Opinion Big problems require big solutions. Democrats need a bold, progressive vision to win 2020.

18:30  17 december  2019
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Coalition of more than 50 progressive groups to endorse Sanders

  Coalition of more than 50 progressive groups to endorse Sanders The Center for Popular Democracy announced it was endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary race. © The Hill Sen. Bernie Sanders received 75 percent of the coalition's vote.Sanders received 75 percent of the votes cast by groups in the coalition's network to pick a candidate to back in the organization's first-ever presidential endorsement, the group said. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

Warren is targeting Democrats who seek progressive purity from their 2020 champion, including in Swearing off fundraisers with big contributors seeking political favors, Warren raised close to Last Wish: “ Democrats must return to our roots as a party focused on bold solutions that speak to

Democrats ’ embrace of sweeping progressive ideas like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal is about to get its first reality check on Capitol Hill — as both parties In fact, some progressives have invoked Trump’s upset 2016 win as an argument for taking a bold strategy into 2020 — evidence that

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a person wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone: Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at a Democratic presidential debate in Detroit on July 30, 2019.© Justin Sullivan, Getty Images Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at a Democratic presidential debate in Detroit on July 30, 2019.

There is a false choice being presented to voters in 2020 — a narrative that claims Democrats should aim lower and promise less if we want to beat President Donald Trump.

We disagree completely.

Pelosi brokers deal with liberals on drug pricing bill

  Pelosi brokers deal with liberals on drug pricing bill The chamber's liberal wing had threatened to stall the bill, if Pelosi refused to make a series of last-minute changes to the legislation.The expected pact between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and progressive leaders includes an agreement to expand the government’s authority to directly negotiate drug prices under the legislation, ultimately requiring federal officials to hammer out the cost of at least 50 medicines a year, from the original 35.

The nascent 2020 campaign is shaping up to be all about radical ideas on the left, with candidates looking toward a populist, progressive agenda that's distinct from the centrist 'I'm very busy right now': Progressive economists suddenly in demand as Democratic 2020 hopefuls look for bold ideas.

Presenting tech companies as America’s greatest menace may appeal to voters, but it does little to chart an alternative future.

As progressive leaders in Congress, we know for a fact that bold and populist ideas are the only way we can win back the White House, and bring the Senate and House along with it.

The truth is our country is not nearly as divided as some would like you to believe. Nationwide, people across the political spectrum are facing the same kitchen table issues. How will they afford their health care? Will they be able to pay the mortgage? Can they keep up with the rising cost of child care?

Americans face enormous challenges because the wealthiest and corporations have been prioritized over working people, the poor and the most vulnerable. We have met with fast-food workers nationwide who can’t afford rent on their poverty wages. We have heard from constituents who can’t even afford the price of their child’s insulin and patients who go to bed wondering how they will pay for chemotherapy.

House passes sweeping Pelosi bill to lower drug prices

  House passes sweeping Pelosi bill to lower drug prices The House on Thursday passed a sweeping bill aimed at lowering prescription drug prices, a step toward a long-held Democratic goal that was met with sharp Republican resistance.The bill passed on a largely party-line vote of 230-192. The measure, which would allow the government to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs, is one of House Democrats' top priorities and is expected to be touted by vulnerable Democrats up for reelection next year. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

Bold Progressives – Progressives and nice Democrats . Keep up with the latest on Progressive Candidates 2020 and their policies from Our Revolution, Justice Democrats , and Brand New Congress at the Revolutionary Progressive Candidates & Policies News Feed.

Democrats "must put forward a bold progressive vision for our country, running on core Two, even so, Democrats cannot take any race for granted—and if they want to win these tight He concluded this is a problem for Democrats not just in a handful of special elections, but nationally as well.

Half measures are not enough

None of these families can afford half measures — they need structural change to restore power to working people. They know that there are no small solutions to their monumental problems.

This is borne out in polling again and again. Policies like "Medicare for All," the Green New Deal and a $15 minimum wage aren’t radical — in fact, they have broad support across the American public.

Ensuring guaranteed, universal health care for all people through Medicare for All is supported by more than half of all voters, according to a recent poll. No one has to explain the health care crisis to American families. They know it too well, and they desperately want comprehensive, guaranteed health care for everyone, with no premiums, co-pays or deductibles.

Public shaming: Dear countries at the Madrid climate talks, we're a rogue superpower. Sanction us, please.

