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PoliticsTrump makes 6 false claims during his 'social media summit'

05:55  12 july  2019
05:55  12 july  2019 Source:   cnn.com

Facebook and Twitter not invited to White House social media summit, sources say

Facebook and Twitter not invited to White House social media summit, sources say The White House has not extended invitations to Facebook and Twitter to attend its social media summit on Thursday, people familiar with the matter said. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); The people, who spoke to CNN Business on the condition of anonymity, suggested it was not surprising. They said they believe the summit would amount to a right-wing grievance session and was not aimed at seriously discussing some of the issues facing large technology companies.

Trolling on the internet was once a thankless pastime. Make edgy jokes on the right message board, get your sarcastic memes noticed by the right people, and you might score some retweets and Reddit upvotes, but that was about the extent of it.

The Washington Post reported that the Social Media Summit will also include prominent conservative-leaning organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, Media The president and his administration have been ramping up Trump 's unsupported claims that social media companies actively silence

Trump makes 6 false claims during his 'social media summit'© Evan Vucci/AP President Donald Trump speaks during the "Presidential Social Media Summit" in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, July 11, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

During a wide-ranging, largely off the cuff speech during his "social media summit" Thursday, President Donald Trump made several misleading and downright false claims about social media companies, the census, the economy, crowd sizes and Democrats' past positions on a border wall.

Social media followers

Trump spoke at length about what he falsely suggested was a deliberate attempt by social media companies to prevent him from gaining followers, alleging that "a lot of bad things are happening."

Trump expected to order citizenship question added to the census

Trump expected to order citizenship question added to the census President Trump announced on Twitter that he will hold a press conference Thursday afternoon.

Trump 's social media summit is stacked with conservative voices. Here's who was invited. President Trump met with staff, members of his Cabinet and Republican members of Congress to Claims of bias on social media is a frequent topic of conservative talk shows, and a complaint made

During his freshman year at Campbell University in North Carolina, Fournier and fellow classmate Pool initially concluded that Chicago’s crime problems were much worse, but then claimed that He had not publicly disclosed his invite to the summit until Media Matters reported it earlier this week.

Trump said it used to take him a mere "short number of days" to gain 100,000 new followers, but it now takes "10 times as long" even though, he claimed, his personal brand is "much hotter" than it was when he was gaining followers more quickly.

"People come up to me: 'Sir, we want to follow you; they don't let us on,'" Trump said. He added later: "I have millions of people, so many people I wouldn't believe it, but I know that we've been blocked. People come up to me and they say, 'Sir, I can't get you. I can't follow you.'"

Facts First: There is no evidence that Twitter or other social media companies have made it difficult for people to follow Trump.

We obviously can't verify what certain people might have told Trump in private about following him on social media, but following him is not complicated: doing so is simply a matter of signing up for an account, searching his name and clicking a single button.

Trump’s Social Media Summit Brings Fringe Voices to White House

Trump’s Social Media Summit Brings Fringe Voices to White House The White House is holding a social media summit on Thursday that’s short on social media companies and long on fringe conservative voices.

President Trump has claimed more than once that Facebook, Google and Twitter are censoring conservative users. Fed Chair Powell says he wouldn't leave his job if Trump fired him. President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims | Fact Checker.

Trump made social media a key part of his 2016 presidential campaign but he and other Republicans have long claimed that online platforms employ tactics to silence their voices, allegations that major social media companies have denied. When Trump , who has more than 61 million Twitter followers

If Trump is not gaining followers as quickly as he used to, that's because fewer people are now trying to follow him. (At the time of his speech, he had 61.9 million followers on Twitter. He had fewer than 13 million a week before his election and fewer than 23 million at the time of his inauguration, according to Factba.se, which tracks Trump-related data. )

Twitter did take followers away from Trump last year, but that was part of a broad purge of suspected fake accounts. The purge also removed followers from the accounts of many other famous people. Trump lost approximately 300,000 followers, far fewer than Barack Obama (more than 2 million) and the Dalai Lama (about 375,000), according to a New York Times count.

When Trump began accusing Twitter last year of malicious behavior over the purge, Twitter issued a statement saying "many prominent accounts have seen follower counts drop." It explained that it had removed "fake accounts and those engaging in malicious behavior" to improve the health of the service.

