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Snow White was flawed, and other truths about Rep. Ilhan Omar

Tuesday  10:05,   20 august 2019

Omar is no savior, and Trump is no truth-teller. Americans deserve better than both. Jessica A. Levinson is a professor and director of the Loyola Public Service Institute at LMU Loyola Law School... >>>

Don’t Fall For Omar And Tlaib’s Lies About Israel

Tuesday  05:45,   20 august 2019

Nearly everything Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib said in their two-woman production of 'Israel is Evil' on Monday was... >>>

Opinions | Anthony Scaramucci: I was wrong about Trump. Here’s why.

Tuesday  05:45,   20 august 2019

The negatives of Trump’s demagoguery now clearly outweigh the positives of his... >>>

The Afghanistan paradox

Monday  21:15,   19 august 2019

If Americans should understand anything about Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of war in that country, it is that optimism is never, ever warranted. Not about victory, not about peace, not about anything. On Friday, President Trump violated that... >>>

Trump Is Already Backing Away From Doing Anything About Guns

Monday  20:50,   19 august 2019

After a brief window during which he seemed interested in doing something serious to curb mass shootings, he has retreated to NRA talking... >>>

How the Government Creates Wealth Inequality

Monday  20:25,   19 august 2019

Politicians complain loudly about this problem, but their own policies are generating it. This issue receives too little policy attention, but it is profoundly important and reveals the hypocrisy of the political left. Many Americans have saved... >>>

LA Mayor: Who we should really be listening to after Gilroy, Dayton and El Paso (Opinion)

Monday  19:51,   19 august 2019

Eric Garcetti writes that mayors have had to lead their people forward in the wake of unthinkable gun violence -- especially since this problem will never be solved in the echo chamber of NRA talking points -- but we should also be listening to our... >>>

From Trump’s Fat To ‘I’m A Mom’: Crazy Reasons Democrats Think They Can Beat Trump

Monday  19:51,   19 august 2019

Some Democratic presidential candidates are coming up with some odd reasons they think they are the right person to take on Donald Trump next year. While most candidates in the race are running on platforms to give America “free everything” while... >>>

Can the Democrats unseat Trump?

Monday  19:45,   19 august 2019

Today, the candidate with the best chance to beat Donald Trump is… well… Donald... >>>

Opinions | Trump’s scam is failing him, and he’s in a panic over it

Monday  18:15,   19 august 2019

The president privately fears the economy could harm his reelection... >>>

3 real problems Republicans need to address to win in 2020

Monday  17:12,   19 august 2019

Spin is not analysis, and self-delusion is not strategy. Our social media streams are full of personality-based sideshows that are good for ratings and clicks. Yet, these are not the serious issues that demand attention if Republicans are to retain... >>>

Douglas MacKinnon: Police need support, not scorn – Considering them 'the enemy' is dangerous for us all

Monday  06:00,   19 august 2019

Today, anyone entertaining the thought of becoming a police officer must ask if it is worth the risk to themselves and their families. Is it worth the risk to their mental health? Is it worth being mocked? Is it worth the risk of being literally... >>>

Opinions | The Trump economic team: Men without a plan

Monday  05:45,   19 august 2019

No one is “afraid of optimism.” We’re afraid of the team in the White House. Read more: Robert J. Samuelson: What we should learn from the Great Depression The Post’s View: The scare of a recession calls for exactly what Trump can’t provide... >>>

Can Hong Kong Avoid Becoming Tiananmen?

Sunday  17:50,   18 august 2019

Thirty years ago, on May 19, 1989, Zhao Ziyang, general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, stood in Tiananmen Square. It was 5 in the morning and Zhao, exhausted, holding a loudspeaker, addressed student demonstrators, thousands of whom were... >>>

The Tired and Poor Who Make America Great

Sunday  06:15,   18 august 2019

America is on the verge of grand human re-sorting. On Monday, the Trump administration announced new immigration rules that favor younger, healthier and wealthier newcomers, and make it easier to deny permanent residency to those relying on public... >>>