Opinion The Biden-Harris Antipathy toward Guns Portends Trouble for Law Enforcement

13:05  25 october  2020
13:05  25 october  2020 Source:   nationalreview.com

Fact check: Joe Biden called 'forces of intolerance,' not Trump supporters, the 'dregs of society'

  Fact check: Joe Biden called 'forces of intolerance,' not Trump supporters, the 'dregs of society' Accounts linked to President Donald Trump and his family claim that Joe Biden called Trump supporters the "dregs of society." In reality, he said that about "forces of intolerance."A campaign account, Trump War Room, claimed on Twitter that the remark was in reference to "Trump supporters.

Joe Biden knows that gun violence is a public health epidemic. Almost 40,000 people die as a result of firearm injuries every year in the United States Extreme risk laws , also called “red flag” laws , enable family members or law enforcement officials to temporarily remove an individual’s access to firearms

But Mr. Biden has seen his formal support from prominent law - enforcement groups disintegrate as those organizations closed ranks against reform For years, Mr. Biden stood out in the Senate as a fierce defender of the police. He has alluded, during the current campaign, to an affinity for law

It comes as no surprise former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are campaigning on promises “to end our gun-violence epidemic.” The leftward drift of the Democratic Party on most policy questions, including lawful firearm ownership, has been made explicit in its 2020 party platform. The presidential nominee’s campaign “issues page” takes it several steps further, promising to pass or incentivize all manner of gun restrictions.

Joe Biden standing in front of a sign: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a drive-in campaign event at Dallas High School in Dallas, Pa., October 24, 2020. © Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a drive-in campaign event at Dallas High School in Dallas, Pa., October 24, 2020.

In addition to the lack of evidence supporting these initiatives and their dubious constitutionality they all share one principal problem: The federal government — the helm of which Joe Biden seeks to occupy — has very little authority in this domain. In order to accomplish these policy aims, state and local law-enforcement agencies would need to be pressed into service.

Read the full transcript of Joe Biden's ABC News town hall

  Read the full transcript of Joe Biden's ABC News town hall Read the full transcript of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's ABC News town hall, Thursday at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. © Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images Democratic Presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden and moderator George Stephanopoulos participate in an ABC News town hall event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Oct. 15, 2020. Please note: This is a rush transcript that may not be in its final form, and may be updated.

The speech was Biden 's most direct rebuttal so far of Trump's and the GOP's attacks last week during the virtual Republican National Convention. Joe Biden issued a stinging rebuke to President Donald Trump's false accusations that the Democratic nominee is anti- law enforcement , or that he supports

We know that Hunter Biden exploited his father’s position as Vice President to win ridiculously lucrative jobs with the Ukrainian energy company We also know that Hunter Biden has lived a troubled life. The Navy kicked him out for drug abuse. He fathered a child he denies and refuses to support.

Biden has already had his wrist slapped in this regard. His website touts his “shepherding” of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, a bill most known for the again-promised “assault-weapons ban.” The ban later expired in 2004, with rates of firearm violence actually trending lower after its expiration than during its effect.

Among other provisions, the bill also required that local chief law enforcement officers (CLEOs) perform background checks on prospective firearm purchasers. Jay Printz, sheriff of Ravalli County, Mont., brought suit against the United States, stating that the federal government had no authority to compel state and local officials to execute federal law. In Printz v. United States, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed, holding that despite the increasingly expansive interpretation of the “necessary and proper” clause, Congress cannot enjoin state officials to do its bidding. As a result, the mandate was subsequently ejected from the Brady Bill.

Fact-checking Trump's massively dishonest weekend: The President made at least 66 separate false or misleading claims in three days

  Fact-checking Trump's massively dishonest weekend: The President made at least 66 separate false or misleading claims in three days President Donald Trump's dishonesty is getting worse. © Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images US President Donald Trump gestures during a rally at Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport in Janesville, Wisconsin on October 17, 2020. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images) Trump has been reliably deceptive for his entire presidency, filling his speeches and tweets with lies and other false statements.

Joe Biden has changed his story three times on defunding police, while Donald Trump's support for public safety is unwavering and unquestioned. The riots were suppressed by swift and effective law enforcement responses, supported by the general public.

