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Trump must avoid Obama mistake with bailout of energy companies

Tuesday  19:35,   02 october 2018

Sending billions of dollars without justification will open up this administration to charges of cronyism. Perry has long been a champion of a fair "all of the above" energy strategy that is rooted in free market principles, yet the draft bailout...[...]

Hate the news? Blame TV

Tuesday  19:10,   02 october 2018

Did decades of television news bring us to our current, degraded public discourse? Did television news take the world apart so that we cannot piece it together again?We have generations of Americans who have accepted the lesson that news does not...[...]

Alyssa Milano: We can't let Trump and Kavanaugh be America's face

Tuesday  19:00,   02 october 2018

Hidden behind the glare of the cameras pointed at Judge Kavanaugh is the ongoing plight of immigrant children in the United States, says Alyssa Milano. We cannot let Kavanaugh and Trump be the lasting face of who we are as a nation. [...]

Republicans have a strategy to save Kavanaugh. It exposes Trumpism at its worst.

Tuesday  19:00,   02 october 2018

Paint Kavanaugh as the true victim here.Senator Lindsey Graham, who has emerged as the contorted face of right wing rage at the very idea that Christine Blasey Ford’s claims should merit a serious and thorough examination, has done it again. On Fox...[...]

Republicans face loss of Congress if Kavanaugh nomination fails

Tuesday  19:00,   02 october 2018

Republicans are in peril as the FBI investigates sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Both GOP and Democratic strategists believe that voters will punish Republicans if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, blaming them...[...]

46 Million Voted in Primaries This Year. That’s Not Enough

Monday  21:06,   01 october 2018

PINION — Forty-six million voters cast ballots this year in primaries for federal office. It’s an impressive number, and represents a significant increase from 2014. But to strengthen our political parties and our democracy, we must — and can — do...[...]

Taibbi: Why Aren’t We Talking More About Trump’s Nihilism?

Monday  20:56,   01 october 2018

While America was consumed with the Brett Kavanaugh drama last week, the Washington Post unearthed a crazy tidbit in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) latest environmental impact statement. The study predicts a rise in...[...]

Size isn't the be-all, end-all in banking regulation

Monday  20:56,   01 october 2018

It is simply not the case that systemic risk lies only with a handful of the very largest firms. The claim that financial institutions with between $100 billion and $250 billion in assets are by definition incapable of posing a risk to the financial [...]

Why is the Kavanaugh Supreme Court fight so vicious? Because government is too important

Monday  20:35,   01 october 2018

The solution is very simple – but it isn’t what most liberals will want to hear. Government has too much of a stake in too many peoples’ lives these days. And it is the very drive by liberals to champion big government and its involvement in every...[...]

America Should Strike Down the Death Penalty

Monday  20:35,   01 october 2018

Capital punishment is withering away due to the expense of litigating, lack of enhancement to public safety, and the public’s healthy...[...]

A first-class temperament: Who’s got it?

Monday  20:35,   01 october 2018

Calm and grace under fire are critical.We have recently tracked the destruction of anything resembling a conservative temperament. Eliot...[...]

Believability Is the Road to National Ruin

Saturday  20:27,   29 september 2018

Thursday’s hearings should not prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Senators are within their rights to vote against the nomination out of philosophical differences. But to vote on the basis of a belief in things unseen and unproved is a road to...[...]

Democratic Women Fear America Not Ready for a Woman As President

Thursday  23:55,   20 september 2018

It may take a midterm win driven by women to convince Democrats that it’s not risky to run a woman against Trump in 2020.In the sort of quiet conversations political observers have on an ongoing basis, there is a bit of a jarring note you hear among [...]

How losing the midterms could rescue Trump's presidency

Thursday  23:51,   20 september 2018

President Trump and his allies are searching for silver linings. With the midterm elections less than seven weeks away, prognosticators give Democrats an 80 percent chance of reclaiming the House — an outcome that would immediately grind the GOP...[...]

Donald Trump erodes Social Security, Medicare solvency while blaming Democrats

Wednesday  23:00,   19 september 2018

Trump says Democrats want to destroy Social Security and Medicare (they don't) and he's making them stronger (he isn't). They've weakened on his watch.Some of President Donald Trump’s lies fall into what I call the “yeah, right”...[...]