Opinion We’ve Now Entered the Final Phase of the Trump Era

18:05  02 june  2020
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Trump threatens North Carolina to move Republican convention

 Trump threatens North Carolina to move Republican convention © CHANDAN KHANNA A supporter of US President Donald Trump participates in a rally in favor of deconfinement in Miami in Florida on May 10, 2020 US President Donald Trump threatened Monday of move the Republican convention, scheduled for late August to North Carolina, if its Democratic governor could not quickly guarantee the lifting of the ban on large gatherings due to the coronavirus.

Trump hopes that his dangerous, self-serving actions will be normalized by sheer force and volume. We must push back.

Is Trump unique, or is politics in a post-truth era ? One of the most important tests of the 2020 campaign will be whether Trump is unique and an "I was making the point how courageous these people are, how incredible they are, this generation of warriors, these fallen angels we ' ve lost," he told

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We are in the Götterdämmerung now, the final phase of the Trump era. We began with the axis of adults that imperfectly constrained him. We then entered the age of hubris and action during which he systematically rid himself of the adults and was free to follow his whims. The third phase was the reckoning as he began to bump up against the contradictions of his own approach, on China and Iran in particular. Now we have finally arrived at the long-feared crisis and unraveling.

At least 200,000 New Yorkers to return to work in phase one of city's reopening: mayor

  At least 200,000 New Yorkers to return to work in phase one of city's reopening: mayor At least 200,000 New Yorkers to return to work in phase one of city's reopening: mayorDe Blasio said he expected the first phase of reopening to be announced in the first or second week of June and it would include four business sectors: construction, manufacturing, wholesale suppliers and non-essential retail.

We ’ ve been here before. Review of ' The Soul of America' by Jon Meacham and 'Our Towns: A 100 The horror with which many citizens regard the Trump presidency is premised, in part, on the notion that its challenges are unprecedented and its morality antithetical to long-standing national values.

The trial will now enter a question-and-answer phase over the next two days. Washington — President Trump 's legal team rested its case on the final day of opening arguments in his impeachment trial, setting the stage for a new phase of proceedings as pressure continues to mount

For three chaotic years, Donald Trump muddled through, at least in the eyes of Republicans, buoyed by the strong economy he inherited from his predecessor and powered forward by the long GOP wish list, which included, among many items, judicial appointments, deregulation, and the undoing of the Iran nuclear deal. Virtually every consequential and sympathetic analysis of the Trump administration, though, included a caveat: A serious crisis would upend any Republican progress and test the ill-equipped and vindictive president. Deep down, we all hoped the country would get lucky and slip through these four years without a paradigm-changing incident. But if luck is earned, we had no right to it.

The worst possible crisis arrived in COVID-19, one that tugged at every weakness of the president and the nation. It demanded scientific literacy, discipline, trust in authority, sacrifice, and patience. And then another crisis arrived with the economic depression. And then another, with the brutal murder of George Floyd. Now more than 100,000 people are dead, more than 40 million are unemployed, and violent protests have spread across the country.

Deconfinement: Ile-de-France, Guyana and Mayotte will be placed in the “orange” zone from June 2

 Deconfinement: Ile-de-France, Guyana and Mayotte will be placed in the “orange” zone from June 2 The Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, presented this Thursday the details of the second phase of deconfinement © Philippe LOPEZ / POOL / AFP Edouard Philippe during the presentation of the second phase of deconfinement, Thursday May 28 SECOND PHASE - The Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, presented this Thursday the details of the second phase of deconfinement The departments of 'Ile-de-France, Guyana and Mayotte will be placed in the "orange" category from June 2, and the deconfinement will be

“I’ ve been here for 21 years.” We spoke with a few of them in September, when President Trump announced his intention to end the Obama- era program. Both he and Mr. Trump said the onus was now on lawmakers to protect the young immigrants as part of a broader overhaul of the immigration

Guidelines do not extend to a final phase with what used to describe normal life with packed concert halls, full bars, and minimal distancing. ' We took the greatest economy in the history of the world and we closed it in order to win this war, and we ’re in the process of winning it now ,' the president declared.

Trump is stuck in a vicious downward spiral. He is incapable of undertaking the policies necessary to address any of these three crises, so he grasps for actions that shock the senses—accusing journalists of murder, pulling out of the World Health Organization, trying to prosecute Obama-administration officials. These actions simply make matters worse, but he still doubles down again and again.

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Foreign policy is not the most important issue facing the country right now, but a 48-hour period last week highlights the sheer chaos Trump is now fomenting at all levels of government. On Thursday, the Chinese Parliament ratified a new security law for Hong Kong that would effectively end the “one country, two systems” model. The governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia released a joint statement condemning the move and promising action. The European Union condemned the law but was unable to agree on any punitive measures. Behind the scenes, U.S. diplomats were organizing an in-person G7 summit for late June at which the leaders would present a unified front on Hong Kong, backing it up with concrete steps—possibly imposing sanctions on China and having some G7 members granting refugee status to Hong Kongers. Trump tweeted that he wanted to gather in person as a sign of a return to normal after the pandemic shutdowns. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and French President Emmanuel Macron suggested that they would attend. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was more circumspect but said she would participate in the G7 in whatever form it took “to fight for multilateralism.” A G7 agreement was not a done deal, but senior administration officials believed the prospects looked good.

