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14:17  27 june  2020
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Jerry Nadler says Attorney General William Barr deserves to be impeached but it would be a 'waste of time'

  Jerry Nadler says Attorney General William Barr deserves to be impeached but it would be a 'waste of time' House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Sunday that he believes Attorney General William Barr deserves to be impeached, but that pursuing it would be a "waste of time" because of the Republican-controlled Senate. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Nadler, a New York Democrat, told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" that House Democrats would instead work to withhold $50 million from the Department of Justice in an effort to punish Barr.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, responded to Attorney General Bill Barr 's comments about "investigating the investigators" in There will be no further Mueller report that will set s. Barr : Mueller Probe Is The Closest U.S. Has Come To A Coup Since Lincoln Assassination.

Bill Barr is sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts. (Photo: Department of Justice). Leave it to President Trump to describe as “Total EXONERATION” a document that specifically quotes Special Counsel Robert Mueller as saying that one of his principal findings “does not exonerate” the president.

Many observers breathed a sigh of relief when Bill Barr was confirmed as attorney general. Here was a respected professional who had served in the post once before in an honorable administration. Now, just a year and a half later, what a disappointment he has proved. The man cannot be trusted.

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Think of the intentionally misleading account he gave of the Mueller report, at a time when the public and Congress had only Barr’s word to go by. Or the brief he allowed his Justice Department to file with the Supreme Court in the case about including a citizenship question on the 2020 census, whose rationale the Court later characterized as “contrived” and “pretextual.” Or his false account of the use of armed forces to clear Lafayette Square for the president’s photo op. Or his statement that U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman asked to step down, when Berman had done no such thing. And now we have damning testimony this week about the politicization of the Department of Justice in the prosecution of the Trump ally Roger Stone.

Democrat Josh Hicks wins Kentucky primary to challenge Andy Barr

  Democrat Josh Hicks wins Kentucky primary to challenge Andy Barr Marine veteran and former police officer Josh Hicks won the Democratic primary in Kentucky's 6th District on Tuesday and will face off against Rep. Andy Barr (R-Ky.) in November.Hicks, also an attorney, won with 72 percent of the vote, easily prevailing over rival Daniel Kemph in the June 23 primary, according to The Associated Press. Results were revealed Tuesday after taking into account the flood of mailed-in ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic. Barr was declared the winner of the GOP primary last week.Hicks switched parties from Republican to Democrat in 2016, citing his lack of faith in President Trump's Republican Party.

Yeah, Trump has to have something on Lindsey. The rest of them, though? I think they're just spineless sycophants, and honestly, I find that far more If it's clearly shown that Barr 's interference prevented Congress from making fully informed decisions, and this fact gets traction - lots of things are back on

Perhaps nothing illustrates just how far Bill Cosby has fallen in the eyes of America than the reaction to the tragic deaths of his third and fourth-born children than those few flowers. The mother to a young daughter had suffered from kidney problems for years but she still died years before her time.

The attorney general is entitled to his opinion on the policies underlying these matters, and to argue forcefully for them. But as a lawyer, as a high official, as an officer of the court, he must not misrepresent the facts or the authorities. Americans need not agree with the attorney general’s arguments or conclusions, but they must have absolute confidence that he will not try to deceive them.

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How did a man with a good reputation allow himself to mislead time and time again? Barr proclaims himself—as in recent speeches to the Federalist Society and at Notre Dame—a man of deep moral principles and is proud to espouse stern, rigorous Roman Catholic convictions. There are, of course, strong differences of opinion on the morality of abortion, LGBTQ rights, and the separation of Church and state generally. Some Christian groups have embraced all of these; to others they are anathema and symptoms of moral degeneracy.

Judiciary Committee to interview Manhattan federal prosecutor ousted by Barr

  Judiciary Committee to interview Manhattan federal prosecutor ousted by Barr The testimony will follow allegations that Geoffrey Berman was removed to assert more control over investigations in which President Donald Trump has an interest.The July 9 closed-door interview will be Congress' first foray into allegations that Barr sought to remove Geoffrey Berman as U.S. attorney to assert more control over investigations that touch closely on President Donald Trump‘s associates and personal interests. Barr has denied the suggestion.

Nothing he has done so far has cast any doubt on that assessment. The campaign against Attorney General Bill Barr is in full swing. We are told that he’s a tawdry tool of Donald Trump, that he’s disgracing himself and sullying his reputation, that he’s the equivalent of a Roy Cohn, the sleazy

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But on one moral principle, all must come together: the supreme value of truth. Satan, Jesus says in the Gospel of John, is the father of lies. As Saint Augustine explains in De Mendacio, the Ninth Commandment is not limited to injuring another by false testimony in a court proceeding, but extends to any communication intended to deceive. In his Divine Comedy, Dante consigns deceivers, liars, and falsifiers to the eighth circle of hell—the circle of fraud.

There is a reason for this. Truthfulness is a basic condition for trust between people. In the Genesis account, God caused the builders of the Tower of Babel to speak in different tongues so they could not understand one another and could not collaborate in even the simplest tasks. If people cannot believe one another, communication breaks down, trust becomes impossible, and society corrodes.

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Senate panel votes 21-1 to back Justice IG measure over Graham objections

  Senate panel votes 21-1 to back Justice IG measure over Graham objections The Senate Judiciary Committee approved legislation to expand the authority of the Justice Department inspector general.The committee voted 21-1 on the legislation, which would give the DOJ watchdog the authority to investigate attorneys within the department. Graham was the only senator to vote "no.

For those who have questions regarding any media outlets being posted on this subreddit Sessions' personal ideology is probably more anti-marijuana than Barr 's, but Barr is certainly a more corrupt narcissist. But as far as harm goes, it’s fairly low on the scale. Benzo addiction is fucking gnarly.

I’m sure that Barr has a healthy disdain for all of this, but even he has to be a little bothered by the fact that, after a long, distinguished career in the law, the bogus I’ve chipped in my own contributions (and have considered every bit of blowback they’ve gotten on Twitter and cable TV as a badge of honor).

How did Barr decline to the level of a purveyor of mistruths? We guess it was by his determination to serve faithfully a man who is so careless of the truth that he does not even try to be consistent from one statement to the next, from one day to the next. Barr has proclaimed as a foundational principle the sovereignty of executive power. The executive he has chosen to serve is uniquely untruthful, reckless, and vain. Perhaps Barr’s loyal service to that principle entails loyal service to Trump—the only executive we have—and not only to his ends, but to his means. Holding a similar post as Barr in Tudor England, Sir Thomas More recognized the fallacy of this position, defied his king, and was executed. He was later canonized for his faith.

Proximity to such a person as Trump is toxic. Rex Tillerson, James Mattis, John Kelly, and H. R. McMaster all tried to practice moral social distancing from this morally diseased president, but broke with him because their integrity came before their loyalty to the person. Barr has committed to Trump warts and all, but the warts are in fact suppurating sores, and he is now fatally infected.

Donald Trump accuses, without evidence, Barack Obama of treason .
Donald Trump once again attacked his predecessor, assuring that Barack Obama was guilty of "treason". © Leah Millis / Reuters Donald Trump Still no evidence, but a new charge. In an interview broadcast Monday on CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), Donald Trump attacked his predecessor Barack Obama, claiming that he was guilty of "treason": "Treason. It's treason. When I first talked about it a long time ago, I said that they had spied on my campaign.

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