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Politics Trump wants to kill these 17 agencies: Here's what they cost

21:51  25 january  2017
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Florida man charged with making online threat against Trump

  Florida man charged with making online threat against Trump MIAMI — A South Florida man has been charged with threatening to kill President-elect Donald Trump in a video posted online. (Miami-Dade Department of Corrections via AP) MIAMI — A South Florida man has been charged with threatening to kill President-elect Donald T A Miami Beach police report released Wednesday identified the suspect as 51-year-old Dominic Puopolo. Jail records show Puopolo is being held without bail on state charges of threatening harm against a public servant. Court records do not list a lawyer for him.

Here ’ s What They Actually Cost (and Do). Taylor Tepper. Money January 24, 2017. To put this in context: The total cost , per American, of the following 17 programs said to be on the Trump Wants to Kill the Fiduciary Rule. Here ' s Why That's a Big Deal for Retirement Savers. By Megan Leonhardt.

Here ’ s What They Actually Cost (and Do). Taylor Tepper. Money January 24, 2017. To put this in context: The total cost , per American, of the following 17 programs said to be on the chopping block is .36 per year– of which more than a third comes from a single clean-energy program.

Some of President Donald Trump's planned budget cuts appear to be targeted more at undercutting Democratic priorities than at shrinking the national debt.

A host of planned funding cuts to federal agencies, reported last week by The Hill, are part of the Trump administration's desire to eliminate roughly $10.5 trillion in spending over the next 10 years - nearly all of the federal government's discretionary spending.

Yet Trump has vowed not to cut entitlements, such as Medicare and Social Security, and promised to beef up military spending, which represents the lion's share of federal spending - making it hard for him to do more than chip away at the margins of the nearly $20 trillion national debt.

Agencies rush to publish rules before Trump takes office

  Agencies rush to publish rules before Trump takes office On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, federal agencies are racing to publish midnight rules before the president-elect institutes a regulatory moratorium. The Federal Register was overwhelmed Thursday with nearly 1,500 pages worth of rules from federal agencies. Miriam Kleiman, a spokesperson for the Federal Register, described it as "one of the largest ever" editions of the government's rulebook."It certainly is a busy time for the Federal Register," Kleiman told The Hill."There is a huge increase in the volume [of rules we receive] toward the end of an administration," she added.

Some of President Donald Trump 's planned cuts appear to be aimed more at hurting Democrat favorites than at shrinking the national debt. Here ' s What They Actually Cost (and Do).

President Trump released his much-anticipated budget on Thursday, and the funding cuts are being dissected left and right. The cuts to these agencies total about billion. Terrorist Admits He Wanted To Kill Random Black Men - Продолжительность: 6: 17 Secular Talk 41 292 просмотра.

What, then, would the reported cuts accomplish? The answer appears to be defunding a number of projects seen as liberal darlings - including groups aimed at preserving and supporting the environment, civil rights protections, the arts, minority-owned businesses, and public broadcasting.

To put this in context: The total cost, per American, of the following 17 programs said to be on the chopping block is $22.36 - of which more than a third comes from a single clean-energy program. By contrast, housing subsidies, like the mortgage interest deduction, which are disproportionately used by the wealthy, cost $296.29 per American.

Here's a list of the various federal agencies reportedly on the chopping block, along with some of their key initiatives - and some of the jobs supported.

Rights group files legal request on Trump business ties

  Rights group files legal request on Trump business ties Rights group files legal request on Trump business tiesThe request, made under the Freedom of Information Act, demands that the agencies to turn over documents that shed light on any of Trump's actual or potential conflicts of interest and seeks details concerning regulations on divestment of financial interests and prohibitions on nepotism.

On June 18, 2016, Michael Steven Sandford was arrested at a Donald Trump presidential campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States after he attempted to seize the pistol of a Las Vegas

Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program: This loan fund finances projects that combat global warming. Abandoned Mine Land grants (0 million): The Trump administration wants to eliminate a discretionary grant program that EAS flights are not full and have high subsidy costs per passenger. Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

  • Budget: $445 million
  • Cost per American: $1.37

Republicans have long been known to want to kill government funding for Big Bird. But the CPB is much more than Sesame Street, and taking away public funding may imperil important stories that need to be told.

For instance, the CPB is backing a program through Wisconsin Public Television called Veterans Coming Home - which includes a series depicting what some of the 2.5 million veterans endure as they reenter society, but also funds services, such as job fairs, for returning vets.

National Endowment for the Arts

  • Budget: $150 million
  • Cost per American: $0.46

The NEA supports art, and those who make it, across the country. Eliminating funding would kill hundreds of programs, like Art 365, which grants five Oklahoma artists $12,000 to support their work. Past grantees photographed remote portions of our National Parks and wilderness areas, and used aerial photography to look at churchgoing demographics in Oklahoma.

