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From Trump 2020 to 'Don't Say Gay,' GOP leadership wastes millions of taxpayer dollars

Friday  12:05,   15 april 2022

Tax money goes down the drain when Republicans wage unwinnable wars on the Constitution, the rule of the law and their fellow human beings.From president on down, conservative culture wars, voting wars and election wars are costing untold millions... >>>

Conflating war crimes with genocide is counterproductive — for Ukraine and beyond

Friday  04:00,   15 april 2022

Conflating genocide with any war crime or atrocity undermines the specific salience of the term in conflicts where it is actually taking place. However well intentioned, over-use of the term genocide for any action we find abhorrent risks creating a >>>

I don't watch videos of police brutality anymore. This story is too real and change too far off.

Thursday  23:55,   14 april 2022

There's not much to be gained from watching police brutality and violence against Black people. I'm waiting for some achievable legislative goals.I still regret scrolling through Twitter during the spring of 2020 and unwittingly seeing the... >>>

Fox News Surprised to Learn It’s on Trump’s Truth Social

Thursday  21:46,   14 april 2022

Some major brands with an official-looking Truth Social presence never set up accounts on Trump’s ironically named Twitter rival.Truth Social is billed as a bastion of free speech where users can speak their minds and read the musings of people who... >>>

Tyrants get bad information — so do non-tyrants

Thursday  20:00,   14 april 2022

Beyond overt tyranny, the failure to speak truth to power has more to do with the social psychology of ambitious humans in massive organizations.Unfortunately, there is an abundance of counter examples that should make us less confident in the... >>>

If Trump Was Still President, Ukraine Would Be So Screwed Right Now

Thursday  18:21,   14 april 2022

Trump gives the game away on Hannity.Ukraine’s successful defense has required several factors, including the bravery and skill of its armed forces and continued Russian bungling. But it has also relied on a unified and energetic response from its... >>>

More firepower to the front, US to rush armor, heavy artillery to counter Russian advantage in coming eastern showdown

Thursday  16:20,   14 april 2022

$800M MORE BUCKS FOR MORE BANG: With the start of a major Russian offensive to capture all of the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine perhaps just days away, the U.S. is racing to get more of the kinds of weapons systems Ukraine will need to fight on... >>>

Why Republicans Are Turning an Easy Election Into a Culture War

Thursday  16:16,   14 april 2022

Republicans are complicating an election they’re already likely to win because the base wants a fight and Trumpism tells them to never retreat.Translated into the context of the 2022 midterms, Republicans have all the ingredients for a simple... >>>

The Amazon Union Exposes the Emptiness of 'Woke Capital'

Thursday  14:16,   14 april 2022

It’s ordinary laborers who have the best opportunity to improve society.The battle isn’t over—the union will still have to go through the difficult process of negotiating a contract—and Amazon will continue its union-busting efforts elsewhere.... >>>

We'll never know why the FedEx shooter killed 8 in Indianapolis. But we're not helpless to take action.

Thursday  14:16,   14 april 2022

Since we first learned of the attack on April 15, 2021, many Sikhs have wondered: Did the shooter attack us because of who we are? It is a question that is all too familiar for the Sikh American community. In the aftermath of the tragic events of... >>>

Seize Russian yachts, jets and Picassos. Then use the money to help Ukraine.

Thursday  13:16,   14 april 2022

We've introduced legislation that would give President Joe Biden the authority to seize Russian assets and give increased support to Ukraine.Outside Ukraine, mega-yachts ferry Russian oligarchs between tropical islands, private jets shuttle them >>>

Imagining a “Second Civil War” Is a Lost Cause

Thursday  11:30,   14 april 2022

Why so many people are doing it anyway.Rousing in a sweat, it didn’t take me long to untangle the meaning behind this dream. A few weeks earlier, I had finished editing my book, a history of secession in the United States and an argument for... >>>

How an Olive Oil Brand Became the Most Luxurious Part of My Skincare Routine

Thursday  11:26,   14 april 2022

If you haven’t experienced the benefits of using olive oil for skin, you’re missing out.I've never been one for extensive skincare routines, and with a new baby at home, some days I'm lucky if I can even find time to brush my teeth. I do love to... >>>

School Closures Were a Catastrophe. Progressives Still Haven’t Reckoned With It.

Thursday  10:05,   14 april 2022

If you don’t diagnose your error, you might repeat it.But these complications do not fully explain the sheer rage generated by Silver. The furnace-hot backlash seemed to be triggered by Silver’s assumption that school closings were not only a... >>>

Trump dialing down the rhetoric? LOL! The mountebank of Mar-a-Lago is worse than ever.

Thursday  01:16,   14 april 2022

Donald Trump demands absolute devotion to the lie that the 2020 election was stolen, but Mitch McConnell somehow doesn't see this as a GOP problem.At least that’s what Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell suggested to USA TODAY while, I... >>>