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18:20  13 december  2019
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Georgia ready for unpredictable Senate race

  Georgia ready for unpredictable Senate race Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to tap a wealthy businesswoman to replace retiring Sen. Johnny Isakson sets the stage for a wide-open special Senate election in 2020.In appointing Kelly Loeffler, the CEO of an Atlanta-based financial services firm, to replace Isakson in the Senate, Kemp bucked the wishes of President Trump and his allies, who had pressed the Georgia governor to pick Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) for the post.

The Biggest Losers of Trump ’s Presidency: His Voters. Trump ’s great political feat was that he opened up a new fault line in politics: the elites of the coasts versus the heartland masses; the globalist upper crust versus the nationalist middle; anti-working class liberalism versus conservative populism.

Последние твиты от Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump). 45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸. Washington, DC. It’s about as strong a medicine as I’ve seen in a report of this kind

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Donald Trump standing in front of a sign© Provided by Washington Examiner

Far too many conservatives excuse their embrace of President Trump by using the transactional argument that they must overlook his flaws because he supposedly delivers so many conservative policy victories. They are sadly mistaken.

Aside from a few key areas, Trump has been a disaster for long-term conservative interests.

UK PM Johnson criticized for response to photo of sick child

  UK PM Johnson criticized for response to photo of sick child UK PM Johnson criticized for response to photo of sick childJohnson's Conservatives lead the opposition Labour Party in opinion polls, with Brexit and the future of the country's public health service the two most prominent campaign issues.

Nonetheless we should prepare ourselves for success just as much as failure. If America and its allies can ink an agreement that sees North Korea Pyongyang would become a much more manageable threat, and Team Trump would finally be able to combat the biggest problem Washington faces on

Donald J. Trump will get the GOP nod, but dozens of whacky Democrats are throwing their hat in the ring. It’s not that the West Virginian is a total loser or anything. It’s just the complete disconnect that he appears to have with his own Democratic Party is Lets see the adoption papers for their kids.

Yes, Trump has kept his promise to make a priority of appointing highly-qualified, solidly-conservative judges. And yes, he has used the levers of executive power to reduce regulatory burdens in many areas of American life, to broaden healthcare choices, and to promote religious liberty. These are good things, for which he and his team deserve credit. On both fronts, though, he is doing little more than almost any Republican president would.

The reason Trump can deregulate so much by executive fiat is that President Obama imposed so many regulations by executive fiat in the first place. In many cases, Trump is merely undoing what Obama did. Yet, unless Trump secures the changes legislatively, rather than bureaucratically, his changes could prove just as evanescent as Obama’s

Trump lashes out at FBI director in wake of Justice Department’s inspector general’s report

  Trump lashes out at FBI director in wake of Justice Department’s inspector general’s report In a tweet, the president took issue with Christopher A. Wray’s response to the report examining the bureau’s investigation of Trump’s 2016 campaign. © Jacquelyn Martin/AP FBI Director Christopher Wray. “I don’t know what report current Director of the FBI Christopher Wray was reading, but it sure wasn’t the one given to me,” Trump tweeted.

The biggest reason why conservatives will continue to lose is that they’re still not ready to kill the left even though the left is ready to kill them. Liberals have been getting conservatives fired on a daily basis while suing their businesses out of existence while the conservative loser merely whines about

THERE are many lessons that conservatives need to learn from the rise of Donald Trump . There are elements of his message that the party should embrace. There are grievances among his voters that the Republican Party must address.

On judges, Trump benefits by the elimination of the filibuster and other Senate rules changes or re-interpretations that make confirming nominees easier. Plus, three decades of organized conservative work has provided Trump a much more developed “farm team” of highly qualified conservative lawyers than ever existed before. Again, almost any Republican president with those advantages would do the same.

Indeed, Trump has secured only one significant legislative (as opposed to administrative) success of an unambiguously conservative nature, but even that required no heavy lifting from him. The corporate tax cut package of which he boasts was entirely former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s baby, painstakingly birthed and nourished by Ryan for years, just waiting for a two-chamber Republican congressional majority to pass it and a Republican president to sign it. Passed under “reconciliation” rules requiring simple majorities in both houses of Congress, it never faced serious headwinds.

