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Deeper and deeper in debt

Thursday  18:12,   13 june 2019

According to Money Magazine, reporting on figures from the New York Fed, "Americans' debt hit a new high of $13 trillion last year, surpassing the previous record set in 2008 by $280 billion." On a personal level, individual American debt averages... >>>

Is the Hyde Amendment Safe After All?

Thursday  17:50,   13 june 2019

Don’t bet on... >>>

The 2020 Democrats Want to Reenter the Iran Deal. That May Not Be Possible.

Thursday  01:20,   13 june 2019

Why it’s not so easy to just undo Trump’s... >>>

Party of the rich? Millionaires prefer Joe Biden over Trump

Thursday  01:10,   13 june 2019

It must be true that the Democrats are the party of the downtrodden rather than the millionaires, for they tell us so repeatedly. What's odd, though, is that the votes of the millionaires trend toward Democrats. That's if we're going to believe the... >>>

Biden’s Message Is Incoherent

Thursday  01:05,   13 june 2019

The Democratic presidential candidate warns that Donald Trump poses an existential threat, but also says his impact can be easily... >>>

For front-runner Biden, bad week or ominous omen?

Wednesday  18:25,   12 june 2019

The former vice president's stumble on the Hyde Amendment issue as well as new Iowa polling that shows a slip in support should serve as a warning, says David Axelrod: No one is going to hand Joe Biden the Democratic nomination. He'll have to get in >>>

California is right to give illegal immigrants health insurance

Wednesday  18:05,   12 june 2019

California is giving some illegal immigrants health insurance. It's a good... >>>

Connect the Dots to See Where Trump’s Taking Us

Wednesday  18:01,   12 june 2019

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all from Donald Trump, he sinks to a new low that leaves you speechless and wondering: Is he crazy, is he evil, is he maniacally committed to unwinding every good thing Barack Obama did, or is he just... >>>

Deal Or Not, Mexico Can’t Stop The Border Crisis On Its Own

Wednesday  17:50,   12 june 2019

Why the much-hyped deal between the United States and Mexico to avoid tariffs and crack down on Central American migrants is mostly... >>>

No, Joe Biden, President Trump is not ‘an existential threat to America’

Wednesday  00:56,   12 june 2019

Wages are rising, unemployment is at record lows, and the economy is booming. But if you ask Joe Biden, the world might end tomorrow unless we toss President Trump out of office. In a Tuesday afternoon stump speech in Iowa, the supposedly moderate... >>>

One Flag Is Enough

Wednesday  00:56,   12 june 2019

Where sovereign U.S. diplomatic outposts are concerned, the only flag that should be flown is the one with the 50 stars and 13 stripes. The Trump administration itself observes Pride Month, and Pence insisted that “we’re proud to be able to serve... >>>

How Trump is abandoning LGBTQ people over pride flags

Tuesday  23:35,   11 june 2019

This month, US embassies around the world received instructions not to raise a rainbow flag on public-facing flagpoles. This is an example of Trump doing what he thinks is best for him politically, regardless of the consequences for other people or... >>>

Opinions | This is worse than Watergate

Tuesday  20:41,   11 june 2019

Today’s crisis is worse than the Nixon administration scandal — if not legally, then... >>>

The House begins to tell the story of Trump’s criminality

Tuesday  18:20,   11 june 2019

Telling Americans what is in the Mueller... >>>

2020 Dems are courting unions and it doesn't bode well for regular Americans

Tuesday  18:20,   11 june 2019

It’s high time for unions to emulate other private-sector benefit providers who compete in the free... >>>