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Opinion How Trump's endorsement lost its shine

18:05  18 november  2019
18:05  18 november  2019 Source:   theweek.com

Sessions wins endorsement from key GOP senators

  Sessions wins endorsement from key GOP senators Eleven Senate Republicans Friday endorsed former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his bid to regain the Senate seat in Alabama that he held for two decades, bucking a White House that has frowned on him running again. © Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company, Inc.Sessions announced Thursday he’ll run for his old seat. The 11 Senate Republican endorsements, which include a GOP leader, will likely bolster Sessions in his effort to win in a March primary and to eventually gain the party endorsement and blessing of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Today, with Trump in office, the problems of the right are the problems of all Americans. And the worst part of it is that we—conservatives—did There is, of course, another side to the story of how the right lost its mind. Decades of liberal contempt, including the almost reflexive dismissal of conservatives as

Ben Carson has followed Chris Christie in endorsing Donald Trump – and betraying the party.

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a man wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a crowd: Trump and Eddie Rispone© MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images Trump and Eddie Rispone

President Trump is turning out to be a lousy politician.

He couldn't help Roy Moore win a Senate seat in Alabama in 2017. He couldn't help Republicans keep control of the House of Representatives in 2018. He couldn't help Matt Bevin keep the governorship of Kentucky earlier this month. And over the weekend, he failed to help Eddie Rispone win the governorship of Louisiana — despite abject begging to the people of Louisiana "to give me a big win, please."

Tom Steyer aide resigns after pay-to-endorse allegation

  Tom Steyer aide resigns after pay-to-endorse allegation Pat Murphy, a former state House speaker who was serving as Iowa political director on Tom Steyer's presidential campaign, resigned Friday.Pat Murphy, a former state House speaker who was serving as Iowa political director on Steyer's campaign, resigned Friday, according to Heather Hargreaves, Steyer's campaign manager.

DONALD TRUMP . Gwyneth Paltrow has not only famously claimed that being being a film star is tougher than doing a ‘regular’ job but also that reading nasty things about herself and her friends was ‘…almost like how , in war, you go through this bloody, dehumanising thing …’

WASHINGTON — Before she agreed to run for the Senate in Arizona this year, Representative Martha McSally reached an agreement with White House officials: President Trump would remain on the sidelines and not endorse one of her more conservative competitors.

They didn't. Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards defeated Rispone Saturday by about 40,000 votes.

We're used to treating Trump like a political unicorn, a creature for whom the normal laws of political gravity — and decency — do not apply. He won the presidency despite insulting women, Gold Star parents, and a reporter with disability. But his repeated inability to secure victory for fellow Republicans in local races suggests it's time to recognize his own victory for what it was: a fluke.

Women are fleeing the Republican Party. Suburbanites are leaving, too — and Democratic-leaning suburbs are increasingly powerful even in GOP-leaning states. Republican members of Congress are retiring at prodigious rates, making it unlikely the party can retake the House of Representatives next year.

Sessions vows to 'work for' Trump endorsement

  Sessions vows to 'work for' Trump endorsement Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to work for President Trump's endorsement in the 2020 Alabama Republican Senate primary. In an appearance on Fox News' "The Ingraham Angle," Sessions, who last week launched a campaign for his former Senate seat, said he knows that Trump doesn't always get involved in primaries, but he would actively seek the president's support."Certainly, I'm going to work for that and will be seeking it," he said.

Mostly it shows that Trump ' s political instincts are terrible. He backed Luther Strange in the primary out of expediency, not realizing that the hardcore evangelical voters hated him and wanted Roy Moore. Does it show his endorsement lost its power even in red states?

The GOP lashes out at Donald Trump only when he attacks one of its own. The Washington Post’ s Philip Rucker explains how unusual it is that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is withholding his endorsements of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan and Sen.

That's a steep hill for any candidate or party to climb. Throw in the fact that Trump is deeply unpopular — and has been since the outset of his presidency — and the picture is grim for the president indeed.

But that doesn't mean he won't win in 2020. The presidential system is stacked against Democrats, after all, which is the only reason Trump is president right now. (And it might be the only reason we have had any Republican presidents in this century.) A recent study suggests that Republicans can be expected to win the presidency through the Electoral College in two-thirds of the races in which they lose the popular vote. So Democrats shouldn't get too cocky about the possibilities of beating him, like they did in 2016. Neither, however, should they fear him unduly.