Trump, in Oval Office, signs first executive order on Obamacare

  Trump, in Oval Office, signs first executive order on Obamacare President Donald Trump signed his first executive order on Friday in the Oval Office shortly after his inaugural parade ended, directing agencies to ease the regulatory burdens associated with Obamacare as the U.S. Congress determines how to repeal and replace the health care law. Trump also signed the commissions for his Defense Secretary James Mattis and his Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who were confirmed by the Senate on Friday.White House spokesman Sean Spicer also told reporters that Trump's Chief of Staff Reince Preibus is sending a memo to agencies directing an immediate regulatory freeze.

Trump wants to kill this federal agency . And she cited financial distress as a primary reason to kill the agency : The transfer of background investigations to the Pentagon is leaving a million hole in its budget, money that was paid by other federal offices to vet employees for security clearances.

Trump 's Budget Eliminates These 19 Federal Agencies . Here ' s What They Do — and Cost . Here ’ s a rundown of the 19 programs the Trump administration wants to raze, what they cost each It stands to reason, then, his administration wants to kill the USTDA, which helps U.S. business sell

National Endowment for the Humanities

  • Budget: $150 million
  • Cost per American: $0.46

The NEH offers research funding to institutions like museums, colleges, and libraries. The agency has backed 16 Pulitzer winners and Ken Burns' The Civil War series, among other notable endeavors. One recent grantee is Michael Bernath, an associate professor at the University of Miami, who received $6,000 for his project In a Land of Strangers: Northern Teachers in the Old South and the Emergence of American Sectional Identity, 1790-1865.

Minority Business Development Agency

  • Budget: $36 million
  • Cost per American: $0.11

This federal agency helps minority-owned businesses with the capital, contracts, and markets they need to grow, according to its website. The agency also advocates and promotes minority-owned business with elected officials, policy makers, and business leaders.

The MBDA says it helped a minority-owned construction company in Phoenix, for instance, secure $60 million in loans - which allowed the company to expand operations and hire more employees.

Trump Bid to Slash Regulations Faces Bureaucratic Road Blocks

  Trump Bid to Slash Regulations Faces Bureaucratic Road Blocks President Donald Trump set a daunting goal for government agencies bound by complex procedures, ordering his department heads to kill two regulations for each new one they issue.The two-for-one order is “a big one,” Trump said as he signed the directive Monday while surrounded by small-business executives in the Oval Office. Fulfilling the promise, which he made shortly after his election, may prove more difficult than signing an order.

Not all 17 intelligence agencies were involved in reaching the assessment. So the determination was made by three agencies --NSA, FBI, and CIA-- and collated by a fourth -- the Director of National Intelligence. Adding up to exactly "three or four."

The 18 Independent Agencies Trump Wants to Eliminate. Here ’ s the complete list of the independent agencies Trump wants to eliminate We want to hear what you think about this article.

Economic Development Administration

  • Budget: $215 million
  • Cost per American: $0.66

The EDA supports distressed communities with their infrastructure needs that will help drive regional growth, promotes economic development projects that spur entrepreneurship and innovation at the regional level, and provides direct technical assistance to firms negatively impacted by global trade.

What does this mean? Seven years ago, the EDA gave a $2 million grant to the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Institute to buy new scientific equipment, in turn providing lab space that would support other high-tech companies in the area. The EDA says the grant ended up creating 184 jobs, saving another 110, and attracting another $500,000 in private investment.

International Trade Administration

  • Budget: $521 million
  • Cost per American: $1.60

The ITA helps American businesses sell more products to overseas markets. One beneficiary was the Iron Fist Brewing Company, located in Vista, California. A representative of the San Diego U.S. Export Assistance Center connected with the brewery at a convention in 2013, and helped them export to Australia, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, among others. Iron Fist hired two more employees thanks to new export revenue, the ITA reports.

U.S. House Republicans finalize list of rules to kill in Wednesday vote

  U.S. House Republicans finalize list of rules to kill in Wednesday vote Republicans pressed ahead in their deregulatory push on Tuesday, with the U.S. House of Representatives Rules Committee officially adding a regulation on methane and one intended to root out pay discrimination to the list of rules the whole chamber will vote to kill on Wednesday.On Monday, the committee sent three other recently enacted rules on the environment, corruption and guns to the full House to axe under the Congressional Review Act, which has only been used effectively once, in 2001.

Here ' s a look at what agencies are helped and hurt by the proposal. (Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post). President Trump 's budget blueprint proposes to counterbalance a billion Those cuts include the complete elimination of a number of agencies and programs across the federal government.

BRUSSELS — Distinguishing friends from enemies can be difficult. Sometimes friends disagree, and even enemies will occasionally do things for you that friends will not. So President Trump ’ s insistence in his State of the Union address this past week that Congress pass laws to ensure that “American

Manufacturing Extension Partnership

  • Budget: $142 million
  • Cost per American: $0.43

This is a so-called public-private partnership that helps small to medium-size manufacturers become more efficient, build new products, and improve sales and marketing techniques. Missoula, Mont.-based organic soap wholesaler Botanie used their local MEP affiliate to help keep pace with their growing business - by, for instance, using more sophisticated technologies to track inventory. The MEP says it helped Botanie save $280,000 and retain six jobs.

