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PoliticsBernie Sanders Delivering Defense of His Democratic Socialist Philosophy

21:21  12 june  2019
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Sanders takes on Biden: 'There is no middle ground'

Sanders takes on Biden: 'There is no middle ground' Sen. Bernie Sanders took aim at former Vice President Joe Biden on the final day of the California Democratic Convention Sunday, repeatedly declaring that there can be "no middle ground" when it comes to Democratic primary politics. "As you all know, there is a debate among presidential candidates who have spoken to you here in this room and those who have chosen for whatever reason not to be in this room," the Vermont senator and self-described democratic socialist told the gathering in San Francisco to cheers from his supporters who swarmed the stage.

Democratic socialism is a political philosophy that advocates political democracy alongside a socially owned economy, with an emphasis on self-management and democratic management of

Bernie Sanders Makes His Pitch for Socialism . The presidential contender, who calls himself a “ Democratic socialist ,” delivered an impassioned defense of the much-maligned political ideology at Georgetown University on Thursday.

Bernie Sanders Delivering Defense of His Democratic Socialist Philosophy © Elizabeth Frantz for The New York Times Senator Bernie Sanders is presenting his vision of democratic socialism not as a set of extreme principles but in terms of “economic rights.”

For five decades, Bernie Sanders has embraced the label of democratic socialism, one that has defined his political ideology and won him millions of loyal supporters even as it has become a cudgel for opponents seeking to portray him as too radical.

On Wednesday, two weeks before the first set of primary debates, he will defend his core political beliefs, delivering a formal address on democratic socialism in what will amount to the most aggressive attempt yet to diffuse voter concerns about his electability.

Bernie Sanders takes fight against Walmart to its annual meeting

Bernie Sanders takes fight against Walmart to its annual meeting Sanders introduced a shareholder proposal that would make the company's roughly 1.5 million hourly workers eligible for board nominations. The Walton family, relatives of founder Sam Walton who hold a majority of the company's shares, opposes the measure. "Walmart can strike a blow against corporate greed and a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality that exists in our country," Sanders said in introducing the proposal. Results of the shareholder vote were expected later in the day. Sanders' appearance at the meeting holds obvious political benefits for the senator.

Bernie Sanders tied himself to Democratic hero Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr. Thursday in a long-awaited speech in which he argued that " democratic socialism " is no different than many things already woven in the fabric of Bernie Sanders : FDR's policies were called ' socialist '.

Bernie Sanders defines democratic socialism and details Isis plan – live. “The next time you hear me attacked as a socialist – like tomorrow – remember this: I don’t believe the government should take over the grocery store down the street or the means of production,” he explained.

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Mr. Sanders — an independent senator who has not joined the Democratic Party but is running for the Democratic nomination — will present his vision of democratic socialism not as a set of extreme principles but in terms of “economic rights,” invoking the accomplishments of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. And he will argue that his ideology is embodied by longstanding popular programs, including social security and Medicare, that opponents often label as socialist.

[It seems as if there are as many definitions of democratic socialism as there are democratic socialists. Here’s an overview.]

If Mr. Sanders’s speech will lay out views that have long shaped his political career, it will also tackle his biggest political vulnerability at a moment when he is falling in some early polls and running second behind Joseph R. Biden Jr. Even before he entered the presidential race, Mr. Sanders has faced skepticism about whether his upend-the-establishment views can appeal to enough voters in a general election, with Republicans — and some of his Democratic presidential opponents — hurling thinly veiled broadsides against socialism.

Bernie Sanders warns nominating Biden could deliver Trump second term

Bernie Sanders warns nominating Biden could deliver Trump second term CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Sen. Bernie Sanders took aim at Democratic primary rival Joe Biden at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame forum Sunday, declaring that a "middle ground" strategy would change nothing. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); "Now I understand there are well-intentioned candidates who believe the best way forward is a middle ground strategy that antagonizes no one, that stands up to nobody, and that changes nothing," Sanders said.

Bernie Sanders Explains. In his speech Thursday, Sanders also went off-script to criticize Donald Trump’s racism toward Mexicans. Bernie Sanders laid out a forceful argument for democratic socialism , the largely misunderstood political philosophy to which the Vermont senator ascribes, in a

"To me, democratic socialism means democracy ,” Sanders said during a campaign stop in Iowa. “It means creating a government that represents all of us, not just the wealthiest people in the country.” Sanders often highlights the Scandinavian approach to public policy when discussing his political

The issue has taken on outsize importance for a party being pulled to the left by an energized wing of progressives seeking transformational change. President Trump has repeatedly called Mr. Sanders “crazy” and extrapolated the senator’s brand of socialism to all Democrats, seizing on proposals like “Medicare for all” to portray them as far out of the mainstream, and signaling clearly that this will be a major line of attack in the general election.

