Opinion Biden offers hot air on wind turbine imports

15:15  10 may  2021
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Fact check: Biden's speech had an estimated 26.9 million viewers

  Fact check: Biden's speech had an estimated 26.9 million viewers The president’s first address to Congress had 26.9 million viewers, not 11.6 million as claimed in a social media post.An April 29 Facebook post from James T. Harris, a conservative radio host and social media personality, lists television ratings for five past presidential addresses — four from former President Donald Trump and one from Biden. The post says Biden’s address to Congress had only 11.6 million viewers, compared to 37.2 million viewers for Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech.

It is somewhat worrying when the president of the United States publicly displays his ignorance. But that's exactly what Joe Biden did in his speech to Congress the other week.

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"There is simply no reason why the blades for wind turbines can’t be built in Pittsburgh instead of Beijing. No reason. None. No reason."

First off, there's simple ignorance of not understanding that some wind turbines are actually built in Pittsburgh. And the ignorance that almost no turbines are built in Beijing for installation in America. That's because they're too large and difficult to transport. As various government reports do point out, blade manufacturing is largely domestic.

More perilous phase ahead for Biden after his 1st 100 days

  More perilous phase ahead for Biden after his 1st 100 days WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden's presidency is entering a new and more perilous phase where he is almost certain to face stiffer Republican opposition and also have difficulty keeping Democrats united as he pushes for $4 trillion in additional spending on programs that have echoes of the New Deal and the Great Society. © Provided by Associated Press FILE - In this April 28, 2021, file photo President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress in the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, as Vice President Kamala Harris, left, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., look on.

We know what Biden means, of course. Which is that things should be built at home rather than imported. A better example for the president to have used would be the magnets inside the wind turbines. These generally are made in China.

Biden's claim is one of ignorant economics. There is a reason that we buy imports; they're the entire purpose of trade, the point being to gain access to those things that foreigners do better, or cheaper, or faster, than we do. This makes us richer because we now have that import, plus some more money or resources to go and do something else, something additional.

This is especially important with respect to climate change. The Stern Review was the report for the British government that laid out, proved, the case for doing something about climate change, probably the most important part of which is that we must use the cheapest method of doing said something. The logic is irrefutable: We humans do less of the more expensive things and more of the cheaper things. Therefore, if we use expensive methods of dealing with climate change, we'll actually do less climate change prevention. If we use cheaper methods, then we'll save the planet more, or save more of the planet.

How President Biden confronted racism and injustice in his first 100 days

  How President Biden confronted racism and injustice in his first 100 days President Biden has promised to address inequities in health care, criminal justice, housing, voting, pay and more.He described the trauma many of the nation’s Black and brown people experience. They worry, he said, that encounters with the police could turn deadly, that their children aren’t safe going to the grocery store, driving down the street, playing in the park or even sleeping at home.

Thus follows the rationale for our producing some part of wind turbines, even if not the blades, in Beijing rather than in Pittsburgh. It's the same reason we have trade at all, to make ourselves richer by gaining access to those things that foreigners, even if they are Chinese, do better, cheaper, or faster than we do. Exactly because these Chinese products are cheaper we will achieve more climate change prevention by using imports.

Given that we are trying to save the planet, this does seem fairly important.

Tim Worstall (@worstall) is a senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute.

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