Opinion Democrats don't get to have a monopoly on 'grievance'

01:05  04 december  2020
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‘We’re in the foxhole together’: House Democrats reckon with a diminished majority

  ‘We’re in the foxhole together’: House Democrats reckon with a diminished majority With a single-digit majority, Democrats will have to show an unprecedented amount of cooperation — a tall order inside a caucus frequently riven by internal conflicts. [‘We’re the ones who won’: McCarthy guarantees 2022 House majority after GOP stymies Democrats in suburbs] Hoyer said he has already taken steps to make the Democrats’ shrunken majority more manageable. He has instructed committee chairmen to ensure that the bills they advance are bipartisan or can win the support of a broad spectrum of Democrats.

Republicans don ’ t need to endorse every Trump tweet or initiative to pursue this strategy. Democratic politicians would have to try to pull the discussion in a different direction. Which side is successful in determining what the elections are about will go a long way to determining who wins them.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has a lot of problems with his political rivals – now you’re going to hear about them. The Republican presidential candidate The Republican presidential candidate took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to participate in Festivus’ “Airing of Grievances ” again. This is the third time

Probably the most maddening thing about the Left is how it simultaneously loves victimhood for itself and deeply resents anyone else who says they've been harmed too.

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It's why liberals in the national media have in recent years characterized, with piping hot condescension, something they call "white grievance," the idea being that racist whites are acting out politically as they see the country's demographics turn against them.

New York Times liberal Charlie Warzel described the "grievance" mindset this way on Thursday: "We came to power because we were the overlooked, hated silent majority. But, when we came to power, our opposition hated us and treated us unfairly. The result of that treatment is the loss of our power and proof that the system is rigged against us. Once again, we’re the overlooked, silent majority."

GOP poised to gerrymander its hold on power — Democrats fall short in nearly every key state

  GOP poised to gerrymander its hold on power — Democrats fall short in nearly every key state Republicans will have power to gerrymander 188 congressional districts while Dems hold control over just 73 seats Demonstrators protest against gerrymandering at a rally at the Supreme Court during the gerrymandering cases Lamone v. Benisek and Rucho v. Common Cause.

The Democrats Confront Monopoly . Taking on corporate concentration has gone from a fringe idea If you got past the bland subheading “Lower the costs of living for families,” you would have found That wasn’ t always the case. America used to have a robust tradition of anti- monopoly politics, as

The great Sidney Powell was on Mornings with Maria and she unloaded on the monstrous amount of Democrat voter fraud in the 2020 election. But during this discussion Maria Bartiromo dropped a bomb as well. During her discussion with Sidney Powell, Maria Bartiromo shared the following about the firm

Regardless of whether or not this is an accurate description of how a lot of conservatives think, why should it deserve any more criticism than liberals' endless list of grievances? When they whine about "white supremacy" and "the patriarchy," there is no acceptable response to that outside of a silent nod. (If you say anything otherwise, of course, you're racist.)

Liberals insist that they're the victims of white supremacy, policing, sexism, "cultural appropriation," transphobia, and "toxic masculinity."

Conservatives note that it's unfair to keep them out of church while Black Lives Matter rioters get a pass, and the Left rolls its eyes at the "white grievance."

Wallowing in victimhood is never attractive. But if Democrats are going to glorify it for themselves, they'll have to get used to hearing about the legitimate problems of everyone else too.

Democrats’ Shaky Future in the House

  Democrats’ Shaky Future in the House Joe Biden’s walloping victory in the popular vote didn’t translate down-ballot.That unusual combination of results—the first time it’s happened in more than 120 years—crystallizes the core challenge Democrats face in translating their consistent victories in the popular vote into congressional power. In geographic terms, their coalition is deep but narrow. The party has consolidated its hold on the nation’s largest metropolitan centers, which allows it to amass substantial popular-vote victories, but it has systematically declined in the smaller places beyond them—a dynamic that’s intensified during Donald Trump’s polarizing presidency.

As hard as it is for those accustomed to the old binary to accept, white people in 2012 do not have the monopoly on racism. That in itself is a sign of Those of a cynical disposition (of which I am not one) may well say that, as professional naysayers employed in the (lucrative) “race grievance ” industry

Democrat Pulls The Most EVIL Sh* I have Ever Seen, Calls On Tech Monopoly To RESTRICT Our RIghts. Timcast.

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