Opinion Rudy’s Phony Fraud Hearing in Gettysburg Debuts Trump’s Shadow Government

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President Trump stays mostly out of view after election but is working, taking steps to, in part, poke Biden

  President Trump stays mostly out of view after election but is working, taking steps to, in part, poke Biden Trump has been mostly out of view since Election Day but is working: He is purging staff and pursuing actions designed in part to irk Joe Biden.President Donald Trump has stayed mostly out of public view in the two weeks since his election loss to Democrat Joe Biden. On nine of the 14 days since the Nov. 3 election, his daily schedule has been summed up in a single sentence: “The president has no public events scheduled" – the longest he has been out of public view since taking office in January 2017.

Rudy Giuliani' s Gettysburg Hearing - President Trump Calls in Via Phone (VIDEO). Watch.

President Trump cancelled a planned trip to Gettysburg to see Rudy put forward claims of voter fraud , after campaign advisor Boris Epshteyn Trump calls Giuliani in middle of Republican hearing about complaints of ' fraud ' in Gettysburg to rant on speakerphone: 'Why wouldn’t they overturn an election'.

After his porn store adjacent presser and his appearances alongside raving conspiracist Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani made a more dressed-up attempt to call into question the election results at a hearing on Wednesday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump are posing for a picture: Don Emmert/Getty © Provided by The Daily Beast Don Emmert/Getty

Even before the president of the United States decided to phone in, it was a stage run for a shadow government—an alternate government for an alternate reality that bodes ill for what’s coming in the next couple of years.

In case you missed it, this meeting of Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers was billed as a “hearing,” though that description is a bit misleading. There were no Democrats (not that I saw, anyway). But it had the trappings. It looked the part. And, indeed, the most remarkable thing was how normal most of it seemed. On the dais were seated several state senators and representatives, all of whom were basically out of central casting. If you’ve spent any time around Republican politics, pre-Trump, these were essentially standard-issue pols, which is to say there were no visible tinfoil hats, just ill-fitting suits and red neckties.

President Trump's defeat may give Supreme Court a rest from personal, policy lawsuits

  President Trump's defeat may give Supreme Court a rest from personal, policy lawsuits Many cases tied to Trump's policies or personal entanglements are likely to become moot or, at least, undeserving of the Supreme Court's attention.Even in the autumn of his presidency, little has changed. The administration came before the justices the week after Election Day in hopes of dismantling the Affordable Care Act, perhaps the most celebrated achievement of his predecessor. Later this month, it will defend its plan to exclude noncitizens from the census count used to apportion seats in the House of Representatives.

President Donald Trump ’ s effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election stretched into a more desperate phase on Wednesday as he phoned into a conspiratorial public hearing on voter fraud headlined by Rudy Giuliani and Republicans in Gettysburg , Pa. The remarks from the president

Another Trump campaign advisor tests positive for coronavirus as Giuliani heads to Gettysburg . A top advisor to President Donald Trump ' s campaign tested positive for the coronavirus, a week after he attended a Republican state senators are holding a hearing there on purported election fraud .

Speaking as a conservative, the idea that some “irregularities” or “anomalies” regarding vote counting or “chain of custody” problems might take place in Philadelphia, sadly, doesn’t surprise me. It would be like finding out there was gambling in Casablanca.

This is all to say that I would not normally be hostile to these allegations (indeed, I am predisposed to believe them). Except, being receptive to this message would require having paid no attention to what has happened in the last few months. And (sadly) I have paid all too much attention.

So when I hear what might sound like sincere or persuasive examples of voter fraud, I am immediately hit with other questions. For example, how do these allegations of good old fashioned voter fraud (dead people voting, “chain of custody” issues, observers not being allowed to see the counting) square with the last time I saw Giuliani, when he (along with Sidney Powell) alleged that voting software created by Hugo Chavez switched votes from Trump to Biden?

The Story of the Gettysburg Address—and What It Can Teach Us Today

  The Story of the Gettysburg Address—and What It Can Teach Us Today Abraham Lincoln's words on November 19, 1863, remind us of who we are—and of America's capacity to endure and thrive.President Abraham Lincoln arrived early because he wanted to see the battlefield. To see in person what he had only before seen on maps and official reports. He wanted to see the ground. And walk the ground.

Historical place, historical information, historical people. This Hearing will go down in history and is why it must be archived for future generations. If you want to support Digital Soldier like myself please send me some Bitcoin or other Crypt…

President Donald Trump called into a Gettysburg , Pennsylvania, " hearing " on Wednesday hosted by GOP state lawmakers over baseless allegations of voter The President had planned on appearing in-person with his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, but two sources told CNN Trump ' s trip was canceled.

