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OAN Declares War on Newsmax for ‘Censoring’ MyPillow Guy

Friday  02:55,   05 february 2021

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has found himself in the middle of the latest right-wing media battle for MAGA viewership. In a cynical attempt to hamstring one of its main competitors, fringe cable channel One America News this week accused fellow... >>>

It’s Time to Talk About Violent Christian Extremism

Friday  02:06,   05 february 2021

There’s a “strong authoritarian streak” that runs through parts of American evangelicalism, warns Elizabeth Neumann. What should be done about it?Now, after the dangerous QAnon conspiracy theory helped to motivate the insurrection at the U.S.... >>>

The Moral Inversion of the Republican Party

Thursday  22:55,   04 february 2021

Republicans are at risk of being devoured by the forces they placed in control. And they are discovering to their horror that there’s no off switch.[Hans Noel: Republicans can agree to disagree over democracy]Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell... >>>

Trump Is Gone, But Europe Still Needs Some Space

Thursday  20:20,   04 february 2021

While Europe welcomed Biden’s win, it still sees America as an unreliable friend. Pursuing independence from Washington is more appealing than ever.After Biden’s inauguration, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most important politician on the... >>>

Take a Stand for the Iron Lady

Thursday  20:20,   04 february 2021

An app company cancels Thatcher following user complaints. But it could be persuaded otherwise.I use a very helpful app called 1Focus, which I keep on my work computer to block Twitter and other similar websites that might distract me during my work >>>

Remote Students Are ‘Just Having Different Learning Experiences’?

Thursday  15:00,   04 february 2021

The left learns to discount education to justify distance learning.If you are a parent of one of these children, you might see it more starkly. The “learning experiences” that we “currently measure” are the teaching of skills like reading, writing,... >>>

With the People’s Republic of China, Don’t Trust, Because You Can’t Verify

Thursday  14:01,   04 february 2021

To sift through Beijing’s bogus claims in everything from economic growth to pandemic response and climate talks, this should be the Biden mantra.The essay’s author was former secretary of state John Kerry, now back in government as the Biden... >>>

To Try a President

Thursday  14:01,   04 february 2021

Should Richard Nixon have faced criminal prosecution? A never-before-published article from 1974, written by a leading legal scholar, offers answers that speak to the present.A law professor at the University of Chicago, my father was an expert in... >>>

Erase structural racism: 5 steps Joe Biden can take to make U.S. laws, policies more just

Thursday  13:41,   04 february 2021

It will take concerted effort by the Biden administration and Congress to dismantle white supremacy and its racial inequities. Elaine Gross is president of ERASE Racism. You can read diverse opinions from our Board of Contributors and other writers... >>>

USPS Board of Governors: We're applying lessons from the election and the holiday season

Thursday  02:50,   04 february 2021

Opposing View: Despite COVID-19, U.S. Postal Service confirmed our strengths, identified where we must improve and now focusing on a 10-year plan.For Our View, read “Deliver Postal Service by firing Trump's joke of a... >>>

To Make Stimulus Checks Better Targeted, Give Them to Everyone

Thursday  00:25,   04 february 2021

Then take them back from affluent households at tax time.Instead of wasting time seeking out some bipartisan half measure on COVID relief, congressional Democrats have initiated the budget-reconciliation process, clearing the way for the Senate to... >>>

The Trump presidency was a catastrophe for American Christianity

Wednesday  19:16,   03 february 2021

David French on the crisis within the evangelical movement.That’s what Eric Metaxas, a prominent Christian radio host, told President Donald Trump during a radio interview a few weeks after the 2020 election. If the hysteria in those words surprises >>>

Stop Defacing Quotes With Brackets!

Wednesday  18:26,   03 february 2021

Yes, I’m talking to... >>>

What It’s Like to Impeach Trump

Wednesday  17:21,   03 february 2021

Veterans of the first trial say the second might be easier in one regard: The jurors were witnesses.For Trump’s second impeachment trial, which begins on February 8, very little historical research is needed — the same defendant will be on trial in... >>>

A WaPo Editor Floats U.N.-Sponsored ‘Disarmament’ for American Racists

Wednesday  14:05,   03 february 2021

Let’s unpack the problems with this idea.Well, perhaps “reasoned” is an overstatement. The idea, of course, is as preposterous as it is juvenile, but more seriously, it betrays a corrosive illiberalism and warped understanding of American life... >>>