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21:14  25 april  2019
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The Rematch: Bernie Sanders vs. a Clinton Loyalist

The Rematch: Bernie Sanders vs. a Clinton Loyalist WASHINGTON — The bad blood started early. In 2008, Neera Tanden, then a top aide on Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign, accompanied Mrs. Clinton to what was expected to be an easy interview at the Center for American Progress, the influential group founded by top Clinton aides. But Faiz Shakir, the chief editor of the think tank’s ThinkProgress website, asked Mrs. Clinton a question about the Iraq war, an issue dogging her candidacy because she had supported it. Ms. Tanden responded by circling back to Mr. Shakir after the interview and, according to a person in the room, punching him in the chest. “I didn’t slug him, I pushed him,” a still angry Ms.

" Sarah , when will you brief for the real reporters ?" the Associated Press's White House reporter Darlene Superville asked at the end of the briefing for kids , according to fellow journalists in the room. Sanders gave no answer , according to ABC News's White House correspondent Karen Travers.

G. When my high school English teacher asked us to read Shakespeare, I thought it was boring and C. Companionship with a loving pet is a real source of entertainment. Pets are constantly giving off He got excited when she came into the room, and she would often put him in the bathtub where he

Sarah Sanders Asked When She'll Answer Questions From Real Reporters at Kids Briefing© Susan Walsh On Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is joined at the podium by her children — George, left, Huck and Scarlett. In her first press briefing in a month and a half — a mock, off-the-record one for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Thursday — White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders got called out by a journalist for when she would brief actual reporters.

“Sarah, when will you brief for the real reporters?” the Associated Press’s White House reporter Darlene Superville asked at the end of the briefing for kids, according to fellow journalists in the room.

Suri Cruise rings in 13th birthday with flower photo session

Suri Cruise rings in 13th birthday with flower photo session Suri Cruise is 13 years old -- let that soak in!

1 When Nikita’s older, 2 When Vera finishes school, 3 When Josh becomes a popstar, 4 When Clare learns to play the drums she ’ ll start learning to play the flute. he wants to record a lot of songs. they’ll tell their friends about the USA. he wants to take diving lessons. they’ll take it to the Space Institute

Police, firefighters, newspaper reporters and radio broadcasters …work on holiday in the USA ( must). She asked …back with further news( to be phoned). She asked me what holidays … (I liked;) She asked my advice___subject she should study at university.

Sanders gave no answer, according to ABC News’s White House correspondent Karen Travers.

The White House attempted to insist that the briefing for the children be off the record, reported NPR’s White House correspondent Tamara Keith, who also tweeted about the question posed to Sanders.

As of Thursday, Sanders has not held a real press briefing in 45 days, which is the longest span in White House history, according to the nonprofit consumer advocacy group Public Citizen. Sanders broke her previous record set in March of 42 days with no briefing, which followed her previous record of 41 days without a briefing set in January, the organization tracked.

Sanders gets endorsements from 7 black S. Carolina lawmakers

Sanders gets endorsements from 7 black S. Carolina lawmakers Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Thursday announced endorsements from seven black lawmakers in the critical early voting state of South Carolina, a show of force in the first place where African American voters feature prominently in next year's primary elections. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Sanders' 2020 campaign made the announcement just ahead of a Spartanburg town hall meeting with members of the state's Legislative Black Caucus.

At first Sarah had allowed Jack to watch television instead of starting his homework first, but soon she discovered that he never had a little homework – it was always a great deal- and that there was never a time when there was nothing interesting on television, so that B. Answer the following questions .

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President Donald Trump in late January tweeted that he directed Sanders “not to bother” to hold press briefings because the media “will never cover us fairly.”

“The reason Sarah Sanders does not go to the ‘podium’ much anymore is that the press covers her so rudely & inaccurately, in particular certain members of the press,” Trump tweeted. “I told her not to bother, the word gets out anyway! Most will never cover us fairly & hence, the term, Fake News!”

In October, an ABC News analysis found that Trump took nearly 300 questions from the media in the preceding 11 days, which was more than any other American president in the same time frame. Meanwhile. Sanders had only held two press briefings from Labor Day until that point in time.

At the briefing for kids on Thursday, Sanders did announce some actual, on-the-record news. She confirmed that Trump will give a talk at the Air Force Academy graduation next month in Colorado, and that NASCAR driver Joey Logano will soon visit the White House, according to Bloomberg News White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs.

Woman fights for her brother's honor after brutal N.C. murder

Woman fights for her brother's honor after brutal N.C. murder The Irish businessman was beaten to death with a brick paver and a baseball bat in 2015 by his American au-pair-turned-wife and her father, a former FBI agent - who claim it was in self-defense

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Tweeted photos from the briefing showed children filling the seats of the briefing room and reporters standing around the edges of the room.

Vice President Mike Pence also made an appearance after Sanders invited her children to stand at the podium.

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