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Sam Ervin took down Nixon. We’re still waiting for his heir

Friday  16:45,   15 february 2019

OPINION — It is easy to imagine an undiscovered Samuel Beckett play entitled “Waiting for Mueller.” On stage, faithful Democrats vacillate between stubborn hope (“He should be here”) and fatalistic despair (“He didn’t say for sure that he would... >>>

McCabe vs. Trump: The credibility test

Friday  16:40,   15 february 2019

We can rest assured that at least some of McCabe's version of events in his new book is true, writes Josh... >>>

New Deals (even green ones) are bonanzas for big business

Friday  16:35,   15 february 2019

Amazon is taking its ball and going home, and New York Democrats are actually celebrating. I wasn't a huge fan of the deal New York and Amazon worked out. I don't like corporate welfare, and the race among municipalities to bribe businesses to set... >>>

Southern Baptists Face Their #MeToo Moment

Friday  16:21,   15 february 2019

NASHVILLE — Growing up in a Southern Baptist church, I heard much about “the age of accountability.” Our tradition baptizes only those who confess their own faith in Christ, and the phrase describes the time when a person is mature enough to... >>>

Kamala Harris is a longtime ally of government unions – Here's why that should worry voters

Friday  16:21,   15 february 2019

Kamala Harris cannot erase her connections to powerful government unions. They stretch back over many years, dating back to her days as a California prosecutor. The Freedom Foundation – a national nonprofit organization that helps public employees... >>>

Trump will declare a national emergency. It only underscores his raging, delusional impotence.

Friday  16:15,   15 february 2019

The president appears set to take the plunge. It won't work, just like nothing else... >>>

President Trump is forced into declaring a national emergency: Rep. Jody Hice

Friday  05:15,   15 february 2019

Congress fails to deal with the humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border, writes Rep. Jody Hice of the House Freedom... >>>

17 of My Friends and Classmates Were Killed. But Congress Does Nothing.

Friday  00:10,   15 february 2019

PARKLAND, Fla. — When I arrived at school on Feb. 14, 2018, like any junior, I was mostly caught up in Valentine’s Day chatter and events. But that all changed in the space of a few minutes that afternoon when a gunman opened fire on my classmates... >>>

A year after Parkland school shooting, should we be arming teachers already?

Thursday  19:05,   14 february 2019

After Parkland shooting, school districts took 'giant steps' to boost security, but we're still not arming... >>>

One year later, I'm still evaluating how to better protect kids from school shootings

Thursday  18:55,   14 february 2019

I said last year — and feel even more strongly today — that the safety of our children is an issue that must always transcend politics. In the legislature, we must all be open to new ideas and new approaches, working together to make our schools the >>>

Paul Manafort’s day in court spells trouble for Trump

Thursday  18:40,   14 february 2019

Was the president's former campaign chairman caught lying about... >>>

A year since Parkland: we have a solution

Thursday  18:36,   14 february 2019

While physical hardening and gun control issues will remain in the public debate, reactive measures are inherently insufficient. We must be proactive. Simply stated, when the first shot is fired it is too late, we have failed. Babin represents the... >>>

Americans still love capitalism. Here are three reasons why they aren't flocking to socialism

Thursday  18:30,   14 february 2019

In a world where we now have three so-called "democratic" socialists in office (which is an oxymoron if I've ever seen one), you'd think the American public must be increasingly moving to the left. But you would be wrong. A brand-new Fox News poll... >>>

The Green New Deal’s Disastrous First Week

Thursday  18:20,   14 february 2019

To their own detriment, progressives have hermetically sealed themselves off from the Right, and even from moderates. They actually leaked a document to their woke friends at NPR without anyone realizing how badly a pledge of support for everyone... >>>

Opinions | The press needs to ask hard questions on the Green New Deal

Thursday  18:00,   14 february 2019

Why are so many Democrats leaping before they... >>>