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05:55  21 january  2020
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Pelosi defends impeachment delay, warns of Senate ’cover-up’

  Pelosi defends impeachment delay, warns of Senate ’cover-up’ “We wanted the public to see the need for witnesses.”“What we think we accomplished in the past few weeks is that we wanted the public to see the need for witnesses,” Pelosi said on ABC News' “This Week,” marking her first public comments since ending the lengthy standoff with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Friday.

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Compelling, overwhelming and bipartisan: These are the criteria Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew as she publicly announced last March that she wouldn’t support impeachment. Back then she claimed impeaching the president with anything less would be divisive and irresponsible. Ten months later, however, Mrs. Pelosi has transmitted two articles of impeachment that fail to meet any of her criteria, let alone those of the Founders.

Via Twitter, Trump submits questions for Pelosi interview

  Via Twitter, Trump submits questions for Pelosi interview “@GStephanopoulos, ask Crazy Nancy why she allowed Adam “Shifty” Schiff to totally make up my conversation with the Ukrainian President," Trump tweeted.“George @GStephanopoulos, ask Crazy Nancy why she allowed Adam “Shifty” Schiff to totally make up my conversation with the Ukrainian President & read his false words to Congress and the world, as though I said it? He got caught! Ask why hearing was most unfair & biased in history?” President Donald Trump wrote Sunday morning, doubling down a few hours later.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi broke from other Democrats more eager to consider impeachment proceedings. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quoted Monday as saying she is not in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump, breaking from other Democrats who are eager to exercise their

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, a dramatic and historic move that comes as the President faces outrage over reports that he pressured a foreign leader in an effort to target a political rival.

As the Senate considers how to fulfill its constitutional role, Mrs. Pelosi’s words from March ring true. An impeachment supported by only one party is a failure. Refusing to proceed in a bipartisan manner reveals the Democrats’ lack of thoroughness and seriousness and, above all, their lack of compelling evidence. This impeachment is antithetical to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and, as the speaker would have agreed until recently, deeply damaging to the country.

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Whether Democrats accept it or not, the House’s primary role in this matter is now complete. One hundred senators now hold the president’s fate. They should refuse to accept the House Democrats’ sham process. The articles of impeachment before the Senate warrant not only acquittal of the president, but also the Senate’s absolute rejection of the dangerous precedent that has already been set.

McConnell crows on Senate floor that Pelosi's impeachment 'gambit' produced 'absolutely nothing'

  McConnell crows on Senate floor that Pelosi's impeachment 'gambit' produced 'absolutely nothing' Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., tore into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Monday just days after the congresswoman promised to send the articles of impeachment brought against President Trump to the Senate later this week.During a speech on the Senate floor, McConnell chastised Pelosi for ending what he called “her one-woman blockade” and questioned her strategy for holding off sending the articles to the Senate.

Ms Pelosi has faced criticism for using several pens to sign the impeachment articles - with Republican critics saying she appeared to be celebrating what was supposed to be a sombre moment. Her office, however, argued that while impeachment is "tragic it is indisputably historic

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at CNN town hall that she doesn't think campaigning on a potential impeachment of President Donald Trump is a good

Since the day Donald Trump was elected, House Democrats have sought to trigger the nuclear option by removing a duly elected president from office, an action never completed in U.S. history. Democrats claim Mr. Trump represents a continuing threat to American democracy. In the name of urgency, Democrats ram-rodded their impeachment case through the House. Yet for nearly a month, Mrs. Pelosi wouldn’t stand behind her own caucus. She refused to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial, belying Democrats’ supposed fear of an imminent threat. She waited because she knew House Democrats ran a sham process and have no substantive case to pass on to the Senate.

The House’s duty in impeachment is to build the case for removal by questioning witnesses and gathering evidence. But House Democrats were unwilling to spend the time to conduct a thorough and fair investigation. The result is a case, as liberal law professor Jonathan Turley testified, with “one of the thinnest records to ever go forward on impeachment.”

