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PoliticsIn a single day, Trump shows his 2020 cards

05:20  12 july  2019
05:20  12 july  2019 Source:   politico.com

Ken Cuccinelli confident citizenship question will be on 2020 census

Ken Cuccinelli confident citizenship question will be on 2020 census President Trump's chief immigration and citizenship officer believes that the 2020 U.S. census will include a question on citizenship. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Acting United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli predicted that Trump would ultimately succeed in amending the 2020 census. Cuccinelli appeared on Fox News Sunday with guest host Dana Perino, according to a clip of the show released early on Twitter.

As President Trump ’s aides try to focus on his accomplishments in office and he denounces old enemies, the tension may build between the campaign WASHINGTON — On a former trading floor in an office tower in Rosslyn, Va., with sweeping views of the Potomac River, the Trump 2020 campaign

Trump formally kicked off his 2020 campaign Tuesday night with a rally in Orlando, Florida. McDaniel did not specify the exact day the campaign raised the money, but the single - day haul blows past the amounts raised by Democrats on the first day of their campaigns.

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President Donald Trump is on a mission to show supporters he’s still the same fighter they elected.

He pushed back against establishment Washington on Thursday with a one-two punch — first by giving conservative bloggers a space to air their grievances about anti-conservative media bias, and then by announcing an executive order to collect data about immigrants after the courts blocked him from adding a citizenship question to the census.

Trump Administration Drops Bid To Put Citizenship Question On 2020 Census

Trump Administration Drops Bid To Put Citizenship Question On 2020 Census There will not be a question asking about citizenship on the 2020 census, the Trump administration said Tuesday. The decision comes days after the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the administration from adding the question, saying it did not provide an adequate explanation for the addition. Here’s the email from DOJ pic.twitter.com/PdyfK0a1hJ — Daniel Jacobson (@Dan_F_Jacobson) July 2, 2019 This is a developing story. Check back for details. This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

Business Day Shows . His fiscal 2020 proposal unveiled Monday calls for reductions in funding for Medicare and Medicaid relative to current law. Over a decade, the plan would shave an estimated 0 billion or more off Medicare, which covers older Americans, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation

President Donald Trump likes to boast that he is the most popular Republican president among The vast majority of recent polling suggests that the just-ended 35- day government shutdown did This, from a New York Times piece digging into the potential of a 2020 primary challenge to Trump , is telling

The actions — like so many other policies and events being organized by the Trump White House — aren’t likely to yield substantive policy changes. But they’re designed to appeal to the president’s conservative base as he heads into a tough reelection fight.

“That’s what the president does better than anyone: He fights,” said longtime Republican operative Ben Marchi, a Trump delegate to the 2016 national convention. “His ability to ‘never say die’ is one that doesn’t mesh with the Georgetown establishment. They view it as simple-minded and unintelligent, but the reality is that regular Americans appreciate his dogged persistence.”

Across a 12-hour period Thursday, in speeches and on Twitter, Trump stepped directly onto some of the most volatile fault lines that could rev up his fiercest supporters: immigration, the Pledge of Allegiance, social media bias, unfair trade with China, big banks, Iran, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference, impeachment and, of course, individual Democratic candidates for president.

Biden on how to take on Trump: 'He's the bully that I knew my whole life'

Biden on how to take on Trump: 'He's the bully that I knew my whole life' Former Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview that aired Friday on CNN that he was not afraid of facing President Trump in 2020.

WASHINGTON — With just 980 days to go until the next presidential election, President Trump said Tuesday that he would run again in 2020 , an announcement that several White House advisers said simply meant the president would step up his preferred and much-missed activity of performing for an

President Donald Trump faces a very tough road to a second term in 2020 . His job approval numbers are mired in the low 40s, Democrats loathe him, a significant chunk of Republicans want someone else as their nominee and, on top of all of that, special counsel Trump has shown no such compunction.

It was a one-day sampling of what Trump hopes will give him a winning hand in 2020.

In a single day, Trump shows his 2020 cards© Reuters President Donald Trump listens to Attorney General Bill Barr as he and Barr announce his administration's effort to gain citizenship data during the 2020 census at an event in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., July 11, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

For two and a half years, Trump has railed against Democrats, the media and nearly all of Washington’s established institutions — caring little about perceptions by anyone but supporters who flocked to him in 2016 because they were frustrated by business as usual, people close to Trump say.

In many cases, Trump only achieves incremental steps or none at all — far from what he promised Americans when he was on the campaign trail in 2016. But most supporters still don’t see it as a failure. Instead, they see a man who is doing what he said he would.

Trump to hold 2020 rally on day of Mueller's testimony

Trump to hold 2020 rally on day of Mueller's testimony President Donald Trump will be holding a campaign rally in North Carolina on July 17 — the day that former special counsel Robert Mueller is expected to testify before Congress. Trump's reelection campaign has announced he will host a "Keep America Great" rally at Williams Arena in Greenville that evening. Mueller is scheduled to publicly testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees. Democrats are hoping to draw more attention to the report that Mueller gave to the Justice Department in March. It detailed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and reviewed several episodes in which Trump tried to influence Mueller's probe.

His approval rating hasn’t approached 50 percent since he took office, and neither did his share of the vote this year. In an era of deep national anxiety Since he rode down the Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy five years ago, Trump has frequently looked like a man for whom the normal

Even as the 2020 race begins in earnest, President Donald Trump is already suggesting that Democrats cannot beat him fairly -- raising the specter that if he loses next November, he will suggest that the election was not legitimate.

