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Supreme Court battles escalate because the judiciary legislates

Saturday  10:35,   26 september 2020

Upon hearing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, the Left succumbed to rage. Her death prompted threats of violence, at least one screaming fit posted online, and rants on social media. Democrats vowed to make a nomination difficult, and... >>>

Opinion: Lincoln's approach to a tough election could teach Trump a few things

Saturday  10:06,   26 september 2020

Since Donald Trump loves describing himself as the second coming of Abraham Lincoln, writes historian Harold Holzer, he might want to take a few lessons from the 16th president on not only how to wage a campaign for re-election but how to deal with... >>>

The True Victors of Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination

Saturday  03:05,   26 september 2020

Amy Coney Barrett’s ascension is a triumph for the conservative legal movement.While Trump may see this nomination as a boon to his reelection campaign, the true victors are the leaders of the conservative legal movement, who built the sophisticated >>>

Trump’s Threats of Bloodshed Are Off Message, Republicans Worry

Friday  23:26,   25 september 2020

Every time Trump says he’s an authoritarian, it just feeds into the baseless liberal paranoia that he’s some kind of “authoritarian.”And so, when Trump does engage in one of his periodic bouts of threatening to shake the republic to its foundations... >>>

Why art matters at the end of the world

Friday  20:21,   25 september 2020

Art does not have to be political satire to help us reckon with the world. And to insist that all art must be satirically attempting to subvert the state to be worth our time, or else failing to properly subvert the state and hence in need of... >>>

Disclosure Doesn’t Work on a Shameless President

Friday  20:10,   25 september 2020

A new package of reforms aims to patch a gaping hole in the guardrails of American government.Courts have sometimes checked the Trump presidency, but not always. But court decisions take years to decide and longer to enforce. In July, the Supreme... >>>

Everything Democrats Care About Is in Danger With Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Friday  17:41,   25 september 2020

Vetting a potential Supreme Court justice 40 days before an election, when Republican senators swore we couldn’t do so 260 days before the last one, is, as the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg might put it, a shandeh. A travesty. A farce. But for... >>>

Trump Followed Russian Media’s Lead on SCOTUS Prediction

Friday  17:41,   25 september 2020

During a White House briefing on Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the November presidential election. He elaborated: “Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very—we’ll have a very >>>

Economic Forecast: Biden Plan Will Create 7 Million More Jobs Than Trump

Friday  17:41,   25 september 2020

Average household incomes will also increase nearly $5,000.Biden’s proposals would lead to 18.6 million new jobs during his first term, and the average American’s income (after taxes) would increase by $4,800. Trump’s policies would lead to an... >>>

Bring Austin Tice — my journalist brother trapped in Syria — home by Thanksgiving

Friday  15:40,   25 september 2020

My brother Austin asked me to go to Syria with him. Just months later, he was taken.To this day I’m not sure why he asked me. We had been on some adventures together, to Glacier National Park, and in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where I have made >>>

The case for more — many more — Americans, explained

Friday  15:15,   25 september 2020

A conversation with Matthew Yglesias on families, the economy, global competition, and One Billion AmericansIt is this, of all my various eccentricities, in which I feel most utterly alone when I listen to conversations about public policy.... >>>

The Backstory: Facebook is fighting forces that want to disrupt our election. Is it doing enough?

Friday  13:05,   25 september 2020

We met with Facebook execs to ask about election security: How are you keeping bad actors and false information out of social media feeds?Florida Keys under tropical storm warning as Laura approaches Gulf of... >>>

Trump's parting, or non-departing shot

Friday  12:43,   25 september 2020

President Trump won’t go quietly. Even in this epoch of acrid political disagreement, most people probably agree he’d be undignified in defeat. But that’s a far cry from his refusing to leave, which is the fear his foes use to stoke a preelection... >>>

‘It’s a Crazy Way to Run a Country’: How to Reform the Supreme Court

Friday  01:40,   25 september 2020

If you’re serious about changing the Supreme Court—through packing, term limits, or anything else—you need to understand the consequences, says court expert Daniel Epps.What is perhaps unexpected is that it took Ginsburg’s death for Washington to... >>>

Trump Finally Releases Fake ‘Plan’ to Protect Preexisting Conditions

Friday  00:35,   25 september 2020

We’ve been waiting “two weeks” for almost four years.This has been the Republican messaging strategy on health care for more than ten years now. If Democrats would just abandon Obamacare, Republicans would come in and implement a better, cheaper... >>>