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Tucker Carlson Says Anyone Talking About ‘Ghost Guns’ Must Be a Biden 'Propagandist'

Tuesday  06:15,   12 april 2022

Tucker Carlson on Monday reacted to the Biden administration’s efforts to curtail the prevalence of ghost guns by claiming that that term is made up and that anyone who uses it in earnest is but a “propagandist” for the Biden administration. “As Joe >>>

Elon Musk should take over Twitter, shut it down and fire the social media giant into space

Tuesday  02:10,   12 april 2022

As a Twitter user and a complete hypocrite, I ask Mr. Musk: Please buy Twitter, put it on one of your rockets and fire it into the sun. Start the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. Twitter is a 'hive of scum and... >>>

I Worry We’ll Soon Forget About Ukraine

Monday  21:26,   11 april 2022

Americans need to cure what ails our democracy, ridding ourselves of our incipient Russification.Less than two months ago, democracy in America and elsewhere seemed to be drifting toward its own expiration. Then the Russian invasion and unbending... >>>

Maybe Elon Musk Just Wants Twitter All for Himself

Monday  19:20,   11 april 2022

The world’s richest man isn’t joining the company’s board after all. But that doesn’t mean he’s out of the game.On Sunday evening, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal tweeted that Musk “has decided not to join our board” after... >>>

Two of America's Biggest Fast-Food Chains Have Shortened Their Hours

Monday  17:00,   11 april 2022

Amid a surge in Omicron cases, McDonald's and Starbucks have reduced their hours at many nationwide locations.McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal last week that the burger chain's franchisees can't... >>>

Do business leaders truly value workers? Then don't make them return to the office.

Monday  15:40,   11 april 2022

People absolutely hate commuting. There’s a cost to going back to an office that requires a long commute, and it’s not one many are willing to pay. Even when gas prices are low, commute times have been shown to correlate with anxiety, depression,... >>>

Are You Using Gaslight Correctly?

Monday  14:26,   11 april 2022

One rule of thumb can help determine whether the word is being diluted.But the wife has an ally in the home itself: the sconce-light wall fixtures in the building use a common reserve of gas. Soon after her husband leaves, she hears footsteps from... >>>

Merrick Garland: Ghost guns are real guns. And we'll regulate them to save lives.

Monday  13:16,   11 april 2022

Manufacturers and sellers of guns kits will be subject to the same federal laws as all other gun manufacturers and sellers. This means that those who engage in the business of dealing in these guns will be required to mark every frame or receiver... >>>

I voted for Trump twice. He shouldn't run again.

Monday  12:15,   11 april 2022

Trump had some major successes in his presidency, but if he runs again, he'll hurt the Republican Party.I voted for President Donald Trump twice. I’m a big fan, in part because I helped Lou Dobbs write “The Trump Century,” which builds a... >>>

Why Biden’s Losing Fight for Voting Rights Was Still the Best Plan

Monday  12:00,   11 april 2022

You can’t outorganize voter suppression without taking a stand.The failure of it all naturally raises the question of why the Democrats are bothering. Several voting-rights experts complain to Grid about the Democrats’ strategy, which Jeff Maurer... >>>

Introducing &c., a Newsletter by Jonathan Chait

Monday  12:00,   11 april 2022

Irregular musings from the center-left.The goal is to share all the other ideas I want to get off my chest but don’t naturally work in the format of a column. A lot of those ideas are just going to be arguments or observations about the news. The... >>>

Trump Thinks DeSantis Owes Him Everything

Monday  08:55,   11 april 2022

If the Sunshine State ingrate aspires to a political destiny independent of Trump, the former president will give him the Brian Kemp treatment.But for Republican politicians whom Trump believes he has uniquely blessed, there is a definite... >>>

We can bring healing amid war in Ukraine, even as genocides past and present haunt us

Sunday  17:10,   10 april 2022

During Holy Week, Christians will be contemplating the great mystery of evil as reflected in mass graves, drawing hope from the empty tomb of Easter.  Besides prayer, can we somehow contribute to the righting of these wrongs? There is at least one... >>>

My doctor made me cry. It summed up everything that's wrong with health care.

Sunday  15:55,   10 april 2022

I’m not the only one who’s had a horrible experience at the doctor’s office, and the doctor I saw isn’t the only one who’s unhappy. We’re drifting apart, but if we work together, we can start to heal our increasingly sick health care system.... >>>

Trump, Putin, and the Paradox of Propaganda

Sunday  15:55,   10 april 2022

When you set out to brainwash others, you end up brainwashing yourself. The intent of propaganda, of course, is to contain the effect to the audience, who will be steered toward beliefs you find useful, and away from beliefs you find dangerous,... >>>