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The growth of the gambling industry is gigantic. For a long time now, it's no longer just local casinos, but above all online providers that are captivating people. Today, anyone who fancies a bit of variety plays games like roulette, blackjack online and many more. But what is the reason for the hype? How come online casinos are even preferred over the established establishments? Is it really only the diverse offers or are there other reasons here?

A huge change of time

When the first online casinos opened their doors more than 25 years ago, no one could quite believe in success. Just a few years later, the picture had changed completely. People stormed the platforms and conquered slot machines, roulette tables and poker tables online. Finally, free of conventions, they could play their favorite games without having to sit at the roulette table next to unsympathetic fellow players in an upscale atmosphere. The boom was already foreseeable at the beginning of the 2000s and is now bigger than ever before.

And the gaming industry is doing everything it can to offer gamers an authentic gaming experience. The latest HD graphics, varied gameplay and ever new, innovative gaming options are tempting. In addition, the hurdles are low. Apart from registering at the casino of your choice, you don't need anything to be able to participate. Anyone who has reached a certain age is eligible to participate. In Germany, 18 is the magic limit; in the USA, players have to be 21.

But despite the latest technologies, the gambling industry is far from having reached its end. Just recently, another trend can be observed that will continue in the future. More and more gamblers no longer want to play on their PCs, but use their smartphones instead. So it is understandable that casino operators are programming apps by the dozen to meet this desire of the players as well.

The appeal of playing with luck

There's no question that people have been gambling for centuries. The focus is not primarily on the main prize, although of course every gambler dreams of it somewhere. That's not the least of the reasons why millions of people around the world hand in a lottery ticket every weekend and hope for the windfall. But realistically, most players know that the chances of hitting the jackpot are rather slim.

The reason people play is to get to the finish line! Even if they never reach the goal, it's the short-term dreams, the fantasies and the waves of euphoria when a small win makes its way into the bank account. Psychologically, gambling works on a reward principle. The player bets something and, with a little luck, is rewarded by a win. He would like to enjoy this effect again, of course, and thus the appeal of gambling is explained.

But this also explains why the risk of addiction in gambling should at least always be kept realistically in mind. To be fair, however, it must be said that the vast majority of gamblers can definitely abstract between healthy and unhealthy gambling behavior. It is similar to the consumption of alcohol. Even though there are a certain number of alcoholics worldwide, the vast majority of adults drink a glass of beer or a bottle of wine now and then without ever developing an addiction.

The flexibility makes online casinos so popular

But why online in particular, when the gambler here has to do without the often enchanting ambience of the casinos? Above all, it is the great flexibility that is offered here. Anyone who plans to spend a day at a casino in Vegas or anywhere else in the world will not just visit the casino for a few minutes and then say goodbye again. In the online casino, however, that is exactly what is possible. Log in, play for half an hour, and then quit. The perfect option for those who don't spend hours gambling, but are simply looking for a change of pace in between.

Moreover, thanks to the ever-improving mobile applications, the place of the game does not matter anymore. Not only can a round of roulette be played at home, on the PC at home, but also in the streetcar, in the supermarket at the checkout or wherever the cell phone has a mobile Internet connection.

This ensures that hobby gamblers can carry their hobby with them everywhere in their pocket. On lonely nights in the hotel, on trips or at boring parties - the casino is ready to hand wherever you are and without the need for a journey, the search for a parking space or the hassle of exchanging money for chips.

High security standards make online casinos stars

There are two industries on the Internet that had a hard time at the beginning of their era. One is the erotic and dating industry, and the other is the gambling industry. Both offers were accused of fraud, rip-off and dishonest intentions by suspicious and discontented people. However, the casino industry has been able to establish itself by proving time and again that reputable casinos have nothing in common with black sheep!

Whether in Malta, Gibraltar, the Caribbean or now also in Germany - real casinos operate with licenses and are therefore subject to the control of gambling supervision. Illegal offers can be quickly recognized by the lack of licenses and can be avoided by the player. For gamblers, two factors are crucial when playing online: on the one hand, they want to enjoy absolute security, because this is, after all, about depositing real money. And on the other hand, they rely on a high degree of variety, and that is also offered virtually.

More variety than in any local casino

Compared to any local establishment, the online casino can score points, of course. There is no upper limit for visitors here, anyone who is of age and feels like taking a gamble is allowed to enter. The seats at the machines are never full and if the rush at roulette is too high, a new table can quickly be opened virtually.

In addition, online casinos are not limited in terms of choice. While local casinos have to accommodate their machines in limited space and often have to choose between two games, online casinos have free choice. They don't need space, just a stable server on which they often have thousands of different games running.

An advantage that the gamblers themselves also appreciate. After all, even if most players have a favorite game or two, it's the variety that makes the casino so interesting.

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