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Trump’s ‘Herd Mentality’ Is Going to Kill Us

Wednesday  11:25,   23 september 2020

As Donald Trump found himself under such harsh criticism for having no plan for handling the coronavirus pandemic as the death poll approached 200,000, he concluded that revealing he has one, however appalling, is better than having none at all.... >>>

Republicans Hit a Disgusting New Low With Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death

Wednesday  11:25,   23 september 2020

How fast the Supreme Court nominee talk began, with the monumental life that precipitated it surreally relegated in its shadow. It’s there in Donald Trump’s creepy, elated stump speeches, and Mitch McConnell’s pathetic justifications for his own... >>>

Trump Expands Ban on Racial Bias Trainings and ‘Sex Scapegoating’ to Federal Contractors

Wednesday  04:15,   23 september 2020

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he is prohibiting government contractors and grantees from offering racial sensitivity and diversity training to employees. In a series of tweets, Trump wrote, “A few weeks ago, I BANNED efforts to... >>>

200,000 dead: COVID-19 is creating ruinous economic damage that will take years to repair

Tuesday  18:16,   22 september 2020

Millions must choose between working at home while watching the kids and helping them with school, or giving up the job, the paycheck and the career.Walmart announces launch of on-demand drone delivery pilot program in North... >>>

Trump, Orbán, and Putin Are Forming an Authoritarian Alliance

Tuesday  17:16,   22 september 2020

When you’re a tsar, they let you do it. The most chilling aspect is how Trump and his supporters have embraced authoritarianism as a kind of kitsch. Just as they picked up on Trump’s threats to prosecute Hillary Clinton in 2016, they have begun... >>>

Term Limits Won’t Fix the Court

Tuesday  14:12,   22 september 2020

But they could help restore confidence in the confirmation process and eliminate public concerns around aging justices.During and after the Bork showdown, the Court was in a period of rapid turnover, with six new justices in eight years (1986 to... >>>

The Great Liberal Reckoning Has Begun

Tuesday  14:11,   22 september 2020

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg concludes an era of faith in courts as partners in the fight for progress and equality.[Read: What Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death means for... >>>

Patriotic History Is Comparative History

Tuesday  14:11,   22 september 2020

Evils such as slavery are characteristic of the human race throughout human history. What needs explaining is how and why America broke the mold.Our children our instructed from propaganda tracts like those of Howard Zinn that try to make students... >>>

Is This How Biden Blows It?

Tuesday  12:26,   22 september 2020

Trump says he isn’t preparing. Biden’s aides see debates as boxes to check. But many Democrats remain nervous.Klain ran Clinton’s debate prep, and he’s doing it again this year for Joe Biden. Klain has a rule against discussing the process, but he... >>>

Anti-Abortion Zealots Demand a Vote to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat

Tuesday  03:39,   22 september 2020

The moment of deliverance is already here for anti-abortion activists calling in Republican debts to rush through a Supreme Court nominee.We offer our sincere condolences to Justice Ginsburg’s children, grandchildren, extended family, friends, and... >>>

The 1619 Project is a fraud

Monday  23:37,   21 september 2020

New York Times magazine staffer Nicole Hannah-Jones accused me once of rank jealousy. She said my criticism for her flawed 1619 Project stemmed from the fact that, unlike her, I do not “have good ideas and the talent to execute them.” © Provided by... >>>

Noam Chomsky’s Green New Deal

Monday  22:27,   21 september 2020

A chat about his new book with co-author Robert Pollin.Several books on the Green New Deal have been released in the past year or two, but none boasts a more illustrious set of authors than Climate Crisis and the Green New Deal, out Tuesday from... >>>

To achieve racial justice, America’s broken democracy must be fixed

Monday  18:16,   21 september 2020

Why 30 Black- and brown-led organizations are coming together to demand bold democracy reform.But Mitchell’s sense of the problem has changed over the years. He used to think if he could just mobilize enough support and change enough minds, that... >>>

Christian conservatives like me should not let abortion and socialism scare us off Biden

Monday  17:26,   21 september 2020

What has Biden ever said or done to indicate he is a socialist? And on abortion, we're stuck in the 1990s. Our Supreme Court power play is not a winner.Ruth Bader Ginsburg reflects on being 'notorious' in first appearance since cancer... >>>

The Fight Against Words That Sound Like, but Are Not, Slurs

Monday  16:46,   21 september 2020

Colleges are torn apart when faculty are punished and publicly vilified for accidentally giving offense.Then angry faculty and alumni began confirming the story: During a Zoom class on August 20, Greg Patton, a 53-year-old professor, told students... >>>