Flicks reward for Cuisance

 Flicks reward for Cuisance © imago images Again against Dusseldorf was again able to run for the professionals: Michael Cuisance. FC Bayern's victory against Fortuna Düsseldorf was secured early in the second half. A good opportunity for trainer Hansi Flick to give talents game practice. In the spotlight: Michael Cuisance. Hansi Flick could have reacted and changed differently when he took ailing Lucas Hernandez (adductor problems) off the pitch at half-time.

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When Trump enters the equation. Now , your political beliefs are a referendum on your entire life with all your values aligned neatly under a single label. My ex was a liberal by the time I married him, but 20 years later, I made sure my next partners were already my flavor, politically.

On Thursday night, protests broke out over Floyd’s murder. On Friday, Twitter issued Trump a warning for threatening violence with his tweet stating, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Trump responded by trying to distract. He gave a press conference at 2 p.m. in which he declared that he would terminate relations with the WHO and unilaterally announced a response to China’s actions against Hong Kong. Within hours, Angela Merkel let it be known that she was withdrawing from the summit. Miffed, Trump said the next day that he was postponing the summit and inviting Russia, Australia, India, and South Korea to join.

The postponement destroys any hope that a multilateral organization would condemn China’s actions against Hong Kong. Moreover, Russia is a staunch supporter of China’s position that Hong Kong is a purely internal matter that should be of no concern to the rest of the world. Some observers thought the invitation to more countries was designed to isolate China, but its practical effect was to deliver Xi Jinping a big win.

The damage did not end there. China has more leadership roles in United Nations organizations than the other four permanent members of the U.N. Security Council combined. To their credit, some officials in the Trump administration were attempting to build an international coalition to push back on this influence. They scored a victory earlier this year when they helped deny China the chair of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Trump’s termination of relations with the WHO dealt a death blow to this effort—other countries will not follow Washington’s advice on how U.N. organizations should be run if they believe the U.S. is disengaging. This decision clears the way for China to march forward in its effort to overturn global liberal and democratic norms. It also damages vital U.S. interests with respect to global health.

Premier League: Lovren reveals Jürgen Klopp's reaction after the 2018 CL final

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And now we are learning that the Justice Department is going after their admissions practices. When you have a chance to talk to faculty members who sit in on final admissions decisions, you We are the best and totally deserve to run the world. We ignore the unfair reality of the insanely competitive

Now , as President Trump approaches his 100th day in office, we wanted to circle back to some of the voters — most of them Trump supporters — we He said the airstrike Mr. Trump ordered on Syria resounded as a declaration of American strength. “ We ’ ve been on the back burner, defensively, since

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The inclusion of Russia in the G7 summit, a long-standing goal for Trump, also contradicted the official White House China strategy, released on May 20. Modeled on NSC-68, one of the most important documents of the early Cold War period about the threat from the Soviet Union, this assessment went further than the administration has gone before in unpacking the rationale behind its rivalry with Beijing. Although it does not mention Russia, it does speak about a systems competition between democracy and authoritarianism in which the U.S. needs a global alliance of like-minded democracies. The G7 provides the basis of how to build it, but not if Russia, one of the world’s most dangerous autocracies, is included as a member.

The net effect of Trump’s actions over that 48-hour period was to swing a wrecking ball at his own administration’s efforts on China. If this is what he does to his own administration’s policy, which actually had some chance of success if exercised with patience, discipline, and restraint, one can only imagine how concerned he will be that his actions may negatively impact the issues and people he does not care about. This is what to expect for the next five months. The worse the multiple crises get, the more he will lash out, to less and less effect, except to render the U.S. impotent and irrelevant. The American people will pay the price.

There is no way back from the Götterdämmerung in the remainder of the Trump era. The question facing responsible senior administration officials (there are several at the principal and deputy level), Republicans in Congress, and allied governments is not how to persuade Trump to do the right thing, but how to limit the damage so the government can be repaired after he is gone. This may mean not urging Trump to take action on crises even if it is merited; circumventing the president wherever possible; Republican governors declaring their independence from their party leader, trying to craft a bipartisan approach in Congress on foreign-policy issues such as competing with China in international institutions and protecting against Russian interference; and using distractions of their own to divert his attention from truly consequential decisions. Call it fortification—of constitutional democracy and America’s international interests. There are 231 long days with nothing but stormy weather left.

Alba fights for the second win against Bamberg .
Alba Berlin has also won his second game at the final tournament in Munich thanks to strong nerves. On Tuesday evening the Berliners won 98:91 (55:56) after a good final sprint against Brose Bamberg. With two wins, Alba is clearly on the way to the quarter-finals in Group B. The best Berlin throwers were Landry Nnoko with 15 and Kenneth Ogbe with 14 points. © Photo: Lukas Schulze / dpa / Symbolic picture A basketball goes into the basket.

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