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The Atlantic Daily: What’s Next for Trumpism?

Wednesday  15:52,   17 february 2021

Donald Trump’s antidemocratic campaign to overturn the 2020 election results earned the former president barely an institutional wrist-slap. Then: Why were we so cruel to Britney Spears? A new documentary from The New York Times and FX “illuminates, >>>

Rethinking Policy for Black America

Wednesday  15:15,   17 february 2021

Systemic racism is baked into every aspect of American life. These policies can help dismantle inequities in education, housing, health, policing, and more.But after the protests petered out and the anti-racism books were read, many also wondered:... >>>

Jamie Raskin Delivers the Case Against Trump in Under Five Minutes

Tuesday  17:51,   16 february 2021

The former president could testify, instead of complain about a lack of information.While his attorneys oddly intimated all day that they had never really met with or talked to Donald Trump, had no idea of his actions on the day of Jan. 6, and had... >>>

What’s Next for Trumpism?

Tuesday  13:19,   16 february 2021

Populist movements have a knack for sticking around long after their leaders leave office.There are plenty of reasons to take Trump at his word. If populist movements have proved anything, it’s their remarkable staying power, even after their... >>>

Why patriotism and nationalism don’t mix for Christians

Monday  19:04,   15 february 2021

"Jesus 2020" and "Jesus Saves" were just a few of the slogans on display at the Capitol Hill riots. The liberal media has been quick to pounce on these and other Christian symbols seen on Jan. 6 to decry the rising threat of "Christian nationalism." >>>

Full Employment Is (Maybe) Possible Again

Monday  15:43,   15 february 2021

The fiscal and monetary constraints that have shackled every Democratic president for more than half a century have broken.Last week, Jerome Powell gave a speech on the labor market. The current Fed chair implicitly approved President Biden’s... >>>

Introverts + Extroverts + Quarantine = Big Trouble

Monday  12:26,   15 february 2021

To my fellow introverts: Are you confined in a small space with family members who play loud music, conduct Zoom calls in common areas, and insist on discussing every quasi-interesting internet headline (or whatever else may wander through their... >>>

An Oversimplified Look at a Gitmo Detainee

Friday  20:27,   12 february 2021

The Mauritanian revisits War on Terror issues that were dropped during the Obama era.As a hot topic for the chattering classes, though, Gitmo’s status has indeed been closed down. Once Gitmo ceased to be a partisan cudgel with which to club the... >>>

The Type of Love That Makes People Happiest

Friday  13:20,   12 february 2021

When it comes to lasting romance, passion has nothing on friendship.“I think I may have met my future wife,” I told my father on the phone, “but there are a few issues.” To be precise: I met the woman in question on a weeklong trip to Europe, she... >>>

The Backstory: What we've learned about the Capitol rioters — and why we'll continue to dig

Friday  13:15,   12 february 2021

We've been tracking those who stormed the Capitol. Here's what we know about the 'toxic brew of conspiracy theorists' who met up that deadly day.Twenty-four Texans have been arrested for their roles in the Capitol riot, the most of... >>>

Donna Brazile, Michael Steele: These 7 election reforms will safeguard American democracy

Wednesday  13:47,   10 february 2021

Congress, the states and the political parties must all rise to the moment we now find ourselves in. Donna Brazile is a former chair of the Democratic National Committee. Michael Steele is a former chair of the Republican National Committee and... >>>

Tom Ridge: It's time to end subminimum wage for workers with disabilities

Wednesday  12:57,   10 february 2021

There is no excuse for treating an entire class of American workers differently from others based solely on the characteristic of disability.I have to believe many of those families listened with great interest to the president’s comments when it... >>>

Why Jamie Raskin’s Speech Resonated

Wednesday  10:42,   10 february 2021

The House’s lead impeachment manager framed the attack on the Capitol as a desecration of what Americans hold most sacred.Closing out the opening presentation from the Democratic House managers, Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland offered a... >>>

Even right-wing pundits had no clue what Bruce Castor was doing during his impeachment trial speech

Wednesday  10:42,   10 february 2021

“I have no idea what he is doing,” Alan Dershowitz said.That attorney, Bruce Castor, delivered a rambling defense of Trump that included inscrutable lines like, “Nebraska, you’re going to hear, is quite a judicial thinking place,” and concluded with >>>

5 Flaws in the Conservative Case Against Biden’s Child Allowance

Wednesday  00:34,   10 february 2021

The American Enterprise Institute warns that if we rescue millions of kids from poverty, single moms will work one less hour a week.This is a choice. There are many genuinely vexing policy problems in the world, but poverty is not one of them. To... >>>