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Health care debacle results from Republicans believing their own myths

Tuesday  16:17,   31 march 2020

Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans created a political debacle for themselves by believing a set of scare stories about Obamacare that came back to haunt them. It is an object lesson in how false realities ultimately pop like soap bubbles... >>>

The Rich Fled New York. Don’t Be Like Them.

Tuesday  00:15,   31 march 2020

You live in a cramped apartment and you’re scared. But escape is selfish.Hello fellow New Yorkers. You want to leave. So badly. I know. Me too. But don’t. Don’t do... >>>

Low enthusiasm for Biden? It might not actually hurt him

Monday  21:55,   30 march 2020

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has confirmed what the political commentariat has long suspected: Democrats who previously elected our first black president and then the first female nominee aren't terribly excited about voting for the... >>>

Trump finally leveled with the American people (opinion)

Monday  20:25,   30 march 2020

Peter Bergen writes that at his Sunday coronavirus briefing at the White House President Trump sounded like he had just been mugged by reality. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

What Trump Can Learn From Woodrow Wilson

Monday  19:31,   30 march 2020

Wilson’s decision to tell businesses what to do during WWI helped vault the U.S. into its preeminent role as global crisis leader.The United States, the richest country in the world, somehow lacks the medical gear to properly fight the coronavirus.... >>>

Coronavirus has ended our globally interconnected life as we knew it

Monday  19:17,   30 march 2020

It’s beginning to dawn on the national security establishment and ordinary citizens alike that there’s no going back. The coronavirus, the current biggest threat to global security, has already destroyed life as we know it. Even if previous... >>>

If Trump Can’t Do the Job, Other People Need To

Monday  18:26,   30 march 2020

The president is more hindrance than help, so leaders in and out of government have to plan around him.Beyoncé had left the stadium in triumph. Her sultry renditions of “Crazy in Love” and other hits had culminated in the surprise onstage reunion of >>>

How to Win the War on Coronavirus

Monday  18:26,   30 march 2020

As in WWII, it will require effort from all Americans.I remember the first time I thought about World War III. It was October 22, 1962. As President John Kennedy addressed the nation about the “unmistakable evidence” of nuclear-tipped Soviet... >>>

Working Americans need more than a one-time cash payment

Friday  23:40,   27 march 2020

Van Jones writes that while the stimulus bill is a step in the right direction, working Americans need monthly cash payouts until the coronavirus crisis comes to an end.As the list of cities and states where Americans are sheltering in place... >>>

Coronavirus crisis -- Why some churches are defying bans on gathering

Friday  23:40,   27 march 2020

Some churches in America are asking, "by what authority does the government declare the church non-essential?"To defy or not to defy: For most houses of worship, it’s not even a question to consider, as they shutter their doors and switch to online... >>>

I Am Hospitalized With the Coronavirus

Friday  23:40,   27 march 2020

On March 12 I got a fever that didn’t go away. It hovered around 101 or 102 degrees for the next week, accompanied by severe fatigue and body aches. My office was already working remotely, so I powered through and kept at it, with lots of breaks and >>>

Trump's desire to reopen the country by Easter may not be far-fetched

Friday  17:07,   27 march 2020

There are reasons to hope this crisis may pass sooner and with less economic and human damage than we are being led to believe. Merrill Matthews is a resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Twitter... >>>

Opinions | Trump made us No. 1 — in the spread of a deadly disease

Friday  17:07,   27 march 2020

The results of his ignorance and incompetence concerning the covid-19 outbreak continue to mount.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or... >>>

Why Can’t Bernie Accept That Democratic Voters Didn’t Want Him?

Thursday  22:25,   26 march 2020

Democrats wanted to nominate a moderate. They got one. No conspiracy required.From the moment he announced his candidacy, Joe Biden led in polls of Democratic primary voters. His lead endured through months of bad press and worse debate... >>>

Opinions | Trump understands what his critics don’t: The current lockdown is unsustainable

Thursday  22:10,   26 march 2020

We can't shelter in place forever.President Trump enjoys 60 percent approval for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but that has not stopped his critics from trying to stoke public outrage at his... >>>