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Rubio: 'I haven't ever really been prepared' for spat with Denmark

Thursday  03:10,   22 august 2019

President Trump’s new feud with Denmark is a surprise even to U.S. foreign policy leaders accustomed to his clashes with European allies. © Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company, Inc."To be frank, I haven't ever really been... >>>

Outside money flows into race for Susan Collins' Senate seat

Thursday  03:00,   22 august 2019

Democrats vowed last year to make Republican Sen. Susan Collins pay for her vote confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Republicans declared they would have her back. Neither has forgotten its promises. Money is pouring into Maine's... >>>

Here is the White House’s evidence supporting Trump’s claims of Democratic anti-Semitism

Thursday  02:55,   22 august 2019

Given how long Trump has made these claims about the group’s anti-Semitism, we reached out to the White House to do exactly what Trump wanted: to see the things that the four of them have said about Israel. White House press secretary Stephanie... >>>

House Democrats Have Been Joining Impeachment Ranks After Becoming Targets of Grassroots Coalition

Thursday  02:30,   22 august 2019

As more House Democrats come out in support of an impeachment inquiry, some of them have been the targets of an orchestrated effort by a coalition of the country's largest liberal activist... >>>

Bernie Sanders Sets a Goal: Double Union Membership in 4 Years

Thursday  02:05,   22 august 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on Wednesday rolled out an ambitious plan to strengthen organized labor in the United States, setting a goal of doubling union membership in his first term as president. Mr. Sanders was among the biggest names in a... >>>

ABC News announces details for third Democratic primary debate

Thursday  01:35,   22 august 2019

The upcoming third Democratic primary debate, hosted by ABC News in partnership with Univision and slated for Sept. 12 and 13 in Houston, will feature four... >>>

Trump tweets a quote calling him "second coming of God"

Thursday  01:25,   22 august 2019

The president promoted a quote by known conspiracy theorist claiming "the Jewish people in Israel love him like he's the King of Israel" and even that "They love him like he is the second coming of God." Mr. Trump said "Wow!" and thanked Root for... >>>

Faithless elector: A court ruling just changed how we pick our president

Thursday  01:20,   22 august 2019

The decision could give a single elector the power to decide the outcome of a presidential election — if the popular vote results in an apparent Electoral College tie. "This issue could be a ticking time bomb in our divided politics. It's not hard... >>>

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's false claims on fuel economy rules

Thursday  01:10,   22 august 2019

DETROIT (AP) — President Donald Trump is misrepresenting the facts about his proposal to freeze Obama-era fuel economy requirements at 2021 levels. In a tweet Wednesday, Trump blasted auto executives as "foolish" and accused the companies of being... >>>

Fact-checking Trump's claims that 92% of mental institutions have closed

Thursday  01:10,   22 august 2019

Following the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, President Donald Trump has repeatedly pointed to mental health issues as a main cause of gun violence. Specifically, he's directing blame at a lack of sufficient mental institutions.... >>>

Trump couldn’t stick to a policy position this week

Thursday  01:05,   22 august 2019

The president offered whiplash-inducing shifts on guns, taxes and... >>>

Nikki Haley denies 'false rumors' she will replace Pence on GOP ticket in 2020

Thursday  00:50,   22 august 2019

Nikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to United Nations, on Wednesday denied the “false rumors” that she could replace Mike Pence as the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2020. © Provided by Fox News Network LLC“Enough of the false... >>>

Trump says he wanted to give himself Medal of Honor

Thursday  00:30,   22 august 2019

The offhand remark from the president came during his address to the 75th annual national convention of American... >>>

Court: Electoral College members not bound by popular vote

Thursday  00:25,   22 august 2019

A U.S. appeals court in Denver said Electoral College members can vote for the presidential candidate of their choice and aren't bound by the popular vote in their states. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the Colorado... >>>

Judge allows Trump to appeal Democrats' emoluments lawsuit

Thursday  00:05,   22 august 2019

President Trump can appeal a lawsuit from more than 200 congressional Democrats that seeks to prevent his companies from taking payments from foreign states, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.District Judge Emmet Sullivan had previously denied a... >>>