Steve Cortes, a Trump ally who served on his Hispanic Advisory Council during the 2016 campaign and is serving on his 2020 reelection committee, described it as part of Trump’s “winning political formula for 2020.”

But a new poll this week backed up what many Republicans have been advising Trump for months: He has a path to reelection if he can stick to a message focused on the strong economy.

Fifty-one percent of those polled said they approve of the way Trump hands the economy — the only major issue in which he has positive numbers — with 47 percent saying he deserves a large amount of credit for the state of the economy.

Still, Trump continues to veer off track, blasting his critics and talking up some of the nation’s most divisive issues including immigration.

It‘s led some Republicans to worry that Trump spends too much time appealing to his base instead of expanding his supporters through more mainstream policies. They lament that he has lost support of suburban voters in several key electoral states — including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — that were instrumental to Trump's 2016 electoral college win but that Republicans lost in the 2018 midterms.

Poll finds Rapinoe would beat Trump in 2020 election

Poll finds Rapinoe would beat Trump in 2020 election Megan Rapinoe, who led the United States to its record fourth Women's World Cup triumph, might like her chances if she ever decided to go head-to-head with Donald Trump in 2020 after Public Policy Polling revealed she would have a slight edge to succeed him as the country's next president. Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, found that the 34-year-old would beat the 45th president of the United States in a race, saying, "We found that Rapinoe gets 42 percent to 41 percent for Trump." The firm, which conducted the poll "by popular demand," added their findings suggested that Rapinoe's advantage could increase over time.

This is a list of notable individuals and organizations who voiced their endorsement for the office of the president of Donald Trump as the Republican Party's presidential candidate for the 2020 United

In the days between his election and his inaugural, Trump held a victory lap series of rallies, mimicking the format and even the stump speech (such as it After all, shouldn’t one master the art of governing before one begins to campaign for a second tour? The White House is, by all accounts, in a state of

On Thursday, Trump blasted the mainstream media at a White House event with more than 100 people — some of whom have been accused of being extremists who promote hate — leading some critics to accuse him of using the official event for his campaign.

“We’re not going to be silenced,” Trump told the attendees of the social media summit.

Minutes later, he portrayed his immigration executive order as a win even though it’s almost exactly what Census Bureau officials advised him to do after he lost his fight to put a citizenship question on census.

"Today I'm here to say we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the population of the United States," Trump said in brief remarks in the Rose Garden. He blasted Democrats for their "shocking" behavior, which he said was to try to hide the number of immigrants in the United States illegally.

Trump won the presidency in 2016 after pledging to crack down on illegal immigration, including building a wall on the southern border with Mexico, but many of his most significant proposals have been thwarted by Congress or the courts. In recent months, Trump has continued to try to push through his proposals but has been frustrated by his lack of success.

A former Trump adviser who remains close to the White House said Trump still shows he’s engaged on the issues, including immigration, unlike other politicians of both parties who abandon their goals after they initially fail.

Judge signs order permanently blocking citizenship question from 2020 census

Judge signs order permanently blocking citizenship question from 2020 census A federal judge in New York on Tuesday signed an order permanently blocking the Trump administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census, days after President Trump gave up on his efforts to get such a question on next year's census.The order, signed by Judge Jesse Furman, was jointly drafted by the parties opposing the citizenship question.It stops administration officials "from including a citizenship question on the 2020 decennial census questionnaire; from delaying the process of printing the 2020 decennial census questionnaire after June 30, 2019 for the purpose of including a citizenship question; and from asking persons about citizenship sta

President Trump is putting his own instincts at the center of his 2020 re-election campaign. Here's what he told TIME about the gamble. Especially not one who calls his campaign manager on many days by 7 a.m., and certainly not now, the day before Trump formally kicks off his 2020 re-election bid.

Trump formally kicked off his 2020 campaign Tuesday night with a rally in Orlando, Florida. RELATED| President Trump threatens to deport millions starting next McDaniel did not specify the exact day the campaign raised the money, but the single - day haul blows past the amounts raised by Democrats on

Michael Caputo, a top adviser during Trump’s first campaign, said Trump is trying to use immigration to help Republicans — and himself — succeed in battleground House districts where vulnerable Democrats need to indicate support for law-and-order measures on the border.

Immigration “has preoccupied Washington for two-and-a-half years now,” Caputo said. “It’s moving in his direction. Just look at what the Democrats are saying.”

But veteran Republican strategist Doug Heye said Trump misses regular opportunities to tout the economy — his biggest reelection talking point. “It would behoove him to talk about the economy more,” he said.

Instead of working on broadening his base, Trump is counting on a different strategy altogether — getting his base to turn out, knowing that he has a narrower path to victory than in 2016, Heye said.

In addition to helping his campaign, Thursday's back-to-back events had an added benefit for Trump: They managed to drown out news of his Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s controversial past involvement as a prosecutor in wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s plea deal in 2008.

Suspect steals credit cards from two Lawrenceville gyms.
Gwinnett Police are looking for a suspect who has been identified in two theft cases. The suspect broke into lockers at two separate gyms in unincorporated Lawrenceville on June 18 -- the LA Fitness and Gold's Gym on Duluth Hwy, according to police. He checked into both gyms under a fake name of "Shawn Pitt" and provided a false phone number. He stole several credit cards and used them to purchase thousands of dollars worth of gift cards. The Gwinnett Police department says the gift cards were later used in North Carolina and it is believed the suspect lives there or has ties there. If you have any information, contact the GCPD detectives at 770-513-5000.

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