In his speech, Mr. Sanders intends to strike back at these negative characterizations.

“While President Trump and his fellow oligarchs attack us for our support of democratic socialism, they don’t really oppose all forms of socialism,” he is expected to say, according to excerpts from his remarks that his campaign released on Tuesday. “They may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people, but they absolutely love corporate socialism that enriches Trump and other billionaires.”

Poll: Socialism gaining in popularity

Poll: Socialism gaining in popularity Socialism is becoming more popular among women, according to a new poll conducted for "Axios on HBO." 

“I think Bernie Sanders ’s use of the word ‘ socialism ’ is causing much more confusion than it is It’s the little-of-this, little-of-that philosophy of parties like Labour in Britain or the Social Democrats in Bernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham Clinton at last week's Democratic debate.CreditJosh Haner/The

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Thursday made the case for his " democratic socialist " economic policies, directly addressing the controversy over a label that some say makes him too liberal to be a legitimate presidential contender. In a much-anticipated speech at Georgetown

His address, to be delivered at George Washington University in Washington, appears similar to one he delivered in November 2015 at Georgetown University during his first presidential bid. In that address, Mr. Sanders — who at the time was mounting an underdog but surprisingly robust challenge to Hillary Clinton — also presented himself as an heir to the policies and ideals of Mr. Roosevelt and Dr. King and cast democratic socialism as a system that ensures people can have health care, access to higher education and jobs that pay at least a minimum wage.

In the political realm, socialism has become an elastic term that takes on different meanings depending on a person’s viewpoint and ideology. Mr. Sanders has taken pains to draw a contrast between his brand of democratic socialism and the kind that prescribes a command economy and government-owned industry. But at times in his long career in public service, he has also advocated for some policies that leaned toward a more traditional definition of socialism.

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Bernie Sanders to defend democratic socialism in face of attacks from right and left

Bernie Sanders to defend democratic socialism in face of attacks from right and left Bernie Sanders plans to deliver a major address detailing his views on democratic socialism amidst growing clamor that some of his proposals play into the hands of President Trump. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); The defense will be offered in a speech at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., that has been billed by the Sanders campaign as an opportunity for the White House hopeful to explain democratic socialism in its historical context.

Political positions of Bernie Sanders . Read in another language. Watch this page. Edit. The political positions of Bernie Sanders are reflected by his United States Senate voting record, public speeches, and interviews.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his wife board their campaign plane in Minneapolis, Minnesota.Brian Snyder / Reuters. Whether you like it or not, socialism is back in fashion and it is gaining support among America’s youth. A recent YouGov survey found that 43 percent of

In the 1970s, for example, he argued for nationalizing some industries, including energy companies and banks. And as mayor of Burlington in the 1980s, he went further than many Democrats in supporting socialist leaders. Throughout his political career, he has spoken of revolution, espousing a sympathy for the working class and the poor, whom he argues are suffering at the hands of profit-seeking corporations and the rich and powerful who lead them. One of his political heroes is Eugene V. Debs, the labor organizer.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Mr. Sanders said that he had planned for some months to deliver this address during this time frame, and that it would elevate human rights “in a way that I think has almost never been raised in a political campaign.”

“It’s going to provoke, I know, a fierce debate,” he said. “I eagerly look forward to President Trump’s tweets.”

He also said he would preview programs he plans to introduce, including on jobs and retirement security.

“This is a debate that the American people have got to have: What are we entitled to as human beings?” he said.

While he remains popular with many in the progressive left, Mr. Sanders has been working in recent months not only to expand his base but also to retain the voters who supported him in 2016. A recent poll from the Des Moines Register and CNN showed that Mr. Sanders had lost ground over the last three months in Iowa, even as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind. — who on Tuesday laid out a vision for foreign policy that urged an end to “endless war” — have surged.

The rise of Ms. Warren in particular has worried Sanders supporters, who see her as an ideological ally who is nevertheless targeting some of the same voters who were drawn to Mr. Sanders in 2016.

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Awkward photo of Elizabeth Warren sitting behind Bernie Sanders on airplane goes viral.
At least they didn't have to argue over who got the middle seat. Awkwardly, progressive rivals Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, were spotted Friday on the same packed flight. Sanders -- unsurprisingly -- was seated on the far left of the plane, as he could be in the window seat of the plane. Warren was also in a window seat, one row behind her opponent. Warren appeared to be reading something in the photograph, while Sanders was staring out the window.

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