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01:30  15 april  2021
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GOP cancel culture targets Georgia: Republicans want to silence critics of their war on voting

  GOP cancel culture targets Georgia: Republicans want to silence critics of their war on voting Republicans are trying to impose "white people's Thanksgiving" rules on the entire nation Brian Kemp Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images

Many conservative commentators hail this as a victory. Take that, Hollywood degenerates! Only they’re wrong. Any time conservatives are celebrating censorship we’re both losing and hypocritical. Second, the more conservatives who see this movie the better. Prey people in this movie can be found at any gas station, Walmart or football stadium. They wear caps, cowboy shirts and own guns. Fox News reported, “The violent, R-rated film from producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse follows a dozen MAGA types who wake up in a clearing and realize they are being stalked for sport by elite liberals.”

The Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps has said Clacton's by-election result was a " wake - up call ' for Tory supporters. He was speaking after UKIP made electoral history by gaining its first-ever elected MP. Douglas Carswell, who left the Conservatives , won in Clacton in Essex, by a margin of 12,404 votes. The Conservatives finished in second place ahead of Labour and the Greens - the Liberal Democrats lost their deposit. Speaking to BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty, Mr Shapps insisted that Conservatives must take note, claiming a vote for UKIP at the general election would usher in

Can conservatives find any comfort in the notion that the children are our future? A new poll conducted by Echelon Insights at the behest of Young America’s Foundation (YAF) suggests not.

a group of people walking in front of a crowd: Students walk between classes on the Locust Walk on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pa., September 25, 2017. © Charles Mostoller/Reuters Students walk between classes on the Locust Walk on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pa., September 25, 2017.

With a few exceptions, the data gathered by surveying 801 high-school students and 819 college students makes it plain that the Republican Party continues to struggle connecting with young people, or even convincing them to take up the more conservative position on discrete issues. Of course, this shouldn’t be particularly surprising. The youths are always more progressive, more taken by the newest social fads, and convinced that they have more to remedy than to be grateful for. It was during Ronald Reagan’s time as governor of California, after all, that he told student protestors he would sell his bonds if they were — as they claimed to be — the future.

The Conservative Movement’s Favorite Legal Theory Is Rooted in Racism

  The Conservative Movement’s Favorite Legal Theory Is Rooted in Racism New research shows that originalism grew out of a concerted effort to preserve segregation.All of which raises an important question: Where, exactly, did originalism come from? Its proponents frequently assert that it is a reaction to freewheeling liberal judicial activists imposing their own views on the Constitution through an approach often called “living constitutionalism.” In a groundbreaking article published in American Political Science Review, however, University of Chicago PhD candidate Calvin TerBeek argues that modern originalism arose out of the backlash to Brown v.

“It’s a wake up call to why it’s important to hold the Senate. You know the Senate’s in the personnel business,” McConnell told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham. McConnell’s comments come as the Senate is poised to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday.

Conservative Roundtable of Texas. 9 November 2018 ·. A " wake - up call " is how conservative Sen. Kel Seliger (R-Amarillo) described the electoral loss this week of lawmakers in the Texas Legislature who prioritized narrow issues over district priorities, local control and conservative solutions for Texas.

Any reasonable conservative political stockbroker analyzing these numbers would have to advise their own clients to follow the Gipper’s example. I say this not because I’m especially surprised by or even worried about Joe Biden’s being able to boast a 60 percent approval rating with this demographic; or the Democratic Party’s +23-point favorability rating; or the Republican Party’s comparatively depressing -21-point performance. As discouraging as these top-line numbers are, they are, again, to be expected.

Much more disturbing are the splits between secondary and postsecondary students. In nearly every regard, those attending university are more progressive than their younger counterparts. The difference in favorability ratings between the two parties, for example, shrinks from a 44-point gap to a 30-point one when you measure only the younger cohort. That means, though, that it expands to a shocking 59 points when you examine only the older group.

Why Conservatives Keep Losing The Culture Wars | Opinion

  Why Conservatives Keep Losing The Culture Wars | Opinion The current boycott of Georgia and the successful boycott of Arizona are just two examples of a much larger phenomenon: Conservatives continue to lose the battles of America's cultural wars.But this isn't the first time that sports leagues have led the charge on political activism. In the early 1990s, the NFL removed its Super Bowl from the state of Arizona, after voters failed to pass a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday via state referendum. A few years earlier, then-Governor of Arizona Evan Mecham had canceled the state's MLK holiday, telling a group of Black local leaders, "You folks don't need another holiday. What you folks need are jobs.

COMMON A wake - up call is something which shocks people, making them understand how serious a problem is and causing them to take action in order to solve that problem. These extreme weather patterns should act as a wake - up call to our complacent leaders. didn't "go there." The Foley scandal was indeed a wake - up call . And perhaps that's why not one editor, reporter, or any of the usual crowd of gay conservatives and the like, as far as I can tell, criticized the outing of Ted Haggard as an "invasion of privacy." In 2006, particularly with regard to someone who'd railed (or, in the case of

After winning the EU referendum, Ukip lost its relevance. The Lib Dems tried to reinvigorate themselves by running on a stop Brexit platform that proved unpopular. As these two parties slumped, so their votes have been redistributed among the Conservatives and Labour. It was inevitable that Labour would do a little better as a result – especially as they decided to accept the principle of Brexit in their manifesto. It is now more apparent than ever that the only real choice is between Labour and the Conservatives . So the narrowing of the polls is a useful wake - up call . Brexit, done properly, offers freedom and wealth.

