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18:25  09 april  2020
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Coronavirus: The balance sheet in the United States crosses 10,000 dead, according to a Reuters count

 Coronavirus: The balance sheet in the United States crosses 10,000 dead, according to a Reuters count HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-USA-BALANCE SHEET: Coronavirus: The balance sheet in the United States crosses 10,000 dead, according to a Reuters count © Reuters / BRENDAN MCDERMID CORONAVIRUS: THE BALANCE SHEET IN THE UNITED STATES IS OVER 10,000 DEAD, ACCORDING TO A REUTERS ACCOUNT NEW YORK (Reuters) - The toll of the epidemic of new coronavirus in the United States crossed the threshold of 10,000 dead on Monday, according to a count from Reuters.

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Bernie Sanders wearing a suit and tie: Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. © Scott Eisen/Getty Images Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders’ decision Wednesday to end his quest for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination was inevitable. What happens now to the movement he launched is not.

There are abundant examples in American history of people who failed in their presidential aspirations but succeeded in carving out large and long legacies. Whether Sanders joins that roster depends critically on two factors—one mostly within his control, the other outside it.

Bernie Ecclestone becomes father for the fourth time at the age of 89

 Bernie Ecclestone becomes father for the fourth time at the age of 89 © Sutton Bernie Ecclestone and Fabiana are expecting their first child If the announcement had come 24 hours earlier, they would have thought many were April fools. On Thursday (April 2), it was announced that ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was going to be a father for the fourth time - at the age of 89! At first, 'Sport1' and 'F1-Insider.com' reported about it. Compared to the Swiss 'Blick', Ecclestone then confirmed the pregnancy of his wife Fabiana (41).

The first factor is how effectively Sanders navigates the complexities of 2020 politics. In a grudging mood, Sanders could signal to his supporters that former vice president Joseph Biden isn’t that bad, compared to the alternative in Donald Trump. It would be quite a different thing to argue that a Biden presidency would be affirmatively good—a step, even if more tentative than Sanders would wish, toward advancing a transformative progressive agenda.

But robust words of support would flow from the tongue more convincingly if Sanders actually believes them. An essential part of Sanders’ appeal to supporters is that he doesn’t traffic in conventional political bull. Appraisals of his remarkable-but-losing campaign will hinge in part on finding a credible spot on the spectrum between phony and spoilsport.

Bernie Sanders, strong supporter of net neutrality, ends presidential bid

  Bernie Sanders, strong supporter of net neutrality, ends presidential bid Former Vice President Joe Biden will now likely face President Donald Trump in the general election.The Vermont senator made the announcement during a call with staff, his campaign said Wednesday, a day after Wisconsin held its primary. Though Sanders had strong showings at the start of the primary season, former Vice President Joe Biden staged a later surge and has gained momentum. As the field of candidates thinned, it became clear that moderate and many undecided voters were consolidating around Biden, who now leads in the number of pledged delegates for the nomination.

Sanders’ long-term reputation, however, will hinge even more on something he can’t dictate: What happens to the young activists who he energized with his cranky manner and democratic socialist agenda?

George McGovern, another movement politician, was routed in his effort to become president in 1972 but people immersed in that campaign—from Gary Hart to Bill and Hillary Clinton—were dominant figures in American politics for the next 45 years.

“A lot will depend on what he does now,” Hart, in an interview from self-isolation in his mountain-side home in Colorado, said Wednesday of Sanders’ political legacy.

He recommended that Sanders devote himself vigorously and with no sullenness to energizing young Democrats—whom polls showed are among the least enthusiastic about Biden’s candidacy—to supporting the party’s nominee in the fall.

Hart, who in 1984 mobilized a younger generation of voters while losing the nomination, also urged Sanders to recognize that the coronavirus pandemic has changed politics in ways that render some ideological debates obsolete. Perhaps in January the difference between Biden’s cautious progressivism and Sanders’ radical version was something worth arguing about. Now, Hart said, “The plague has changed everything.” With trillions being spent in what threatens to be this generation’s Great Depression, “Joe Biden may end up being Bernie Sanders squared just by circumstance.”

