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How to Win a Debate With a Bully

Thursday  23:40,   24 september 2020

Joe Biden should simply name what is true and what most Americans intuit about the president: He is a terribly broken man. Money and privilege spared him from the consequences that might have helped him develop a conscience. He does not show remorse >>>

I Don’t Know Where This Ends. But I Cannot Stop Panicking About November.

Thursday  22:12,   24 september 2020

Last night my wife and I were lying in bed. One of us said, “What if we lose?” Immediately, anxiety completely overwhelmed us.Call it liberal bedwetting; being afraid, unable to maintain our emotional hull-structures and psychological balance. Of... >>>

Critical race theory, and Trump’s war on it, explained

Thursday  22:12,   24 september 2020

Trump has attacked diversity training, critical race theory, the 1619 project, and anything that reckons with America’s racist past.After a string of related tweets Tuesday, Trump issued an executive order banning federal contractors from conducting >>>

The legal theories of Amy Coney Barrett, explained

Thursday  20:11,   24 september 2020

An expert explains originalism, the Roberts Court, and what a Justice Barrett might do.The 48-year-old Barrett was appointed by Trump to the appeals court in 2017, and was also reportedly a finalist for Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat in 2018. She... >>>

The Fanatic

Thursday  14:41,   24 september 2020

Bill Barr is convinced the country is betraying its founding—and that it's up to him to stop it.This unprecedented pattern of conduct by the nation’s chief law-enforcement officer has brought a question to the minds of many people: Why does Bill >>>

Finally, a Decent Trump Impression: Brendan Gleeson in ‘The Comey Rule’

Thursday  13:26,   24 september 2020

Everyone has a “Trump.” No one has a good one. Like Cher, De Niro, or Walken, there is something distinctive about the way Donald Trump speaks that begs for impersonation, but also, it turns out, something intangible that makes a decent... >>>

Bill Gates: The Pandemic Has Erased Years of Progress

Thursday  04:25,   24 september 2020

“If you only look at COVID deaths, you’re actually missing the scale of the setback,” he said.In April 2018, I spoke with Bill Gates about two near certainties—that the world would eventually face a serious pandemic and that it was not prepared for... >>>

Trump: ‘Get Rid of the Ballots … There Won’t Be a Transfer’ of Power

Thursday  04:05,   24 september 2020

Trump, once again, did not commit to accepting the election results, and suggested throwing out mail ballots to ensure a “continuation” of power.Trump would not commit. “We’re going to have to see what happens,” he said. “We want to get rid of the... >>>

Trump Is an Authoritarian. So Are Millions of Americans

Thursday  01:25,   24 september 2020

It’s not how we think of our fellow-citizens, but no matter who wins in November, the impulse will be very much alive in the country. What do they want?In high school civics we were taught that “American authoritarianism” was an oxymoron.... >>>

Tesla network outage leaves owners unable to connect to vehicles

Thursday  00:15,   24 september 2020

Tesla reportedly suffered a network outage Wednesday morning as hundreds of car owners filed complaints they were unable to connect their vehicles to the company's mobile app.Reports on DownDector.com saw rising spikes in Tesla owners claiming... >>>

A Nightmarish End to the 2020 Elections Is Becoming All Too Plausible

Wednesday  23:25,   23 september 2020

Barton Gellman lays out in great detail how Trump might use chaos to steal a second term, or at least create a constitutional crisis.Sure, Trump can easily create and inflame fears of imaginary voter fraud among his followers, and can produce a... >>>

Cognitive dissonance: Liberals try to defend Roe and ‘democracy’ in the same breath

Wednesday  20:42,   23 september 2020

This is a flawed and self-contradictory argument, because the people making it are in fact dedicated to preserving the court’s power to overrule the democratic branches of government.TweetIn addition to not knowing what “majority” means, Pete... >>>

Report: Trump, a Giant Racist, Said Jews Are ‘Only in it for Themselves’

Wednesday  20:41,   23 september 2020

The president continues to provide evidence of his massive racism.There is nothing that can make the majority of conservatives who have embraced Trump admit he is a racist. (The exception being the openly white nationalist extremists who explicitly... >>>

The Supreme Court’s role in economic policy, explained

Wednesday  17:20,   23 september 2020

There’s more to the judiciary than the culture wars.But in the American system, essentially every law and regulatory undertaking is subject to litigation and second-guessing by the courts. That means Supreme Court appointments have vast and... >>>

The Election That Could Break America

Wednesday  12:25,   23 september 2020

If the vote is close, Donald Trump could easily throw the election into chaos and subvert the result. Who will stop him?There is a cohort of close observers of our presidential elections, scholars and lawyers and political strategists, who find... >>>