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Congratulations on Fixing the Border, Mr. President!

Tuesday  18:19,   11 june 2019

Should we pretend that Donald Trump made a real deal with... >>>

A Win at the Border

Tuesday  17:25,   11 june 2019

The deal is welcome, and better than could reasonably have been expected. Read More >>>

Geoff Shepard: Desperate House Dems trot out John Dean to criticize another Republican White House

Tuesday  06:10,   11 june 2019

Dean’s appearance was all show and no substance. And not surprisingly, while casting aspersions on President Trump, he somehow managed to omit specific descriptions of any of his own criminal acts. DEM WITNESS JOHN DEAN OBSTRUCTED COHEN HEARING,... >>>

Trump’s Bullying Won’t Fix the Migrant Crisis

Tuesday  06:01,   11 june 2019

The problems in Central America won’t go away, and Mexico will struggle to sustain a... >>>

Donald Trump's incompetence has a silver lining

Monday  21:16,   10 june 2019

DJ Rosenthal writes that in most cases foreign leaders have likely "priced in" Trump's erratic behavior and sidelined his pronouncements and representations. The result is a neutered presidency, but a safer America than one in which Trump were taken >>>

Why Conservatives Should Stop Giving To Arts Organizations

Monday  18:20,   10 june 2019

Progressive hegemony in American arts and culture is a direct result of not-for-profit funding models. Conservatives should stop supporting... >>>

The Democratic Clown Car Rolls Into Iowa

Monday  18:05,   10 june 2019

Nearly the entire 2020 field of Democratic candidates fought for attention in Cedar Rapids... >>>

Trump proves that tariffs work. Here are the lessons we should learn

Monday  18:00,   10 june 2019

Steve Hilton: Trump's use of tariffs show why he is not the status... >>>

Why All of Trump’s Deals Are Bad

Monday  17:51,   10 june 2019

Even when he “wins,” like with his Mexico tariff threat, he’s alienating partners he’ll need to deal with... >>>

Trump’s latest rage-threat gives Democrats a big opening. One just took it.

Monday  17:51,   10 june 2019

With Trump renewing his threat against Mexico, Beto O'Rourke offers a good... >>>

The Hyde Amendment is saving (mostly nonwhite) lives

Monday  17:40,   10 june 2019

Repeal of the Hyde Amendment — the primary limitation on federal funding of abortion — would cost the lives of 60,000 unborn children every year. Many, if not most, will be nonwhite babies. For all the disputes over abortion data, this fact is not... >>>

Opinions | Americans want more from the government, so Democrats are peddling fairy tales

Monday  17:25,   10 june 2019

2020 hopefuls’ shopping list of liberal goals is unlikely to be adopted even if a Democrat... >>>

Biden’s Abortion Flip-Flop Reveals His Weaknesses

Monday  03:40,   10 june 2019

Democrats’ enthusiasm for their front-runner wanes, as they worry about his gaffes and... >>>

Robert B. Reich: A tip for Tariff Man

Monday  03:40,   10 june 2019

"I am a Tariff Man," Trump tweeted last week. "When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so. We are right now taking in$ billions in... >>>

Tom Homan: Trump deserves our thanks for migrant agreement with Mexico

Monday  03:40,   10 june 2019

As the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, I believe President Trump has been right on the immigration issue from the start. He is doing his job as president to protect our nation and our citizens. He is trying to keep his >>>