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Howard Schultz’s campaign is based on 3 ideas, and they’re all wrong

Wednesday  05:00,   13 february 2019

Howard Schultz isn’t solving America’s problems. He’s reinforcing... >>>

Getting easier to be 'green'

Tuesday  17:40,   12 february 2019

Kermit the Frog was wrong. It is now easy to be "green." The evidence is the " Green New Deal," which CNN describes as a " 10- year' economic mobilization' that would phase out fossil fuel use and overhaul the nation's infrastructure while building... >>>

Our last chance to save the Gulf

Tuesday  17:26,   12 february 2019

Like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, birds tell us about the health of our landscapes. When birds suffer, our own fate is not far behind. Here is just one example: The same barrier islands, beaches and wetlands that provide nesting and... >>>

Democrats allowing Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitic rhetoric to be standard-bearer for the party

Tuesday  17:26,   12 february 2019

Rep. Ilhan Omar sparked outrage Sunday from both Democrats and Republicans after asserting on Twitter that U.S. support for Israel is based on monetary support from Jewish groups, especially AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The... >>>

Ilhan Omar’s tweets were appalling. What happened next was inspiring.

Tuesday  17:26,   12 february 2019

It’s time for religious and ethnic minorities to unite against the... >>>

The irrelevance of Trump

Tuesday  17:26,   12 february 2019

President Trump went to El Paso, Texas on Monday to once again make the case for a border wall, headlining yet another rally filled with boasting about crowd size, ugly hyperbole about immigrants, invective against Democrats, and the usual dollop of >>>

‘This is where we make our stand’: Beto O’Rourke finally looks like a 2020 candidate

Tuesday  17:23,   12 february 2019

With Donald Trump holding a rally in his backyard, the former Texas congressman takes it up a... >>>

El Paso mayor: Despite Trump's State of the Union claim, our relations with Mexico thrive

Tuesday  02:40,   12 february 2019

In El Paso, families live and work on both sides of the border. This centuries-long connection makes us stronger and productive, not... >>>

The GOP's tax cut just keeps getting worse

Monday  18:21,   11 february 2019

The Republican tax cut is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats. The 2017 law was supposed to boost workers' wages, create jobs, and drive more investment — and as we've known for awhile, it's done none of that. But now we can add two more... >>>

Trump’s war on socialism will fail

Monday  18:00,   11 february 2019

The s-word never should have been an... >>>

Obama casts long shadow over 2020

Monday  17:46,   11 february 2019

OPINION: The former president is a beloved figure among Democrats, and his influence is seen throughout the... >>>

Walls Don’t Stop Migrants, But Tariffs Might

Monday  17:46,   11 february 2019

A border wall is unlikely to prevent illegal immigration, but other policy changes can prevent the need for... >>>

THIS is the Democrat Trump would most like to run against

Monday  17:31,   11 february 2019

Hours after Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren kicked off her 2020 campaign, President Trump tweeted he would see her on the “trail,” twisting the knife deeper into a potent political wound. Trump is relishing a match-up with Warren... >>>

Strong Democratic women are Trump's kryptonite (opinion)

Monday  17:26,   11 february 2019

Dean Obeidallah writes that the Democratic women declaring their 2020 presidential candidacies could pose a serious threat to Trump's chances of... >>>

Are We Really on the Brink of Electing a Socialist President?

Monday  17:25,   11 february 2019

Voters could be willing to elect a would-be socialist over a president they have never... >>>