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Opinion Speaker Pelosi, from one Democrat to another, please jump off the impeachment bandwagon

00:25  16 november  2019
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GOP senator defends calling Pelosi 'dumb': 'What I said was accurate'

  GOP senator defends calling Pelosi 'dumb': 'What I said was accurate' Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) defended remarks this week in which he called Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) “dumb," saying that his comments were “accurate.”"Well, I didn't mean disrespect," he said Friday on Fox News, "but I do think what I said was accurate.

WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that the House would initiate a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump Ms. Pelosi ’s declaration, after months of reticence by Democrats who had feared the political consequences of impeaching a president many

WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi sharpened the focus of Democrats ’ impeachment case against President Trump on Thursday, accusing the president of committing bribery when he withheld vital military assistance from Ukraine at the same time he was seeking its commitment to publicly

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Nancy Pelosi with her mouth open© Provided by Fox News Network LLC

Dear Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

Please consider this open letter from an old friend.

I know it’s been a while, but I just really felt the need to write you this letter.

It’s me, Cathy Areu. I interviewed you three times when I worked as a contributing editor at the Washington Post Magazine.

Trump campaign raises $3.1M on first day of impeachment hearings

  Trump campaign raises $3.1M on first day of impeachment hearings President Trump’s reelection campaign announced that on Wednesday it raised over $3.1 million in donations – the same day as the first public hearing of the House’s impeachment inquiry into Trump. © Provided by Fox News Network LLC“$3,144,257 RAISED YESTERDAY!” Brad Parscale, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, tweeted Thursday. “’[Trump] loves these huge numbers. He knows that it isn’t enough to end this IMPEACHMENT SCAM.” Even before the public hearings began, Trump fundraisers reported seeing a surge in donations in response to impeachment talk.

Though Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to impeach President Trump, she may not be able to stop the rest of the House Democrats who do. Democrats control the House, and about three-quarters of their voters favor impeachment . A well-funded grassroots movement is mounting an aggressive

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President "He's taken it to another level of betrayal therefore we're moving forward with another level of On Tuesday, Pelosi also told the caucus that the impeachment inquiry will be done "expeditiously," but

We had some really great talks about you being a caring mom, about your many grandkids, about your hobbies and your typical day in Congress.

I am not sure if you remember me, or our conversations, but they were great. And we can catch up later.

Right now it’s very important for me to beg for you to sway your fellow Democrats and jump off the “Let’s Impeach President Trump” bandwagon.

It’s just not in the best interest of the Democratic Party or our entire country, actually.

There was a Monmouth poll that came out last week that found that “while there is growing public support for an inquiry, the public is not very confident with the process to date. Just 24% say they have a lot of trust in how the House impeachment inquiry has been conducted so far, 29% have a little trust, and 44% have no trust at all.” That's very concerning.

Jordan calls Pelosi accusing Trump of bribery 'ridiculous'

  Jordan calls Pelosi accusing Trump of bribery 'ridiculous' Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) pushed back against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) calling President Trump's dealings with Ukraine "bribery," dismissing Pelosi's claim and doubling down on his support of the president. © Aaron Schwartz Jordan calls Pelosi accusing Trump of bribery 'ridiculous' "It's ridiculous, just ridiculous," Jordan told NPR's Audie Cornish on Thursday evening. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday brushed aside the Latin phrase “quid pro quo” that Democrats have been using to describe President Donald Trump’s actions toward Ukraine. As the impeachment hearings go public, they’re going for a more colloquial term that may resonate with

The first public hearing to investigate allegations that US President Donald Trump pressured Ukraine to probe his domestic political rivals is underway. In a video released by the White House, Trump said the impeachment probe was "the single greatest scam in the history of American politics".

In this letter to a friend, if I may call you that, I don’t want to just quote Monmouth polls, however because polls can sometimes be inaccurate. But this one doesn’t appear that way. That's because another poll, just this year, found that trust in the United States government is an all-time low. Pew found that “only 17% of Americans today say they can trust the government in Washington to do what is right “just about always” (3%) or “most of the time” (14%).”

I trust you, and so many other public servants, because I’ve met you, one on one. I have felt your passion. Your dedication to doing the right thing. And I know you love our country and want to make our future better for everyone. But Madam Speaker, numbers and so many people protesting on the streets, don’t lie.

So, given all of these mixed emotions and anger toward the government, my sources, who have served in the last three administrations and other government believe that the Democrats are taking a really big gamble here with this impeachment process.

Pelosi: Trump Insults Officials Because of ‘His Own Insecurity as an Imposter’

  Pelosi: Trump Insults Officials Because of ‘His Own Insecurity as an Imposter’ Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit President Donald Trump today over his tweet going after former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch during the second day of impeachment hearings. © Provided by Mediaite, LLCIn a preview of her Face the Nation interview Sunday, Pelosi tells Margaret Brennan POTUS “made a mistake” in going after Yovanovitch.“He made a mistake,” @SpeakerPelosi says on Trump's tweet about Yovanovitch during her testimony. “I think part of it is his own insecurity as an impostor…he knows full well he's in that office way over his head. And so he has to diminish everyone else.” https://t.co/F2Q7vnseuupic.twitter.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is under pressure from some fellow Democrats to initiate an impeachment Steve Cohen of Tennessee, another member of the Judiciary Committee. The debate in both Many Democrats remain frustrated with the administration’s efforts to ignore congressional subpoenas, and

Another Dem Jumps In. Cali Shooting. The Problem Solvers Caucus, which represents 48 House Republicans and Democrats , called on House Speaker Pelosi to pass the The bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus follows as House Speaker Pelosi said that Democrats have moved closer towards

I understand you have to deal with “the Squad,” and all, and, sure, every political party is guilty of over-reaching. But it’s gotten so obvious that both the Republicans and the Democrats are simply trying to appease the extremes in their parties. It’s exactly what the Democrats are doing right now by trying to impeach Trump.

