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18:40  18 october  2020
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Migration: Bundestag expands opportunities for family reunification

 Migration: Bundestag expands opportunities for family reunification In future, more people from non-EU countries will have the opportunity to move to Germany with partners and relatives. The Bundestag decided on Friday in Berlin with the votes of the CDU / CSU, SPD, FDP and the Greens extended opportunities for family reunification. © dpa Family members should have an easier time moving to Germany in the future. The AfD voted against, the left-wing faction abstained.

agony aunt definition: 1. a person, usually a woman, who gives advice to people with personal problems, especially in a…. Add agony aunt to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

Anarcho Agony Aunts is a sex and dating advice show, covered from a feminist, antifascist, anarchist perspective.

a drawing of a cartoon character: Tim Lahan © Provided by The Atlantic Tim Lahan

What will it be, the thing that finally makes me write to an advice columnist?

A quandary of the heart? An out-of-control kink? A high-stakes issue involving wedding invitations? Deeply schooled as I am in the lore of the problem page, I still don’t know which of the standard cries for help I’ll end up emitting.

Because they’re all standard—that’s the point. The problems are the same, now and forever. The same dilemmas, the same misunderstandings. Is my boss a pig? Why won’t my stepdaughter say thank you? I married a frog—I thought he was a prince! They loop around, they rhythmically recur, albeit touched with the flavor of the times (“Help, My Pandemic Crush Feels So Real!”). And the problem of all problems, the old chestnut: Why am I doing what I’m doing, when it’s so obviously bad for me? Saint Paul put this one best in his letter to the Romans: “For what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.”

Despite all the torture: Another question mark behind Gonzalez

 Despite all the torture: Another question mark behind Gonzalez Will Nicolas Gonzalez be involved in the upcoming Bundesliga appearance again? The stand at the convalescents of VfB Stuttgart. © imago images Agony for the comeback: Nicolas Gonzalez. While his colleagues traveled to the test match in Freiburg at the end of last week and completed the famous run-out the next day before there was a free weekend, Nicolas Gonzalez toiled hard for himself. Whether he will make it to the away game in the capital is still questionable.

From the album ´Tears from the black seasonS´ re-recorded in 2007 RRios - vocal, keyboard Alfredoom - bass Nagamath - guitarra Mike - guitar ManOld - drums

Just some pics i threw together.it was pretty cool until i made some last minute changes and the timing screwed up song-Animal i have become.

Agony aunts, we call them in England, and I’ve been reading them forever. I first encountered them in my mother’s magazines: Woman’s Own, Woman’s Weekly, Woman’s Realm. Virginia Ironside—what a counselor. With what insight and asperity she sliced into the 200-word soap operettas laid before her, four or five to a page. Remotely, a boy at the keyhole as it were, I took it all in. I became a short-trousered expert in adulterous longing, erotic disharmony, soul-death at the kitchen table. They were an education to me, a widening of my eyes. This world of complication, this world of problems—I couldn’t get enough.

shape, circle © Tim Lahan

And I still can’t. “Ask Polly,” “Dear Prudence” … Some of the letters I read with icy snobbery, some with a gush of fellow feeling. How tangled we get. How impossible it is, apparently, to be alive without sitting on somebody, or being sat on. Is it freedom you want? The swingers have their problems too (“I Love My Poly Lifestyle, but the Constant Sex Has One Big Drawback”).

"So scared": the caves to escape the bombardments near Nagorno Karabakh

 © Bulent Kilic Tatiana Pashaïeva in tears as she takes shelter in a cellar with other inhabitants during a bombardment in the town of Terter, in Azerbaijan, October 13, 2020 Tears did not spring into Tatiana Pashayev's eyes until the shells started to explode, leaving her barely time to take refuge in a cellar on the Azerbaijani side of the border with the Nagorno Karabakh at war. "I'm so, so scared.

agony aunt . a womon in a magazine who gives you advice if you are a sad person with no one else to talk to. person; " dear agony auntt, my best friend is so much better looking, cleverer, and an all around brilliant person that I feel inadequate.

AGONY AUNTS Relationship Advice Q&A. Helen Anderson. Загрузка Unlikely agony aunt letters | Mock the Week - BBC - Продолжительность: 3:26 BBC Recommended for you.

And then, in a different tone, in a different font, the problem is solved. The advice is given. Setup, punch line. Tension, release. One of the purest thrills for the problem-page addict is the discovery of an unreliable narrator: an advice seeker whose own flaws, glaringly revealed in their letter, are somehow obscure to them. We can barely wait for the columnist to straighten them out (Your sister is quite right; you behaved disgracefully).

Voyeurism and schadenfreude—we know our own baseness, we who lurk in the problem pages. But we’re also holding out, childlike, for something beautiful: the idea of a consummately wise person who can take us in hand. Who has all the answers. Who will know what to do when the weight of our situation exceeds the load-bearing capacity of our psychological frame. Because it’s much to be anticipated, much to be wished for—the day when our problems are over.

Khabib Nurmagomedov's road to UFC 254 was filled with obstacles, including hospital stay .
UFC lightweight champion had to battle numerous obstacles heading into the final fight of his career. Prior to submitting Justin Gaethje in the second round of the UFC 254 headliner, it was revealed that Nurmagomedov (29-0 MMA, 13-0 UFC) missed two weeks of camp af ter being diagnosed with the mumps in mid-September. UFC president Dana White also said Nurmagomedov suffered a broken foot three weeks before his fight. That was in addition to the fact that UFC 254 was Nuamgomedov’s first fight since the death of his father and coach, Abdulmanap, earlier this year.

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