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OpinionThe Kavanaugh Nomination Corrupted Everything It Touched

01:00  16 september  2019
01:00  16 september  2019 Source:   esquire.com

Kavanaugh accused of more unwanted sexual contact by former classmate: report

Kavanaugh accused of more unwanted sexual contact by former classmate: report Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was hit with another accusation of unwanted sexual contact by a male classmate who said he witnessed Kavanaugh expose himself and press his genitals against a woman without her consent.The New York Times reported Saturday that the latest allegation, which has until not been public, was reported to the FBI during Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation process last year but was not investigated by the FBI. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

The nomination of Kavanaugh was largely split along party lines between democrats and republicans. But Kavanaugh the carpool dad is one great guy" is meant to be a glowing testament to Kavanaugh 's moral character She said that she pushed the person away, touching it in the process.

Manchin voted in favor of advancing Kavanaugh 's nomination earlier in the day, but it was unclear how he would vote on final confirmation. Jeff Flake, another thought -to-be-wavering senator, also voted to advance the nomination and told reporters after the vote that he expects to be a yes on final

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The Kavanaugh Nomination Corrupted Everything It Touched© Andrew Harnik - Getty Images The New York Times reports on another layer of it.

The moment that made pretty much anything said about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh credible was the moment in which he asked Senator Amy Klobuchar if she'd ever been blackout drunk. This was in the middle of his Republican-enabled counterattack to the accusations of Christine Blasey Ford. (At this point, Lindsey Graham was redfaced with hysteria in Kavanaugh's defense. I was ready to duck the skull shrapnel when his head inevitably exploded.) Klobuchar, in her persistent Minnesota prosecutor's way, kept probing Kavanaugh's self-confessed love for beer.

Castro calls for latest claim against Kavanaugh to be investigated

Castro calls for latest claim against Kavanaugh to be investigated Former Housing Secretary Julián Castro said Saturday that a newly-reported allegation of unwanted sexual contact against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh should be investigated. © Getty Images Castro calls for latest claim against Kavanaugh to be investigated In a tweet, Castro said that nonprofit owner Max Stier's allegation that Kavanaugh exposed himself at a party before other students pressed him against a female student, forcing his genitals to come in contact with her hand, should be investigated. "Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation is a shame to the Supreme Court.

The future of Brett Kavanaugh 's Supreme Court nomination is in question after a woman went public over the weekend with accusations that the 53-year-old federal judge physically and sexually assaulted her when the two were in high school.

Plans for a dramatic, clarifying hearing featuring Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who accused him of sexual assault have descended into chaos and partisan bitterness.

KLOBUCHAR: OK. Drinking is one thing, but the concern is about truthfulness, and in your written testimony, you said sometimes you had too many drinks. Was there ever a time when you drank so much that you couldn't remember what happened, or part of what happened the night before.
KAVANAUGH: No, I — no. I remember what happened, and I think you've probably had beers, Senator, and — and so I...
KLOBUCHAR: So you're saying there's never been a case where you drank so much that you didn't remember what happened the night before, or part of what happened.
KAVANAUGH: It's — you're asking about, you know, blackout. I don't know. Have you?
KLOBUCHAR: Could you answer the question, Judge? I just — so you — that's not happened. Is that your answer?
KAVANAUGH: Yeah, and I'm curious if you have.
KLOBUCHAR: I have no drinking problem, Judge.

The entire byplay was preceded by Klobuchar's account of dealing with her father's alcoholism, something that has become an essential part of her personal and political biography. There is no way that Kavanaugh didn't know what button he was pushing. This made Kavanaugh's dickitude in his response even more colossal and, for me, anyway, it made anything said about him possible. If he could do this in front of a Senate committee sitting in judgment for his fitness to be a Supreme Court justice, and do so when he was (presumably) sober, what would he do in a dorm room when he was sockless drunk? As far as I was concerned, the guy had a sociopathic streak you could see from the moon.

Trump rallies to Kavanaugh's defense after new sexual misconduct allegation surfaces

Trump rallies to Kavanaugh's defense after new sexual misconduct allegation surfaces President Trump vigorously defended Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday following a new allegation of sexual misconduct during the Supreme Court justice's college years, as some leading Democratic presidential contenders raised fresh suspicions that Kavanaugh was untruthful during last year's Senate hearings leading to his confirmation to the high court. © Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies on the first day of his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on September 4, 2018, in Washington, D.C.

