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The 19th Explains: Everything you need to know about voting and Election Day 2020

  The 19th Explains: Everything you need to know about voting and Election Day 2020 Experts and state officials say to prepare for the reality that the country may not know who won the presidency on Election Day — or for several days (or weeks) after.Long lines due to expected record voter turnout amid a global pandemic. Ongoing concerns about online misinformation. Hundreds of lawsuits over voting. Poll workers facing changing election rules. An incumbent president who won’t guarantee a peaceful transfer of power.

Detractors will argue that those who don’t vote have no right to complain about the direction the nation is taken in. This statement refers to quite a number of Americans as only 36.4 percent of eligible voters bothered to vote in the 2014 midterms.

But this post is for the people who claim to support the lgbt aces. I want you to know the harm you’re doing to them. Because to me it seems you guys If you treat aros/aces that bad, you think queer people who are ace/aro will just ignore it? Will be okay because it’s not for them? No, jfc, of course

College students are one of the most liberal subgroups in our society. But they’re also traditionally less likely to show up to the polls and engage in the political process. So, it’s surprising to see that a “Karen” mentality of shaming others for not voting is growing in popularity among today’s students.

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A new Axios poll finds that 6 in 10 college students are definitely or probably going to confront or shame their peers who don’t vote.

Georgia officials dispute voter suppression claims spurred by long lines

  Georgia officials dispute voter suppression claims spurred by long lines After day two of advance voting, more than 10% of Georgia's electorate has voted and officials are disputing claims of voter suppression, spurred by hours-long lines. "Georgia voters are excited and setting records every hour -- and this is all during a pandemic, lest we forget... we will have a successful election, keeping all of our voting options accessible in all parts of Georgia, regardless of zip code," Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said during a press conference Wednesday. "Some precincts are more favored than others by voters and they just have longer lines... (but) everyone will have the opportunity to vote.

Should people stop shaming the women? Of course! Because you don’t know that person or those people . People in interracial relationships already feel enough friction from their families and society; they don’t need an extra voice shaming their relationship and saying it won’t work.

Welcome to The Jacob Smith Show! In this video, I discuss how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's former senior advisor and friend Gerald Butts vote shames

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"Political expression is etched into this generation's DNA," the pollster told Axios. "Vote-hooky won't just draw side-eye, it could bruise a student's reputation in some social circles. Civic engagement is cool now."

The ironic part is that only 48.3% of college students voted in 2016. So, unless we see a truly revolutionary spike in youth turnout this year, many members of this 60% of finger-wagging college students actually aren’t going to vote themselves.

And let’s be real: These outraged students aren’t truly concerned with ensuring that their peers fulfill their civic duty. They don’t just want you to vote; they want you to vote for Joe Biden. (Anyone who has ever stepped foot on a college campus and witnessed the way in which voter registration drives are conducted knows they are a nakedly partisan effort with the goal of amplifying turnout for Democrats.)

Georgia's pandemic primary was a disaster. Experts fear the state is still vulnerable to a repeat.

  Georgia's pandemic primary was a disaster. Experts fear the state is still vulnerable to a repeat. The long lines and absentee ballot snags that plagued Georgia's June primary were just the latest problems in a state that has become a ground-zero for voting issues. While changes were made in its aftermath, some fear the state remains unprepared.It was not what she had planned.

An intimidating get-out-the- vote letter is trying to shame people into going to the polls. CBS 2's Pam Zekman investigates.

A vote for Clinton is a vote for the further pulverizing, dismemberment, and death of these underprivileged people , while remaining safely This is a common theme in the progressive tactic of vote shaming . The argument goes that depriving Hillary Clinton of your vote is most certainly a

That’s fine. But it’s wrong for young people to look to their peers who are less willing to flock to the polls and support Biden with disdain.

There’s nothing wrong with refusing to vote. No politician is perfect, but you shouldn’t give anyone your vote unless they roughly approximate your values and you at least believe that they are fit for office. To do otherwise and just vote for voting's sake is not “your civic duty.” It’s actually a bad thing.

If voters continue to go to the polls and vote for candidates that don’t represent them, then the parties have no incentive to do anything different next time around. Indeed, lock-step voting is how demographic groups get their votes taken for granted and get their needs ignored.

And there’s no obligation to back a “lesser of two evils” candidate.

“Ultimately, however, the issue of voting comes down to conscience,” Cato Institute senior fellow Doug Bandow wrote. It is not “right to insist that the disaffected suffer through the humiliation of voting when the choices are so awful. Indeed, simply saying no and refusing to cast a ballot is a powerful form of dissent. A decision not to vote deserves the same respect as one to participate.”

California ballot drop box set ablaze in possible arson, damaging up to 100 ballots

  California ballot drop box set ablaze in possible arson, damaging up to 100 ballots It remains unclear how many ballots were affected but Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano said that there were around 100 in the box that were damaged. A video shared by Baldwin Park resident George Silva shows firefighters sawing through. Once the drop box was unsealed, with smoke coming out, firefighters removed dozens of ballots. Posted by George Silva on Sunday, October 18, 2020 Per The Guardian, the fire department spent around two hours handling the incident. The last pickup for that particular box, per a statement from the County Registar’s Office, was Saturday morning.

If there is one thing we are more passionate about than books, it is stopping shaming . Body Shaming , Pronoun Shaming , Gender Shaming . piss us off.

When we shame Black people for not voting , we are not only playing into white supremacy but are actively dismissing the ways in which white supremacy actively stops Black people from voting . After Reconstruction and the 15th amendment which allowed Black men to vote , hundreds of Black men

Oh, and the notion that “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain” is ridiculous. While voting is optional, bearing the consequences of governance — taxation, criminal enforcement, regulation — is not. People who vote or don’t have equally the same right to complain about the impositions of bad government because they don’t only apply to voters. (And, there’s little reason to think that voting would have changed or prevented any of them.)

When a system time and time again fails to represent you or provide you with reasonable options, refusing to participate is a morally valid option. College students eager to shame their peers who don’t go to the polls should instead reflect on why their favored candidates have proven so unappealing and uninspiring to so many young people.

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is a Washington Examiner contributor and host of the Breaking Boundaries podcast.

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Coronavirus cases are surging again. These states have refused to loosen rules on who can vote by mail. .
Most of the roughly 30 million registered voters who live in Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee have no choice but to cast ballots in person this fall. Texas is one of five red states that emerged as conspicuous holdouts this year as the rest of the country rushed to loosen voting rules because of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the roughly 30 million registered voters who live there, and in Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee have no choice but to cast ballots in person this fall, even as the rate of coronavirus in the United States approaches its third peak.

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