Put Trump — or a proxy — against a Democrat in a head-to-head, winner-take-all contest of who gets the most votes from actual voters, and there is a pretty good chance the Republican will lose. We now have three years of data suggesting that the president finds it difficult to win in elections where the odds aren't already massively stacked in favor of the GOP. And even in redder states, there is evidence that Trumpism has reached its sell-by date. Alabama, Kentucky, and Louisiana aren't exactly homes to bleeding heart liberalism, after all. In the Republicans stronghold of Kansas, Kris Kobach — who might be the Trumpiest Republican outside of Trump himself — lost the gubernatorial race in a Democratic landslide in 2018.

What James Van Der Beek Told Ally Brooke After She Offered to Surrender Her Spot in DWTS Finale

  What James Van Der Beek Told Ally Brooke After She Offered to Surrender Her Spot in DWTS Finale DWTS: Why Ally Brooke Wanted to Give Up Her Spot to James Van Der BeekOn Monday’s heart-wrenching episode of the ABC dance competition series, the Dawson’s Creek alum, 42, was sent home one week shy of the finale.

Executives and industry experts say Hyundai conceded its once stronghold in the low-end segment to fast-growing Chinese rivals such as Geely (0175.HK) and In a statement to Reuters, Hyundai said it is addressing its problems in its key U. S . and Chinese markets, revamping designs, launching new

Trump has been attacked or lost the support of 73 prominent Republicans so far. This was in direct response to a video published on Friday that featured him saying on a hot mic that it was possible for stars to do 'anything' to women, including grabbing them 'by the p***y'. 'I have wanted to support the

The president's response to his mounting unpopularity and failed politicking is to deny and lie. Earlier this year, he fired campaign pollsters who let unflattering numbers leak. And in the case of the Bevin and Rispone election losses, Trump has claimed that his campaigning for those candidates helped them close the gap in the last days before the vote.

"The president just about dragged Gov. Matt Bevin across the finish line, helping him run stronger than expected in what turned into a very close race at the end," Brad Parscale, Trump's campaign manager, said after the Kentucky loss. That probably isn't true. And even if it were, the result isn't that much more flattering to the president. A political ally who consistently helps you fall short of closing the deal isn't much better than an ally who causes you to lose by 20 points.

The most recent losses by Trumpist candidates come, incidentally, as Democrats debate the legacy of former President Barack Obama. One lingering criticism of Obama — besides policy failures — that the Democratic Party suffered grievously during his tenure, losing seats in Congress and in state legislatures across the nation.

Swing-state senators are hugging close to Trump despite 2019 election losses

  Swing-state senators are hugging close to Trump despite 2019 election losses Republicans say they aren’t worried after two Trump-backed candidates lost in Kentucky and Louisiana.But vulnerable Republican senators who might be thinking of using the same strategy in 2020 don’t seem worried.

Trump hasn’t even let the American people scrutinize his tax returns, which could help the nation judge his claims of business acumen. Trump ’ s inability to control himself or be controlled by others represents a real threat to our national security. His recent efforts to stay on script are not reassuring.

And Trump ' s campaign highlighted Cruz's own words on the impact a Palin endorsement can have. Losing Palin's support wasn't the only blow Cruz suffered on Tuesday. Longtime Iowa Republican Gov. Terry Branstad said he would like to see the Texas senator lose , citing his opposition to the

Republicans haven't suffered the same scale of losses under Trump — but then again, he hasn't had two full terms. But it is now clear that neither man had much in the way of coattails on which to get acolytes elected. Obama, however, managed to win a majority of the popular vote for himself, twice — an accomplishment that Trump has not yet fulfilled, and seems unlikely to attain next year.

Trump could still win re-election, thanks to the aforementioned quirks of the Electoral College. Until then, though, his losses are starting to pile up. He isn't a political unicorn, after all. He's just a guy who got lucky once.

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Pompeo suggests debunked Ukraine election meddling theory should be probed .
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday suggested that Ukraine should be investigated over allegations that it interfered in the 2016 election, a debunked theory advanced by President Donald Trump that witnesses told the congressional impeachment inquiry was spread by Russian spy agencies. Pompeo was asked at a news conference if the United States should probe accusations of Ukrainian election meddling that Trump's fellow Republicans have raised in the Democrat-led U.S. House of Representatives probe into whether Trump abused his power for domestic political gain.

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