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Trump’s Immigrant-Welfare Rule Is Bad Policy, But Clever Politics

Saturday  00:30,   17 august 2019

The Trump administration has moved to block new immigrants who need... >>>

Netanyahu and Trump bond causes damage to U.S.-Israel ties

Saturday  00:30,   17 august 2019

Netanyahu barred Reps. Omar and Talib from entering Israel after Trump urged him. This was a mistake for... >>>

Why America should absolutely buy Greenland

Saturday  00:25,   17 august 2019

Never say that Donald Trump has no ideas. He's actually full of them, and many are interesting. Is there really a single red-blooded American who doesn't want us to be the first country with a Space Force? (This, I think, explains why so many fans... >>>

Epstein's death still looks suspicious, but there's nothing to implicate Trump or Bill Clinton

Friday  19:15,   16 august 2019

Nearly a week after the death of child sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, every shred of evidence to emerge only makes his supposed suicide look even more suspicious. But let's not go crazy with the conspiracy theories.... >>>

Yes, Immigrants Should Be Less Dependent On U.S. Welfare, And So Should Everyone Else

Friday  18:45,   16 august 2019

Immigration regulation that requires work instead of welfare has been a part of our laws for more than a century, and is based on legal theories that predate the founding of the republic. The administration’s policy shifts the guidelines slightly,... >>>

Trump Didn’t Make the Storm, but He’s Making It Worse

Friday  18:45,   16 august 2019

The president didn’t put any of the globe’s authoritarians in office, but he’s encouraged their worst... >>>

Steve King’s Views on Rape Are Inseparable From His Racism

Friday  18:32,   16 august 2019

King’s understanding of what gives women and people of color worth rests on how useful they are to his vision of... >>>

The End of Hong Kong as We Know It

Friday  18:32,   16 august 2019

However the current crisis ends, the city will never be the same, and that’s a tragedy of historic... >>>

Trump is the one with the ‘electability’ problem

Friday  18:00,   16 august 2019

A new poll shows Trump losing to several... >>>

With Trump as President, the World Is Spiraling Into Chaos

Friday  17:50,   16 august 2019

Earlier this week, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan, visited The New York Times editorial board, and I asked him about the threat of armed conflict between his country and India over Kashmir. India and Pakistan have... >>>

What Are Trump and Netanyahu Afraid Of?

Friday  05:50,   16 august 2019

It is difficult to stomach the notion that an American president would put pressure on Israel to deny entry to two members of the United States Congress. There are not many traditions of decorum that President Trump has not trampled on since... >>>

Did Trump and Israel get played by Omar and Tlaib? Some conservatives think so.

Thursday  23:50,   15 august 2019

Even some sharp critics of the congresswomen suggest he... >>>

Brooke Goldstein: Israel smart about Omar, Tlaib – They are enemies of the Jewish state

Thursday  23:50,   15 august 2019

Reps. Omar and Tlaib have built their brands on delegitimizing the Jewish state and working towards its destruction. Israel was right to deny them... >>>

Trump restrictions on legal immigration betray America’s immigrant heritage

Thursday  20:15,   15 august 2019

President Trump’s action this week to restrict legal immigration by people who might need public assistance in the future is a rejection of our proud heritage as a nation of immigrants and has the effect of erasing the beautiful and welcoming words... >>>

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar Barred From Israel—But a Conflagration Is Coming

Thursday  19:15,   15 august 2019

While the caretaker government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was busy banning the entry into Israel and Palestine of two members of the United States Congress, a much more serious and enduring danger to the Holy Land looms on the near... >>>