You’re are “getting the friendly vibration of the extreme side of your party,” one of my government sources eloquently told me. These “vibrations,” he said, is what makes you, Speaker Pelosi, start to think you’re on the right track.

Don’t be fooled by that vibe, warns my source, who has advised presidents on both sides of the aisle (sometimes on Air Force One).

The truth is that you’re risking the loss of trust from moderates and those in the center-left, like me.

Sure, so many, including this Democratic journalist, believe that about 12 things Trump has done during his presidency have called for an impeachment hearing -- or 12 of them!  I get that.

Many Democrats and those on the other side of the aisle get that, too. But by trying to impeach Trump now, for just one more mistake, is simply to risk being seen as a party that’s taking advantage and exploiting the United States’ political system.

Schumer calls on Trump to testify as part of impeachment inquiry

  Schumer calls on Trump to testify as part of impeachment inquiry Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is calling on President Trump to testify as part of the House's impeachment inquiry in the wake of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offering to let him speak with the panel. "Speaker Pelosi invited President Trump to come testify, and I think her invitation is correct. If Donald Trump doesn't agree with what he's hearing, doesn't like what he's hearing, he shouldn't tweet -- he should come to the committee and testify under oath. And he should allow all those around him to come to the committee and testify under oath," Schumer said on Sunday during a press conference in New York.

The number has taken on renewed significance in recent days as Republicans have called on Democrats to vote to formally open an impeachment investigation into Trump, a step House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has thus far resisted. A majority of the House would be needed to vote to impeach the

Democrats have been caught using secret focus groups to decide which impeachment crime to Here you have Pelosi running around talking about how she is always “prayerful” when it comes to Another obvious reason Democrats are going for “bribery” is because “bribery” is listed right there in

“And this is already the spring before a presidential election,” one of my sources reminded me recently.

It’s already been three years of Trump. Why now? Why do this so close to the election where the voters can finally speak up for themselves?

If the acts of President Trump do not meet the standards of impeachment by both houses of Congress, then the only people who will suffer will be those who believed in you and in the Democratic Party.

If the president cannot be impeached, Speaker Pelosi, you will lose the respect of the members of your party and Democrats will risk losing the 2020 election.

These polls I mentioned earlier in my letter here to you indicate, to many of us in journalism and government, that people are not seeing the impeachment hearings like a court of justice.

They are seeing impeachment as a court of politics. Dirty swampy politics at that.

And, at the end of these impeachment inquiry hearings, you know the real questions that are going to remain. They boil down to these two: One: is the president guilty of what he is being charged of? Two, is this matter serious enough to remove a sitting president?

If the answer to either of those questions is “no,” then the Democrats gambled big, overreached bigger, and may lose it all in 2020.

As a moderate Democrat, this all worries me. It keeps me up at night. Like it did just last night.

Nancy Pelosi Warns Trump Against Harassing Whistleblower: 'You're in My Wheelhouse'

  Nancy Pelosi Warns Trump Against Harassing Whistleblower: 'You're in My Wheelhouse' The House Speaker ridiculed the president for attacking the credibility of former U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch during testimony, cautioning him that such a move is a direct challenge to her leadership. Pelosi said Trump and anyone else in Washington understands that the president's words have massive repercussions and "he should not frivolously throw out insults, but that's what he does." Speaking Sunday morning on CBS' Face the Nation, Pelosi said Trump's actions in the White House are "much worse" than those of former President Richard Nixon.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could soon be left with no choice but to embrace calls from some within her party to impeach President Trump, one senior Democrat told Fox Now that a lone Republican, Justin Amash, is on board the Impeachment Train, it’s harder for Democrats to argue against it.

Democrats reached an undeniably important milestone on their path toward impeaching Donald Trump.

I’ve always respected you and did enjoy our conversations in Washington. But, now, at this moment in our nation’s history, I beg of you to now please let the American people decide whether President Trump should have another 4 years.

It’s their turn to decide, not yours or Congress.

The 2020 election is so close. They’ve been waiting for so long.

Since the risks outweigh the benefits for the Democrats here, how about you call off this whole impeachment thing, and you and I can go catch up about the better things in life?

We had good talks years ago. I know we can have them again.

Let’s agree to not even talk about the impeachment hearings.

Let’s put those behind us and focus on the election and other things.

I want to hear more about your grandchildren, who are so much bigger now.

I promise you that the American people will thank you for giving them their right as American citizens, as voters, to finally have their say on that fateful day in 2020.

The public and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your friend and a concerned Democrat,

Cathy Areu


Sen. John Kennedy slams Pelosi for using impeachment as a 'routine political weapon' .
Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Kennedy dodged a question by Chris Wallace on whether Trump was asking Ukraine to investigate corruption or to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, and instead called out Pelosi for politicizing the impeachment process. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); “Speaker Pelosi is acting in a manner that is insincere, even by the standards of Congress,” Kennedy said. “She is turning impeachment into a routine political weapon.

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