World Cup star Rapinoe endorses Warren in 2020 primary

  World Cup star Rapinoe endorses Warren in 2020 primary Megan Rapinoe told the Massachusetts senator, “Consider me Team Warren.”Rapinoe made her preference in the 2020 Democratic primary race public just days after she was named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year. In split-screen video that captured both women speaking on the phone, Rapinoe praised Warren’s campaign and offered her support.

Democratic strategists are absorbing a big lesson from their electoral success this month -- stay focused on economic issues and refuse to play on President Donald Trump’s turf. If Democrats win those states and hold the ones Clinton won in 2016, they’ll win the presidency in 2020 . Don’t Engage.

The Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is a progressive political organization and grassroots political action committee operating inside and outside of the United States Democratic Party. The Progressive Democrats of America formed out of the presidential campaigns of Howard Dean and

On climate change, Americans across the country see it threatening every aspect of our lives. Progressives have outlined a long-term plan for our planet's future — a Green New Deal to invest in green jobs and energy-efficient infrastructure, take on polluters and the fossil fuel industry, and ensure that working people and the most vulnerable are protected from the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

While the president continues to ignore basic science, 63% of Americans support a Green New Deal to address our climate emergency.

We also can’t win without taking on corporate power and lifting up voices that are all too often sidelined. While billionaires have consolidated wealth at the top, the federal minimum wage has stagnated for over a decade at $7.25 an hour. In the face of this clear injustice, 67% support a $15 minimum wage for all workers.

Americans also know our heartless immigration system must be fixed, which is why 81% believe in a road map to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

And in the midst of unprecedented attacks on constitutionally protected reproductive health care, 62% of voters support Medicaid coverage of abortion care.

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang introduces health-care plan aimed at lowering costs, expanding coverage

  Presidential candidate Andrew Yang introduces health-care plan aimed at lowering costs, expanding coverage Entrepreneur and 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang released a healthcare plan Monday morning that expands Medicare coverage and focuses on lowering prescription drug prices.Yang denounced all the intraparty bickering over "Medicare for All," the plan backed by Democratic progressive candidates Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and less expansive plans backed by more moderate candidates.

Clearly, progressive values are actually mainstream values. What we need now are leaders who are willing to take on the moneyed interests that try to scare people out of dreaming big.

'Medicare for All': Stop the fearmongering. Most American families would pay less for better care.

As leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, we believe it’s time to amplify the voice of the people and stand up for transformative solutions. Our path to victory rests on being a party for all people — and inspiring people to believe again in government by, for and of the people.

In 2018, two years after Donald Trump was elected, the most diverse slate of Democratic candidates ever ran for seats across the country. More than 100 women were elected to the House, most of them Democrats, including over 40 women of color — an all time record.

And 244 LGBTQ people were on general election ballots at every level of government (including 25 major party nominees for Congress and governor, all of them Democrats).

This year, we welcomed the youngest woman, the first Native American women and the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

History made in bold campaigns

These new candidates overwhelmingly embraced bold solutions to our health care, education and climate crises. They ran on an agenda of what we can and must do, not what we can’t do.

What to know about at-home vision test smartphone technology

  What to know about at-home vision test smartphone technology One tech firm 6over6 was acquired by 1-800-Contacts and boasts the ability to conduct comprehensive at-home vision tests via smartphones and computers. One company says they could potentially have a new at-home eye exam solution for people who wear or need glasses and contacts.

Through these historic campaigns, they inspired progressives of all backgrounds to organize, knock on doors and turn out voters. These victories wouldn’t have been possible without voters of color, and black women in particular. They deserve to be heard and represented by our candidates and in our policies.

We can keep trying to go after a sliver of voters in the middle and alienate the base that delivered for us in 2018. Or we can recognize that winning requires inspiring voters and turning out young people, women, voters of color and working families across the country.

Democrats are the party of Social Security, Medicare and Head Start. We are the party that defines ourselves by our values: of equality, respect and dignity for everyone. We are the party who believes in a social contract in which the government is the great equalizer — for everyone.  We are the ones who are committed to leaving this nation — and our world — a better place for those who come next.

Let’s not get fooled into playing it safe or offering small fixes for enormous crises. Let’s run on vision: for this party and for this country. Let’s give voters something to vote for.

Democratic Reps. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District and Pramila Jayapal of Washington's 7th Congressional District are co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Follow them on Twitter: @repmarkpocan and @RepJayapal

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