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Texas Pays the Price of the Culture War

Monday  17:20,   22 february 2021

Instead of focusing on governance, Republican politicians in the Lone Star State spent their time inflaming grievances.We were among the millions of Texans who lost power when a massive winter storm brought the temperature down to the single digits. >>>

Voice: Newsom needs to realize he is a public servant working for California residents

Monday  15:58,   22 february 2021

Even though California's governor is making some amends, don’t forget the damage he has already done, says Kurt M. KleierAlthough this is just one poll with perhaps some anomalies, Newsom should be majorly concerned, but he doesn’t seem to be.... >>>

The Five Trump Amendments to the Constitution

Monday  13:40,   22 february 2021

The 45th president profoundly altered our system of government.The surprising aspect of this conclusion is not that the Constitution can be informally amended. That has been the usual way of making revisions. In 1803, the Supreme Court granted... >>>

Lack of domestic terrorism law creates an imbalance

Monday  10:31,   22 february 2021

Opposing View: Those who aid foreign terrorist groups are punished heavily, but Jan. 6 rioters face a lot less and aren't legally labeled terrorists.This creates an imbalance — one where the United States myopically focuses on charging... >>>

Make domestic terrorism a federal crime: FBI Agents Association

Monday  10:31,   22 february 2021

Opposing View: Target acts of violence that have no place in the political discourse secured by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Law enforcement agencies are already authorized to investigate allegations and incidents of domestic terrorism.... >>>

Is Joe Biden Catholic Enough to Take Communion?

Sunday  14:51,   21 february 2021

Some bishops—and many conservative laypeople—think the second Catholic president should be denied access to one of the faith’s most important sacraments.If some Catholic leaders had their way, Biden wouldn’t be able to take Communion at all. A... >>>

Inside Israel’s Unholy Alliance With Right-Wing Evangelicals

Sunday  13:12,   21 february 2021

Historically, American Jews have leaned more liberal than conservative, especially given the anti-Semitic white nationalists and neo-Nazis that comfortably reside on the right. So what are we to make of the fact that today, the largest block of... >>>

The Border Mess That Trump Left Behind

Friday  17:53,   19 february 2021

Reversing the previous administration’s cruelties isn’t the same as an unconditional welcome. >>>

We need national summer school to help kids recover from learning lost in COVID pandemic

Friday  13:41,   19 february 2021

We owe it to our kids to do everything within our power to address this once-in-a-generation crisis. What our nation’s students urgently need, and what the Biden administration and incoming Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona must deliver on, is a >>>

How ’90s Christian radio enabled Rush Limbaugh’s toxic views

Thursday  22:08,   18 february 2021

The 1990s Christian radio ecosystem played a crucial role in enabling Limbaugh and conservative talk radio.For many years throughout the Clinton era, Limbaugh’s daily radio program, The Rush Limbaugh Show, was synonymous with conservative political... >>>

Meghan McCain Slams Ted Cruz for Cancun Trip: ‘Very Marie Antoinette’

Thursday  20:03,   18 february 2021

The View’s Meghan McCain on Thursday blasted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on for taking a family trip to Cancun while his home state’s residents literally freeze to death, calling the senator’s trip a “very Marie Antoinette” moment and “one of the worst... >>>

The U.S. Puts Its Greatest Vulnerability on Display

Thursday  15:05,   18 february 2021

Runaway partisanship poses a worse risk to the United States than foreign enemies do.Citing the killings of a mixed-race boatman and an abolitionist newspaper editor by pro-slavery crowds, Lincoln described a country in which widening political... >>>

I Was a Victim of Sexual Harassment in India, Today I Rejoice

Thursday  12:31,   18 february 2021

NEW DELHI—I didn’t even know I was holding my breath until my phone screen flashed the message “Priya Ramani is acquitted.” And then my Twitter timeline exploded with happiness, tears and hope—from women I know, women I don’t know. But today we were >>>

President Biden is ensuring that schools have resources to reopen and stay open safely

Thursday  06:35,   18 february 2021

Another View: The Department of Education wants evidence-based policies that would also address what students are facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.For Our View, read “Don’t fail when it comes to reopening... >>>

Trump Avoids Mentioning Dominion, Smartmatic During Right-Wing Media Whinefest

Thursday  04:41,   18 february 2021

Former President Donald Trump kicked off a right-wing media tour on Wednesday, hitting up One America News, Newsmax, and Fox News for phone interviews after being largely absent from the public eye since leaving the White House. And while the... >>>