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Mitch McConnell blasts Democrats spending bill draft as 'shameful'

Tuesday  13:25,   22 september 2020

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel blasted a short-term spending bill drafted by House Democrats as 'shameful' on Monday as a government shutdown looms.The clock is ticking for the the U.S. Senate and Congress to agree on a new funding... >>>

McCarthy's Democratic challenger to launch first TV ad highlighting Air Force service as single mother

Tuesday  13:25,   22 september 2020

The Democrat challenging House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is going live with her first TV ad in the race for California's 23rd Congressional District, the campaign shared with The Hill on Monday. The 30-second TV ad for Kim Mangone is backed >>>

Numerous 'Trump 2020' Markings Mysteriously Appear Across State Highway

Tuesday  13:25,   22 september 2020

Aerial footage showed the markings across separate six locations as transport officials say they are investigating the unauthorized pro-Trump messages. A Department of Transportation representative said contractor workers would be sent out "to... >>>

Graham: GOP will confirm Trump's Supreme Court nominee before the election

Tuesday  13:22,   22 september 2020

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) predicted on Monday that Republicans will confirm President Trump's forthcoming nominee to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat before the November... >>>

Ohio Lt. Governor Booed at Trump Rally for Promoting Trump 2020 Masks

Tuesday  13:21,   22 september 2020

Rallygoers weren’t pleased with Jon Husted, a co-chair of the Ohio Trump campaign, when he suggested they wear masks supporting Trump’s reelection.manager Brad Parscale claimed that they had sold 1 million official Make America Great Again hats... >>>

The two most divisive events in US politics are about to take place at the same time

Tuesday  13:21,   22 september 2020

With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday, Donald Trump has an opportunity to shape American life for decades to come. © Fred Schilling/Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's... >>>

Republicans Craft Strategy for Confirming Trump’s Court Pick

Tuesday  13:12,   22 september 2020

Senate Republicans are moving quickly to set their strategy for confirming President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, with the senators focusing on whether they can move fast enough to get it done before Election Day in six weeks. GOP leaders... >>>

Lindsey Graham Says Democrats Will Try to 'Destroy' SCOTUS Nominee Like They Did to Kavanaugh

Tuesday  13:11,   22 september 2020

Senator Lindsey Graham has suggested Democrats will do everything possible to keep the vacant Supreme Court seat open.The South Carolina Republican told Fox News' Sean Hannity on his primetime show that he wouldn't be intimidated by the Democrats'... >>>

Biden Dodges Packing SCOTUS Question, Previously Said Dems Would 'Live to Rue' Doing It

Tuesday  13:02,   22 september 2020

The Democratic presidential candidate has avoided discussing the prospect of adding further justices, though has previously spoken against such... >>>

In courts around the country, rulings giving voters more ways to cast ballots

Tuesday  12:21,   22 september 2020

In one of the most crucial battleground states in the country, Democrats have prevailed in a series of court fights aimed at increasing ballot access. Last week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on a series of measures that would effectively... >>>

Sen. Gardner, Trailing Hickenlooper in Colorado, Backs SCOTUS Seat Push

Tuesday  12:17,   22 september 2020

The Colorado senator has said he will support a "qualified nominee" who will "protect our constitution, not legislate from the bench, and uphold the law," should one be put forward.Gardner released a statement in which he outlined his commitment to... >>>

Reverends to Team Biden: When Will You ‘Learn How to Fight?’

Tuesday  12:17,   22 september 2020

Reverend Greg Lewis was enraged. As executive director of “Souls to the Polls Milwaukee,” a program to engage religious Black voters in Wisconsin, Lewis was triggered by a campaign question: Is the Biden team doing enough to reach out to communities >>>

Why Biden is stiff-arming the left on court-packing and the filibuster

Tuesday  12:16,   22 september 2020

The Democratic nominee sees political upside in his old-school institutionalism.But for progressives, court-packing may be the new Medicare for... >>>

SCOTUS Battle Pours Lighter Fluid on South Carolina’s Senate Race

Tuesday  12:16,   22 september 2020

Most everyone following the heated U.S. Senate contest in South Carolina recognizes that the opening of a U.S. Supreme Court seat—six weeks before Election Day—has shifted the balance of the race. Which candidate will ultimately benefit, though,... >>>