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Ned Ryun: Migrant caravans and the American taxpayer

Monday  19:30,   03 december 2018

We keep hearing that for humanity’s sake we need to be accepting the Central American caravans coming to our southern... >>>

Why Bush 41, a Great President, Won Only One Term

Monday  19:30,   03 december 2018

After twelve years of GOP rule, the political winds were not at his back in... >>>

President George H.W. Bush Proved Leadership Matters

Sunday  22:30,   02 december 2018

George H.W. Bush always did what he thought was best for his country . He was all about service, not self. There have been plenty of adjectives used to describe him recently: gracious, loving, thoughtful, firm, kind, humble, decent, a gentleman. Let >>>

What we mourn when we mourn President George H.W. Bush

Sunday  22:30,   02 december 2018

George H.W. Bush left office in 1993 derided as a well-meaning but ineffectual leader. He left this world as a man hailed for his character and decency. Bush’s record hasn’t changed in the past quarter-century, but our politics have changed... >>>

The lasting legacy of George H.W. Bush

Sunday  00:40,   02 december 2018

If there's a contest for the most consequential president of the last 40 years, most people would say the winner is Ronald Reagan. He was the hero of at least two generations of Republican politicians, and even Democrats, like former Presidents Bill >>>

I wasn't supposed to like George H.W. Bush -- Then I got to know him

Saturday  09:15,   01 december 2018

I first met George H.W. Bush, who died Friday at age 94, not long before he was elected as Ronald Reagan’s vice president in 1980. At the time, if anyone was predisposed not to like the future vice president and president, it was me. In 1980 I was... >>>

We need more of George H. W. Bush's spirit in this country today

Saturday  09:15,   01 december 2018

President George H.W. Bush embodied a value that seems to be vanishing from our nation: public service, writes Julian Zelizer. He was part of a generation in American politics when working for the government was a virtue, not a vice. His career was... >>>

The slow-motion collapse of the American health-care system

Friday  19:15,   30 november 2018

America is in sad shape. Despite the strongest economy in at least 20 years, life expectancy has declined on average for the third straight year — which has not happened since World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic. This is driven mostly by an... >>>

Trump should stay tough on China at the G-20

Friday  19:07,   30 november 2018

China has simply made no effort to halt its ongoing pattern of aggressive, predatory trade. And until Beijing changes course, any diplomatic chit-chat would simply be a distraction. If the G-20's members want to do something constructive in the... >>>

Cohen plea is very bad news for Trump

Friday  18:41,   30 november 2018

Michael Cohen's guilty plea and its documentation show us that Cohen is cooperating with Robert Mueller, says Elie Honig. Federal cooperation is all or nothing, says Honig, so if Cohen's cooperating, that should cause Donald Trump some sleepless... >>>

Unpatriotic Young People Are Dividing America

Friday  18:16,   30 november 2018

38% do not agree that 'America has a history that we should be proud... >>>

Not Even Lame Duckery Can Break the Lockstep of the GOP

Thursday  19:15,   29 november 2018

OPINION — In theory (and the emphasis here is on the word “theory”), the lame-duck session of Congress after a cataclysmic midterm election should be a fruitful time for bipartisanship. With nearly 90 members of the House and eight senators not... >>>

Why Putin’s Game Of Russian Roulette With Ukraine Is A Big Deal

Thursday  19:06,   29 november 2018

Last Sunday, the Russian military opened fire and seized three Ukrainian ships. How will President Trump respond to Putin flexing his military... >>>

The Real China Challenge: Managing Its Decline

Thursday  18:45,   29 november 2018

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first tout as countries of the future. Sign up for the Morning Briefing newsletter I thought about The Economist story while reading a deeply reported and thought-provoking series in The Times about another... >>>

Climate of Opinion

Thursday  18:31,   29 november 2018

The latest study on global warming, like its innumerable predecessors, predicts the usual dire doom. The economy will shrink by 10 percent at century’s end, for example, like a cotton shirt in hot water. Ouch! Then again, what will the economy look... >>>