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Winners and losers from the November Democratic debate

  Winners and losers from the November Democratic debate The best and worst of the MSNBC-Washington Post debate in Atlanta.(Pictured) Democratic presidential candidates (L-R) Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), former tech executive Andrew Yang and billionaire-philanthropist Tom Steyer participate in the fifth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season co-hosted by MSNBC and The Washington Post in Atlanta, Georgia on Nov. 20.

Senator Bernie Sanders at an October campaign rally in Queens.Credit Christopher Lee for The New York Times.

This is a no-brainer folks. He's the most popular politician in the country by a damn sight. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us

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a man standing in front of a blue sky: Senator Bernie Sanders at an October campaign rally in Queens.© Christopher Lee for The New York Times Senator Bernie Sanders at an October campaign rally in Queens.

The Democratic Party needs a nominee, but right now it has a train wreck instead. The front-runner seems too old for the job and is poised to lose the first two primary season contests. The woman who was supposed to become the front-runner on the basis of her policy chops is sliding in the polls after thoroughly botching her health care strategy. The candidate rising in her place is a 37-year-old mayor of a tiny, not-obviously-thriving city.

With Impeachment as Backdrop, Democrats Direct Fire at Trump in Debate

  With Impeachment as Backdrop, Democrats Direct Fire at Trump in Debate The Democratic presidential candidates yielded to the furor surrounding the impeachment inquiry in Washington in their primary debate on Wednesday, for the first time training their fire more steadily on President Trump than on one another and presenting a largely united front on vital issues like climate change and the American relationship with China. Sign Up For the Morning Briefing Newsletter

In the case of the 2020 presidential elections, this strategy will require socialists to publically declare for “ Bernie or Bust” from the beginning of the campaign. They will need to make it clear to all concerned that socialists will not, under any circumstance, support any candidate other than Sanders.

Bernie , while less experienced in foreign policy, has advocated moderate policy less likely to return us to the disastrous Bush years. On domestic policy, a best- case Hillary presidency looks the same to me as a worst- case Bernie presidency (in which he fails to start the revolution he talks about, and

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Meanwhile several seemingly electable alternatives have failed to catch fire; the party establishment is casting about for other options; and not one but two billionaires are spending millions to try to buy delegates for a brokered convention … which is a not-entirely-unimaginable endgame for the party as it prepares to face down Donald Trump.

The state of the Democratic field reflects the weaknesses of the individual candidates, but it also reflects the heterogenous nature of the Democratic coalition, whose electorate has many more demographic divisions than the mostly white and middle-class and aging G.O.P., and therefore occasionally resembles the 19th-century Hapsburg empire in the challenge it poses to aspiring leaders.

Biden said you have to 'keep punching' to address domestic violence

  Biden said you have to 'keep punching' to address domestic violence Biden was one of 10 Democratic candidates to take the stage in Atlanta to debate a range of topics that included, health care, violence, impeachment and defeating President Trump.  This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Biden said you have to 'keep punching' to address domestic violence

Working Class America will be resurrected again when Bernie becomes our President.

“You could do worse than having Bernie Sanders in the White House,” he admitted. “The things that he would be able to direct in the White House would accord with libertarian values. Being a commander-in-chief, he would minister our foreign policy much differently than Obama or Bush

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The theory of the Kamala Harris candidacy, whose nosedive was the subject of a withering pre-mortem from three of my colleagues over Thanksgiving, was that she was well suited to accomplish this unification through the elixir of her female/minority/professional class identities — that she would embody the party’s diversity much as Barack Obama did before her, and subsume the party’s potential tensions under the benevolent stewardship of a multicultural managerialism.

That isn’t happening. But it’s still reasonable for Democratic voters to look for someone who can do a version of what Harris was supposed to do, and build a coalition across the party’s many axes of division.

And there’s an interesting case that the candidate best positioned to do this — the one whose support is most diverse right now — is the candidate whom Obama allegedly promised to intervene against if his nomination seemed likely: the resilient Socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

Read the full text from the fifth Democratic debate

  Read the full text from the fifth Democratic debate Read the full text from the fifth debate for the 2020 presidential election hosted by MSNBC and The Washington Post.ANNOUNCER: The MSNBC-Washington Post Democratic presidential debate, live from Atlanta, Georgia, and the Tyler Perry Studios. Here is Rachel Maddow.

A speech describing why we need major changes in the political system in the USA, and why Bernie Sanders is the person to lead it.

Thanks for watching the video, nothing more I could've added except maybe that countries with higher minimum wages tend to have higher living standards etc.