'SNL': Larry David Returns as Bernie Sanders for a Campaign Postmortem From His Living Room (Video)

  'SNL': Larry David Returns as Bernie Sanders for a Campaign Postmortem From His Living Room (Video) On Saturday's coronavirus quarantine episode of "SNL," Larry David showed up to once again portray Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. And in the clip, David-as-Sanders explained what went wrong with his now-ended presidential campaign. "Always a bridesmaid, never the Democratic nominee," David's Sanders joked at the beginning of the clip, which you can watch above now. David taped the clip from his own house where, like pretty much everyone else, he is quarantining from home. As a result he didn't have access to stage makeup and a wig to complete his Bernie Sanders costume, a fact he nodded to early on.

Howard Dean, another politician who once captivated young people by arguing that conventional Democrats had let progressive ideas down, had advice for Sanders that overlapped with Hart’s.

“I worked my ass off” for John Kerry after losing the nomination to him in 2004, Dean said in a phone interview while self-isolating in Vermont.

Dean said Sanders, his fellow Vermonter, owes it to himself to take a month or so off to decompress from the campaign, then he owes it to his own principles to get to work for Biden. “What Bernie does will make a difference,” said Dean, a former Democratic National Committee chair.

As Dean sees it, what exactly Sanders says is less important than that he says it convincingly and often. Laying it on thick doesn’t mean laying it on insincerely. “His strength has always been speaking plainly and in a non-hypocritical way,” Dean said.

Some of Sanders’ supporters likely will be more receptive to vote because they loathe Trump more than implausible appeals that they should learn to love Biden. “That’s fine. Who cares?” Dean argued, adding that even Biden himself does not mind. “I think he sees himself as being a transitional president to the next generation.”

American Presidential: Bernie Sanders rallies to Joe Biden against Donald Trump

 American Presidential: Bernie Sanders rallies to Joe Biden against Donald Trump © Kevin Lamarque, Reuters Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on March 15, 2020. Socialist Bernie Sanders called Monday for the rally behind the candidacy of Democrat Joe Biden to beat Donald Trump during the presidential election in November. Objective: oust Donald Trump from the White House. The champion of the American left Bernie Sanders officially rallied on Monday April 13 for the candidacy of his ex-rival in the Democratic primaries, the moderate Joe Biden .

Trump was trying to fan Democratic discord Wednesday, saying on Twitter: “This ended just like the Democrats and DNC wanted, same as the Crooked Hillary fiasco. The Bernie people should come to the Republican Party, TRADE!”

In 2016, one survey found, twelve percent of Sanders supporters did indeed back Trump, and a somewhat larger group did not vote.

Once again, a generation of Sanders’ supporters faces a modern incarnation of a classic choice: How to balance the yearning for ideological purity with the practical reality that amassing power often means making common cause with politicians who don’t inspire love.

Some of Sanders’ supporters are “old sixties lefties” or their ideological descendants who won’t make the jump to Biden, Dean said, because “secretly they’d rather not have power because then they’d have to make compromises.” But he believes most of Sanders’ 2020 support came from “idealistic young people who want to make society more fair.”

If they stay in the political arena, these people ultimately will shape Sanders’ legacy. Many leaders of Ronald Reagan’s campaigns and presidency, including Reagan himself, were shaped by Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign, buried in a landslide to Lyndon Johnson.

Hart said he didn’t know whether Sanders will have a long-term impact. He argued that most losing candidates—and even some successful ones—do not end up producing a long echo in national politics because the campaigns are fundamentally about helping a specific individual “occupy the White House and [handing out] jobs for everyone along the way.” Candidates who matter long-term even without winning are those who run “based on ideas and transformation not only of a party but of a country.”

Sanders certainly qualifies on that score. But the transformation he seeks, if it happens, will be a longer path than he hoped for, and will be completed by someone other than him.

Sanders sends fundraising email for DNC .
Sen. Bernie Sanders sent out a fundraising solicitation Friday on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, the latest sign he's seeking to bring his supporters behind the party's presumptive nominee, Joe Biden. © Greg Nash Sanders sends fundraising email for DNC Sanders, who suspended his presidential campaign last week and later endorsed the former vice president, said he will do everything in his power to help defeat President Trump in November and touted the DNC's work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

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