Opinion Trump Finally Releases Fake ‘Plan’ to Protect Preexisting Conditions

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Fact-checking Trump's town hall health care claims

  Fact-checking Trump's town hall health care claims President Trump made several claims about health care and coronavirus in an ABC News town hall with voters.As West Coast wildfires rage on, health concerns escalate

President Donald Trump will sign a series of executive orders aimed at protecting people with preexisting conditions and preventing surprise medical bills, senior administration officials said Thursday. Trump is expected to discuss the executive orders, which are part of his "America First"

Trump previously pledged to release a health care plan by the end of August. One of the executive actions could include a measure safeguarding insurance protections for people with preexisting conditions should the Supreme Court roll back all of or part of ObamaCare, according to Politico

There is a scene in The Grifters where a pair of con artists try to persuade their mark that they have developed a computerized system to beat the stock market. When the skeptical victim says, “I don’t see how you can do it,” the con artist bursts out, “Machines! Machines, Gloster! I have got a whole room full of machines back here. Y’wanna see it?” He opens the door to a back room, which in fact is empty, begging the mark to get up and inspect for himself, knowing he won’t bother.

Mississippi judge rules voters with preexisting conditions don't automatically qualify for absentee ballots

  Mississippi judge rules voters with preexisting conditions don't automatically qualify for absentee ballots The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled Friday that state law does not qualify all people with pre-existing health conditions for absentee voting, the Associated Press reported. The ruling reversed a decision earlier this month by Hinds County Chancery Judge Denise Owens, with the majority of the state's Supreme Court justices arguing that Owens interpreted earlier changes to state law too broadly. "Having a preexisting condition that puts a voter at a higher risk does not automatically create a temporary disability for absentee-voting purposes," the justices wrote in the majority opinion.

Well, Trump has repeatedly tried to repeal or weaken the ACA, and independent experts have concluded the various plans he supported would have weakened coverage for Americans, especially those with preexisting conditions . So it’s unclear why Trump would claim it is false advertising.

But the protections for people with pre - existing conditions enjoy widespread public support. Has he tried to weaken pre - existing conditions protections as His silence on concrete policy preferences makes it hard to assess his statement that this plan will “ protect your pre - existing conditions .”

a man that is standing in the dark: The four-year-long two week wait was worth it. Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images © Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images The four-year-long two week wait was worth it. Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

This has been the Republican messaging strategy on health care for more than ten years now. If Democrats would just abandon Obamacare, Republicans would come in and implement a better, cheaper plan. Just wait! It’s ready to go! Give us the chance!

President Trump, having watched many hours of Fox News, apparently believed this promise that he could eliminate Obamacare and easily replace it with something better for everybody, only to discover that health care is complicated. He has been periodically promising to produce his replacement plan in two weeks.

Inside Louisiana GOP’s ‘Crash and Burn’ Push to Strip Governor’s Powers

  Inside Louisiana GOP’s ‘Crash and Burn’ Push to Strip Governor’s Powers The state of Louisiana has already suffered through a pair of devastating surges during the coronavirus pandemic. But as Republicans prepare for a special legislative session next week, there is concern they are preparing to take a “kamikaze” approach, as one Democrat put it, that could send the state’s fortunes tumbling. Democrats in the conservative state of Louisiana are bracing for Republicans to attempt to drain Gov. John Bel Edwards’ emergency powers during a special legislative session set to start Monday night, as the executive authority of statewide leaders in a time of crisis continues to be a point of friction across party lines.

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The Trump administration argued in a court brief filed on Thursday that Obamacare’s protections for preexisting conditions should be ruled unconstitutional

However, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death has turned that perpetually unmet promise into an especially acute liability. Trump’s administration is filing a lawsuit to rule Obamacare unconstitutional. This would eliminate all protections for patients with preexisting conditions in the individual market, which would return to the pre-Obama era in which insurance was sold on the basis of health and unaffordable to anybody expected to require expensive medical treatment. The strong chance that he will replace a liberal with an archconservative makes that lawsuit, which even conservative legal experts have mocked, suddenly very plausible.

The Washington Post reports on Trump’s recent deliberations, or the Trump version of deliberations, on the issue. On the one hand, Trump “has berated health-care officials, saying that the issue is hurting him politically.” However, many paragraphs later, the story notes that the president “does not have a deep understanding of the health-care system, according to current and former advisers, and the topic does not animate him.”

If Trump announces a preelection COVID vaccine, who'd believe him — or go and get one?

  If Trump announces a preelection COVID vaccine, who'd believe him — or go and get one? A desperate political gambit by Trump could destroy the integrity of a process that requires overwhelming public buy-in for any hope to be effective.Ginsburg casket departs US Capitol after ceremony

TRUMP : “I was the person who saved Pre - Existing Conditions in your Healthcare, you have it now, while at the same time winning the fight to rid you of the expensive THE FACTS: Trump and other Republicans say they’ll have a plan to preserve protections for people with preexisting conditions .

Preexisting conditions are safe. OK? Just remember that. Preexisting — tell that to the fake news Those provisions protect those with preexisting conditions from being denied a policy or charged Employer plans , pre -ACA, couldn’t deny plans to new employees, but they could exclude coverage

Angry and ignorant is never a great combination of traits for solving difficult policy issues. But the deeper problem, beyond Trump’s distinct lack of fitness, is that Republican ideology opposes any actual steps that would be needed to make the resources available to cover people with expensive conditions: They hate regulating the insurance market to force cross-subsidies from the healthy to the sick, and they also hate new taxes and spending. There’s a reason they never came up with a real plan even before Trump, or managed to produce one after Trump gave Paul Ryan carte blanche.

With a potentially disastrous debate on this issue bearing down, it finally became necessary for the administration to stop promising the plan would come and produce … something.

And so they have. In a media call, the administration announced a two-prong plan, of sorts. Prong one declares, “It is the policy of the United States” to protect people who have preexisting conditions. Prong two is to promise to work with Congress to accomplish that goal. That is literally it.

'You have the power': Kamala Harris urges voters to oppose Trump, Senate GOP over Supreme Court nominee

  'You have the power': Kamala Harris urges voters to oppose Trump, Senate GOP over Supreme Court nominee Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, urged voters to oppose President Trump and GOP senators over their Supreme Court nominee.Harris blasts Barrett over Roe

It's unknown whether Trump had a plan to replace the shortfall in Social Security funding in the event that he eliminated payroll taxes. Trump did not explicitly vow to terminate Social Security, as those headlines claimed, but one of several plans he mentioned in an Aug.

The debate over preexisting conditions isn’t like that. It is a debate where we have lots and lots of evidence of where Trump and others stand. President Trump used his State of the Union to describe protecting patients with preexisting conditions as a top priority.

Needless to say, if it was possible to reform the individual insurance market by having the president issue a line declaring it so, well, health-care reform would have gone a lot easier for every Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt. And if a promise to “work with Congress” meant something, one has to wonder what exactly they were doing when they spent a year fervently trying to muscle a bill through Congress. Do they think the only reason they failed is that they neglected to issue the all-important “work with Congress” executive order beforehand?

Trump was worried enough about health care that he finally had to stop promising the terrific plan would come in two weeks, and start saying it had arrived. The difference with the scene in The Grifters, of course, is that reporters can see there’s nothing behind the door. But this is Trump, who is literally a professional grifter by trade. He’s just going to insist the empty room is actually filled with sophisticated computers, and the fake news is lying. It will be up to Joe Biden to expose him.

Fact-checking Trump and Biden during 1st 2020 presidential debate .
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