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Boulder police chief: Eric Talley died a hero, but we'll have scars from his loss forever

  Boulder police chief: Eric Talley died a hero, but we'll have scars from his loss forever You never get over losing one of your own. Officer Eric Talley's ultimate sacrifice saved dozens of lives, but the grief is real.I was thinking of my mother on the morning of March 22. It was her birthday. Cancer took her 18 years ago. She was on my mind as I went about my day’s business.

a close up of food on a table © Illustration by Grace Han/Thrillist, Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings There are a whole lot of sauces at Buffalo Wild Wings. It's a universe of honey-sweet sauces, spicy spreads, and flavorful spice rubs. If you were placing bets on what the next sauce to hit the menu will be, prepare for disappointment. It's unlikely that you're winning money on this one.

In fact, Truffalo probably wasn't on the board at all. Buffalo Wild Wings is launching a cleverly-named sauce that combines truffles and a spicy Buffalo sauce. The sauce, which will only be on the menu for a little while, is made with real white truffles and is available nationwide starting March 3.

NPR promotes flat-out falsehood regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story

  NPR promotes flat-out falsehood regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story National Public Radio, which is funded by your tax dollars, asserted this week the Hunter Biden laptop story has been “discredited” by the U.S. intelligence community and independent media investigations. © Provided by Washington Examiner Not true. No such thing has happened. NPR's claim isn’t merely misleading. This isn’t a case of a poorly worded sentence. What NPR alleges has no basis in reality. The false assertion appears in the middle of NPR’s review of Hunter Biden’s new memoir, Beautiful Things.

Buffalo Wild Wings has occasionally dabbled in flashy sauce additions that border on the kind eye-catching stunts other chains might get after. More often, however, it has added appealing flavors that aren't off-the-wall. Last fall, the chain added four new wings, including Pizza Wings, which might come closest to resembling the spectacle over substance kind of stunt that is familiar in the world of chain restaurants. Still, the others were good. The kind of addition regulars will hope stick around: Orange Chicken, Blazin' Carolina Reaper, and Lemon Pepper.

Truffalo might be a surprising combination, but the results sit a little closer to the sensible additions rather than a menu addition aimed at spectacle. It manages to stick a balance between the funky truffle flavor and the familiar tang of Buffalo sauce. Though, the musky smell of truffle dominates everything. You're going to know the delivery driver is outside by the smells drifting through the door.Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun.

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Clarence Thomas and Section 230: Why the justice's musings matter .
An opinion issued by the Supreme Court Justice could spark more movement on the legal shield protecting social media companies.On Monday, Thomas and the other eight Supreme Court justices handed down a ruling in a case involving former President Donald Trump blocking users from his Twitter account. The court vacated a lower court's ruling that said Trump's actions were unconstitutional. Since Trump is no longer president, the Supreme Court said, the case was moot.

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