Opinion How the media fall in and out of love with candidates

23:15  18 february  2020
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It’s a media mess of O’Rourke’s own doing, not just because he entered the campaign without a clear Reason Though it’s hard to imagine any presidential candidate who doesn’t harbor some version of this In and out of a funk”—that at first sounded refreshing when put up against the usual pablum

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a group of people standing in front of a crowd: How the media fall in and out of love with candidates© Greg Nash How the media fall in and out of love with candidates

Reporting on presidential candidates can be a lot like high school romance: It's all about crushes and rejections, falling hard - only to fall quickly out of love.

After New Hampshire, journalists and pundits are desperately scanning the cafeteria for their next soul mate. But now that voters are actually part of the equation, the media's search for love will need to evolve.

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Has falling out of love plagued your relationship The silence is deafening. When your head hits the pillow beside him, rather than falling asleep in each other's arms Along with the joy of falling in love and settling down comes the reality that each of their minds become less attentive — they become lazy.

Photographer Paolo Raeli captures lustful and loved up friends in a series of images that feel like a lucid dream. Using friends and at times his own lovers as his main medium Raeli sets love and heartbreak, memory and rumination, pleasure and pain up as binaries in an attempt to highlight the

For reporters, those months before voting are like freshman year: Everything is based on looks. Most of the contest takes place through televised town halls and debates, emphasizing the same superficial qualities that mesmerized you when you were 14 years old.

Like any teen-ager trying to figure out how to become more mature, this is a good time to look back at some of the media crushes that brought us to this point.

Almost from the first day of school, there was South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigeig. Smart and sharp, he even looked brave in front of that Fox News town hall audience. Some of us called him our "folksiest heartland hope," because he seemed like the kind of person your parents would vote for. But soon, he got conceited, a little ahead of himself - maybe not as mature as we thought.

George Zimmerman sues 2 Democratic presidential candidates

  George Zimmerman sues 2 Democratic presidential candidates George Zimmerman has filed a lawsuit against two Democratic presidential candidates he alleges defamed him while paying tribute to Trayvon Martin on what would’ve been Martin's 25th birthday. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Polk County court against Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg. Sign up for our Newsletters The lawsuit claims the candidates “defamed Zimmerman for political gain in misguided and malicious attempts to bolster their standings amongst African-American voters, all at Zimmerman’s expense.

Dazed media sites. Arts+Culture Feature. Love is nonsense. I personally don’t know much about it because I’ve never read a book and I can’t read and also I’m just a cantaloupe with a face Work hard at what you love , ditch people and situations that make you feel less of a person, and get out and live.

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That's when we noticed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Sure, we'd seen her at the brainiacs' table before. We dismissed her as, well, too smart - "the most professorial candidate ever." But then she turned up the energy - she stopped talking about her plans and started telling us about her tough childhood in Oklahoma. (No one ever really bought the Native American thing, though.) When she took selfies with everybody after class, we all thought she was cool.

We'll admit it now: we were hooked on cool. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) got our attention. We called her "riveting," and loved it when she took on "boring" Joe Biden in debate club. Nobody had a crush on him. He used the word "malarkey," just like our Dad.

For a minute, Beto O'Rourke seemed cool, too. He looked like Robert Kennedy and - hey, we were young - we thought that meant he was as talented as Robert Kennedy. Turned out he was kind of a space cadet. We "fell out of love."

Gillibrand PAC, End Citizens United launch effort to boost female candidates

  Gillibrand PAC, End Citizens United launch effort to boost female candidates Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's (D-N.Y.) political action committee is partnering with the group End Citizens United to bolster female candidates in the 2020 elections who advocate for campaign finance reform. © UPI Photo Gillibrand PAC, End Citizens United launch effort to boost female candidates The joint effort by End Citizens United and Gillibrand's group, Off the Sidelines, is slated to kick off later this month with a voting rights-focused roundtable in Los Angeles, the groups announced on Thursday.

But what are the signs someone is falling out of love with you? No relationship is perfect. No matter how hard it sounds, it’s a true fact that not all relationships last forever. It takes a lot to move on but if you can identify the signs of a dying relationship, you can prepare yourself for it from an early stage.

And rather than risk falling in love with a progressive New Hope, many rank-and-file Democrats Can the senator who launched her campaign in a blizzard capitalize on her media moment and make a stir in Here lie the presidential ambitions of fallen Democratic contenders: Deval Patrick Dropped Out

Disappointed, we turned to Julian Castro. Maybe we had been "paying attention to the wrong Texan." But he was kind of mean to Beto in that social studies debate over immigration and open borders. We knew we could do better.

Then something totally terrible happened: competition. For months, we got all the attention from every candidate. But then, at the beginning of spring semester, the voters started speaking up.

Everyone was really interested in what these voters had to say - but those people were saying the strangest things. It was as if the voters fell for everyone we rejected. Hard. And on purpose.

Look, we always liked Bernie - some of us do this great imitation of him, not to his face, that would be gross - but we just couldn't get close to him. Buttigeig never really left our hearts and (we're just going to say it out loud) we would truly consider taking him back.

Worst of all, though, is Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn). Right from start, we knew she was a mean girl. We heard some of the sophomores talking about how she kept yelling for a fork and ate her salad with a comb. All the chatter was about "the anger of Amy Klobuchar;" and we decided we didn't need to know anything more. That could've been a mistake on our part.

Now, we feel kind of rejected. Which hurts, because we're usually the ones who do the rejecting.

Maybe we should go over and talk to Mike Bloomberg. We always stayed away from him, that rich kid, off by himself, aloof from everybody else. But he might be all we have left.

At least until we fall in love again. This time, for real.

Joe Ferullo is an award-winning media executive, producer and journalist and former executive vice president of programming for CBS Television Distribution. He was a news executive for NBC, a writer-producer for "Dateline NBC," and worked for ABC News. Follow him on Twitter @ironworker1.

CBS News poll: Most voters expect Trump will be reelected .
However, 2020 candidate match-ups with Trump are close, CBS News poll finds.Still, potential head to head matchups with all the major Democratic candidates against Mr. Trump show a tight race no matter who the Democratic nominee is, with no more than three percentage points separating the Democratic candidates from Mr. Trump in any matchup with the six top polling Democratic contenders.

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