College students are also much more likely to support defense cuts, believe in the efficacy of green-energy spending, and prefer a larger government with more programs to a smaller one with less. Both groups favor a $15/hour federal minimum-wage hike — and by almost nearly identical margins — but collegiate respondents are less likely to change their mind after they’ve been informed of the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate that such a hike would cost 1.4 million jobs. Unsurprisingly, they’re also substantially less inclined to believe students such as themselves have an obligation to pay back their loans and are more inclined to support a forgiveness program. The one issue on which university attendees hold the more conservative position is taxes — for those making over $400,000, that is, which is an income bracket they are far more likely to join.

These results should lead the conservatives interpreting them to two distressing, but hopefully motivating, conclusions.

Republicans and conservatives are to blame for the America they decry

  Republicans and conservatives are to blame for the America they decry Chronic complainers on the right should take steps to end leftist domination of media, entertainment, academia, science and medicine.After the 2020 election - legally won by President Biden - egged-on by former President Trump and some of his loyalists, their cry became: "Look what the far-left media and their allies in Big Tech did to us!"

That is the real wake - up call from the coronavirus. This article was first published in Not a Lot of People Know That on March 17, 2020, and is republished by kind permission. If you appreciated this article, perhaps you might consider making a donation to The Conservative Woman. Unlike most other websites, we receive no independent funding. Our editors are unpaid and work entirely voluntarily as do the majority of our contributors but there are inevitable costs associated with running a website.

“And it’s a wake up call , a wake up call to action to climate change overall and to climate justice.” This is the kind of nonsense you hear in the halls of Berkeley, not the grocery stores of Scranton. Only a Washington politician would view a deadly global pandemic and millions of Americans artificially out of work as a “ wake up call ” for climate change justice. Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America.

The first conclusion is an obvious one: A college education is a not-so-golden ticket to a worldview that embraces the premises of the Left. This may be a seemingly self-evident truth to conservatives, but there are those who deny it. This poll makes it obvious that time spent on a campus — being governed by progressive administrators, being taught by progressive faculty, and most important, living amongst progressive peers — tends to turn you into a much more progressive person. Conservatives are quick to complain about this phenomenon, but it’s very possible that we underestimate its consequences.

Yes, perhaps the leftward drift of the college-educated can be mitigated somewhat by the GOP’s recent gains with the working class. Will that be enough with a rising high-school-educated class that may be slightly more conservative than those who enroll at university, but who is still far more progressive than the average American? Moreover, even assuming that Republicans can make up for their losses with college graduates electorally in the short run, it stands to reason that having fewer conservatives with college degrees who can enter fields such as education, journalism, government work, and political activism will have longer-term implications on who is elected and how the country is governed. All voters may be created equal, but the pitfalls of being underrepresented in important — or at least influential — areas of life should be obvious to any conservative surveying today’s political landscape. Everything in this poll points to an ascending class of elites, as well as middle- and working-class voters, which skews even more disproportionately leftward.

Supreme Court leaves major conservative cases waiting in the wings, from abortion to guns

  Supreme Court leaves major conservative cases waiting in the wings, from abortion to guns Rather than handing conservatives a string of wins, the Supreme Court has left advocates on the right grasping for answers about high-profile cases.But rather than handing conservatives a string of victories, the justices have – so far – left advocates on the right grasping for answers about why a number of pending challenges dealing with some of the nation's biggest controversies have languished.

The second conclusion naturally follows from the first: Conservatives are not doing enough to persuade young people. Part of this can be attributed to a complacency borne out of the belief that as a matter of course, foolish young liberals will transform into wise old conservatives.


Millennials show no sign of growing more conservative over time like the Boomers did, and there’s little evidence to suggest Generation Z will revert back to the mean. There’s nothing inevitable about generational ideological shifts — they must be earned, not counted upon. I’ve presented my own vision of what I think conservative students can do to make a difference on their own campuses, but their efforts won’t be nearly enough. What is needed is a concerted effort by conservative organizations, publications, and politicians to appeal to America’s youth, an effort that goes beyond sloganeering and providing fan service to those few who already consider themselves young men and women of the Right.

Exactly what such an effort looks like may be outside the scope of this column, but any successful approach will need to meld outreach with tangible political efforts. YAF’s “Long Game” initiative shows promise. So does Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s attempt to banish divisive, falsehood-laden racial theories from public schools. Simply addressing the concerns of young people (debt, the environment, etc.) while presenting the conservative perspective on other issues nonconfrontationally can only yield positive results.

Young people are this country’s future, and it is past time conservatives rededicate themselves to shaping and changing their worldview.

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