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20:06  12 january  2021
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The future of populism in America

  The future of populism in America Populist movements arise periodically to counter intensifying corrosive concentrations of power and ultimately restore democratic legitimacy . After power structures realign, populist movements tend to dissipate or merge back into traditional parties, as did the People's Party of North America over a century ago.But what happens if a populist movement is (or is believed to be) suppressed by the power structures it was meant to assuage?This could be our current situation. The mainstream media, which is considered a critical component of any democratic system, is now distrusted by 60 percent of Americans.

In an inaugural address fired with the populist fuel of his norm-shattering campaign, President Donald Trump on Friday vowed to take on entrenched interests in Washington, secure America’s borders, fix its infrastructure, bring back factory jobs, and wipe out terrorism.

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The convulsions of last week leave us with a great deal to unpack. But one thing they must surely do is to illustrate, in the starkest of terms, the distinctions between conservatism and the populism which masquerades as it.

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President Trump has always embodied the latter, borrowing enough of the former, usually in a reductionist rhetorical form, to make the pretense complete. And it was successful in many ways — bringing about tax and regulatory reforms that revived a lethargic economy, providing for a more restrained and constitutionally astute judiciary, and permitting the relocation of America’s Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Italy will not opt for a 'populist' answer to the current political crisis, former minister says

  Italy will not opt for a 'populist' answer to the current political crisis, former minister says Italy's political crisis will not mean a populist or anti-EU government in Rome, Elena Bonetti, a former minister and Italia Viva member said.Italy is facing fresh political uncertainty after former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi pulled his support for the current coalition government. His small party — Italia Viva — had backed the Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party, two pro-EU parties, which have been in power since the summer of 2019.

Sri Lanka is in a state of shock and confusion, trying to understand how a little-known Islamist group may have unleashed the wave of co-ordinated suicide bombings that resulted in the Easter Sunday carnage - the worst since the end of the civil war a decade ago. The South Asian island nation has

Some consequences may be unseen, and other consequences may be very obvious, but they all exist. For example, if one decides to approach a wild mustang in a stall, the consequence might be As Newton once said, what goes up must come down.

But where its rootlessness failed, it did so spectacularly.

Aside from some notable examples (Vice President Mike Pence, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sens. Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey, Reps. Liz Cheney and Ken Buck and a few others), there was very little about last week in Washington, D.C., that could be called conservative. The election challenges were puerile and baseless, and the proposed remedies even worse. What they boiled down to was essentially a call to federalize elections, one of the few remaining areas of responsibility that have remained, properly, in the domain of the states. Conservatives have spent a great deal of effort defending the Electoral College over the years, particularly from the Jacobinical impulse to impose a national popular vote. If the last two months have not revealed to the Left the need and genius of the decentralized Electoral College system, one despairs of anything that would.

4 Big Questions About Post-Trump Politics That the G.A. Runoffs May Answer

  4 Big Questions About Post-Trump Politics That the G.A. Runoffs May Answer Today’s election will provide our first clues about what American politics will look like in the post-Trump era.Whether Georgia will retain its Republican Senate incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, or swap them out for the liberal Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, is the most urgent question hanging over our polity today. And it is one that the Peach State will answer conclusively, if not tonight, then shortly thereafter. But there are other big-picture questions about the future of American politics that the 2020 race did not — and in some cases, could not — resolve.

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Carnage 's defining storyline was the Maximum Carnage crossover, where he recruited several supervillains and declared war on New York, forcing Spider-Man to form his own alliance of superheroes and anti-heroes to combat him.

We have perhaps become accustomed to dissent from the traditional conservative canon in the White House, and acceptance of this heterodoxy on the part of the Republican base, which, dismayingly at times, seems to regard the president’s statements as Papally infallible. I recall beholding, in some amazement, a roomful of Republican loyalists cheering Trump as he extolled the virtues of trade protectionism and price controls on Big Pharma while railing against President George W. Bush’s “warmongering” in the Middle East. Surreal.

