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Christian Whiton: Lock up Assange and throw away the key

Friday  00:00,   12 april 2019

Americans who value our national security and the rule of law should cheer news that Julian Assange has been arrested in Britain and may be extradited to the United States. The WikiLeaks founder has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London... >>>

Donald Trump Is Magnifying the Border Crisis

Thursday  21:05,   11 april 2019

After two years of ineffective efforts to fix America’s immigration system, it’s time for the president to change... >>>

On the border, Trump alone couldn’t fix it. In fact, he broke it.

Thursday  18:25,   11 april 2019

The president didn’t create the mess by himself. But he certainly made it... >>>

Democrats’ Denial Over The Lack Of Russian Collusion Could Re-Elect Trump

Thursday  18:06,   11 april 2019

Doubling down on accusations and demanding the un-redacted Mueller report is no substitute for collusion myths, but Democrats’ inability to let it go helps the... >>>

William Barr Accidentally Concedes His Reason for Withholding the Mueller Report Is Baloney

Thursday  18:06,   11 april 2019

Barr showed how hollow his position of withholding the full report from Congress is. Should he force the issue and press the judiciary committee into taking the matter to court, the committee’s attorneys should cite Barr’s own words acknowledging... >>>

Millionaires and Billionaires and Bernie

Thursday  17:52,   11 april 2019

The Vermont socialist is suddenly rich. Is he any... >>>

Barr Confirms Multiple Intel Agencies Implicated In Anti-Trump Spy Operation

Thursday  17:37,   11 april 2019

'I’m not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly,' Barr... >>>

Want border security? Drop the wall and welcome more immigrants

Thursday  01:15,   11 april 2019

Last month, the House failed to override President Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the border. This vote is just one flash point in an ongoing debate about immigration policy, and rightly so. A large and growing body of research shows >>>

Faith, not sexual orientation, is what’s most interesting about Buttigieg

Thursday  01:00,   11 april 2019

Faith is not the province of right-wing... >>>

William Barr, Trump toady

Thursday  01:00,   11 april 2019

Barr is not acting as America's... >>>

Trump Mocks Climate Change. That’s a Key to Defeating Him.

Wednesday  20:35,   10 april 2019

A Green Real Deal will put the president on the defensive in the next... >>>

Nielsen wasn't right for Trump's 'bad cop' role on immigration

Wednesday  18:15,   10 april 2019

Kirstjen Nielsen is off the island. The embattled, beleaguered and apparently overwhelmed secretary of the Department of Homeland Security was reportedly fired before she could quit. Summoned to the White House on Sunday, she arrived with a... >>>

What woman presidential candidates are facing

Wednesday  18:10,   10 april 2019

Kara Alaimo writes that research indicates that voters may unknowingly discriminate against female candidates for president because a woman has never held the position, so a lot of us may need to re-examine some of our subconscious ways of thinking. >>>

Donald Trump Plays a Brutal Game of Musical Chairs

Wednesday  17:40,   10 april 2019

One of the U.S. president’s growing army of ex-staffers compared the White House to the “hub and spoke” management model. But it’s all... >>>

Pete Buttigieg’s Bad-Faith Attack on Mike Pence

Wednesday  17:40,   10 april 2019

The vice president makes a convenient villain for the Left, regardless of the... >>>