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Tweet "glorifying violence": Twitter reports a new message from Donald Trump

 Tweet The comments of the former businessman on the riots following the death of Georges Floyd in Minneapolis violate the rules of Twitter relating to the glorification of violence explains the company. The day before, the president had signed a decree questioning the status of hosting the platforms. © BFM Business Tweet “glorifying violence”: Twitter reports a new message from Donald Trump Twitter does not intend to give up in the face of Donald Trump.

What does that mean? Anger is frequently seen, and it almost always claims to be justified . By exercising some logic before getting excessively emotional, one hopes to prevent becoming overly emotional. Anger is one of those emotions that can easily come on a person, and without caution

Anger is justified , however, we should be extremely careful how we express it. Our anger should be expressed in such a way that it does not hurt or break any relationships. Is anger ever justified ? If so, how can we determine whether it is ?

Sometimes a responsibility falls to you that you never anticipated. Sometimes history just demands that someone should say it: Riots are bad. Riots are never a coherent or moral response to injustice, they just multiply injustices and the rioters themselves often suffer more in the long run.

State patrol members in the aftermath of a protest against the death of George Floyd, Minneapolis, Minn., May 29, 2020 © Carlos Barria/Reuters State patrol members in the aftermath of a protest against the death of George Floyd, Minneapolis, Minn., May 29, 2020

Unfortunately it must be said, because absolute morons who would call the cops without hesitation if there were an unruly loudspeaker or birdwatcher in their nice neighborhoods are cheering on and excusing rioting — rioting that is destroying businesses, livelihoods, and even a community center for Native American youth. The apologists for rioting and arson accuse people who are appalled by these acts of not caring about injustices. It cannot be said emphatically enough: This is the precise opposite of the truth.

Riots in Minneapolis: a CNN journalist arrested and handcuffed by the police in full live

 Riots in Minneapolis: a CNN journalist arrested and handcuffed by the police in full live © CNN Riots in Minneapolis: a CNN journalist arrested and handcuffed by the police in full live It is a scene hardly believable to which CNN viewers attended this May 29. While covering the Minneapolis riots with his team, journalist Omar Jimenez was arrested by the police and handcuffed, along with his colleagues. They have since been released. Minneapolis burns. Since the beginning of the week, the city of Minnesota has been in the grip of major riots.

Widespread anger and frustration at the way police engage with communities was a significant cause of the summer riots in every major city where disorder took place, the biggest study into their cause has found. They often described the riots as a chance to obtain "free stuff" or sought to justify the theft.

Anger is a completely normal reaction to injustice. Narcissists, however, see this righteous indignation as a vulnerability. When a narcissist expresses anger , it’s almost never justified . In the off chance there is a justifiable reason to be angry, the narcissist will cling to this wrongdoing for months or years.

People who apologize for rioters say that rioting challenges the system. But of course it doesn’t. Robbing and shooting at Korean immigrants in Los Angeles, or nearly killing a random white truck driver, did not get anyone a tenth of an inch closer to justice for Rodney King or reform of the LAPD; these were just other barbarous crimes.

Indistinct blathering about “the system” is an attempt to smuggle away the reputation of revolutionaries and bequeath it to rioters. But revolutionaries join targeted violence to a political rationale. If the rioters are revolutionaries, they should tell us their grievances, describe their dreamed-of settlement, and show us they are burning down the right buildings and happy to shoot the right people. They haven’t done so, of course. But if revolution is unattractive in the absence of such a rationale, or inadvisable because it is futile, certainly a campaign of disorganized violence at whatever targets seem juicy in the moment is just mayhem for its own sake.

United States: the source of the

 United States: the source of the Editorial conflagration. The death of George Floyd provided the spark. But the anger which ignites the American cities finds its roots in the repetition of the police violence and the inequalities highlighted by the coronavirus. Editorial of the "World". There are many reasons for the explosion of anger that engulfed American cities following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, during his police arrest on Monday, May 25, Minneapolis (Minnesota).

Rioting will not lead to anything but more innocent people getting hurt, and mobs, even if their anger is justified , is not the best justice or even the right justice. Without that it ’s not justice recognized by society and it’s not the justice Floyd and his family deserve and society in general deserves.

the purpose of rioting is to protest something that never gets changed with large numbers and anger . Looting is just taking advantage of the rioting for Then the next guy came into camera range with a big 50inch flat screen tv on top of his shopping cart So to some this is justified but not by all

We must distinguish rioting and looting from protesting. People do not loot seeking justice for George Floyd, they loot for the loot. People don’t commit arson to make a political statement. What does burning an AutoZone even communicate if it could be translated into politics? People don’t assault those citizens standing in the way of looting and arson as a cry for help or to draw attention to social problems, they do so because looting and arson offer satisfactions to a reprobate will.

We’ve been told by people who live in safety or are perfectly able to retreat to it: “Riots are, at their core, a choice made by those in power, not people who participate in them.” But is this true? Misgovernance does have a price with regard to civil cohesion. But if riots are not a choice, then the people participating in them have no agency and can’t be said to be making a political statement. It would follow that there is no difference between a citizen destroying his neighborhood and another defending it.

Is It Revolution?

  Is It Revolution? Riots aren’t a tool for fighting oppression, they are an oppression. That is why so much rhetorical venom is exchanged between the democracy movement in Hong Kong, which maintains that it is at heart a peaceful demonstration movement, and the Chinese Communist Party, which insists on putting down a “riot.”I’ve been accused of perhaps a double standard or lack of charity.

Edmonton MP Kate Osamor said rioters were ' justified ' in their anger . Last night it was also revealed that Mr Corbyn’s communications chief, former Guardian journalist Seumas Milne, has expressed sympathy with the 2011 riots , calling them ‘a huge opportunity to channel anger ’.

Is all anger justified ? Isn't much of anger misplaced? Like a disgruntled employee may not recognize what he did wrong (although sometimes he may have been mistreated) and blame his job or a divorced person may blame the spouse for Anger is never best. Visualize releasing the anger to God's light.

Others belittle objections to riots as disingenuous demands for “civility” used to distract from injustice. This is projection: as if the plea not to commit robbery or set fire to your neighbor’s place of business was an attempt to make those angry doff their caps.

If you’re so morally insensate or well-educated that you can’t make a moral judgment without referencing a study or chart, look at the long-term studies done on rioting. Riots harm their communities. They don’t reform them. They often initiate a general spike in violent crime. Baltimore saw this spike in the past half-decade. Riots dissuade individuals, families, and businesses from staying in or joining a community. Who wants to raise their kids in the neighborhood where the police station had to be evacuated before it was set ablaze?

Romanticizing and indulging in rioting as a mere abstraction is not just wrong in some factual way about how the world works. It’s depraved and vile. George Floyd’s girlfriend said, “I am heartbroken. Waking up this morning to see Minneapolis on fire would be something that would devastate Floyd.” I wonder if the prestige magazines making elegant apologies for crime could print her view without describing it as reactionary and racist.

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Fraternal Order of Police: Justice will be served .
Policing also protects peaceful protesters from rioters. We will continue to do our duty, writes Patrick Yoes, Fraternal Order of Police president.This tragic incident cannot be allowed to define our profession or our nation’s police officers. Law enforcement is one of the most diverse professions in our nation. During this pandemic crisis, the men and women of law enforcement were in the field putting themselves, and by extension, the members of their family, at risk of exposure to the virus. We have been and will continue to do our duty no matter what the situation.

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