Brett Kavanaugh 's accuser now has a name, and the Republican Party's bid Democrats demanded that Kavanaugh 's confirmation process should be put on hold pending an investigation. Presidential nominations often unfold according to an intangible logic. Even candidates that look unassailable can

Kavanaugh , who would serve a life term as a Supreme Court justice, has been the subject of If elevated to the high court, the legitimacy of everything Judge Kavanaugh touches will be “We understand why some might think railroading this nomination through is still a viable option,” Time’s

The Kavanaugh Nomination Corrupted Everything It Touched© Melina Mara - Getty Images Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings look worse by the day.

So, yes, I believe every word in the latest New York Times account which, mysteriously, deep in the text, speaks of yet another account of Kavanaugh's tendency to drop trou while sozzled, one that the FBI not-so-mysteriously declined to pursue during its brief "investigation" into Blasey Ford's charges prior to voting Kavanaugh into the job he now holds. (The Times story also reinforces Deborah Ramirez's similar account that emerged at the time of the Kavanaugh hearings.) From the Times:

We also uncovered a previously unreported story about Mr. Kavanaugh in his freshman year that echoes Ms. Ramirez’s allegation. A classmate, Max Stier, saw Mr. Kavanaugh with his pants down at a different drunken dorm party, where friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student. Mr. Stier, who runs a nonprofit organization in Washington, notified senators and the F.B.I. about this account, but the F.B.I. did not investigate and Mr. Stier has declined to discuss it publicly. (We corroborated the story with two officials who have communicated with Mr. Stier.)

(By the way, how much of an entitled slug do you have to be to allegedly subcontract the job of handing your penis to a stranger?)

Ocasio-Cortez calls for Kavanaugh to be impeached

Ocasio-Cortez calls for Kavanaugh to be impeached Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Monday called for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's impeachment following a new allegation of sexual assault against him published in The New York Times. © Aaron Schwartz Ocasio-Cortez calls for Kavanaugh to be impeached "This was almost a year ago. It is unsurprising that Kavanaugh, credibly accused of sexual assault, would lie under oath to secure a Supreme Court seat," she tweeted along with a video of her at a rally. "Because sexual assault isn't a crime of passion - it's about the abuse of power. He must be impeached." This was almost a year ago.

Brett Kavanaugh is facing the confirmation of a lifetime. President Donald Trump announced in July As long as the Republicans refuse to release 96% of the Kavanaugh records Every other Supreme Court nominee has turned over nearly everything , and I am now convinced they are hiding something.

Once Kavanaugh is seated, Chief Justice John Roberts, by no means a moderate, will become Had the vote fallen short, it would have thrown a major blow to the nomination and throw the possibility Friday's vote took place after yet another extraordinary twist in the Kavanaugh confirmation process

Quite simply, we have on our Supreme Court someone who has been repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct and, more important in a strict constitutional sense, probably lied to the Congress about it. We have a corrupt Department of Justice that continues to run interference for him to the extent that Attorney General William Barr is preparing to bestow the DOJ's highest award on the lawyers who did the pass-blocking that allowed Kavanaugh to slime his way into Anthony Kennedy's chair.

There are a number of ancillary issues around this latest revelation. Why did the Times bury its new information deep in the story? Who at the paper deserves to be fired for the clumsy and revolting Tweet that originally was posted to hype the latest story? Why was the story posted under "news analysis" when it contains entirely new information? Why was it originally posted under "Opinion"? What the hell is going on at that newspaper, anyway? All good questions for another day, but, right now, it is clear that the Kavanaugh nomination corrupted everything it touched within the government, and that the people most corrupted by it see that corruption as an unalloyed triumph. Walk through that looking glass and you fall over a cliff.

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Trump praises Kavanaugh as a 'great, brilliant man,' blasts NYT over 'smear' report at rally.
President Trump praised Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a "great, brilliant man" at his campaign rally in New Mexico on Monday night and called a report published over the weekend detailing a sexual assault allegation against the justice a "smear story." © Aaron Schwartz Trump praises Kavanaugh as a 'great, brilliant man,' blasts NYT over 'smear' report at rally During the rally in Rio Rancho, Trump took aim at the Democratic lawmakers who have called for Kavanaugh's impeachment in recent days over the report published by the Times on Saturday that detailed the new allegation.

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