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Key Pa. Dems to miss Biden visit, cite scheduling conflicts

Friday  09:52,   28 january 2022

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — President Joe Biden will appear in Pittsburgh on Friday as an opening step in a broader campaign to promote the White House's achievements in key states before the midterm elections. But two of the three leading Democrats... >>>

Joe Manchin says he would be open to voting for a Biden SCOTUS pick who is more liberal than he is

Friday  06:23,   28 january 2022

"It's not too hard to get more liberal than me," Manchin said, adding that he would vote for a SCOTUS pick with differing "philosophical beliefs."Manchin made these comments during a Thursday interview with West Virginia MetroNews' "Talkline"... >>>

Biden reaffirms pledge to nominate Black woman to Supreme Court

Thursday  20:48,   27 january 2022

President Biden on Thursday said he would nominate a Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court to replace the retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, following through on a key campaign pledge.Biden announced Breyer's retirement during an event with... >>>

Opinion: The government has a talent problem. This bill could help change that

Thursday  16:39,   27 january 2022

The NextGen Feds Act seeks to provide a pathway to full-time federal service to interns who successfully complete at least one year of federal internship service. Those interns who meet certain criteria would gain advantage in the hiring process,... >>>

DOT vows ‘paradigm shift’ in new roadway safety standards

Thursday  16:39,   27 january 2022

Facing a surge in traffic fatalities, the Department of Transportation on Thursday will reveal a new roadway safety strategy to be paid for in part by the bipartisan infrastructure law. Though the department has long identified safety as its “North... >>>

Biden leading Trump, DeSantis by similar margins in new poll

Thursday  16:38,   27 january 2022

President Biden is leading former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in two hypothetical, head-to-head matchups for the 2024 presidential election, according to a new poll.The survey, conducted by Marquette Law School, found that 43... >>>

Build Back Smaller: What's the best path forward for Democrats?

Thursday  15:32,   27 january 2022

It's time for Biden to show voters that Democrats are willing to fight for policies that will make their lives better. Todd Belt is a professor and the director of the Political Management Master's Program at the George Washington University. He >>>

Biden says 14.5M get health care under Obama law, with help

Thursday  15:32,   27 january 2022

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden said Thursday that 14.5 million Americans got private health insurance for this year under the Obama-era health law, thanks to help from his administration. “Health care should be a right, not a privilege, for... >>>

Biden has done just three local interviews in first year in office

Thursday  14:05,   27 january 2022

Democrats and other political observers say President Biden is missing the mark by not doing more local interviews.Biden griped recently that he hasn't been able to travel as much because of the pandemic, but these critics say Biden by doing... >>>

Senate set for muted battle over Breyer successor

Thursday  14:00,   27 january 2022

The retirement of liberal Justice Stephen Breyer sets up a battle in the Senate that is almost certain to result in the confirmation of President Biden's pick to succeed him.At the same time, there's likely to be some drama along the way,... >>>

Breyer retirement throws curveball into midterms

Thursday  14:00,   27 january 2022

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's upcoming retirement is throwing a curveball into both parties' midterm plans, injecting a highly partisan issue into an already combustible election cycle.Supreme Court nominations have been the... >>>

Clyburn predicts Supreme Court contender J. Michelle Childs would get GOP votes

Thursday  07:01,   27 january 2022

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) predicted Wednesday that potential Supreme Court nominee J. Michelle Childs would get GOP support in the Senate if President Biden taps her to fill Justice Steven Breyer's seat on the Supreme Court.News >>>

Trump drops the biggest hint yet that he'll be running in 2024, calling himself the '45th and 47th President' in a video

Thursday  05:44,   27 january 2022

A video has surfaced of Trump proclaiming himself the "45th and 47th" President of the United States to onlookers at a game of golf.In the video of Trump at one of his Florida golf clubs, one of Trump's golfing partners films him walking up to take... >>>

Federal judge allows state investigations of WinRed's fundraising tactics to proceed

Thursday  05:44,   27 january 2022

A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit brought by WinRed that had attempted to block attorneys general in four states from investigating its fundraising practices. © Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images In this March 28, 2019, file photo, New >>>

New York AG: No basis for Trump's lawsuit challenging probe

Thursday  05:13,   27 january 2022

NEW YORK (AP) — New York’s attorney general wants to put a stop to former President Donald Trump's attempted end-run around a yearslong civil investigation into his business practices, asking a judge Wednesday to dismiss his lawsuit aimed at... >>>