continuous swing to the left will only alienate him from the very voters he’ll need to win over in 2020, only increasing Trump’s chances of reelection to a second term.

Poll: Biden holds 12-point lead over Sanders, Warren third.
Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a 12 point lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), his closest contender, in the Democratic presidential primary, according to a new poll released Monday. 

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