Opinion Mary Anne Marsh: When Pelosi sets her sights on something she will not be denied. (Trump should be worried)

17:50  04 november  2019
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Impeachment Inquiry Is Legal, Judge Rules, Giving Democrats a Victory

  Impeachment Inquiry Is Legal, Judge Rules, Giving Democrats a Victory A federal judge handed a victory to House Democrats on Friday when she ruled that they are legally engaged in an impeachment inquiry, a decision that undercut President Trump’s arguments that the investigation is a sham. The declaration came in a 75-page opinion by Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell of the Federal District Court in Washington. She ruled that the House Judiciary Committee is entitled to view secret grand jury evidence gathered by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.Sign Up For the Morning Briefing NewsletterTypically, Congress has no right to view such evidence.

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Pelosi has been clear that she would only support impeachment if it was necessary, bipartisan and had widespread support. Now, she has all three. Not only did Trump admit to making that call but equally alarming is the effort to hide it. The White House stored the transcript of this call on a highly secure, codeword encrypted, computer system designed for national security – not political – purposes. It is clear the transcript was stored there for political purposes given the damaging exchange.

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Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi are posing for a picture© Provided by Fox News Network LLC

Following 10 busy days that included leading a bipartisan delegation to the Mideast in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Syria, an unannounced trip to meet Afghanistan’s president and visit U.S. commanders and troops there, and delivering back-to-back eulogies for her brother Thomas D’Allessandro and beloved colleague Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi moved with military precision to deliver the votes for the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

Key Witness in Impeachment Inquiry Asks Federal Court to Rule Over Testifying

  Key Witness in Impeachment Inquiry Asks Federal Court to Rule Over Testifying A key witness in the impeachment investigation filed a lawsuit Friday asking a federal judge to rule on whether he can testify, a move that raises new doubts about whether President Trump’s closest aides, like the former national security adviser, John R. Bolton, will be able to cooperate with the inquiry. House Democrats had subpoenaed the witness, Charles M. Kupperman, who served as Mr. Trump’s deputy national security adviser, to testify on Monday. But in an effort to stop Mr. Kupperman from doing so, the White House said on Friday that the president had invoked “constitutional immunity,” leaving Mr. Kupperman uncertain about what to do.

Pelosi ’s response to Trump was to hold her own press conference the next day, baiting him again by stating that Trump : Had a temper tantrum. Is conducting a cover-up. Is cracking under the pressure. Is not in charge. Needs an intervention. And that set Trump off. Furthermore, when Pelosi states Trump wants impeachment now, she ’s right. Trump knows there’s even more damaging information to come – from the 14 cases Mueller referred for criminal prosecution plus one investigation he referred as well.

Fox News contributor Mary Anne Marsh on why President Trump 's actions routinely seem to benefit Vladimir Putin, and not the United States of America. Nancy Pelosi confronted Donald Trump at the White House last week questioning why he removed U.S. troops from Syria and Russia was banned from the group for annexing Crimea. Trump will use the next meeting, which he will host, to insist Putin be readmitted, despite even more egregious behavior since the annexation. Even if Putin is denied admission, he’s already reaped the benefits of having the United States advocating for him and

Thursday morning, the day of the House vote, Kellyanne Conway told Fox News  “Impeachment is simple math, you either have the votes or you don't. And guess what – dirty little secret – they don't have the votes," she said.

A few hours later, standing next to an image of the American flag on the House floor, House Speaker Pelosi made the case for proceeding with an impeachment inquiry:

“These actions, this process, these open hearings, seeking the truth and making it available to the American people, will inform Congress on the very difficult decisions we will have to make in the future as to whether to impeach the president.

“That decision has not been made. That's what the inquiry will investigate and then we can make the decision, based on the truth. I don't know why the Republicans are afraid of the truth. Every member should support allowing the American people to hear the facts for themselves.  This – that is really what this vote is about. It is about the truth.

State Department official expected to appear as part of impeachment probe

  State Department official expected to appear as part of impeachment probe A State Department official is scheduled to speak before three committees on Saturday in relation to the ongoing impeachment probe.Reeker would be the ninth official to appear for testimony as part of the inquiry and the latest in a line of career diplomats who have complied with a House subpoena and defied White House orders not to comply.

Trump denies these allegations and the Ukrainian foreign minister said Saturday, “I know what the conversation was about and I think there was no pressure.” It was also reported that Trump threatened to withhold 0 million in military aid from Ukraine if they didn’t cooperate. Mary Anne Marsh is a Democratic political analyst and a principal at Dewey Square Group in Boston where she provides strategic counsel for Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and political campaigns.

Mary Anne Marsh : We are about to learn much more about foreign assistance provided to Trump in 2016. GOPAC Chair David Avella debates Democratic political analyst Mary Anne Marsh on her FoxNews.com op-ed on the Trump impeachment inquiry. Click here to get the opinion newsletter. That one request, without anything else, is enough to seek impeachment. However, it appears these three examples may not be the only occasions Trump asked a foreign government for election assistance.

“And, what is at stake? What is at stake, in all of this, is nothing less than our democracy.”

When Pelosi concluded her speech, she ascended the rostrum, took the gavel, and presided over the House vote to initiate an impeachment inquiry. It passed 232-196.

