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Congress faces high-stakes week with impeachment, trade and funding votes ahead

Sunday  16:35,   15 december 2019

The votes in Congress on impeachment, USMCA and government funding set up one of the most dramatic weeks of Donald Trump's presidency.A flurry of activity will take place in the House, which plans to vote on whether to impeach President Donald... >>>

Trump on Democrat's reported switch to GOP: 'Wow that would be big'

Sunday  15:55,   15 december 2019

President Trump early Sunday weighed in on reports that Democratic Rep. Jefferson Van Drew (N.J.), a vocal opponent of impeachment, plans to switch parties."Wow, that would be big. Always heard Jeff is very smart!" Trump said in a tweet.Wow, that... >>>

How a Facebook Political Spat Ruptured a Family

Sunday  15:45,   15 december 2019

Can Christmas bring peace to the Laurendine-Scanlan family, which hasn’t celebrated the holidays together since before the 2016 presidential election?Aunts, uncles and cousins who once celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas together haven’t done so... >>>

Wrestling with impeachment: Democrats representing Trump districts will decide president's fate

Sunday  12:55,   15 december 2019

The decision to impeach Trump rests with moderate Democrats representing districts Trump won. If enough defect, the effort will fail in the House.As a Democrat representing a district Trump won handily in 2016, the former CIA analyst is used to... >>>

David Shulkin speaks out about his time in Trump's Cabinet and being fired by tweet

Sunday  11:55,   15 december 2019

“When it happens, not only is it a surprise, but it’s painful,” David Shulkin, Trump’s first secretary of Veterans Affairs, told USA TODAY.Entreaties to President Donald Trump and his chief of staff were met with reassurances, up to a few hours... >>>

Trump supporter grabs spotlight at Sanders rally with a message for the president

Sunday  10:18,   15 december 2019

A protestor took center-stage at an Iowa campaign rally for 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on Saturday, when he stood up and delivered a message to President Trump. © FoxNews.com A man took the microphone at a Sanders rally... >>>

Old and young voters show surprising allegiances in the Democratic race

Sunday  10:18,   15 december 2019

It is, so far, the year of unexpected demographic juxtapositions, a year that has defied the assumptions of some pundits and politicos who say candidates of a certain age, race, or gender tend to appeal to voters who share those traits. They recall... >>>

Want to understand voting centers? Try these interactive maps.

Sunday  10:18,   15 december 2019

As Houston voters head to the polls for today’s runoff election, it’s worth examining the new program that lets citizens vote at any Election Day polling place rather than only their assigned precincts. As Houston voters head to the polls for... >>>

Former Gary, Indiana, Mayor Richard Hatcher dead at 86

Sunday  08:30,   15 december 2019

Former Gary Mayor Richard Hatcher, who became one of the first black mayors of a big U.S. city when he was elected in 1967, has died. He was 86. Hatcher died Friday night at a Chicago hospital, said his daughter, Indiana state Rep. Ragen... >>>

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, opposed to impeachment, expected to leave Democratic Party

Sunday  08:08,   15 december 2019

The lawmaker from southern New Jersey is expected to struggle to win re-election as a Democrat.A Democratic congressman from a swing district in southern New Jersey — who has been outspoken in his opposition to President Donald Trump's impeachment — >>>

‘Mayors for Mike’: How Bloomberg’s Money Built a 2020 Political Network

Sunday  07:05,   15 december 2019

STOCKTON, Calif. — Michael R. Bloomberg and Mayor Michael Tubbs of Stockton seemed like an improbable political duo on Wednesday as they heaped praise on each other. Mr. Tubbs, a 29-year-old liberal who is Stockton’s first black mayor, hailed Mr.... >>>

Rep. Rashida Tlaib's talk will happen, perhaps even at Poway school

Sunday  06:01,   15 december 2019

POWAY, Calif. - The abrupt withdrawal of a permit allowing Rep. Rashida Tlaib to speak at a San Diego County high school, reportedly to allow staff time to clean the facility before the holiday break, will not block the Democratic... >>>

Is Pete Buttigieg Just Too Young to Be President?

Sunday  05:50,   15 december 2019

Finland just elected the world’s youngest prime minister, Sanna Marin, who’s 34. Time magazine named Greta Thunberg, 16, its youngest-ever “Person of the Year.” Even before I could mention their names to Pete Buttigieg, who’s vying to become the... >>>

Cory Booker Leads the Charge to Change Debate Rules That Excluded Him

Sunday  05:15,   15 december 2019

WASHINGTON — At the urging of Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, eight Democratic presidential candidates, and Mr. Booker, have signed a letter urging Tom Perez, the Democratic National Committee chairman, to lower the thresholds to qualify for the... >>>

‘The grand finale’: Inside Trump’s push to rack up political victories as impeachment looms

Sunday  04:10,   15 december 2019

Trump and his allies trumpet the victories as the work of a disciplined president focusing on the needs of the public, while Democrats argue they have forced Trump to hand over sweeping concessions on liberal priorities. Subscribe to the Post Most... >>>