Opinion They Think Trump Betrayed the Kurds. Why Do They Still Support Him?

18:20  10 october  2019
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The U.S. saved Kurds like me in Iraq. Now Trump is indifferent to our slaughter.

  The U.S. saved Kurds like me in Iraq. Now Trump is indifferent to our slaughter. The U.S. save Kurds like me in Iraq. Now Trump's letting us be slaughtered in Rojava.The Oct. 6 phone call between President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spelled disaster for Kurds in northern Syria. The Kurds have been the United States' strongest allies in the fight against the Islamic State militant group since 2014 and have controlled the most peaceful and democratic part of Syria, known as Rojava, since the start of its civil war in 2011. Even so, Trump tacitly gave a green light to Erdogan to launch a military invasion against the Kurds, which began days later.

If they think Trump betrayed the Kurds , why do they still support him ?

Why did Trump agree to stand back and allow Erdogan's forces US allies worried that if Trump (meaning the United States) can suddenly betray its friends without warning, they could be next. Syrian Kurds wave flags in Qamishli as they take part in a demonstration in support of the Syrian

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Lindsey Graham standing in front of a laptop© Veronica Cardenas / Reuters

Is it possible to believe that President Donald Trump is abandoning a vital ally to slaughter, that he is ensuring the rebirth of a genocidal terrorist group that threatens the United States, and that he ought to be the 2020 GOP nominee?

Republicans must now confront that question.

Leader of Syrian Kurds tells US "you are leaving us to be slaughtered"

  Leader of Syrian Kurds tells US The commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces told a senior US diplomat, "You are leaving us to be slaughtered," demanding to know whether the US is going to do anything to protect Syrian Kurds as Turkey continues its military operation targeting America's Kurdish allies in Syria."You have given up on us. You are leaving us to be slaughtered," Gen. Mazloum Kobani Abdi told the Deputy Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, William Roebuck, in a meeting Thursday, according to an internal US government readout that has been obtained exclusively by CNN.

President Trump drew an odd historical parallel this week as he defended his decision to pull American support from allied Kurdish fighters in So when World War II began, many fought with the Soviets on the side of the Allies. But they were difficult to track because they did not fight under a Kurdish flag.

I don't think we necessarily should have had as deep an economic assault on livelihoods and jobs as we have,” she said. While discussing the fantasy of a rematch, Clinton also floated the conspiracy theory that Trump could refuse to leave the White House, even if he loses to a Democrat in November.

On Twitter yesterday morning, Senator Lindsey Graham lamented that “a disaster is in the making” in an area of northern Syria controlled by the Kurds.

The ethnic minority group helped to fight ISIS, destroy its caliphate, and imprison its surviving fighters, even as it feared aggression from Turkey. In return, the U.S. stationed troops alongside the Kurds, helping the group to jail ISIS fighters and deterring Turkish military aggression. But Trump ordered U.S. troops to leave Kurdish-held areas. And Turkey responded yesterday by launching an invasion.

“Pray for our Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration,” Graham wrote. “This move ensures the reemergence of ISIS. I urge President Trump to change course while there is still time.”

U. S.-allied Kurds strike deal to bring Assad’s Syrian troops back into Kurdish areas

  U. S.-allied Kurds strike deal to bring Assad’s Syrian troops back into Kurdish areas The deal between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the government of President Bashar al-Assad further dimmed the prospect of continued U.S. presence in Syria.Hundreds of Islamic State family members escaped a detention camp after Turkish shellfire hit the area, U.S. troops pulled out from another base and Turkish-backed forces consolidated their hold over a vital highway, cutting the main U.S. supply route into Syria.

People think they can say Trump has not done well because a wall has not magically appeared the day after he took the presidency but it is a gradual When you are trying to understand why people support Trump , you need to understand why the previous President failed to make race relations

One of the president’s staunchest constituencies has stuck by him through many controversies but Syria may be a policy lurch too far.

Not everyone shares Graham’s beliefs.

There are Republicans who believe that the United States ought to get out of Syria, arguing that nothing is owed to Kurdish forces who were acting only in their self-interest all along, or that ISIS is defeated, or that Turkey is capable of keeping ISIS from reconquering territory, or that Congress never authorized the U.S. troop presence in Syria, or that asking American soldiers to risk their lives protecting Kurds in a faraway mission with no foreseeable end is unfair, or that the presence of Americans there heightens the risk of a great-powers war.

But Graham rejects all those arguments. How should the Kurds feel about Graham if he keeps supporting Trump anyway? How should they feel about Representative Liz Cheney, who holds similar beliefs?

“News from Syria is sickening. Turkish troops preparing to invade Syria from the north, Russian-backed forces from the south, ISIS fighters attacking Raqqa,” she wrote yesterday. “Impossible to understand why @realDonaldTrump is leaving America’s allies to be slaughtered and enabling the return of ISIS.”

Kurdish, Syrian, and Turkish Ironies

  Kurdish, Syrian, and Turkish Ironies Critics now upset about abandoning our Kurdish friends demanded abject withdrawals — and the abandonment of friends — in Afghanistan and Iraq.Outrage met Donald Trump’s supposedly rash decision to pull back U.S. troops from possible confrontational zones between our Kurdish friends in Syria and Recep Erdogan’s expeditionary forces.

Today: President Trump said that he would withdraw U.S. troops from the Syrian border with Turkey This was an ally, they thought , that was standing beside them , that had stood beside them for years So as he looks across the border, he not only sees his archenemy, the Kurds , who he wants to push

Yet Mr Trump is not alone in his mistakes. To judge by the Democratic uproar, you would think that He then enlisted the Syrian Kurds to help fight Isis, which had rushed to fill the vacuum created by Their fury about the Kurds betrays bad conscience. It comes in part as overcompensation for leaving

She added, “This action imperils American security and that of our allies. Congress must and will act to limit the catastrophic impact of this decision.”

Senator Marco Rubio is appalled, too. “At request of this administration the Kurds served as the primary ground fighters against ISIS in Syria so U.S. troops wouldn’t have to,” he tweeted. “Then cut deal with Erdogan allowing him to wipe them out. Damage to our reputation & national interest will be extraordinary & long lasting.”

Rubio also wrote:

#Syria isn’t about neocons or hawks, it’s about reality. The Kurds were lead ground force against ISIS & currently hold 1000’s of ISIS killers in jail. Abandoning them is morally repugnant, stains our nations reputation & could lead to 1000’s of ISIS killers back on battlefield.

And earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared, “A precipitous withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria would only benefit Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime,” adding, “And it would increase the risk that ISIS and other terrorist groups regroup.”

So, according to these Republicans, Trump exploited an ethnic minority group, cut a deal ensuring their literal slaughter, damaged America’s interests, stained the country’s reputation, and risked putting thousands of its defeated enemies back onto the battlefield.

And yet, in all likelihood, Graham, Cheney, Rubio, and McConnell will support Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination, doing nothing to find a superior standard-bearer.

What does it say about their values and beliefs if even behavior that they regard as morally depraved and geopolitically catastrophic does not trigger a break with Trump? Nothing good.

Kremlin relishes US pullback from Syria, turmoil in Ukraine .
From Syria to Ukraine, new fault lines and tensions are offering the Kremlin fresh opportunities to expand its clout and advance its interests. The U.S. military withdrawal from northern Syria before a Turkish offensive leaves Russia as the ultimate power broker. The U.S. military withdrawal from northern Syria before a Turkish offensive leaves Russia as the ultimate power broker, allowing it to help negotiate a potential agreement between Syrian President Bashar Assad and the Kurds who were abandoned by Washington.

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