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What the media needs to get right in the next pandemic

Sunday  14:50,   10 april 2022

Journalists struggled to accurately convey scientific uncertainty on Covid-19.One recurring theme in the media missteps over the pandemic is a failure to think through and convey uncertainty to readers. And one glaring example of how many... >>>

Antisemitism Is the Root of All White Supremacist Terrorism

Sunday  11:05,   10 april 2022

Antisemitism, the oldest hatred, is thriving in the United States, as evidenced by last weekend’s hostage crisis at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Texas. It’s still terrorizing Jewish communities and serving as the gateway to inspiring... >>>

How to shop for bread makers

Sunday  11:05,   10 april 2022

A bread maker is a versatile kitchen appliance that can also cook pizza dough and soup and bake cakes.When the Covid pandemic first forced people to spend more time at home in 2020, bread baking became a popular pastime, so much so that grocery... >>>

The Red State–Blue State Scramble to Replace Roe

Saturday  17:05,   09 april 2022

Republicans are ready for the end of legal abortion. Are Democrats?Following the lead of Texas, which last fall passed a six-week ban that deputizes citizens to sue anyone who helps a patient get an abortion, Missouri Republicans in March proposed a >>>

Are the Sanctions Against Russia Working or Not?

Saturday  17:05,   09 april 2022

Russia has been able to defend against the West’s efforts to derail its economy, but longer term damage still looms.Anecdotally, the pressure seems to be diffuse and hard to pinpoint: A Moscow resident I’ve known since well before the war told me... >>>

Russia's butchers of Bucha aren't true soldiers. They are barbarians murdering civilians.

Saturday  16:00,   09 april 2022

The butchers of Bucha did not commit isolated crimes. They performed systematic atrocities. No doubt more will come to light in newly liberated areas.The blood-soaked land of Ukraine has once again become the site of new atrocities. During World War >>>

Trump Fans Have Found Their Safe Space

Saturday  13:16,   09 april 2022

Many of the former president’s critics live in politically segregated bubbles. But his rallies are bubbles too.For Donald Trump and his supporters, crowd size is more than just a bragging point. It’s proof that they are part of the American... >>>

Of Course, Eric Adams Is Turning His Paycheck Into Crypto

Saturday  09:20,   09 april 2022

The mayor once talked about getting paid in Bitcoin, but he’ll have to settle for the next best thing.It wasn’t even three months ago that Adams, then mayor-elect, boasted on Twitter that he would take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin as part of >>>

Why Is the Christian Right Bringing Back Anti-Gay Talking Points?

Friday  17:45,   08 april 2022

A febrile Republican base is fired up for the midterms and ready to continue a fight that, in their eyes, never really ended.Ben: You two were discussing yesterday how some of the old culture-war fights that used to animate (mostly) Christian... >>>

Putin's loss can be our gain: How the U.S. should capitalize on Russia's brain drain

Friday  15:41,   08 april 2022

In an epic blunder, Vladimir Putin has declared war on his own country's future. Russia's best and brightest are fleeing. We should bring them here.Immigrants strengthen us, and for that reason I have another idea that will strengthen us. It >>>

As a Muslim, I'm reflecting on loss and grief during Ramadan, Islam's holiest month

Friday  13:40,   08 april 2022

Ramadan, a sort of spiritual workout of temporary abstention, teaches us 'you don't know a good thing until it's gone.'In many countries around the world, reduced work hours are in place; homes, schools and public squares are adorned >>>

Trump Keeps Losing but the GOP Just Can’t Quit Him

Friday  11:40,   08 april 2022

It’s “a sea of performative moronics” ahead of the mid-terms, says New Abnormal Molly Jong-Fast, and we’re all drowning in it. Just look at “the cruelty, the stupidity and the racism” coming out of Texas right now, where Gov. Greg Abbott seems more... >>>

Women are not mini-men, let's stop treating them like such in the workplace

Friday  11:40,   08 april 2022

Let's talk about how to improve the workplace for women as we strive for increased equality and a changing economy.Despite my being a woman, I got the... >>>

Opinion | Ron DeSantis Knows the Formula to Defeat Donald Trump

Friday  11:35,   08 april 2022

The most successful line of attack against a potential Trump 2024 candidacy will likely come from the populist right.A spate of recent news stories has focused on the proto-feud between the past president with future ambitions, and the protégé who... >>>