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Opinion Democrats Get Bogged Down In Same Gotcha Tax Question At Every Debate

09:41  16 october  2019
09:41  16 october  2019 Source:   huffingtonpost.com

Fifth Democratic primary debate scheduled for Nov. 20

  Fifth Democratic primary debate scheduled for Nov. 20 The fifth Democratic presidential primary debate will be held on Nov. 20 in or around Atlanta, the Democratic National Committee announced Tuesday. © Win McNamee/Getty Images Democratic candidates take the stage for third primary debate. The debate will air on cable TV on MSNBC and will be co-hosted by The Washington Post. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

The Worst Debate Question . Why Democrats have no good answer for a gotcha question about taxes . They have struggled at every Democratic primary debate so far this year when asked if they support higher taxes not Even as Congress cracked down on cash assistance, it expanded Social

The fourth Democratic debate on Tuesday revealed sharper edges than its predecessors, as the candidates were tested by the moderators and challenged by each other. With the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump sucking up attention and the clock ticking away to the Iowa caucuses

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The worst debate question.© ISABELLA CARAPELLA/ HUFFPOST The worst debate question.

Despite repeated demands by a moderator and her Democratic presidential opponents, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts refused to take the bait on a question about tax hikes on the debate stage Tuesday night in Ohio.

Moderator Marc Lacey asked Warren if she supported higher middle-class taxes to pay for a national health care program known as “Medicare for All” ― at least the third time essentially the same question has come up at a Democratic debate.

Trump campaign to fly banner ahead of Democratic debate knocking 'socialist' policies

  Trump campaign to fly banner ahead of Democratic debate knocking 'socialist' policies President Trump's reelection campaign on Tuesday will fly banners over Westerville, Ohio.President Trump's reelection campaign on Tuesday will fly banners over Westerville, Ohio, ahead of the Democratic presidential primary debate in the city knocking Democrats for "socialist" policies.

The Democratic Party is embroiled in an increasingly loud argument over the schedule of presidential debates , one By contrast, Martin O’Malley’s campaign wanted many more debates . DNC officials suggested to the Clinton campaign that more than four would be necessary, the senior Dem continues.

The pivotal debate , held on the campus of Otterbein University, comes as the Democratic field is sparring -- over health care, immigration, climate change, criminal justice reform, among other topics -- and as an ongoing impeachment inquiry battle pulls the contest into Washington’s orbit despite efforts.

Warren gave the same answer she’s given many times before: “Costs will go up for the wealthy and for big corporations and for hard-working middle-class families, costs will go down,” she said.

Warren focuses on “costs” because her Medicare for All vision would trade higher taxes for lower household costs, and she doesn’t want to focus on the taxes in isolation.

Conventional wisdom holds that middle-class tax hikes are political poison and that embracing them invites political attacks that leverage negative voter attitudes on government spending and race. Warren has apparently decided a direct answer isn’t worth it.

Lacey pressed Warren, asking if she would explicitly acknowledge, as has rival White House contender Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), that Medicare for All would involve higher taxes. She again refused, stressing instead that overall costs would go down for middle-class families.

Trump campaign flies 'socialism destroys Ohio jobs' banner over Dem debate site

  Trump campaign flies 'socialism destroys Ohio jobs' banner over Dem debate site President Trump’s re-election campaign is once again taking to the skies over a Democratic presidential debate site to highlight what it calls the Democratic presidential candidates’ “socialist policies.” The campaign started flying a aerial advertising banner over Otterbein University in this suburban Columbus, Ohio town, which is the site of Tuesday night’s fourth round Democratic nomination debate. WARREN, BIDEN BATTLE FOR TOP SPOT IN POLLS ON EVE OF DEBATE“SOCIALISM DESTROYS OHIO JOBS. VOTE TRUMP,” read the advertisement. The banner was visible starting at noon EST and the Trump campaign said it would fly the banner until 6:45 p.m.

Hey, I’m still polling pretty well! Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images. Ben: Who do you think had a really good night tonight? Sarah: Bernie. Warren, too. But Bernie was really impressive tonight. Sharp, clear, consistent. Zak: Agreed. And not long after a heart attack too.

Sanders says the debate should be about whether Democrats have the “guts” to stand up to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Castro says Democrats can “walk and chew gum at the same time” when asked if impeachment is a distraction. He says Trump is violating his oath of office

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who on some issues has positioned himself as a centrist among the Democratic candidates, pounced.

“We heard it tonight: a yes or no question that didn’t get a yes or no answer,” Buttigieg said. “This is why people in the Midwest are so frustrated with Washington.”

Warren has not outlined exactly how she would pay for Medicare for All, but by refusing to rule out tax increases, she has implied they’d be part of her plan. On Tuesday, she came closer to such an acknowledgment when she said, “We can pay for this.”

Possible funding options that Sanders has suggested in the past include higher payroll taxes and higher taxes on the wealthy. A HuffPost / YouGov poll this week found that pairing Medicare for All with a tax on the super-rich made the health care proposal more popular.

Sanders offered a more forthright explanation of the taxes-and-benefits tradeoff under Medicare for All, a proposal he originally sponsored in the Senate.

Democratic primary: 2020 Democrats debate against backdrop of impeachment inquiry

  Democratic primary: 2020 Democrats debate against backdrop of impeachment inquiry The Democratic candidates head to the debate stage on Tuesday in the crucial swing state of Ohio amid a deluge of explosive developments in the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump's interactions with Ukraine.As the nation stands divided on the question of impeachment -- all while in the midst of a fast-moving presidential campaign cycle -- the 2020 hopefuls meet on the campus of Otterbein University at the CNN/New York Times debate in a state that Trump won by 8 points. The Democrats on stage are facing pressure to show that they can appeal to a broader audience beyond the fervent progressive activists who are increasingly pushing the party to left.

[ Get a more personal take on politics, newsmakers and more with Frank Bruni’s exclusive commentary every week. Harris’s engagement of Biden, in a June debate , on the issue of federally mandated busing to desegregate schools stood out for the same reason.

“The contrast with the Democratic debate , where every fawning question from the media was That line and others during the debate got applause from the audience. But a closer look at the debate Cut taxes trillion without increasing the deficit. And make Americans better off because your

“Premiums are gone. Co-payments are gone. Deductibles are gone. All out-of-pocket expenses are gone.” Sanders said, adding that the overwhelming majority of Americans would pay less overall.

“I do think it is appropriate to acknowledge that taxes will go up,” Sanders continued. “They will go up significantly for the wealthy and for virtually everybody, the tax increase will be substantially less ― substantially less than what they were paying for premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.”

Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota praised Sanders for being direct.

“At least Bernie’s being honest here and saying how he’s going to pay for this, and that taxes are going to go up,” Klobuchar said. “I’m sorry, Elizabeth, but you have not said that and I think we  owe it to the American people to tell them where we will send the invoice.”

It was faint praise for Sanders because Klobuchar ― along with Buttigieg ― doesn’t support Medicare for All.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

Poll finds support for Biden is fading .
Polls by Microsoft News before and after the Democratic debate on Tuesday found big changes in how Americans regard the major Democratic candidates, which could have long-term impact on the race. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Polls taken after the September debate, then before and after this week's debate, showed a sharp decline in support for Joe Biden among all Americans. He previously was the clear leader among the candidates.

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