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

  • Budget: $286 million
  • Cost per American: $0.88

The majority of COPS' annual budget is dedicated to hiring more police personnel to help local communities improve their policing. Last October, the Justice Department announced $119 million in grant funding for 184 law enforcement agencies across the country - resulting in 900 created or saved jobs, the office reports. Among the recipients was the Dallas Police Department, which had lost five officers in an ambush a few months earlier; it got $3.1 million to hire 25 officers.

Office of Violence Against Women

  • Budget: $480 million
  • Cost per American: $1.48

The OVW runs 25 grant programs created through the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, in an effort to reduce domestic violence, sexual assault and dating violence. The police department and city government of Andalusia, Ala., for instance, received a $450,000 grant over three years that will cover domestic violence training for officers as well as the hiring of three additional police officers.

U.S. eases sanctions on Russian intelligence agency

  U.S. eases sanctions on Russian intelligence agency The U.S. Treasury Department eased sanctions on Russian intelligence agency FSB put in place by former President Obama last year over accusations that Moscow launched cyber attacks to try to influence the U.S. election.The Treasury Department said in a statement it would allow U.S. companies to make limited transactions with the intelligence service that are needed to gain approval to import information technology products into Russia.

“The public wants to see agencies like the N.E.A. continue,” said Robert L. Lynch, head of the nonprofit group The move is no doubt motivated the by Republicans’ well-known fiscal conservatism: Trump ’ s Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here .

President Trump ’s budget blueprint proposes eliminating 19 federal agencies . By Sylvan Lane - 03/16/ 17 07:12 PM EDT. © Greg Nash. Here ’ s a run-down of the agencies and what they do, from supporting arts and public television to building infrastructure and studying international relations.

Legal Services Corporation

  • Budget: $503 million
  • Cost per American: $1.55

The LSC helps poor Americans afford legal services, currently funding 134 independent legal aid organizations with more than 800 offices in the U.S. For instance, the Atlanta Legal Aid Society - which served nearly 33,000 people in 2015, including about 15,000 children - received $3.8 million last year, supporting 109 positions. Two-thirds of clients served were African-Americans.

Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department

  • Budget: $156 million
  • Cost per American: $0.48

The Civil Rights Division, a part of the Justice Department that employs 750 positions, works to fight discrimination and protect Americans' voting rights. Recently a Civil Rights Division investigation of the Chicago Police Department found that CPD officers' practices unnecessarily endanger themselves and result in unnecessary and avoidable uses of force. The city of Chicago and the Justice Department reached an agreement to improve the city's policing practices.

Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Justice Department

  • Budget: $123 million
  • Cost per American: $0.38

The ENRD brings cases against those who break pollution-related laws. In one recent case, the division levied a $160,000 penalty against Iowa's Meadowvale Dairy for violating the Clean Water Act.

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

  • Budget: Self-sustaining
  • Cost per American: $0

Using both loans and loan guarantees, OPIC works to help businesses with annual revenues below $400 million invest in large scale operations, such as airports and water systems. Over the past five years, 71 percent of OPIC projects were in partnership with U.S. small businesses, accounting for over $600 million annually in U.S. exports, according to the State Department. One recent OPIC effort, for instance, provided an $87 million, 17-year loan, to a U.S. company, Al Tamweel Al Saree, to extend loans to micro and small-sized Iraqi businesses.

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

  • U.S. Funding: Estimated $10 million
  • Cost per American: $0.03

The IPCC issues reports from the world's leading climate scientists on the state of global warming, and its impact on human populations. According to NASA, 2016 was the hottest year on record.

Office of Electricity Deliverability and Energy Reliability

  • Budget: $262 million
  • Cost per American: $0.81

Created after the 2003 blackout left nearly 50 million Americans and Canadians without power, the OE invests in the electric grid to make it more modern, reliable and secure. The agency recently released a comprehensive report on how America can improve energy allocation.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  • Budget: $2.9 billion
  • Cost per American: $8.95

The EERE works to create and sustain American leadership in the transition to a global clean energy economy. What does that look like? In one recent demonstration project, the EERE helped a South Carolina-based BMW plant use bio-methane gas from a nearby landfill to power some forklifts.

Office of Fossil Energy

  • Budget: $878 million
  • Cost per American: $2.71

With projects like the development of clean coal technology, this office works to reduce the carbon footprint of fossil fuels. Its Petra Nova project, based in Thompsons, Texas, is now the world's largest post-combustion carbon-capture system. Petra Nova received $190 million from the Department of Energy, and has the potential to capture 1.6 million tons of CO2 per year from an existing coal-fired power plant.

Trump weekend trip to Florida could cost taxpayers $3M: report .
President Trump's weekend trip to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., could cost taxpayers more than $3 million, Politico reported Friday.The estimate is based on a 2016 Government Accountability Office report detailing a similar three-day trip by former President Obama in 2013. During the trip, Obama left Washington for Chicago and later flew to Palm Beach, Fla. The report pegged the cost of that getaway at about $3.6 million.About $770,000 of that cost was borne by the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Secret Service, while the other $2.

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