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The Richest Babysitter in the World

  The Richest Babysitter in the World A short story

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Robert Frost is commonly thought of as a “nature poet”—a simple chronicler of stoic New England beauty. Quotes from “Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening” and “The Road Not Taken” are plastered on mugs, plaques, and a host of other mundane products, their out-of-context words used as inspirational mantras and pleasant home decor. But Frost rejected the nature-poet label, and his poems were actually quite dark. In fact, he used nature motifs to get at weightier themes—often death.

“Come In” could be taken as a poem about a lovely stroll at dusk, but that wouldn’t be Frost’s way. The narrator stops at the edge of the woods, where he hears a bird from the dark depths inside, “almost like a call to come in”—but he refuses. The poem has been interpreted in many ways: as a statement on free will, a metaphor for the darkness of the mind, a love letter to the unknown. But the poet Joseph Brodsky’s analysis seems closest to Frost’s explanations of his own work. Brodsky contends that the call of the bird represents grief, and the decision not to follow it into the darkness shows reason against impulse. “The twenty lines of the poem constitute the title’s translation,” he wrote. “And in this translation, I am afraid, the expression ‘come in’ means ‘die.’”

50 Parting Thoughts from Wimbledon 2021

  50 Parting Thoughts from Wimbledon 2021 Final reflections from the year's third major tournament, where Novak Djokovic closed in on the calendar Grand Slam and Ashleigh Barty won her second major singles title. Cleaning out the notebook and the notes memo app from Wimbledon 2021.• Another major held, another major won for Novak Djokovic. His sixth Wimbledon title ties him with Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal with 20 majors. It puts him three-fourths of the way to a Grand Slam—a feat no male has achieved in a half-century. The U.S. Open begins August 30. History awaits.• Ash Barty is your women’s champion. Her game is like an infomercial for variety.

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Democrats Set Political Tripwire for 2024: Payments to Parents .
Democrats think the newly created Child Tax Credit program—which began sending out monthly benefit checks to tens of millions of families this week—could be the most impactful policy victory of the Joe Biden era. It could also be the key to keeping Congress and the White House in Democratic hands. As congressional Democrats craft another multi-trillion-dollar package to solidify their economic agenda, some lawmakers are trying to set up a lengthy extension of the child tax credit—one that would double as a ticking political time bomb for the GOP.Right now, the Child Tax Credit—which was created by the COVID bill that passed in March—is set to expire in a year.

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