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Brett Kavanaugh hearings are the start of something big

Tuesday  18:25,   04 september 2018

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings may appear disconnected from the action on the campaign trail, but they are pivotal for each party to highlight for voters what is at stake in November, writes Julian Zelizer.The midterm season kicks off...[...]

Get Sick, Go Bankrupt and Die

Tuesday  18:15,   04 september 2018

What the midterms mean for the future of health care.Let’s be honest: Despite his reputation as a maverick, John McCain spent most of his last decade being a very orthodox Republican, toeing the party line no matter how irresponsible it became....[...]

Bipartisanship or caving in?

Tuesday  18:06,   04 september 2018

In the days following the death of Sen. John McCain, there have been mournful cries lamenting the lack of bipartisanship for which his eulogizers and friends claim he stood. Dictionary.com defines bipartisan this way: "representing, characterized...[...]

Why passport report strikes a familiar fear in me (Opinion)

Friday  19:42,   31 august 2018

Reading reports of citizens being denied US passports gave me a familiar feeling of wondering who will be left in Trump's America when all is said and done, says Michelle Villegas Threadgould.Citizenship no longer necessarily protects you from...[...]

Why Robert Mueller's wins haven’t shaken Donald Trump voters

Friday  19:35,   31 august 2018

Trump voters wanted a businessman who cares about three major things: the economy, national security and trade deals. That's what they got.Load...[...]

The Character Crisis Comes to Rome

Friday  18:31,   31 august 2018

The more important the position, the more important the character of the person who holds it. If a person becomes more powerful, does his character matter less? Or more? Increasingly, it seems, the answer from partisans is resounding and...[...]

Trump to the Rescue (Maybe) in North Carolina

Thursday  17:23,   30 august 2018

OPINION — When Donald Trump travels to North Carolina this week, it won’t be for one of the campaign-style rallies that are his oxygen — especially needed now when the air is filled with praise for his nemesis John McCain, who is being lauded in...[...]

Trump’s Ludicrous Attack on Big Tech

Wednesday  23:45,   29 august 2018

The idea that Google and Twitter are rigging their platforms against him is patently false.Here’s the truest conundrum of the social media age: Those who complain loudest about being silenced never ever shut...[...]

Primaries are a reminder that Trump is a political operator

Wednesday  20:11,   29 august 2018

Scott Jennings writes that Trump showed tactical awareness in two key races -- remaining largely silent on the Arizona race, where the moderate Republican candidate was victorious, and endorsing the Florida Republican for governor, who won his...[...]

Double standards

Tuesday  19:15,   28 august 2018

Finding someone in Washington who is nonpartisan and puts the nation's interests ahead of their own is so rare these days that he or she, if found, might well qualify as an endangered species. But once in a while-- call it the law of averages--...[...]

Chicago 1968: The Night the Democratic Party Died

Tuesday  19:11,   28 august 2018

Fifty years ago tonight, a great American political party was murdered by its own children and closest friends. The party in question was the Democratic party of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and JFK, which perished during the riots in Grant...[...]

Trump is right. His trade war with China is causing a huge problem with North Korea

Monday  18:06,   27 august 2018

Trump's acknowledgment that Beijing is not helping the US with North Korea is just the beginning of the diplomatic fallout we may see from his trade war, writes YJ Fischer.On Friday, President Donald Trump canceled Secretary of State Mike...[...]

Yes, men can be sexually assaulted. Gender stereotypes make it hard to talk about.

Thursday  20:46,   23 august 2018

The alleged encounter between Asia Argento and Jimmy Bennett is an example. It can feel shocking at first to hear stories of boys and men who were sexually assaulted by women. Our society tends to doubt male accusers, assuming that the man “must...[...]

Search Your Souls (What’s Left of Them), Republicans

Thursday  18:10,   23 august 2018

Senators and representatives, now is the time to stand on the right side of history.How many people from Donald Trump’s campaign and inner circle have to confess to crimes or be convicted of them before it is clear to everyone — Republicans...[...]

Context Is Key in Evaluating Nordic ‘Socialism’

Tuesday  17:57,   21 august 2018

Many of the Scandinavian social democracies’ most successful ideas simply wouldn’t work in the U.S.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN...[...]