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Ilhan Omar’s Deeply American Message

Tuesday  00:50,   16 april 2019

The Minnesota lawmaker urged American Muslims to act like citizens, not guests. Other religious minorities should take... >>>

This Tax Day, Let’s Say Thanks For The Trump Economy

Tuesday  00:40,   16 april 2019

Most of all, be thankful that we have a champion in the White House who is fighting every day for the forgotten men and women of America. Kimberly Guilfoyle (@KimGuilfoyle) is vice chairwoman of America First Policies, a nonprofit organization... >>>

Sending immigrants to sanctuary cities has consequences — and that's a good thing

Monday  18:35,   15 april 2019

Communities that take in immigrants will either become safer and more prosperous, or less safe and less prosperous, settling the... >>>

I’m gay and support Mike Pence – don’t believe Pete Buttigieg’s claim that Pence is anti-gay

Monday  18:20,   15 april 2019

I’m someone those on the left would have you believe doesn’t exist: a gay, black, conservative, Republican Christian. I’m glad that anti-gay bias doesn’t seem to be hurting South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg in his campaign for the Democratic... >>>

Trump Can’t Blame Mexico for Our Drug Problem

Monday  18:05,   15 april 2019

This tactic dates back to Nixon — and it has always involved a lot of... >>>

No, Ilhan Omar And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Not The Real Victims Of 9/11

Monday  18:02,   15 april 2019

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar gave a speech to CAIR that suggested the real victims of 9/11 were not the 2,977 people who died, along with their families. One fair point Omar made in the 2013 interview: it must be annoying as a Somali-American that she >>>

The terror to come

Monday  17:51,   15 april 2019

White extremism and jihadism exist on opposite sides of the same dangerous coin. Like communism and fascism competing against a wounded Western liberalism after World War I, jihadism and white nationalism are competing to unravel a post-Cold War... >>>

Health-care law more popular despite Trump’s repeated attempts to destroy it

Monday  03:10,   15 april 2019

Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia have expanded Medicaid, and millions more are insured under the law, which is more enmeshed in the country’s health-care... >>>

Could Trump’s Illegal Plan to Ship Migrants to Cities Make Everyone Happy?

Sunday  02:45,   14 april 2019

The president’s assumption that urban liberals hate and fear migrants as much as he and the MAGA folk do isn’t necessarily... >>>

Mayor Pete unmasks evangelicals like Pence

Saturday  01:50,   13 april 2019

Whether he wins the Democratic nomination or not, whether he's elected our next president or not, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has already made one great contribution to American politics: He's exposed the total hypocrisy of Mike Pence and... >>>

The Anti-Bill Barr Smear Campaign

Saturday  01:35,   13 april 2019

Nothing he has done so far has cast any doubt on our assessment that he is the right man to lead the Justice... >>>

Julian Assange is an activist, not a journalist

Saturday  01:25,   13 april 2019

Frida Ghitis writes that Julian Assange's claim that he is a journalist is false, but that will not preclude authoritarian goverments from using his case to thwart the legitimate media. Assange should face justice, but the process will be a perilous >>>

Democrats Are Embracing Their Own ‘Foreign Interference’ To Win Elections

Friday  21:05,   12 april 2019

Democrats are hoping that illegal migrants will help them win... >>>

The latest Stephen Miller revelations require a tougher Democratic response

Friday  18:36,   12 april 2019

It's time to try to bring Miller to the Hill and grill him under... >>>

Will The Democratic Party Faithful Ever Notice Their Leaders Are Crazy?

Friday  18:36,   12 april 2019

Contra the conventional wisdom, moderates and conservatives still make up roughly half of Democratic voters, while only 19 to 25 percent consider themselves ‘very... >>>