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22:55  12 january  2021
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Harvard Removes Rep. Elise Stefanik From Advisory Board Over Her Claims of Voter Fraud

  Harvard Removes Rep. Elise Stefanik From Advisory Board Over Her Claims of Voter Fraud Stefanik was one of 147 Republicans in Congress to vote against the election certification for Joe Biden after a violent mob attacked the U.S. Capitol last week.In a statement released Tuesday, Dean Doug Elmendorf of the Harvard Kennedy School of Politics announced Stefanik's removal.

Harvard 's actions set off a debate over whether admissions officers should pay attention to what students He noted in his tweets that Harvard 's decision to rescind his offer of admission came after he He went on to criticize the university's decision . " Harvard deciding that someone can’t grow

Some consequences may be unseen, and other consequences may be very obvious, but they all exist. For example, if one decides to approach a wild mustang in a Indeed, every single action has some sort of consequence . Some consequences may be unseen, and other consequences may

Many a hallowed figure has walked the halls of Harvard’s Institute of Politics. (Does it have halls? As I did not attend Harvard, I do not know.) The program, which is operated by the university’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government, has extended shelter to a number of Donald Trump’s castoffs. Sean Spicer was a fellow. So was Corey Lewandowski, and Reince Priebus, and Gary Cohn. A thorough survey of the institute’s current and former fellows suggests one qualification for employment: a person must have been in power. What they did with that power matters significantly less.

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So Representative Elise Stefanik of New York must have been a little surprised to learn she no longer has a place at the Institute. Kennedy School dean Doug Elmendorf announced on Tuesday that he had asked the Republican congresswoman to leave the Institute’s senior advisory committee, citing Stefanik’s decision to repeat Trump’s lies about election fraud. When Stefanik, a Harvard alumna, refused to step down, Elmendorf removed her. The Kennedy School has standards after all.

Harvard removes upstate NY Republican Rep. Stefanik from prestigious senior advisory committee

  Harvard removes upstate NY Republican Rep. Stefanik from prestigious senior advisory committee Harvard University cut ties with a U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY-R) Tuesday for her comments that fueled President Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud after hundreds of students and alumni called for her removal.Harvard University cut ties with a New York Republican Congresswoman Tuesday over her comments supporting President Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud.

The problem is, in most cases, the consequences will hit so far in the future that the cause is practically divorced from the result. OK, so before you tune out because we’re waxing too philosophical on you, we have to point out that the decisions you make today will also affect your outcomes in getting into

Quotes tagged as "choices-and- consequences " Showing 1-30 of 298. “And on that evening when we grow older still we'll speak about these two young men as though they were two strangers we met on the train and whom we admire and want to help along. And we'll want to call it envy, because to call it

Stefanik, meanwhile, is unhappy. By removing her, Harvard caved to the “woke Left,” she complained in a press release, and warned: “The Ivory Tower’s march toward a monoculture of like-minded, intolerant liberal views will continue to erode diversity of thought, public discourse, and ultimately the student experience.” Though Stefanik’s free speech worries contain about as much substance as her election fraud fears, her spat with Harvard is of moderate interest. She’ll be fine without Harvard — conservative universities would welcome her on campus — but her alma mater is in a trickier spot.

In his note to Stefanik’s former colleagues at the Institute of Politics, Elmendorf stressed that her removal had nothing to do with “political parties, political ideology, or her choice of candidate for president.” But such a fiction will be difficult for Elmendorf to maintain. The GOP did not collapse into an anti-democratic party overnight. The signs have been present, and during the Trump years, they were uniquely difficult to ignore. But the IOP did ignore them. Though a single institute at an American university arguably should not matter this much, Harvard is a brand as much as it’s a school. The presence of Spicer and Lewandowski on campus thus sent a message: Trump officials were still part of the club. They mattered, and so they belonged. The boundaries of acceptable discourse were whatever Harvard decided they should be.

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But the ivory tower, as Stefanik called it, can no longer pretend that ideology or partisan affiliation do not matter. They will have to decide whether their function is principally academic, or whether it is social; whether they exist to foster critical inquiry, or whether they are finishing schools for elites. (Stefanik comes from money, and attended an expensive private high school before heading to Harvard.) A version of this dilemma afflicts think tanks and Big Law and yes, major media outlets, who will all have to reconsider their relationships to power. They’ll need to make value judgments they’ve avoided until now. Is it possible to hire any former Trump official, or host any lawmaker who promoted the election fraud lie, without undermining democratic norms? And how complicit in today’s crisis are institutions themselves? Trump is the first president to set a mob on the U.S. Capitol, but his predecessors presided over torture and illegal wars and faced no meaningful consequences for any of it. The past cannot repeat. The club will have to get smaller, and the bar for entry, higher. Actions must have consequences at last.

Big trends in American politics are making events like the U.S. Capitol violence more likely .
Two of the trends: weaker parties and stronger presidents Does this signal a course change in American politics? Some pundits suggest that President Trump’s behavior is just one illustration of the Republican Party’s slow transformation into an authoritarian party. Others worry that his efforts to overturn the election illustrate the decay of U.S. democracy. The Jan. 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol, congressional Republicans’ challenge to the electoral count of selected states, and last weekend’s revelation of the president’s efforts to strong-arm the Georgia secretary of state have only amplified these concerns.

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