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Trump’s false claim that impeachment violates the First Amendment, explained

Tuesday  17:42,   09 february 2021

No, Trump does not have a constitutional right to lie with impunity.The brief’s primary arguments are constitutional. It claims that the Constitution does not permit an impeachment proceeding against a former official. And the brief also argues that >>>

Republicans: Trump Can’t Be Impeached Because He Can’t Be Impeached

Tuesday  17:42,   09 february 2021

We won’t vote to convict Trump because he’s going to be acquitted.But the thing about Lindsey Graham running away is that he always comes back. After his brief and apparently unpleasant experience with independence, Graham has returned to his... >>>

January 6 Was Just One Day in a Sustained Campaign

Tuesday  14:28,   09 february 2021

The impeachment trial offers a chance to show how Donald Trump tried to undermine election’s legitimacy for months—not just on the day of the Capitol attack.For at least four reasons, this broader focus is important. First, if the trial centers on... >>>

The Conservative Identity Crisis

Tuesday  13:51,   09 february 2021

A great divide has the movement at war with itself.When a movement’s flagship publication features a “This We Believe” statement on its cover, as National Review recently did, you know there’s a problem. But the problem itself is not... >>>

Reagan’s secretary of state, George Shultz, was an emissary for freedom

Monday  21:27,   08 february 2021

George Shultz’s signature service as President Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state gave ample evidence that the conservative movement can be very wrong. © Provided by Washington Examiner Shultz, who died Feb. 6 at age 100, deserves to be ranked among >>>

The First Amendment Is No Defense Against Impeachment

Monday  19:37,   08 february 2021

Freedom of speech does not limit the removal and disqualification powers conferred on Congress by the Constitution.That is wrong. Even if the First Amendment protected Trump from criminal and tort liability for his January 6 exhortation to the crowd >>>

America Saw a Historic Rise in Murders in 2020. Why?

Monday  15:54,   08 february 2021

“If you wanted to think of this as potentially erasing several decades worth of progress, that wouldn’t be an overstatement,” says one expert.At the most basic level of analysis, experts view the surge as the result of a worst-case confluence of... >>>

The Forces That Stopped Obama’s Recovery Will Not Stop Biden’s

Monday  15:22,   08 february 2021

The political atmosphere for stimulus is nothing like 2009.This is not because the present crisis is more severe. Just the opposite: The deepest and darkest moment of the contraction has passed, and the question before the economy now is how rapidly >>>

George P. Shultz, R.I.P.

Monday  14:20,   08 february 2021

The life and contributions of an American statesmanShultz died on February 6, Ronald Reagan’s birthday, which is somewhat... >>>

How Fox News Primetime Jacked Up Trump’s ‘Big Lie’

Monday  04:40,   08 february 2021

President Donald Trump faces a Senate trial this week for his role in pushing months of election lies, and ultimately prompting the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riots. But he didn’t do it all alone. The former president had assistance from key allies,... >>>

Trump Watchers Are Finally Getting Some Sleep

Sunday  13:25,   07 february 2021

“I feel I’ve been released from a hostage situation.”“I feel I’ve been released from a hostage situation,” Sheri Berman, a political-science professor at Barnard College who studies democracies and has written about Donald Trump, told me. “I’ve... >>>

New Jobs Report Bolsters Case for Biden’s Stimulus

Friday  21:55,   05 february 2021

With 10 million Americans out of work and millions more underemployed, Democrats are right to err on the side of too much relief.Last month, U.S. employers added a piddling 49,000 jobs, far less than 105,000 estimated by Bloomberg’s survey of... >>>

Counterinsurgency Isn’t the Answer

Friday  13:42,   05 february 2021

Be wary of those who seek to apply the lessons of our campaigns abroad to our political challenges at home.Say it with me once more, for the people in the back: We do not need a counterinsurgency strategy to defeat right-wing extremism in the United >>>

Small steps: How Americans can come together to bridge our dangerous political divide

Friday  13:42,   05 february 2021

All of us who've been swept up in the hyperpartisan blood sport that is American politics in the 21st century need to reflect on what we’ve become. How might  we return to a healthier tradition of treating neighbors as neighbors and family... >>>