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Yet Trump sat atop a business empire, with properties around the world, claiming to be a billionaire and refusing to release tax returns that could either Yes, that rating is low by historic standards. But its current level is near Trump 's post-election ceiling, and that tells us something important about his

I love seeing some young conservatives because I know it’s not easy. We’ve seen overcrowded classrooms, long working hours, lack of professional development How does Donald Trump Jr.’s description of teachers as “ losers ” and the encouragement of hostility toward us solve these problems?

Meanwhile, Trump’s failures have been significant. His ham-handedness was largely responsible for the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare, which he fumbled despite enjoying Republican majorities in Congress. He ended up with less money appropriated for a border wall than Democrats themselves originally offered. He shut down the government, causing massive problems for IRS responsiveness to frustrated taxpayers that persist to this day, without a single conservative victory to show for the shutdown.

On some fronts, Trump hasn’t merely failed but instead has moved rapidly in the wrong direction. To put things in context, Trump has been the single most profligate president in U.S. history, with the fiscal situation becoming steadily worse. On the single bedrock issue that has defined conservatism for the past 75 years, namely an antipathy to high federal spending and debt, Trump has been worse than any president, including Barack Obama. Trillion-dollar annual deficits at a time of full employment and no major war constitute a massive systemic threat to the American economy. It all but guarantees that the next cyclic downturn will be not just a slowdown, but a catastrophe far worse than the financial crisis of 2008-09.

Winter meetings winners and losers, starring Scott Boras and his $814M week

  Winter meetings winners and losers, starring Scott Boras and his $814M week Remember when the winter meetings lost their gusto? It sure seemed that way the past few years. Remember when hot-stove season was a free-agent freeze? It sure seemed that way recently too. © Provided by Yahoo! Sports Scott Boras clients fetched $812 million in three days at the winter meetings. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) Well, the 2019 winter meetings have come and gone and sound the alarm because the winter meetings were back as baseball’s biggest money-spending, team-swapping bonanza. And it was glorious.

THE BIG IDEA: Most politicians believed the Republican civil war would not flare up again until Nov. 9, the morning after the election. “Watching as the news conference unfolded was one of the men who orchestrated it, Stephen K. Bannon, Trump ’s campaign chief executive and the political provocateur

Conservatives should reject Trump ’s hollow, Euro-style identity politics. But conservatives have far more to learn from his campaign than many might like to admit. Trump , on the contrary, offers himself as the alternative to our weak and foolish leaders, the guarantee of American superiority, and

In foreign affairs, Trump has been a hideous disaster. He kowtows to dictators throughout the world, especially to Russia’smurderous Vladimir Putin. Russia now owns American airfields and bases in Syria, has new tentacles throughout the Middle East, enjoys American sponsorship for readmission to the G-7 economic summits, and laughs as NATO experiences fissures unparalleled in the past three-quarters of a century. Trump pronounced himself “in love” with North Korea’s evil Kim Jong Un, who repays Trump’s obsequiousness by launching not fewer but more missile tests.

Contrarily, Trump made a big deal of the need to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro has only solidified his power and made the United States look impotent.

Back in the U.S., conservatives of a Madisonian bent grieve as Trump tries, sometimes successfully, to accumulate more and more power in presidential hands, trampling on the proper division of governmental powers. Likewise, all Burkean emphases on the importance of societal norms, along with parental interests in pointing to leaders as role models for children to emulate, have been obliterated. Worse, the very notions of public ethics and of respect for the truth, both of them long staples of traditional conservative interest, have been trampled by a president who spreads falsehoods with rampant promiscuity.

The bill of conservative particulars against Trump would continue far longer than space permits here, but Trump’s threat to long-term conservative prospects must be recognized. He is turning off younger generations from the conservative cause in record numbers — the reverse of what happened after a few years of Ronald Reagan’s presidency when the media was surprised to see conservatism actually grow in popularity among the young.

If even ten years ago, someone had said conservatives would be embracing a huge-spending, pro-Russian, habitually lying, profane, norm-destroying president who failed at what he had called his two biggest legislative initiatives, that person would have been dismissed as a pathetic crank. Alas, crankhood now is pandemic throughout organized conservatism, and it threatens to become incurable.

Trump urges students to back his agenda and oppose impeachment .
President Donald Trump kicks off his end-of-year holiday in Florida by rallying student supporters at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. "There was no crime ... there was nothing," Trump told a cheering crowd at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida. "What are we doing here? The world is watching." require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

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