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Andrew Cuomo during the covid-19 crisis is the same as ever, with one big difference: People like him

Monday  07:10,   30 march 2020

The New York governor’s news conference has become daily viewing for many Americans.Andrew M.... >>>

President Trump extends social distancing guidance until end of April

Monday  07:00,   30 march 2020

By June 1, the president said, he expects the country to be “well on our way to recovery.”It was an abrupt reversal for the president, who last week tweeted that “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF,” amid a volatile stock market >>>

Trump Said He Was the President of Manufacturing. Then Disaster Struck.

Monday  06:45,   30 march 2020

When President Trump came to office, he promised a new day with America’s manufacturers, casting himself as the first president who understood their needs. Yet in the first national crisis that required harnessing American manufacturing... >>>

‘Body bags all over:’ Trump beats a retreat on opening country as coronavirus data, images show dark reality

Monday  05:45,   30 march 2020

President Trump said he was convinced by data modeling presented to him by two physicians advising him on the pandemic that showed the death rate in this country likely will not peak for another two weeks. “Nothing would be worse than declaring... >>>

Trump’s April challenge: Leaning into the ‘deep state’ to quell a raging crisis

Monday  04:25,   30 march 2020

A president who long shunned career government workers and preferred to rely on his gut faces a managerial challenge at a scale unseen by any American leader.(Pictured) President Donald Trump speaks during a coronavirus task force briefing in the... >>>

Trump accuses hospitals of hoarding ventilators and implies face masks are being stolen

Monday  03:15,   30 march 2020

President Trump claimed some hospitals are hoarding stashes of ventilators and insinuated that staff may be stealing face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. "Many of the states have stocked up, some of them don't want to admit it," the president... >>>

Trump announces new coronavirus test that can deliver results within five minutes

Monday  02:10,   30 march 2020

President Donald Trump announced the development of a new test kit for COVID-19 that can produce results in five minutes. Trump announced the innovation during a press conference on Sunday. He noted that the Food and Drug Administration was able to... >>>

Trump clashes with reporter during coronavirus briefing: 'Be nice'

Monday  01:55,   30 march 2020

President Trump clashed with a reporter on Sunday during a press briefing on the coronavirus outbreak in the Rose Garden.PBS NewsHour reporter Yamiche Alcindor questioned the president during the briefing about recent comments made by Trump during... >>>

Trump says coronavirus 'peak in death rate' likely in 2 weeks, extends social-distancing guidelines through April 30

Monday  01:45,   30 march 2020

Speaking at the White House coronavirus press briefing on Sunday, President Trump declared that "the peak in death rate" in the coronavirus pandemic "is likely to hit in two weeks," and said the federal government will be extending its social... >>>

Trump accuses hospitals of hoarding ventilators

Monday  01:05,   30 march 2020

Trump accuses hospitals of hoarding ventilatorsThe world is battling the COVID-19 outbreak that the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, which has claimed more than 33,000 lives and infected more than 714,000 people around the... >>>

Trump adviser outlines cautious approach for reopening economy

Monday  00:20,   30 march 2020

The country doesn’t yet appear to meet the proposed criteria for reopening schools and businesses laid out in the paper co-written by Scott Gottlieb.The world is battling the COVID-19 outbreak that the World Health Organization declared a global... >>>

Trump says Prince Harry, Meghan Markle must pay for their own security if they move to US

Sunday  23:20,   29 march 2020

President Trump said Sunday that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must pay for their own security if they move to the U.S.The president tweeted Sunday in response to reports that the prince and his wife had moved to Los Angeles. He started by saying... >>>

Coronavirus Taunts Evoke a Painful History for Asian-American Leaders

Sunday  23:20,   29 march 2020

Soon after President Trump first uttered the phrase “Chinese virus,” Representative Grace Meng got a call from her parents, who had read about it in the newspaper. Had Mr. Trump, they wondered, really given the coronavirus that corrosive moniker?... >>>

Rubio knocks coverage of US coronavirus cases as 'grotesque' and 'bad journalism

Sunday  22:20,   29 march 2020

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Sunday criticized media reports that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. had surpassed the number of cases in China.Rubio called the coverage "grotesque" and "bad journalism," and accused China of... >>>

Graham: Pelosi comment on Trump is 'most shameful statement by politician in modern history'

Sunday  22:20,   29 march 2020

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday railed against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) after she said President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak was having deadly consequences. "She's blaming the president of the United States for >>>