Like other candidates, Sanders’s support has a demographic core: Just as Elizabeth Warren depends on very liberal professionals and Joe Biden on older minorities and moderates, Bernie depends intensely on the young. But his polling also shows an interesting better-than-you-expect pattern, given stereotypes about his support. He does better-than-you-expect with minorities despite having struggled with them in 2016, with moderate voters and $100K-plus earners despite being famously left-wing, and with young women despite all the BernieBro business.

This pattern explains why, in early-state polling, Sanders shows the most strength in very different environments — leading Warren everywhere in the latest FiveThirtyEight average, beating Biden in Iowa and challenging him in more-diverse Nevada, matching Pete Buttigieg in New Hampshire and leading him easily in South Carolina and California.

Now, I have stacked the argument slightly, and left out a crucial axis of division where Sanders does worse than you expect: He struggles badly with his fellow Social Security recipients, the over-65. This weakness and Biden’s strength with these same voters are obvious reasons to doubt the case for Bernie as the unifier, Bernie as the eventual nominee.

Here's the real Democratic debate: Which one can defeat Donald Trump?

  Here's the real Democratic debate: Which one can defeat Donald Trump? There are ideological differences in the presidential field, but what Democrats are really debating is: Which one can defeat Donald Trump?

Bernie Tiede learned firsthand that the wounded, lonely, and those the dead leave behind, need comforting. Carlton Shamburger is the owner of Hawthorn Funeral Home, where Tiede worked for nine years. "He was very successful here at Hawthorn's and as a funeral director overall," said Shamburger.

Here’s a ridiculous idea to fuck with: what if Bernie Sanders, champion of the working class, actually paid his canvassers in 2020? Before you jerk your knees in protest and insist that canvassing is a civic duty and that anyone who loves Bernie Sanders should be honored to do it for free, consider for

Especially since Sanders has thus far ignored my advice (I know, the nerve) that he reassure skeptics by telling them that he has a record as a dealmaker, that he can moderate on certain issues, so they can feel safe supporting him even if they aren’t ready for the revolution.

But still: If you are a wavering Democrat concerned about both party unity and ultimate electability, about exciting all the diverse factions of your base while also competing for the disaffected, both the relative breadth of Bernie’s primary coalition and his decent polling among non-voters and Obama-Trump voters are reasons to give him another look.

That decent polling, I suspect, reflects a sense among voters drawn to populism that Bernie is different from not only the more centrist candidates — latecomers Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick especially, but Buttigieg as well — but also from his fellow left-winger, Warren, who has fully embraced the culture-war breadth of the new progressivism while Sanders remains, fundamentally, an economic-policy monomaniac.

He’s still a social liberal, of course, and he isn’t in the culturally conservative/economic populist quadrant where so many unrepresented voters reside. But for the kind of American who is mostly with the Democrats on economics but wary of progressivism’s zest for culture war, Sanders’s socialism might be strangely reassuring — as a signal of what he actually cares about, and what battles he might eschew for the sake of his anti-plutocratic goals. (At the very least he’s no more radical on an issue like abortion than a studied moderate like Mayor Pete.)

2020 presidential hopefuls ramp up campaign efforts as Iowa caucuses inch closer

  2020 presidential hopefuls ramp up campaign efforts as Iowa caucuses inch closer With just three months until caucus-goers head to their assigned precincts in Iowa, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are ramping up their campaign efforts. After Wednesday night's debate in Atlanta and two weeks of public testimony amid the House's impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, the candidates are keeping up their momentum on the trail -- traveling the country on Friday and Saturday -- hoping to make an impression, especially as the presidential pool seems to continue to widen.

This is why, despite technically preferring a moderate like Biden or Amy Klobuchar, I keep coming back to the conservative’s case for Bernie — which rests on the perhaps-wrong but still attractive supposition that he’s the liberal most likely to spend all his time trying to tax the rich and leave cultural conservatives alone.

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Bernie Sanders promises ‘high-speed internet for all’ through publicly-owned broadband service .
Sen. Bernie Sanders rolled out an ambitious plan Friday that would categorize internet service as a public utility as part of his 2020 presidential campaign. The proposal would provide $150 billion worth of grants and aid to help local governments build broadband internet infrastructure. Sanders’ plan also pledges to break up the large corporations that dominate internet and cable service.© Provided by Geekwire Sen. Bernie Sanders (Facebook Photo / Bernie Sanders) “High-speed internet service must be treated as the new electricity — a public utility that everyone deserves as a basic human right,” the proposal says.

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