Appeals to populist sentiment generally do not end well — Edmund Burke wrote his most illustrative work reflecting on a massive one in France at the end of the 18th century. Thus, last Wednesday ought not to have come as much of a surprise. The summer was full of populist upheavals, from a different direction, but using the same tinder. In each case, masses gathered, eager and willing to be fed ideological yarns woven by demagogues to support the myth of some oppressive superstructure, culminating inevitably in violence. That is a type of social architecture that is antithetical to conservatism, regardless of who embraces it.

Big trends in American politics are making events like the U.S. Capitol violence more likely

  Big trends in American politics are making events like the U.S. Capitol violence more likely Two of the trends: weaker parties and stronger presidents Does this signal a course change in American politics? Some pundits suggest that President Trump’s behavior is just one illustration of the Republican Party’s slow transformation into an authoritarian party. Others worry that his efforts to overturn the election illustrate the decay of U.S. democracy. The Jan. 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol, congressional Republicans’ challenge to the electoral count of selected states, and last weekend’s revelation of the president’s efforts to strong-arm the Georgia secretary of state have only amplified these concerns.

The sky is apparently falling again in Washington, as President-elect Joe Biden has warned of "devastating consequences " if President Donald "This abdication of responsibility has devastating consequences ," Biden said on Saturday. He noted that Americans won't get their 0 stimulus

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So, where do we go from here? The question most immediately looks to Trump and what the repercussions should be. Any sober analysis suggests that the president’s actions and statements are impeachable. It gets more muddled after that. Invocation of the 25th Amendment, an option being bandied about liberally, is inappropriate — it is designed for a completely different situation, and recklessly expanding its scope would set a dangerous precedent. But is impeachment the best option? Probably not as a means to remove Trump from office, desirable or not. There is insufficient time to do it properly, and it would needlessly inflame already raw partisan nerves — the last thing the nation needs at this point. There is a case to be made for later impeachment, both as an ultimate rebuke and to prevent him from running again. There is time to ruminate on that option, one that ought only to be taken after national tempers have cooled.

There do have to be consequences for Trump's actions. One of the more substantive problems lingering from the summer’s violence is the prevalence of inadequate, or inconsistent, application of consequence to the offenders, beginning with over-restraint of law enforcement in response. It would help our focus to reacquaint ourselves with a key conservative tenet, that the principal duty of government in a free society is the maintenance of order under the aegis of the rule of law.

As ‘Woke Capital’ Turns on Trump, the GOP Turns on ‘Small Government’

  As ‘Woke Capital’ Turns on Trump, the GOP Turns on ‘Small Government’ The movement for “small government” is starting to realize that it has more influence over the state than it does over the corporate sector.Or so conservatives have taken to arguing lately.

The vast majority of the country is unified in outrage by the spectacle of last week, but probably for different reasons. Democrats appear to believe that this episode reveals the fatal flaw in conservative philosophy and that we are all coming around to the enlightenment of progressive ideologies. Conservatives, rather, recognize that all of these disruptions are the consequence of a steady, if gradual, rejection of conservative tenets.

America’s institutions have prevailed through all the various uprisings. How long they can continue to do so, while sustaining assault from populist ravages from both the Left and Right, is the question that America must make its business to answer in the very near future.

Kelly Sloan (@KVSloan25) is a Denver-based public affairs consultant and columnist.

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Trump Presidency Careens Toward End on Violent Final Note .
Donald Trump’s presidency careened toward its conclusion Wednesday with a shocking display of lawlessness, as a mob of supporters inflamed by the president stormed the U.S. Capitol in a bid to disrupt the final certification of his re-election defeat. © Photographer: Samuel Corum/Getty Images U.S. President Donald Trump on a screen as his supporters cheer during a rally on the National Mall on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. A day that started with Trump basking in the adulation of his supporters ended with him on defense and politically radioactive.

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