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Medicare for All is a political loser (Opinion)

Friday  18:17,   12 july 2019

A good rule of politics: Most things that sound too good to be true are, in fact, not true, writes Joe Lockhart. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren's support of full-blown Medicare for All, plus eliminating all employer-provided private insurance,... >>>

Trump’s mass arrests are set to begin. Here’s the Democratic answer.

Thursday  22:40,   11 july 2019

A new proposal from Democrats would protect children and... >>>

How Donald Trump pushed Iran to the bomb

Thursday  21:41,   11 july 2019

Since the day he took office, President Trump has been caught in an Iran trap, or more precisely, two traps. The first led the President to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement and pursue a "maximum pressure" campaign. The second will almost... >>>

Census citizenship question is constitutional and should be approved

Thursday  19:02,   11 july 2019

The fat lady has not yet begun to sing. How did we ever get into this predicament where one guy out of some 350 million Americans can singularly control this? There is something wrong with this picture. Ronald L. Trowbridge is a policy fellow at the >>>

The Desire for Fake News Lives in All of Us

Thursday  18:26,   11 july 2019

Before we can tackle the problem, we must admit that it is a problem of demand, rather than... >>>

What Will It Take for Democrats to Unite Behind Impeaching Trump?

Thursday  18:05,   11 july 2019

Watergate-era House Democrats hold out the possibility for overcoming initial divisions over their approach to... >>>

What Happens If the 2020 Election Is a Tie?

Thursday  17:55,   11 july 2019

The House of Representatives resolves inconclusive presidential elections—and while Democrats may hold most of the seats, Republicans control more state... >>>

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Census asks too many questions – it’s just supposed to determine our population size

Thursday  17:50,   11 july 2019

A citizenship question is unlikely to be on... >>>

The real reason for the census debacle? Trump just wants to fight.

Thursday  17:37,   11 july 2019

Republicans are showing us how to manipulate the census for political... >>>

The real estate tycoon meets Iran

Thursday  01:25,   11 july 2019

Donald Trump has used his real estate business skills in the world of international... >>>

Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Seeking To ‘Pack’ The Supreme Court

Thursday  01:00,   11 july 2019

Someday our grandchildren may ask, 'Why are there 121 people on the Supreme... >>>

Opinions | Tucker Carlson embraces hateful nativism in attack on Rep. Omar

Wednesday  22:40,   10 july 2019

Lawmaker came to the United States as an immigrant and found an imperfect place. That's enough to trigger the condemnation of one Fox News... >>>

Census shouldn’t ask about citizenship

Wednesday  20:25,   10 july 2019

It makes sense to omit a question about citizenship from the census, in order to get the most accurate count of our... >>>

Trump and Twitter, Together Forever

Wednesday  19:40,   10 july 2019

So it’s official: If he gets to dish it out, he has to take it too. At least for now. A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that President Trump cannot block his critics on Twitter. The decision upholds a 2018 district court ruling that said the... >>>

New disclosures about lewd Trump video reveal his mastery of GOP

Wednesday  18:42,   10 july 2019

A new book details the remarkable GOP closing of ranks behind Trump -- foreshadowing today's... >>>