Trump Launches New Attacks on Dem Candidates, Dubs Himself ‘So Great Looking and Smart'

Trump Launches New Attacks on Dem Candidates, Dubs Himself ‘So Great Looking and Smart' President Donald Trump opened Thursday morning with a four-part tweetstorm.

Trump touts 'very important' social media summit featuring activist who claimed Kamala Harris is About a year after his election, Trump gave Fox Business Network an interview all about his social Ryan reportedly claims that he and others around Trump "really helped to stop him from making bad

US President Donald Trump is often accused of making false claims . Though he and his supporters refuse to Though he and his supporters refuse to acknowledge the charges, a recent report has revealed that Out of these, 6 ,000-plus false claims were made during the president's second year.

Women's unemployment

Trump touted the low unemployment rate for women, saying: "Women, I think, Kellyanne (Conway), the best in 75 years -- the best unemployment numbers in 75 years."

Facts First: Trump exaggerated slightly. The women's unemployment rate for June is 3.6%, a tick above the 3.4% in April and 3.5% in May. Those are excellent numbers, but it has been 66 years since the women's rate has been this low, not 75. Prior to Trump's presidency, the last time the rate fell to 3.6% was October 1953.


While arguing that he should be permitted to include a citizenship question in the 2020 US census, Trump said that the census survey can ask people about the number of beds and toilets they have but not about whether they are citizens.

"They go through houses, they go up, they ring doorbells, they talk to people. How many toilets do they have? How many desks do they have? How many beds? What's their roof made of?" Trump said. "The only thing we can't ask is 'Are you a citizen of the United States?'"

Facts First:Trump is wrongly suggesting that the decennial census asks households about the number of toilets in a house. He could be referring to supplemental surveys from the Census Bureau, which do ask questions about living conditions of a small sample of households. If that's the case, then he's still wrong, since these surveys do ask questions of citizenship.

Biden to answer "America first" with his own foreign policy plan

Biden to answer Joe Biden's globalism is an answer to President Trump's "America first" pronouncements, which the Biden campaign says has resulted in "America alone." The explicit inclusion of the technology sector in Biden's 2021 summit presents a contrast with Thursday's White House social media summit, which is not expected to include Twitter, Google, Amazon or any of the major tech companies. However, a number of conservative websites and organizations that have complained of liberal bias by big tech will be attending Mr. Trump's summit.

Two of the largest social network platforms have not been invited to a social media summit hosted by President Donald Trump , according to a new report. Last month, the president reiterated his claims during an interview with Fox Business. “I will tell you, they make it very hard for people to join me on

The Cleverness of Trump ’s “ Social Media Summit ”. The president can’t actually crack down on While it’s true that the politics within the employee ranks of social media companies skew to the left If YouTube wants to downrank pages that peddle racism and false information, it’s well within its

The decennial census -- which counts the US population every ten years and is required by the Constitution -- was last administered in 2010. That census did not include questions on plumbing, bedrooms, and desks. Instead, the decennial census focuses on questions like age and race and number of occupants in a household.

Trump could be referring to other surveys sent out from the Census Bureau such as the American Community Survey, which is sent to just a fraction of households, about 3.54 million addresses every year.

One of the main functions of the ACS, according the Census Bureau, is to gather "data that help determine how more than $675 billion in federal and state funds are distributed each year." The 2019 version of this survey includes questions on the education levels and employment status of those living on the property, as well as the property's computer access, number of rooms, if there is access to hot and cold water and much more.

But the ACS also includes questions on citizenship. "Is this person a citizen of the United States?" this year's version asks. So, Trump is wrong to suggest that while you can ask these more specific questions on living conditions you cannot ask a citizenship status question.

On the specifics, Trump's argument lacks facts, and on his larger point he's flatly wrong: the decennial census did not ask about number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and so on.

Is Twitter Down? Users Report Issues With Social Media Website

Is Twitter Down? Users Report Issues With Social Media Website The website going down happened ahead of President Donald Trump's social media summit at the White House.

But it comes with Trump stepping up his claims of bias by online platforms, charging that they suppress conservative voices despite his own large social media following. Facebook confirmed Monday it was not invited to the White House event. Twitter offered no comment, but several media

As Donald Trump continues to fly home from his summit in Singapore with Kim Jong-un, political allies of the In return, Kim signed a joint statement committing to denuclearisation, but it was a vaguely worded commitment that the regime has made several times before over the past three decades.


