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PoliticsBeto vs. Trump: Who Had the Bigger Crowd?

16:40  12 february  2019
16:40  12 february  2019 Source:   newsweek.com

Beto O'Rourke speaks at competing "March for Truth" as Trump holds Texas rally

Beto O'Rourke speaks at competing O'Rourke said marchers would meet "lies and hate with the truth and vision of the future from the U.S-Mexico border"

Both Beto and Trump ' s rallies had thousands of people attend today, despite misleading reports about both. Here' s a look at how many people were at both. President Donald Trump and Beto O’Rourke held competing rallies today in El Paso, and both events saw attendance by thousands of people.

Trump says Beto is a “young man” who has “very little going for himself” except for his first name. “That may be the end of his presidential bid,” Trump says, mocking Beto ’ s crowd size. 9:30 PM: Trump says he hopes he’ll do as well in the second summit in Vietnam with Kim as he did in the first.

Beto vs. Trump: Who Had the Bigger Crowd?

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As President Donald Trump and former congressman Beto O’Rourke went head-to-head on the divisive issue of immigration in El Paso on Monday, the burning question following their competing rallies was not one of policy but rather who drew the largest crowd.

The answer is not clear, with no official count at either O’Rourke’s “March for Truth” or the president’s rally at the El Paso County Coliseum. It does seem unlikely that the president’s claim he was able to draw 35,000 people to his first rally of 2019 is true.

Beto heading to Wisconsin and Illinois as 2020 decision nears

Beto heading to Wisconsin and Illinois as 2020 decision nears He will visit with students at University of Wisconsin, Madison on Friday. He will then travel to Chicago, where he will address a national conference of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute on Saturday. Julián Castro, who has already declared for president, is also scheduled to speak at that event. O'Rourke's meeting with students is closed to the press, a spokesman confirmed. Wisconsin has become a top priority for Democrats after President Donald Trump in 2016 became the first Republican presidential candidate to carry the state since 1984.

Obama Inauguration Crowd Vs . Trump Inauguration Crowd Side By Side Slow Motion Time Lapse - Who Had The Biggest Crowd ? You Decide! Does Trump ' s Crowd Look

President Donald Trump is all about big crowds , especially when they are gathering for him. The shots appear to show a much thinner crowd at Trump ' s inauguration. But keep in mind photos from earlier in the day can make it look way emptier than it actually was by the time Trump was taking the

Trump thanked the El Paso Fire Department for securing 10,000 people inside with “tens of thousands” watching outside. The fire department itself doused Trump’s claims in cold water, explaining no extra accommodations had to be made at the venue.

According to an El Paso Fire Department spokesperson, speaking to the El Paso Times, 6,500 individuals were inside the coliseum during the rally. The Times reported that several thousand were watching the president speak on screens outside.

According to MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake‏, who gathered and tweeted estimates, the president's supporters in attendance at the rally could have numbered as high as 18,500. Haake‏ gave the tally of 6,500 individuals inside the arena, as per the fire department, and between 10,000 and 12,000 outside, via NBC News reporter Ali Vitali. This may give the edge in terms of crowd size to Trump.

‘This is where we make our stand’: Beto O’Rourke finally looks like a 2020 candidate

‘This is where we make our stand’: Beto O’Rourke finally looks like a 2020 candidate With Donald Trump holding a rally in his backyard, the former Texas congressman takes it up a notch.

Beto vs . Trump : El Paso’ s Competing Rallies Meeting Less than a Mile Apart Tonight. Beto O’Rourke and President Donald Trump are having a face-off of sorts tonight. O’Rourke will address the crowd at the end of the march, so he might be speaking just before or around the same time as

Personality has always been a big part of campaign politics, but the internet loves a villain to dunk on. It’ s the parable of the Trump challenger: Cruz would not criticize Trump , for he was sensitive to the Beto , of course, doesn’t approve of the protesters who scream at Cruz in restaurants or airports.

Haake‏ said according to organizers, roughly 7,000 people were at O’Rourke’s competing rally, which was backed by groups such as Border Network for Human Rights and Women’s March El Paso.

Bloomberg’s White House correspondent quoted an El Paso Police estimate that was considerably higher. Jennifer Epstein tweeted that between 10,000 and 15,000 had attended the anti-wall protest.

The president, who has placed great stock in his ability to draw large crowds at rallies, seemed unimpressed by O’Rourke’s decision to back the counter march. The Democratic politician, who gave up his congressional seat for an unsuccessful Senate bid in 2018, has publicly considered a run at the presidency in 2020.

“A young man who's got very little going for himself except he's got a great first name. He challenged us. We have say 35,000 people tonight, and he has, say, 200 people, 300 people," Trump said at his rally in El Paso. "Not too good. In fact what I would do, that may be the end of his presidential bid."

Trump went on to claim the media would fail to acknowledge his was the larger rally, The Hill reported. “They will say Beto O’Rourke — that’s his last name, right, O’Rourke? — had a wonderful rally of about 15 people" Trump said.

O’Rourke heading to Wisconsin amid 2020 speculation.
Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke will hold an event Friday at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as the Texas Democrat mulls a 2020 presidential bid, a spokesperson confirmed to The Hill. O'Rourke is scheduled to attend a two-hour meet-and-greet with university students and staff that is not open to the public or press. "BETO IS COMING! He will be talking briefly about his career and what has brought him to where he is, but the majority of the time will be spent fielding questions from the audience," a Facebook event page for the talk says. The Associated Press was the first to report on the meeting.

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