Opinion David Avella: Super Tuesday looms and Democrats are left with no good options

17:50  02 march  2020
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Warren: Progressives have "exactly one chance" to make change happen

  Warren: Progressives have Warren told CBS News after the tenth Democratic debate that her track record demonstrates why she should be the progressive candidate to win the party's presidential nomination."Progressives are going to get exactly one chance to make transformative change," Warren said in an interview on CBSN following the tenth Democratic debate. "And that means we better have a leader who actually knows how to get in the fight and how to make change happen. That's something I have done.

Klobuchar has used the case during the 2020 Democratic primary as evidence she sought justice on behalf of families in the black community. Tom Del Beccaro: Sanders ready on Super Tuesday to raid California delegate gold mine. David Avella : Super Tuesday looms and Democrats are left

Klobuchar had a good day in New Hampshire, with a surprisingly strong third place finish, but in All the candidates have placed their bets, set their travel schedules and honed their pre- Super Tuesday The fact is this crowded field could produce an outcome on Tuesday that puts Sanders firmly in

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Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders are posing for a picture © Provided by FOX News

Democrats are on the verge of a lose-lose situation. And, it’s one that they are bringing on themselves. Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is both the front runner and the focal point for what is likely to transpire.

The question for Democrats is: Just what can be done to keep both the activist base and the Party elites and establishment happy?  Not much, it would appear.

Bloomberg Is Staking Everything on Super Tuesday—What Happens If He Loses?

  Bloomberg Is Staking Everything on Super Tuesday—What Happens If He Loses? "It's impossible for him to continue as a viable candidate with a chance of collecting delegates if he doesn't do so on Super Tuesday," one Democratic strategist told Newsweek.The former New York City mayor chose to skip the first four early voting contests—Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina— to focus solely on the 15 states and territories voting on March 3. But the plan could backfire, leaving the 78-year-old billionaire with few options as the Democratic primary intensifies.

Super Tuesday is the election day early in a United States presidential primary season (February or March) when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses.

With the delegate deluge of Super Tuesday looming , can one emerge? Expect to see a rash of articles anticipating what Sanders will mean for the Democrats in the fall. Trying finding a common ground before sharing your point. Alt- left is no better than what is coming from the alt-right.

On March 3, also known as “Super Tuesday,” voters in 14 states and one U.S. territory will elect their choice for the Democratic Party’s nominee.

More than one-third of the delegates to the Democratic Convention will be decided on Tuesday. Is there a single person who believes anyone other than Bernie Sanders will be solidly in first place after the votes are counted on Tuesday night?

There is no question that former Vice President Joe Biden won an impressive victory in South Carolina on Saturday night. Yet, it remains to be seen if Biden can build on that win in any meaningful manner. At this point, would you truly rather be Biden than Sanders?

The New York Times reports that “interviews with dozens of Democratic Party officials, including 93 automatic delegates, formerly known as superdelegates, found overwhelming opposition to handing Mr. Sanders the nomination if he fell short of a majority of delegates.”  Overwhelming opposition? Remarkable.

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The biggest Super Tuesday delegate hauls will be from California and Texas, but there will be other primaries in the South (Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama Democrats have a rule that exacerbates this imbalance — they allot all delegates proportionally, with no winner-take-all contests permitted.

Super Tuesday is a little over two weeks away and Nevada will be the first opportunity for Democratic presidential candidates to win over large groups of Latino and black voters. Priscilla Thompson and Lauren Egan report on how Democrats are campaigning in Nevada and preparing for Super Tuesday .

There is little doubt about the core support from Democratic voters for the proud democratic-socialist. It comes from the most activist, most progressive and least-willing-to-compromise elements of the Democratic Party.

More than once in this election cycle these voters have made known their contempt and disgust for how insiders operated in 2016 when they did all within their power to block Sanders and nominate Hillary Clinton. At least, in 2016, Clinton received more primary votes than Sanders.

Democrats have roundly and consistently denounced the Electoral College as being unfair because it allows for the possibility that the winner of the raw vote in a presidential election will not ultimately prevail.

How ironic would it be for Democrats to now turn to their automatic delegates in the second round of voting at the convention to overturn the will of their own voters?

Joseph DeAngelo would plead guilty for lifetime sentence, defense team says

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Опубликовано 28 февраля 2020, 12:13. The South Carolina primary is just one day away, but the race is quickly going national as candidates pivot to the 14 states that vote on Tuesday .

There are 8 Democrats running for president. Scattered polling in the Super Tuesday states has found Mr. Biden fairly resilient in places with large Being talked about isn’t always a good thing: It can also mean a candidate made a major mistake or confronted damaging information from his or her past.

The Democratic nominee would then be the choice of the Party’s elites and establishment -- everyone from former presidents and federal politicians to big-money donors, mayors, labor bosses and longtime local party officials – not voters.

On the first ballot, only the 3,979 pledged delegates will get a vote. If nobody has a majority on that ballot, 771 superdelegates become part of the process, starting with the second ballot. That means this more than 16 percent of the new total of 4,750 delegates will become a noticeable factor in deciding who wins the party’s nomination.

It would be wrong to view this dilemma as somehow revealing a character flaw on the part of Democrats.

They simply have no good choices.

It is hard to argue that the self-interest of Democrats fighting for their own political lives in congressional districts across the country is unreasonable or without logic.

“Medicare-for-all,” no repayment of college debt, and the Green New Deal might thrill the party’s activist base, but for someone representing a district in Pennsylvania where fracking has generated jobs, hope and a future, these ideas are dead losers.

At the same time, pretending that individuals, who have expended a huge amount of time and effort to put their candidate in first place as measured by every standard that ordinarily counts, will not be outraged if the very definition of the inside establishment undoes their victories at the ballot box is simply folly.

Having their benevolent betters decide they know better than all those who took the time to attend caucuses or cast a ballot is bound to result in hard feelings.

Whether those who are disappointed will return to the fold and vote for the party’s nominee in November or decide they have no desire to support what they view as a corrupt process by staying home is a legitimate and open question.

For Democrats, there just might not be any good options available on the best way forward in the months ahead.

Relaunched, Biden poses as an alternative to Sanders before "Super Tuesday" .
© Supplied by Le Point Relaunched by his clear victory in the South Carolina primary on Saturday, Joe Biden has more than ever posed Sunday as an alternative to Bernie Sanders and questioned the ability of his Democratic rival to rally. After disappointing in the first three polls in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, the former vice-president of Barack Obama finally managed to stop the bleeding on Saturday, collecting almost half of the votes cast (48.4 %), more than double Bernie Sanders (19.9%)

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