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Joe Biden appeared to mix up Donald Trump and George Bush at a campaign event

Monday  14:55,   26 october 2020

Biden appeared to refer to President Trump as former President Bush. Biden has been open about his stutter and has called himself a "gaffe machine."Biden was speaking with his wife, Jill Biden, at a virtual concert in support of his campaign on... >>>

Trump stumping in Pennsylvania in presidential campaign's final week

Monday  14:55,   26 october 2020

With the November election just a little over one week away and tens of millions of Americans already voting, President Trump is heading to Pennsylvania looking to erase Democratic challenger Joe Biden's lead.Trump's back-to-back rallies in... >>>

Poll shows deadlocked races for president, Senate seat in Georgia

Monday  14:55,   26 october 2020

President Trump trails Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by 1 percentage point in Georgia, according to a new survey, while Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) trails challenger Jon Ossoff (D) by the same margin.In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution... >>>

Poll: Biden, Trump virtually tied in Georgia

Monday  14:55,   26 october 2020

The state’s pair of Senate races are also toss-ups.An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Monday reports that 47 percent of Georgia likely voters prefer Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and 46 percent favor President Donald... >>>

The week in polls: Trump gains in 9 of 12 swing states, but Biden still leads in 10 of them

Monday  14:51,   26 october 2020

With just eight days to go to Election Day, both national polls and swing state surveys make it clear the race between Trump and Biden is tightening.President Donald Trump gained on his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in national polling averages,... >>>

US Presidential: Little Wisconsin at the heart of candidates' attention

Monday  14:45,   26 october 2020

© REUTERS / Bing Guan Wisconsin could prove decisive in the race for the White House, in the event of a tight result. Here, Ruby Lenora votes ahead in Milwaukee on October 20, 2020. Wisconsin could be decisive in the US election and the focus of... >>>

In Scranton, the optimism of the Trumpists and the "stress" of the Democrats

Monday  14:35,   26 october 2020

© Provided by Le Point No doubt for David Mitchko: Donald Trump can win Pennsylvania. In Scranton, the hometown of Joe Biden, the confidence of Republicans ten days before the poll contrasts with the caution of Democrats, traumatized by the defeat... >>>

Lindsey Graham Losing Ground to Jaime Harrison in South Carolina: Election Forecast

Monday  14:30,   26 october 2020

The South Carolina Republican is still forecast to win, but his better-funded rival is gaining ground in the run up to the vote.According to The Economist's forecast for the race, Graham's chance of winning is 59 percent, dipping compared to his... >>>

Obama book excerpt: 'Hard to deny my overconfidence' during early health care discussions

Monday  14:30,   26 october 2020

Former President Barack Obama says in an excerpt of his new book that he was overconfident in his chances of passing health care legislation in the early days of his presidency.Obama explains in an excerpt of "A Promised Land" published by The New... >>>

Opinions | Iowa Republicans are only pivoting toward the center to save their hold on the state

Monday  14:30,   26 october 2020

Their change of tone is indicative of how desperately Republicans are trying to pivot in case Democrats win the presidency and/or the Senate. After Iowa Republicans rejected incumbent U.S. congressman and notorious racist Steve King in last June’s... >>>

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Block North Carolina Mail-In Ballot Extension

Monday  14:30,   26 october 2020

The Trump campaign, the North Carolina Republican Party and others sued over the state’s plan to extend the deadline.The campaign first filed the application on Thursday following a 12-3 decision by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday... >>>

Hillary Clinton Calls Republicans 'Cowards, Spineless Enablers' of Trump

Monday  14:26,   26 october 2020

President Trump compared Clinton favorably to Biden on Sunday as he trails the former vice president in national polls.Clinton spoke to the New York Times Kara Swisher for her Sway podcast, which was released on Monday. Swisher asked Clinton about... >>>

Kamala Harris Laughing at Socialism Question in 60 Seconds Interview Prompts Wave of Memes

Monday  14:26,   26 october 2020

The Vice Presidential nominee couldn't control her laughter, and Twitter users have jumped on her exaggerated response.The question came after President Trump said America would never have a socialist president, especially "a woman" at a rally... >>>

State Department Suspends Diversity Training

Monday  14:25,   26 october 2020

The department paused the diversity training after the president issued an executive order directing agencies to end the “divisive” programs.The department paused the diversity training after President Trump issued an executive order directing... >>>

Time’s Up: Stop Playing Games With Covid Relief

Monday  14:10,   26 october 2020

The standoff over a stimulus deal puts American workers and families at risk.(Bloomberg Opinion) -- We aren’t statisticians, oddsmakers, pollsters or fortune tellers, so we can’t predict with certainty whether Congress and the White House will pull... >>>