Clearly, Nancy Pelosi had the votes.

The recent picture of Pelosi standing up to Trump in the White House is the perfect symbol of how she is handling impeachment. In command and in control, Pelosi is orchestrating every detail of the impeachment process to hold Trump accountable since the disclosure of his call to Ukraine’s president to discuss withholding military funds and the investigation of his political rival Joe Biden.

From beginning the process in the Intelligence Committee under Rep. Adam Schiff, to conducting interviews and gathering testimony of key witnesses, to the timing of Thursday’s vote, and then selling the vote in a series of high-profile interviews while her colleagues joined her across the country using the same message, Pelosi’s fingerprints are on every detail.

Analysis: McCain warned Graham to avoid Trump drama. Instead, the GOP senator is a major player.

  Analysis: McCain warned Graham to avoid Trump drama. Instead, the GOP senator is a major player. The South Carolina lawmaker has become the president’s highest-profile defender on everything from border wall funds to opposing the House impeachment inquiry. Graham introduced a nonbinding resolution Thursday that would put senators on record about whether they support the process House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has launched for the impeachment inquiry. Despite his public clash with Trump over the withdrawal of troops from Syria, Graham led a group of about 10 Senate Republicans Thursday to a two-hour huddle with the president at the White House.

Published February 20, 2020. Mary Anne Marsh : In fierce Democratic presidential debate, 1 Warren would not be ignored or denied . Warren flattened Bloomberg out of the gate using his own Warren’s strong performance helped her at a time when she needs it most and hurt Bloomberg so badly that

Nancy Pelosi is back in the spotlight again. During the protest on Wednesday, it was reported that her laptop was taken from the Capitol Building. Initial reports said that Trump supporters took it. However, there are some theories that it was taken by special forces. Take a look However, these documents were NOT widely covered by the mainstream media. It appears that Nancy Pelosi ’s brother Franklin Roosevelt D’Alesandro was charged with rape. He was charged with rape at the age of 20 years old.

Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi are posing for a picture: The Democracy 2020 Sunday panel weighs in on the narratives both parties are spinning to win political favor during the House impeachment investigation.© FoxNews.com The Democracy 2020 Sunday panel weighs in on the narratives both parties are spinning to win political favor during the House impeachment investigation.

In addition, Pelosi has surgically removed every reason Republicans’ have offered to oppose the inquiry. Their cries about the process, closed hearings, and lack of a full House vote have all been eliminated.

Now, Republicans are left to argue what Trump’s intent was in making the call to President Volodymyr Zelensky. That seems clear enough. Attempting to solicit information about Biden would clearly benefit the Trump campaign, and it is illegal to solicit, accept or receive assistance from any foreign government for any U.S. election.

As the public has learned more, support for Trump’s impeachment and removal has increased. The recent ABC-Washington Post poll measuring impeachment and removal from office showed 49 percent in favor and 47 percent opposed. That has increased since the same poll in July when 37 percent supported impeachment and removal and 59 percent were opposed. That’s a 12-point increase in three months based largely on private testimony reported by the media. Even more telling in the latest poll is that 47 percent of Independents support impeachment and removal while 18 percent of Republicans support it.

Diplomat says top leadership of the State Department rejected his entreaties to publicly support ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine

  Diplomat says top leadership of the State Department rejected his entreaties to publicly support ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Philip Reeker, head of the State Department bureau responsible for Europe, testified before House impeachment panel on Saturday.Reeker expressed his concerns over the falsehoods about Marie Yovanovitch in conversations with David Hale, the third-highest ranking official in the State Department, and T. Ulrich Brechbuhl, an adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo whose friendship began when they attended U.S. Military Academy together, the person said. But it remains unclear how much information they conveyed to Pompeo, and what role he played in Yovanovitch’s recall shortly after she was told she was doing such a good job her posting was being extended.

This is all the result of Pelosi’s methodical, disciplined approach to the inquiry. She knows that the more Americans learn about Trump’s actions the more they will support impeachment and removal. Now, more evidence will be made public in a series of high-profile hearings that could show Trump’s conduct is an abuse of power, betrayal of our national security, and corruption of our elections. All of which would add up to betraying his oath of office and our Constitution, as well as jeopardizing our national security.

When Pelosi sets her sights on something she will not be denied.

Last January, Pelosi was scheduled to lead a delegation to Afghanistan. At the last minute, Trump revoked her delegation’s access to a military plane. It was political payback for her suggestion that he postpone the State of the Union until the government shutdown was over.

Ten months later, Pelosi and a bipartisan congressional delegation landed in Afghanistan. And 10 days later she presided over the vote to start an impeachment inquiry of Trump.

At this point, Trump should have learned that every time he tries to thwart Pelosi she calls his bluff and prevails.

Never underestimate Nancy Pelosi. Ever.


Pelosi Sets a High Bar for Impeachment Inquiry: ‘Ironclad’ Proof .
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offers her most expansive view of the impeachment probe to date.Pelosi said the partial transcript of Trump’s July 25 conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy stood in sharp contrast to the less clear-cut allegations in Robert Mueller’s special counsel report. That phone call — where Trump is heard urging Zelenskiy to investigate Joe Biden — was a “bombshell” that peeled away her initial reluctance to take the politically divisive step.

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