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Republicans' lost decade shows the need for disruption in Washington

Thursday  17:56,   05 september 2019

I have been a successful businessman for over 30 years. I’ve run a variety of businesses throughout my career and they all had one thing in common: they had problems that needed fixing. I viewed Washington the same way. I decided to run for Congress >>>

Stop Lying About Gun Control

Thursday  17:46,   05 september 2019

Beto O’Rourke has easily emerged as my favorite presidential candidate on the issue of gun control. He has done so because he is speaking openly, passionately and honestly about what he would like to do to stem our epidemic of gun violence, a stance >>>

Opinions | Trump isn’t even good at lying anymore

Thursday  17:46,   05 september 2019

Can it be a coverup if you help your... >>>

Johnson's personality has made the Brexit crisis worse

Thursday  05:55,   05 september 2019

Boris Johnson really is a record breaker. He lost a by-election faster than any other prime minister in modern history and now he has the worst voting record too. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

What If Trump Supporters Love Chaos as Much as He Does?

Wednesday  23:10,   04 september 2019

There’s new evidence that a significant number of Trump supporters love the man precisely for his destructive, nihilistic, and mendacious... >>>

House Democrats finding it hard to confront anti-Semitism

Wednesday  21:15,   04 september 2019

if Rep. Ilhan Omar had better facts on her side, she wouldn't be in this mess. For instance, Omar seems to think the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a political action committee that funds candidates on behalf of Israel. Inconveniently... >>>

North Carolina court steps up to defend democracy (opinion)

Wednesday  20:00,   04 september 2019

A recent ruling by a North Carolina state court on gerrymandering is a ray of hope and part of an emerging pattern, writes Joshua A. Douglas. State courts, robustly construing their state constitutions, are stepping up after a US Supreme Court... >>>

Democrats should look to Judge Judy if they want to win

Wednesday  18:40,   04 september 2019

Democrats are desperate to reconnect with the working class: That's her audience of ten... >>>

De Blasio finally does something good for New York City

Wednesday  18:26,   04 september 2019

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has finally done something useful for his constituents: He has revealed just how little New Yorkers even need a mayor. For the entire month of May, the same month that de Blasio launched his hilariously ill-advised >>>

Storming Back to the Impeachment Charade

Wednesday  18:00,   04 september 2019

Jerry Nadler claims to be conducting an impeachment inquiry, but his committee has never actually voted to have one. Here’s... >>>

Hong Kong’s Leader Bends to Protests. But It May Not Break the Movement.

Wednesday  17:45,   04 september 2019

The demonstrators want a say in how they’re governed and the withdrawal of an extradition bill may not satisfy... >>>

Opinions | Trump is in serious danger, and his own advisers know it

Wednesday  17:41,   04 september 2019

There are mounting signs that Trump's own aides fear he could lose... >>>

James Carafano: Will Hurricane Dorian spell disaster for Trump?

Wednesday  17:21,   04 september 2019

The real challenge for Washington comes before the storm hits the beach. After that, the critical work of saving lives and property is up to the men, women, neighbors and responders in harm’s... >>>

Boris Johnson is presiding over Britain’s stupidest hour

Wednesday  10:45,   04 september 2019

Political divisions have come to a boil over... >>>

Both Sides of Brexit Claim They’re Fighting for Democracy. Who’s Right?

Wednesday  10:45,   04 september 2019

Both sides say they’re fighting for what the people want. They’re both full of... >>>