Nancy Pelosi gambled and lost on the impeachment delay

  Nancy Pelosi gambled and lost on the impeachment delay Speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement Tuesday that the full House would vote on sending the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate this week -- a move that will formally trigger the start of the trial against the President in the upper chamber -- amounts to a stark concession that her plan to delay that action for nearly a month failed. When the House passed the two articles of impeachment against Trump -- one for abuse of power, the other for obstruction of Congress -- in mid-December, Pelosi pointedly refused to transmit the articles to the Senate.

We know that , but at the same time you could have just opened the impeachment inquiry and forced all this, uh, documents to be handed over to you immediately. I totally thought she was being weak and wishy washy, but she knew exactly what she was doing and I have more respect for now than ever.

Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry Jump to media player Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that President Trump has betrayed the US constitution.

House Republicans repeatedly cautioned our Democratic colleagues that the impeachment process they formulated in their authorizing resolution was unfair and ineffective. Previous impeachments allowed presidents to have their lawyers question witnesses. Take David Kendall’s cross-examination of independent counsel Kenneth Starr during the impeachment of President Clinton. What similar opportunities were Mr. Trump and his team afforded? Only the chance to question liberal law professors and Democratic donors who doubled as committee Democrats’ temporary consultants.

House Republicans cautioned that the Judiciary Committee was the appropriate venue—and committee of precedent—for substantive impeachment hearings. During both the Nixon and Clinton impeachment proceedings, the deliberative nature of the proceedings allowed for a true and compelling story to emerge. The only question for the committee was whether impeachment was the proper legal remedy. The facts were presented, and members on both sides of the aisle couldn’t deny the evidence. By contrast, during this impeachment the House Intelligence Committee released a report—with evidence collected primarily behind closed doors—and handed it off to the Judiciary Committee to cherry-pick facts on which to base its legal conclusions.

Pelosi says House to vote Wednesday to send Trump impeachment articles to Senate

  Pelosi says House to vote Wednesday to send Trump impeachment articles to Senate The move will set the stage for the trial of the president on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress to begin next week.Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that the House will vote Wednesday to send the two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate, three sources in a Democratic caucus meeting told NBC News on Tuesday.

Impeachment defense lawyer Ross Garber says the House Speaker is setting an arbitrary bar for impeachment , ignoring what the Constitution says and potentially establishing a dangerous precedent.

Pelosi knows she is never going to stop, say, New York's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or California's Maxine Waters from pushing for impeachment . But to paint Pelosi as losing control of her caucus on impeachment is to misunderstand what the speaker is doing here and how much control she retains.

House Republicans cautioned that impeachment merits serious investigation. The Nixon and Clinton impeachment efforts were preceded by thorough independent investigations that took months, even years. The number of days between the House’s authorization of the inquiry to the passage of articles of impeachment against Mr. Trump? Forty-eight—and the president was invited to engage in the process for nine of those days, during which only two hearings were held. By that point, the fix was in.

House Republicans cautioned that impeachment should be conducted with at least some semblance of objectivity. The Nixon and Clinton investigations were conducted by counsels independent from Congress, but this time around House Democrats empowered Rep. Adam Schiff—best known for his empty claim of discovering “more than circumstantial evidence” of Russian collusion. He assumed the role of lead prosecutor and did what he does best: overpromise and under-deliver, while attempting to distract the American people with boldfaced lies.

Throughout this sham impeachment, Democrats refused House Republicans’ calls to follow precedent by slowing down, seeking redress in the courts and permitting the president’s counsel to participate in a meaningful way. One thing remained clear: House Democrats were fixated on a self-imposed deadline—a clock and a calendar—and nothing could get in their way. Not even the facts.

The Senate faces a historic decision that will set the standard for impeachment for generations to come. The case House Democrats built in support of their impeachment articles is unconvincing and unsupported by evidence. The process by which they built that case was demonstrably unjust. There is only one path that will uphold the Founders’ vision and safeguard the will of the American people: Reject the temptation of partisan impeachment and expeditiously acquit the president.

Mr. Collins represents Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District and is ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee.

As Trump trial starts, Pelosi's star rises with opening of one-woman theatrical show .
As Trump trial starts, Pelosi's star rises with opening of one-woman theatrical show"The Adult in the Room," which started to take shape about a year ago, was "fast-tracked" to keep pace with the events leading to the president's impeachment by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, playwright Bill McMahon told WBBM radio.

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