Now, Natural News can exclusively reveal that the Hunter Biden videos contain multiple videos that captured Hunter Biden engaged in extreme sexual ABUSE of under-age Chinese teens , and that there are multiple, different victims captured in the videos.

Harris’s understanding of the Second Amendment within our system of federalism is even more stunted. As the attorney general of California, she signed on to an amicus brief claiming that governments have complete authority to wholly ban handguns — an assertion that has been repeatedly rejected by courts and historians alike. During her presidential run in 2019, she promised to enact her preferred elements of gun control via executive orders, none of which were within the realm of executive control. Paradoxically, she is seeking to leave the one body that could enact substantive reform without so much as ceremonially filing legislation to do what she is promising.

However, post-Printz, a largely weak Congress and an expansive executive branch have found another way to force their will on individuals in areas traditionally regulated by state law: via debt-financed federal purse. “Simply do X,” the federal government promises, “and make yourself eligible for Y amount of dollars through the new Z grant program! You are leaving money on the table by not doing so!” Of course, the messaging always fails to mention that it is your money as a taxpayer being left upon the proverbial table.

Fact check: Harris said her work as California's AG is a 'model of what our nation needs'

  Fact check: Harris said her work as California's AG is a 'model of what our nation needs' Kamala Harris never said that "California is a model of what the country should be." She did, however, say her work on criminal justice reform is "a model of what our nation needs to do."Now, some are reprising that criticism against Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, who hails from the Golden State.

Likewise, Biden , Harris and Buttigieg have all slammed Wall Street, vowed to close the wealth gap and pledged Harris' campaign website touts her record of taking on Wall Street when she was California's attorney Buttigieg has called for stricter consumer protections, including the revival of enforcement

The activism in the party over law enforcement and racial injustice has already had an impact on Democratic politics. In the end, though, the group’s recommendations to the Biden campaign and the D.N.C.’s platform committee will not include reducing money for law enforcement , according to

The word “incentive” or “incentivize” appears no fewer than five times in Biden’s gun-control agenda, seeking to “nudge” state policymaking in firearm and policing policy. State and local governments, none of which have their own money-printing press or central bank, must balance their needs with their limited resources and might be tempted to abdicate their responsibilities for quick cash.

This puts police officers in a bind. Having sworn an oath to uphold state and federal constitutions and local, state, and federal laws, what is their proper course of action if a supine Congress — under the prodding of an overreaching executive — incentivizes demonstrably unconstitutional behavior from state and local governments?

Law enforcement today is under attack from radical criminals. It is unconscionable to set the police against law-abiding citizens as well in pursuit of progressive orthodoxy.

Luckily, states do have recourse. State legislatures can prohibit local entities from participating in direct federal-grant programs that usurp their traditional prerogative. Governors can refuse to participate in programs that similarly transfer decision-making authority. Of course, both require the relevant actor to prize the long-term health of our federalist republican government over the short-term infusion of lucre.

Kristen Welker praised for ‘masterclass’ debate moderation, Chris Wallace is ‘jealous’

  Kristen Welker praised for ‘masterclass’ debate moderation, Chris Wallace is ‘jealous’ After Fox News' Chris Wallace failed to maintain order during the first presidential debate, NBC News' Kristen Welker earned solid marks Thursday.After Fox News' Chris Wallace failed to maintain order during the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, Welker was applauded for Thursday's controlled exchange.

Alex Jones breaks down the bombshell developments surrounding Hunter Biden ’s hard drive, which allegedly contain thousands of images and videos of extremely obscene material, including Hunter raping and torturing underage Chinese girls.

Senator Kamala Harris in January. She is certain to draw speculation as a potential running mate for Joseph R. Biden Jr. Credit Erin Schaff/The New York Times.

Derek Cohen, Ph.D. (@CohenAtTPPF) is the policy director of Right on Crime at the nonprofit Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Randy Petersen is a senior researcher for the policing initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. He spent 21 years as a police officer working in the patrol, investigations, training, and administrative divisions before retiring in 2014 and becoming a director of a police academy in Texas.

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