Trump touted a new record set by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, then made a claim about how much 401(k) retirement plans have increased.

"I don't know if you know but we just hit 27,000 on the Dow. ...The highest in history, for those of you that like the stock market, but the stock market means jobs. I view it as jobs, and I view it as 401(k)s. ... And people with 401(k)s, they're up 72% and 67%, and the wife or the husband, whoever's responsible, the other one says 'you're a genius, you're a great financial investor, darling you're up 77% this year.'"

Facts First:These percentages overstate gains in US stock markets.

It is possible that some people have 401(k)s that are up 77% on the year or since Trump was elected, but stock markets themselves are not up that much. At the close of trading on the day Trump spoke, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up by 16%, the S&P 500 Index by 20%, the Nasdaq by 24%.

The gains are greater if you go back to Trump's election day, as the President often does: 48% for the Dow, 40% for the S&P, 58% for the Nasdaq. Still, none of them approaches 77%.

Crowds, part 1

Trump claimed that there were thousands of people outside his June campaign kickoff rally in Orlando in addition to the large crowd inside.

"We had sort of an opening rally in Orlando, Florida. We had 109,000, maybe more, wanting to come. We were doing as much as we could to keep people not from coming. We had a 21,000-seat stadium, and then with the basketball court, it held many more than that, it was packed. And we had a similar number outside."

Facts First:There were nowhere close to 21,000 people outside the rally as Trump was speaking. And the arena had a capacity of 20,000 that night, not "many more than" 21,000.

Trump rails against 'terrible bias' at social media summit

Trump rails against 'terrible bias' at social media summit “We have terrible bias, we have censorship like nobody has any understanding or nobody can believe,” Trump said.

Trump 's social media habits have triggered controversy, too: On Tuesday, he retweeted a 2017 meme that featured a quote falsely attributed to former It capped off a roughly monthlong period during which the White House solicited stories from the public about instances of censorship online, along

Trump made more false or misleading claims in the seven weeks before the midterms than he did in the Combined with the rest of his presidency, that adds up to a total of 6 ,420 claims through Oct. But the president often has tacked on interviews with local media (in which he repeats the same false

The Orlando Sentinel, which debunked a previous version of Trump's claim about the crowd "outside," reported that the overflow area outside the Amway Center was "virtually empty" as Trump spoke, with only "a few dozen people in the holding area." The paper reported: "About an hour before the President's speech, the long lines around the Amway were gone and people could easily walk into the event right up to the start of the rally."

The city of Orlando, which owns the arena, issued an official crowd count of 19,792, just shy of the 20,000 a city spokesperson said would have been let in, the Sentinel reported.

Trump has previously claimed, also falsely, that tens of thousands of people were stuck outside various other campaign events, many of which have been debunked previously.

Trump then took a shot at the number of people in the audience when Joe Biden announced his candidacy earlier this year.

Crowds, part 2

"You look at Biden. They say he had 600 people. That wasn't 600, that was 150 people. That was 150."

Facts First: Independent observers reported that Joe Biden did indeed have 600 people at his first public event after announcing his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Atlantic said that journalists occupied 100 of the 600 spots at a union hall in Pittsburgh, but that is still 500 non-journalists, not 150.

Democrats and the border wall

Trump accused the Democrats of hypocrisy for their opposition to his proposed border wall.

"For instance, on the wall: Chuck Schumer was totally in favor of a wall, right Liz (Cheney)? Totally in favor. Everybody: Hillary, everybody. They were all in favor of a wall just a few years ago."

Facts First: Some Democrats, not all, voted in 2006 to approve a fence that Trump himself said was much different than the wall he wanted.

It is not true that "everybody" in the Democratic Party supported even this fencing. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi voted against. In the Senate, 26 Democrats (including Schumer and Clinton) voted yes, 17 voted no.

The law, called the Secure Fence Act, was to authorize 700 miles of fencing on the Mexican border. Trump himself said during the 2016 campaign that this fencing was not comparable to the giant concrete wall he was proposing: "It was such a little wall, it was such a nothing wall," he told Fox News.

This story has been updated.

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