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Alec Baldwin's 'SNL' departure is a win for Trump (Opinion)

Monday  03:40,   10 june 2019

Dean Obeidallah writes that President Donald Trump has won two battles in his long-standing war against comedy -- including his most recent against Alec Baldwin, who announced he will no longer impersonate the President on "Saturday Night... >>>

Mexico crisis shows the limits of Trump's brinksmanship

Saturday  23:20,   08 june 2019

The president's negotiating style has settled into a familiar -- and increasingly ineffective --... >>>

Biden caves on the Hyde Amendment: what was the point of his candidacy?

Friday  20:35,   07 june 2019

With his abandonment of the moderate view on abortion, he's ceding not only fertile voting territory but the thing that set him apart from a field of far-left progressives who don't represent a majority of Americans, writes SE Cupp. What's the point >>>

Weakness: Biden buckles to the base on abortion subsidies

Friday  20:20,   07 june 2019

Joe Biden may be the Democratic presidential front-runner, but in the past 72 hours, he hasn't been acting like it. During this week alone, Biden abandoned his decades of support for the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funds abortion, then... >>>

Bill Barr’s Dangerous Claims

Friday  18:25,   07 june 2019

The attorney general has said the intelligence community was “spying” on the Trump campaign—language that risks a panoply of... >>>

Tucker Carlson for president?

Friday  18:10,   07 june 2019

It makes sense for pundits and politicians to be focused on the presidential election staring us down a mere 18 months in the future. But that's not where the real action is, at least on the right. Whether President Trump wins or loses his bid for... >>>

Democrats Are Turning America’s Big Cities Into Petri Dishes For Disease

Friday  18:01,   07 june 2019

American cities are becoming unlivable, worthy of quarantine or large-scale decontamination . Republicans are missing a great opportunity to educate voters and to clarify the policy differences that determine whether American cities “shine on the... >>>

Trump Destroys American Greatness From Within

Friday  18:01,   07 june 2019

From the Justice Department to the military, the president is corroding and destabilizing the institutions of... >>>

Sorry Mexico, Senate Republicans won’t be coming to your rescue anytime soon

Friday  17:37,   07 june 2019

Mexico must reach an agreement with the president on securing the border — fast. Read more: Robert J. Samuelson: There is a sheer nastiness to Trump’s Mexico tariffs Catherine Rampell: Just a few of the reasons that Trump’s Mexico tariffs are deeply >>>

The Donald Thinks D-Day Is About Him

Friday  17:31,   07 june 2019

To have Trump commemorate the Normandy landings is to understand the word impostor. You can’t make a sculpture from rotten wood. Sign up for the Morning Briefing Newsletter. It’s worth saying again. If Europe is whole and free and at peace, it’s... >>>

Jim Sciutto’s Quiet Indictment of the Obama Administration

Friday  01:00,   07 june 2019

His new book methodically and scathingly dissects his former bosses’ policies toward Russia and... >>>

Trump’s excellent D-Day speech captured soldiers’ courage

Thursday  20:41,   06 june 2019

Give President Trump credit. His prepared remarks on the 75th anniversary of D-Day were eloquent and inspirational. His words represented the United States quite well. Any president who speaks in Normandy faces the tall order of trying to live up to >>>

Why it’s time to bring back the citizen-soldiers who won World War II

Thursday  20:05,   06 june 2019

Professional armies are a sign of a weak... >>>

YouTube Takes Conservative Commentator’s Speech Platform And Salary Away

Thursday  18:30,   06 june 2019

Steven Crowder, a conservative comedian and commentator, became the newest victim of a YouTube purge spurred by a Vox reporter. The reporter, Carlos Maza, was triggered by Crowder's content and flagged the videos he found offensive, essentially... >>>

In LA's homelessness crisis: the Skid Row is everywhere

Thursday  18:20,   06 june 2019

While it is fair to wonder what our elected officials are doing with our tax dollars to solve homelessness, I do wonder what our religious figures, like Christian televangelist and prosperity gospel adherent Kenneth Copeland, are doing on the issue... >>>