Opinion Dems should celebrate Sanders’ and Warren’s conscious uncoupling

18:11  14 january  2020
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Warren accused Sanders in tense post-debate exchange of calling her a 'liar' on national TV

  Warren accused Sanders in tense post-debate exchange of calling her a 'liar' on national TV In a tense and dramatic exchange in the moments after the Democratic debate Tuesday night, Elizabeth Warren accused Bernie Sanders of calling her a liar on national television. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Sanders responded that it was Warren who called him a liar and said they should not talk about it right then. When the CNN/Des Moines Register debate concluded, the studio audience and viewers saw Warren walk over to Sanders and not shake his outstretched hand.

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Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren are posing for a picture© Provided by New York Daily News

In the hours before Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are set to take the final debate stage before the Iowa caucuses in February, what began as a mutual protection pact between the two progressive candidates for president has devolved into a he-said, she-said war of the far-left worlds.

To which I say, it’s about time. And if you’re a supporter of either Warren or Sanders, or any other Democrat for that matter, you should welcome this development with open arms. The sooner there is a strong frontrunner in the Democratic primary, the better positioned he or she is to take on President Trump.

‘Do I see a feud brewing?’: Trump jumps in on Bernie-Warren brawl

  ‘Do I see a feud brewing?’: Trump jumps in on Bernie-Warren brawl Warren hit back at Sanders this weekend after his campaign distributed anti-Warren talking points to volunteers.“Bernie Sander’s [sic] volunteers are trashing Elizabeth ‘Pocahontus’ Warren. Everybody knows her campaign is dead and want her potential voters,” Trump tweeted Monday morning.

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The do-no-harm strategy Warren and Sanders had been naively employing up until now was doomed from the start for one simple reason: There cannot be two Democratic nominees for President. And the longer they postpone the inevitable — that one of them will have to get out or decisively fell the other if either is to win — the worse either of their chances become.

The break in détente began on Sunday, as the Sanders camp pushed the notion that Warren was the candidate of the elite, seemingly piggybacking on an earlier attack by Joe Biden against the Massachusetts senator. Warren returned fire by calling out her rival for “sending his volunteers out to trash me,” seemingly surprised that this sort of thing is what happens in a contested race.

Sanders' wife on feud with Warren: 'This discussion is over'

  Sanders' wife on feud with Warren: 'This discussion is over' WASHINGTON (AP) — Jane O'Meara Sanders, the wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, has a clear message about the simmering dispute between her husband and Elizabeth Warren: It's over. O'Meara Sanders defended her husband's integrity during a Wednesday interview, but she declined to attack Warren — or inflame the feud in any way — a day after the Massachusetts senator reiterated during a nationally televised debate that Sanders, a Vermont senator, told her privately that a woman couldn't defeat President Donald Trump."I think that this discussion is over," O'Meara Sanders told The Associated Press.

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Then came a report that Sanders told Warren in a private meeting in 2018 that a woman couldn’t win the presidency. He denies ever saying that, calling it “sad,” but Warren insists it was what she heard. Sanders supporters claim Warren is now playing dirty. Again, welcome to politics, guys.

To listen to progressive operatives, you’d think they never saw this squaring off coming, or that they hoped, somehow, to stave it off until the bitter end. But it seems rather obvious that two candidates who were closely aligned politically and fighting over the same voters, donors and resources would eventually have to take on each other. The primary was never going to end like a twin-sister wedding, with both candidates walking down the aisle arm in arm.

And yet, the dismay is palpable.

Democracy for America chairman Charles Chamberlain told CNN, “Our movement needs to see [Sanders and Warren] working together to defeat the corporate wing, not attack each other.”

After feud with Warren, Bernie Sanders releases ad aimed at women

  After feud with Warren, Bernie Sanders releases ad aimed at women After feud with Warren, Bernie Sanders releases ad aimed at womenAhead of a weekend trip to New Hampshire, the second state to vote in the Democratic presidential nominating race next month, the ad highlights Sanders' support for equal pay, abortion rights, paid family leave and affordable child care.

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Similarly, Justice Democrats communications director Waleed Shahid said, “Warren and Sanders should be focusing their fire on their two corporate-friendly opponents and earning the trust of voters for why their vision will defeat Trump and provide relief for the American people.”

“Their vision”? “Working together”? Unless they’re planning on running on the same all-progressive ticket — which would be an unmitigated disaster for Democrats — Sanders and Warren have to get out of each others’ shadows, and tell voters how they are different, not how they are the same.

This is important no matter which Democratic frontrunner you are rooting for. While conventional wisdom is that most Democratic voters will line up behind whoever is the eventual nominee, they’ll need every Democratic voter they can get.

Just look at 2016.

About 12% of Sanders voters in that Democratic primary ended up voting for Trump in the general election, according to a massive Cooperative Congressional Election Study survey. “[I]f the Sanders-Trump voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania had voted for Clinton, or even stayed home on Election Day,” NPR noted, “those states would have swung to Clinton, and she would have won 46 more electoral votes, putting her at 278 — enough to win, in other words.”

The longer Democratic candidates insist on solidarity instead of distinction, the more entrenched in support for their candidate voters’ may become, and the less enthusiastic they may end up being if the nominee is not their favorite.

It may be brutal. But it’s better to get the bloodbath over with sooner so that voters can consolidate behind a strong frontrunner and take on Trump. So it’s about time Sanders and Warren consciously uncoupled — for the sake of their own candidacies, the Democratic primary, and indeed, perhaps, the country.


Warren Says Sanders Told Her a Woman Could Not Win the Presidency .
Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said on Monday night that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont told her in 2018 he did not think a woman could win the presidency. Ms. Warren’s description of the comment, from a private one-on-one meeting, represents a remarkable salvo at her leading liberal rival in the 2020 race just three weeks before the Iowa caucuses.© Erin Schaff/The New York Times Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, pictured during a Democratic debate, spoke privately in December 2018 before they each announced their campaigns for president. Mr.

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