I mean, if votes can be magically manipulated by machines to cancel or switch votes, then why go to the trouble of having dead people vote? I’m also haunted by Trump’s constant premonitions that the election was going to be stolen. I mean, isn’t it a coincidence that Trump literally spent months, apropos of nothing, warning that the only way he could lose would be if Democrats stole the election, and then he loses the election, and, amazingly, it was “stolen”?

What is noteworthy here is that, unlike recent events, Wednesday’s meeting seemed to focus less on conspiracies (though there were some), and more on believable (if impossible to prove) allegations. It featured “normal” seeming Republicans, like Sen. Doug Mastriano, who called for the hearing, and whose opening remarks referenced Gettysburg, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Abraham Lincoln. “We are here today to try to find out what the heck happened in the election,” he said. Pretty normal-sounding stuff that, in any other context, would be hard to argue with.

Trump's legal team cried vote fraud, but courts found none

  Trump's legal team cried vote fraud, but courts found none PHILADELPHIA (AP) — As they frantically searched for ways to salvage President Donald Trump's failed reelection bid, his campaign pursued a dizzying game of legal hopscotch across six states that centered on the biggest prize of all: Pennsylvania. The strategy may have played well in front of television cameras and on talk radio. But it has proved a disaster in court, where judges uniformly rejected their claims of vote fraud and found the campaign's legal work amateurish. In a ruling late Saturday, U.S.

This is the full phone call comments from President Trump at the Gettysburg Election Fraud Hearing today. Highlights of the Election Fraud Hearing in Gettysburg .

Rudy Giuliani has been criticized for frivolous, dishonest litigation and is on the receiving end of calls to take away his legal license. Giuliani is representing President Donald Trump ' s presidential campaign in numerous failed election lawsuits and has floated conspiracy theories about election fraud .

And, of course, it featured the president. True, Donald Trump didn’t actually bother showing up, but he did eventually phone in as it droned on, just like a real government hearing, thanking OAN for broadcasting it, encouraging Republican state lawmakers to keep up the fight and punching back at anyone who doesn’t believe that he really won this supposedly “fraudulent,” "rigged” election, despite what the voters, states, and courts have found.

“Don’t be intimidated by these people,” Trump said. “But they’re bad people, horrible people. They’re people who don’t love our country.”

He also took time to praise a friend. “I want to thank Rudy Giuliani for having the courage to do this,” Trump said. “Other lawyers had backed down because they were being screamed at… This is going to be your crowning achievement because you’re saving our country.”

I’m still curious: Did Trump (who was originally slated to attend in person) skip attending the event because Giuliani had been exposed to someone with COVID (as many speculated, initially), or because Trump feared Rudy has become a joke, and was hedging his bets to see how the hearing shook out before joining?

Another Trump campaign advisor tests positive for coronavirus as Giuliani heads to Gettysburg

  Another Trump campaign advisor tests positive for coronavirus as Giuliani heads to Gettysburg Boris Epshteyn's diagnosis came after he attended a news conference led by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.The disclosure of the Covid-19 diagnosis by Boris Epshteyn came as Giuliani, the Trump lawyer who led that press conference, headed to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, for what was being called a hearing by the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee on the state's election.

When you consider that Trump already had COVID (presumably meaning he’s not susceptible to the virus), and that, despite being exposed, Rudy still went to Gettysburg, risking exposing a room full of people—and that Rudy’s last press conference turned into a laughing stock—I suspect the latter. The event started at 12:30 pm ET, but it wasn’t until around 1:51 that Trump took to social media and encouraged people to watch. Why the delay in promoting the event? Was something important happening that we don’t know about, or was Trump just waiting to make sure this wasn’t going to be another clown show?

It wasn’t exactly a clown show, but it certainly wasn’t an attempt to win a court case. And, while Rudy and others talked about the legislature throwing the state to Trump, this wasn't really an attempt to overturn the results, either.

What we witnessed, instead, was the performance of a government in exile. Except the government includes actual Republican lawmakers, and its head is, until January 20, still in charge of the actual state.

It is an attempt to keep people believing, in perpetuity, that Trump was the real winner and Biden, like Obama, is not really a legitimate president.

If that happens, we may look back and think of the town of Gettysburg in a whole new context.

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The former mayor’s fevered efforts to overturn the election results may be about self-preservation more than anything else.Giuliani has shown unswerving loyalty, gleefully obfuscated facts, launched wild attacks on the media, hosted circus-style press conferences, and gone to court, all in a fruitless, evidence-free quest to persuade several states to block Joe Biden’s electoral victories.

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